Annual Planners

Each year we make a planner that can be used as a personal diary. Paper is preferred because it is better for archive and it is private. If you are interested, you need to download and print the .pdf file(s) for yourself and/or for your friends.


The downloads are for either letter or a4 paper. Typically, people using this planner create their own cover and then have their cover and our guts printed and bound at a local office supply store. Be creative with this.

The downloads listed here include the cover page from the guts copied to a different .pdf This in case you want to print a dull cover on card stock.

13015 is common year it has 360 days. It covers 2024-02-03 through 2025-01-27.

13016 will be available late in 13015.

Copy Freely

The copyright pages in these .pdf files make clear that anyone can print these, including big office supply stores.

If you have trouble with a print shop clerk over copyright, have them check the .pdf copyright page themselves.