Dana Coverstone

Dana Coverstone has released another prophetic dream video, the "Snake Chain." That video is so much better done that I wanted to show how this works when done right. I still don't like much of the interpretation. So below I explore what is done right in this new video and I explain my general strategy for unpacking prophetic dreams. I also go on to show what that strategy might say about this dream. Read on for more.

The Video

As review, starting about a year ago Dana started having prophetic dreams. Mostly about the political world of the USA. I have been asked repeatedly about his prophetic, so I did a blog post about rookie mistakes in his presentation.

This time, in terms of presentation, he is doing essentially everything right. Here is the link to the new video itself if you want to watch.


Done Right

In this video Dana reads a report of his dream. This is the biggest and most important change. When someone comes to me and asks for help with similar interpretations, I want to know there is a written account. The process of writing clarifies the dream itself. He does not say so, but we hope the account was written down soon after the dream happened.

At the end of reading his dream it is absolutely clear to everyone watching that he is finished. He closes his laptop and sits back. His body language is showing us that he is done retelling the dream.

This is important because the dream itself carries different weight than any possible interpretation. As viewers we can tell that different voice, it is now absolutely clear.

Moving to Interpretation

In this particular video Dana has 2 friends who walk through some interpretation. Dana leaves most of that task to them. Dana could have contributed more to the later discussion if he wanted. At least we can tell the difference between Dana sharing the dream and Dana helping with the interpretation.

There is another important point made by this video. Dana and his friends got together privately and worked through the dream as best they could before making the video. This process really elevates the quality. This video is much less ad-hoc than previous videos.

The interpretation part has had 3 people working on the problem. Much better use of viewer time to present this way. This is all quite good.

Prophetic Interpretation

I started looking at the problem of prophetic interpretation when I was working on the Bible Time project. There were Bible stories that landed on certain dates, and there were obvious headlines. The challenge was figuring out the match. I worked through 100s of examples in order to learn how this works.

I now see all other prophetic, including dreams, as the same problem. It works best using the same skills. It is a skill I often use when prayer driving, or when interpreting my own prophetic, or when helping others interpret their prophetic.

That Bible Time work also taught me to respect conditional futures. In the time line work the headline usually goes by without disaster, even without being something that obviously matters to the flow of history. Additionally, any prophetic, including prophetic written in the Bible, is given because prayer can nearly always change the outcome. So never let emotions drive how you feel about what happened. It is completely OK for a prophetic disaster to not happen.

Forms of Dreams: Literal

Dreams generally come in 2 different forms. The first is a picture of something that is actually going to happen in the future. These can be quite simple, even just the training of someone in their own prophetic. For example, consider a dream of seeing a place which you have never visited, but which you visit for the first time a few days after the dream. I call these venue dreams, and they were very common when I was younger.

This same general form, a vision of the future, can also be directly about things in headlines. Disasters seen prophetically are the common case. More specifically, dreams of nuclear explosions are probably the most common of this type of dream.

For example, from Dana's set of dreams, he saw an empty White House. The interpretation in the conversations about this dream were strongly hinting that the president would die. This is normally what an empty White House means. No problem with the interpretation as far as it went. This is a standard prophetic view of a White House disaster.

Nowhere in the public interpretations that I was aware of, was there any idea that this was a conditional prophetic future. The interpreters wanted justification that the prophetic was valid, and they were not concerned for Trump's health. They did not seem to know that they should actively work to change this conditional future through prayer.

At the prophetically indicated time, the White House did go empty. Everyone was afraid Trump was about to die of Covid. A massive crowd gathered at the hospital, and many more started to pray around the world for Trump's health. 72 hours later Trump walked out. He has been racing ever since. This is exactly what we WANT to see, every single time if possible.

Note importantly in this case, there is enough of a headline, at the indicated time, to know there really was a risk of death. So we know Trump did leave the White House at the risk of death. Because there was a prophetic warning, we know that prayer mattered.

By the way, this does NOT say that Covid is real. We all risk death every time we let a doctor touch us, not because of Covid. Doctor's mistakes are estimated to be the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA. Political figures are much more at risk in doctor's hands because of turncoats. The life saving action may have been something else, like leaving the building to avoid poison in the White House cafeteria. Allow surprising complexity in actual fulfillment of prophetic.

If you EVER get something prophetic, a dream, a vision, a premonition, or anything of the sort, of some disaster, stop and pray it NOT HAPPEN. That is your job. You risk agreeing to the disaster if you do not pray. You signal agreement by not praying. This is a key point on which our lives are judged.

