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Paleo Language Institute is working on recovering a family of scrolls collectively called The Testimony of Joshua, or more simply The Testimony. Our work involves recovery of the alphabet, the language, the letter-perfect manuscript and related tools like a lexicon and an English translation.

This inspired family of scrolls started to receive editing at Solomon's reign. They continued to receive editing and were completely absorbed into the uninspired "Law of Babel" after the Babylonian captivity. The Law of Babel gained a heavily edited New Testament and is called The Bible to this day.

Because the Law of Babel was edited under a rule that disallowed removal, the inspired text of The Testimony remains buried within. It remains recoverable from modern manuscripts following clues left by the original, inspired, authors.

The Testimony is the long hoped for solution to a well known family of problems involving the lost original copies of The Bible. It is not as simple as scholars might have hoped for. It does, though, address essentially all the objections raised against the Bible from within secular society. To get you started read the About page in The Testimony web app linked below.

Web Apps

Use your browser's "add to home screen" function to install the following applications. Once installed, they run even when your device is off line. The following run fine on desktop devices but are also tuned for use on Android and iOS mobile devices.

The Testimony is our current English draft of inspired scripture. It is divided into 8 scrolls with 75 books. The text in this application is still being recovered. It auto updates most Fridays. Please use the upper right menu within this app to find the About page and read a more lengthy introduction found there.
Bible Research Bible is our Bible for Research in the Bible. This is our primary sandbox for exploring textual corrections against standard bibles. The text has a large number of translator word choice changes to help study numerous issues across the text. The app contains an exhaustive set of controls to study various issues. It includes extensive notes on additions. This is the starting point for the english in The Testimony app linked above.
Paleo Calendar is the 30 day/month time system used to write The Testimony. Useful for finding modern dates for holidays, especially Tabernacles when The Testimony's 8 scrolls are to be read across 8 days.
Paleo Clock is a clock that tells time in the same way as used to write The Testimony. Useful for understanding timing of events in Passion Week.

Follow Us

We have been working on this problem, and its precursors, full time since Joshua called us to the work in the middle of 1998. We have solved a long list of non-obvious and highly technical problems related to the Bible. Most of those problems, and their solutions, have not been shared publicly.

Joshua is leading us to start sharing, even though we are not completely finished with the work. We will be using our blog as the primary vehicle for making this material public.

Subscribe to the blog in one of the following ways if you want to follow along.

The Blog in RSS format. Use this format if you already use an RSS reader. This is the best, most private, way to follow our work. You can simply add this website,, to your reader and it should auto discover. Otherwise follow this link.
The Blog via Email works fine if you don't otherwise use an RSS reader. All blog posts are sent out via email on this list. This link is to the sign up form. You will then receive a sign-up email which needs your confirmation to actually get you on the list.

Recent Blog Posts

Annual Planners

Annual Planner printing next week. Also, weekly update to the Testimony. Details follow.

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TT Update

The Testimony text was updated today. Details of changes follow. Also, thoughts on Passover and Videos at the end of this update.

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Post Holiday Update

We're back at our desks after a trip out west for the holidays. Out today, Friday, are updates to the TT and BRB, and there is more to cover on Patreon. Read on for more.

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December Status

We're headed out for the holidays. Much going on. Here's the latest.

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November Status

Been busy around here the last few weeks. Updates on 3D model work and Video work follows below.

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BRB Back Online

Our old friend the Bible Research Bible (BRB) is back online. Details follow.

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The Testimony Online

We've finished getting The Testimony working from our website. Details follow about getting it installed on your phone, as well as major changes and features.

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September Status

It has been a busy summer, and much has been going on. With this post our old email list has been brought back online, as well as a few new subscribers. This post covers project and personal status.

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Personal Name of God

Throughout our work we use the name Joshua instead of Jesus for the personal name of god. We have good reasons for this which I need to explain before we go any further.

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Reorganizing Everything Online

In the middle of 2018 we reorganized nearly everything about our online presence. We had told friends we were going to do this early in 2018. But, we were delayed with some technical work. This post explains the delay... We found a book.

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Website Updates

We are building out a new online presence to explain this work more completely. Website updates will come over the next few months. Be patient with us, we have much work still to do.


I pray you would study carefully the work we are doing, and not dismiss it lightly.

I pray that you would also decide to follow Joshua, just as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Philip, Nathanael, Peter, Paul and many others did so long ago.

Phil Stone
September 18, 2018