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Paleo Language Institute is working on recovering a family of scrolls collectively called The Testimony of Joshua, or more simply The Testimony. Our work involves recovery of the alphabet, the language, the letter-perfect manuscript and related tools like a lexicon and an English translation.

This inspired family of scrolls started to receive editing at Solomon's reign. They continued to receive editing and were completely absorbed into the uninspired "Law of Babel" after the Babylonian captivity. The Law of Babel gained a heavily edited New Testament and is called The Bible to this day.

Because the Law of Babel was edited under a rule that disallowed removal, the inspired text of The Testimony remains buried within. It remains recoverable from modern manuscripts following clues left by the original, inspired, authors.

The Testimony is the long hoped for solution to a well known family of problems involving the lost original copies of The Bible. It is not as simple as scholars might have hoped for. It does, though, address essentially all the objections raised against the Bible from within secular society. To get you started read the About page in The Testimony web app linked below.

Watch our Project Introduction Video for more.

Progressive Web Apps

Use your browser's "add to home screen" function to install the following applications. Once installed, they run even when your device is offline. They support both touch and mouse devices.

The Testimony is our current English draft of inspired scripture. We are still working on the text. We update most Fridays. Watch our TT Tour Video for more.
Bible Research Bible is our Bible for Research in the Bible. This is the baseline text used in The Testimony linked above. Watch our BRB Tour Video for more.
Paleo Calendar is the 30 day/month time system used to write The Testimony. Useful for finding modern dates for holidays.
Paleo Clock is a clock that tells time in the same way as used to write The Testimony. Useful for understanding timing of events in Passion Week.

Web Sites

Paleo Bill Of Materials is the place to find all of the 3D models needed to 3D print Student and Teacher resources. These models are used for learning the details of the Paleo Alphabet. 926 recommended part numbers, 1746 individual recommended parts. More optional parts handle 3D printer variability, assembly jigs and simplified bases.

Important Indexes

Talk Index lists all of our project's talks. We usually add new talks on Fridays. These cover a wide range of subjects, from the project itself, the alphabet and our tools like the Testimony and the BRB. You can watch or listen to our talks.
Blog Post Index lists all of our blog posts. This is an ongoing project and this is the best way to follow along. Signup details follow below.

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Recent Blog Posts

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Salvation 2019-12-13

What does the story of Salvation look like in The Testimony? A question from the audience after last week's talk. Here's a survey that explains.
Read More (674 words)

Rules of Interpretation 2019-12-06

The classic Rule of Interpretation, that demands multiple passages for correct understanding, is not strong enough for villainous editors. This week's talk explains.
Read More (396 words)

Acts 15: Editors and Examples 2019-11-29

This talk continues the series on the editors, as identified by Acts 15. This time we look at specific examples of their work.
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Recent Talks

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Salvation - 2019-12-13

This talk gives a definition of 'salvation' from within the context of The Testimony.
Watch or Listen (69 minutes)

Rules of Intepretation - 2019-12-06

This talk surveys the need for rules when interpreting the Bible. The key rule being the use of multiple witnesses when establishing what the Bible might be saying. This works only as long as there are no villains editing the text. In this case, which is the real case of the Bible as handed to us by history, a stronger interpretive rule is needed. This talk explains.
Watch or Listen (31 minutes)

Examples of Acts 15 Editors - 2019-11-29

This talk gives examples of the handiwork of the editors identified by the Acts 15 Riddle. It reviews each editor and then shows a contraction that shows an example of what they wrote.
Watch or Listen (40 minutes)

The Riddle of the Jerusalem Council Letter - 2019-11-15

This talk explores the meaning of the letter in Acts chapter 15. This was the message back to Antioch. Why a letter? It is a riddle, with an important solution. Find the other letters, and you've found the editors.
Watch or Listen (53 minutes)


I pray you would not dismiss this work lightly.

I pray that you would decide to follow Joshua, just as so many others have done before.

Phil Stone
July 5, 2019