Forms of Dreams: Symbolic

The other form of prophetic is symbolic. Again, in any form, a dream, a vision, a premonition, or even a timeline date, it does not matter the form, symbolic prophetic has a second layer of problem. The symbols hide the meaning, making it much less clear what it means. So it is harder to know what to make of the prophetic.

From the perspective of prayer, you do not need to unpack the symbols, you can still pray. For example, in Dana's most recent dream, snakes are biting people, some die, some don't and some avoid the bites through prayer.

This can be prayed over just using the symbols. This is just like praying in a tongue or in a foreign language. The prayer is simple. We pray that the snakes won't be biting at all, that they are stopped from biting, stopped from crippling, stopped from killing. Simple enough and our prayer responsibility to come against disaster is done.

Whomever or whatever those snakes represent, does not matter to the prayer. When we pray this we come against the villain in the dream. We are praying that people do not die. This is our job as intercessors. In prayer we are ultimately giving our personal dominion in the earth to whomever is able to stop the snakes.

Unpacking Symbols

The text uses symbols in various ways when the hostile subject, the villain, of the symbol is in the audience. This is the normal case. So snakes, for example, must be a widespread group, able to read about themselves in Dana's prophetic. If not, Dana's prophetic would not have used symbols.

This is why symbols are used, but it does not show how to unpack them. Unpacking prophetic symbols comes from finding the scripture story upon which the prophetic message was built. (Again, in a dream, a vision, or whatever.)

The trick to this is that there is going to be ONE SINGLE scripture story that is retold in the dream. This is the trick we need to know to unpack big prophetic.

So if we go back to Dana's most recent dream we are looking for the best story in scripture that matches the entirety of the dream as given.

Note that the interpreters to Dana's dream are not doing this. They are surveying the text looking for matches. This is correct. You gotta start there. But, from the list of matches, the next step is to pick the best overall story for a final match. In the case of Dana's dream that story is probably one from the book of Daniel dealing with Nebuchadnezzar.

When someone asks me about their own prophetic, usually all they really need is a pointer to the right scripture story. If I can help them find that story, they can usually go read it for themselves and work on any interpretation. See how this works? The better you know the book the easier it is to do.

In a real group working on a serious prophetic problem there should be some sort of back and forth over what scripture story would be the best fit. This should be an evidence based discussion. Any rejected candidate stories help reinforce the scripture story eventually selected.


For this dream I would suggest the story in question is Nebuchadnezzar's account of a dream of a beautiful tree, cut down, with a banded stump and various animals.

Note that most tree types in the USA, if cut to a stump, will not regrow. The tree in Nebuchadnezzar's dream does, so it is more like a trimming or pruning of a tree as we think about in the USA. In Dana's dream the trees are not reduced to a stump, but they appear able to regrow.

Evidence of this dream to my suggested scripture match includes: 1) the cherry trees in blossom early in the dream turning into leafless branches late in the dream. Ie: the tree waiting to regrow in a later season, just like Nebuchadnezzar's case. 2) The chains in the dream, like links, being the metal ring around the stump. Nebuchadnezzar also changed boundaries, see below. 3) The animals later in Dana's dream being the animals around the tree in Nebuchadnezzar's case. Finally, 4) the joy of the people at the end of the dream match to Nebuchadnezzar's joy of restoration at the end of his 7 years.

There is some distance between Dana's dream and this particular story, but this is typical when working through prophetic generally. You gotta get used to this sort of soft mapping because this is how they generally work.

Once we have the main scripture story, we use the other details to inform the dream interpretation more completely. Here is an example.

7 Years

That particular Nebuchadnezzar story has 1 key detail that we can then bring to bear. Curiously, and importantly, it is the 7 year interval where the king eats grass and the tree waits to sprout.

Dana also released another video at essentially the same time, where he is defending dreams generally.

I like to watch someone who has had prophetic to see if they themselves provide keys to interpretation. This second video is doing just that for us in the audience.

In that video Dana uses Pharaoh's dreams as his defense of what he is doing. Pharaoh's dreams are also based on a 7 year interval. I have seen this enough times to know the Holy Spirit is providing an interpretation through Dana, even if he does not consciously know it. Pharaoh's dream and Nebuchadnezzar's dream really are 1 and the same. We know that from study of the text itself. Each interprets the other just because of the text.

Dana using Pharaoh's story is agreeing with my overall premise that Nebuchadnezzar's story is the basis for the original dream of Cherry Trees in Washington DC.

What do we get from this? The dream does not specifically call out 7 years. But, the dream is likely ranging over the next 7 years, not just 1 season. To most Americans, and especially young adults, 7 years seems like an eternity. But, believe me, it will come very fast, and they are a common prophetic interval.

Confirming Evidence

Genuine prophetic has another quality. It will often include some hidden detail that confirms the rest of the prophetic word. This works in personal prophetic words too, like revealing your mother's maiden name to prove the authenticity of the rest of the prophetic word. This revealing of hidden things also happens in big headline prophetic.

Let me explain how this works by looking at the best part of the interpretive material in Dana's dream video.

Cherry Trees

In Dana's dream there is a big deal over the cherry trees in Washington DC. Note these trees are important, often used as a sort of natural, or soft, icon for the city. They have a long history and are written about in various places. Their blossoms mark spring, their loss of leaves marks the start of what can be harsh winters.

At the 8:36 mark in the first video linked above, they start talking about the cherry trees from Dana's dream that are all over Washington DC. They have done their homework and have found another major clue for unpacking the dream.

At the 11:44 mark they start talking about the Cherry Tree Rebellion that happened in Washington DC in November of 1938. Curiously the Washington Post did a story about that same rebelion in an article in March of 2019. That Post article has a very clear picture of the garden club women chained to cherry trees, bringing together the symbols from Dana's dream. This Post article has the same picture as shown at the 12:14 mark in Dana's video, so you can see it clearly.

We would need to ask Dana for sure, but most likely he was not aware of that rebellion before they researched the history of cherry trees in Washington DC. So the chained women are a clue that Dana's dream is not from himself. So, to continue with interpretation, we need to understand that rebellion in order to unpack more of the dream.

In brief, that rebellion was a protest against the construction of the Jefferson Memorial. The symbolic meaning was this: We are chained to these trees. You can cut them down, but you symbolically cut us down too. It was a political protest against Roosevelt, who was doing the same in his national politics, cutting down all that had stood since the foundation of the country.

Big Memorials

We gotta stop here and talk about memorials in general. There are 2 distinct ways to look at memorials. The childhood field trip way, where you see a statue of Jefferson and have a picnic lunch. You can then say you've seen it and go on with your bucket list.

The other way to look at memorials is the prayer driving, intercessory way. Here we ask who built it and why. And, most importantly, what were the builders saying about THEMSELVES in the construction of the monument.

We ask these questions every time we are on a prayer assignment. It could be the lobby of Rockefeller Center, or art in the Denver airport or a municipal office building in downtown Portland. Why, exactly, was the structure decorated the way it was and what are the builders telling us about themselves?

Of all of Jefferson's wide ranging written documents, why, exactly, did the monument builders choose the specific texts that they carved in stone when they built that monument? What exactly are they telling us about 1938 national politics surrounding then president Roosevelt?

I walked the Jefferson Memorial about 6 years ago on a previous prayer journey. If I had not done that, I would need to go visit the place before going any further. In general, you cannot expect to solve these problems without getting in a car and driving, 3000 miles across the country if needed. What I found on my walking tour of that facility was trouble in the inscriptions. That trouble adds to our understanding of Dana's dream.

The trouble with 1938 US politics is evident in the Jefferson Memorial's inscriptions. Fortunately we don't need to visit there as a group in order to read the key inscriptions. They are given on the National Park Service website, which speeds this discovery process along. It is not usually this simple, usually photos must be taken and passed around.

There is trouble in the entire set of inscriptions. Note, as is common in most national monuments in the USA, there is no use of a name for god. It means the BUILDERS did not know him.

Also note that the inscriptions are left ambiguous about the monument's builder's religion. Hint: It is not out of the Christian heritage, but carefully crafted to both assert and also hide that fact. Monument builders in the USA are generally from the Synagogue of the Libertines. They easily trick school children who might visit into applying whatever religion they may have to those ambiguous inscriptions.

Now, pay particular attention to the Southeast Portico inscription. The last one listed on the web page I've linked above. That Southeast Portico contains what might as well be Roosevelt's own manifesto. This is why Roosevelt built that monument. Roosevelt used Jefferson to defend Roosevelt's ripping out the foundations of the country. This is back to Dana's dream, pulling up the chains that have grown into the trees.

Roosevelt worked across nearly the entire 1930s to re-craft America into an image of his own making. He was building the Jefferson Memorial to defend his own actions. In effect that memorial means, 'See I can do it, just as Jefferson said I could.'

This is also the manifesto for those who have been working so hard against Trump these past 4 years. This is also the manifesto of those currently behind Covid. The religion expressed in Roosevelt's insanity still reigns. The public's general treatment of government as a pseudo god is also still very much alive, and giving it power.

The Other Jefferson Memorial

Under the Gateway Arch in St. Louis is a westward expansion memorial with a statue of Jefferson directly under the top of the arch. Jefferson was responsible for the Louisiana Purchase and sent Louis and Clark to explore that land out to the Pacific. Jefferson is responsible for this huge increase in national size, including reaching the Pacific Ocean, which is why he is memorialized under the arch.

Long before the days of laser guided surveyor instruments, surveyors used chains. Chains do not stretch like rope, so are preferred by low-tech surveyors. Their surveying chains were long linked and light weight so they could be easily moved. (Do a DuckDuckGo search for 'antique surveyor chain' if you don't know what I'm writing about here.)

Nearly every boundary, especially in the western US, was set by surveying crews who pulled around chains to measure distances across land. They used those measurements to establish survey points, which are also found all over the west. In Dana's dream the men are pulling up chains that are on the ground. This would be symbolic of ripping out established, surveyed, boundaries.

Later in Dana's dream the chains morph into boundaries, agreeing with what I am saying here. Long chains are associated with the process of establishing surveyed boundaries. This is another match back to Jefferson and thus to Dana's dream.

Note that Nebuchadnezzar was most famous for sacking Jerusalem and making that territory part of his empire. He redrew the international map in his day. Presumably others will start to do so now, like opening borders, or changing the number of states or packing the supreme court.

The Snake

Finally another aspect of the dream that matters is the snake. In most cases virtually any type of snake, reptile or serpent in prophetic is going to map back to the serpent in the garden. The question of the serpent to Eve centers on the question: What did god really say? All disputes between religions hinge on this same question. The serpent is the ancestor of them all.

All false religions spring from these original events, and are always marked symbolically with reptiles.

Follow my logic here. This includes Nebuchadnezzar's religion. It also includes Roosevelt's religion. It also includes current ongoing religions. If you will, the accurate counts of legal votes from real voters is what god really said about who he wants for President. The rejection of those counts is coming from this same religion, it is coming from the snake. Everywhere we look right now, the question is what is true.

So in the dream this religious system is going to go around changing boundaries and biting people in some venomous way. Some people don't die. Some do. Some pray and are not bit at all.

If you've been tracking any sort of alternative media you know there is no actual science behind any of the recent political actions surrounding Covid. The 2020 flu season is not happening. ICU bed utilization is below that of the 2017 flu season. All of the normal fall flu cases are now called Covid. We have just started seeing the first vaccinations. There have already been deaths from the vaccines. There have already been sicknesses from the vaccines. There are also many people who have been praying over vaccines.

Covid, especially in late 2020, is a completely religious event that is going on now. The scientists with guts are saying so, often loosing their licenses in the process. Those who quietly go along get paid to be part of the fraud. These are actions of the same false religion we see everywhere we go, ultimately linking back to the serpent asking what is true.

The snake bites in Dana's dream are almost certainly the Covid vaccine injections. Some will die. Some will not. Some will pray and not receive a mark at all.

Final Comments

I very much dislike points made in the interpretation phase of Dana's Snake Chain video. They use interpretive systems from outside of the text of regular Bibles. This is a common problem in church circles generally. It does not help with prophetic interpretation.

Careless use of the Bible itself is also trouble, as readers here well know. If they had kept their interpretation within a standard Protestant Bible I would have been delighted. Enumerating specific problems did not seem helpful to deal with here. Let me just say, many people in church circles are victims of their own training.


We have updated the TT and related apps this week as normal. Edits are in material from Judges. We also updated the calendar (cal.paleo.in) app. The calendar UI has been seriously reworked. Check the top right menus to see. You can control the lighting scheme. You can now also control nearly every feature in the calendar boxes themselves.

Functionally, the calendar added an experimental 40 day counter. This is for everyone doing 40 days of prayer or 40 day long prayer drives or who might spend 40 days up on a mountain. Calendar synchronization might be off, so the feature is labeled as experimental. If you start your 40 days at some day other than 1 on this system, then remember the difference and keep going.

Also, added visible display of each date's AA Number, which is the heart of auditing the entire calendaring system. AA Numbers allow day range calculations by hand. So if you want to know when is 1000 days from now, then add 1000 to the AA Number for today and then find that new number by scrolling up the calendar. This is by inspection, of course, but it is now possible and relatively simple. AA Numbers will also be useful for connecting to other tools in the future.

More Later,