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Paleo Language Institute is working on recovering a book called The Testimony. This is the inspired name of the inspired parts of the Christian Bible. This work involves recovery of the alphabet, the language, and the letter-perfect manuscript. We will eventually have other tools like a lexicon and an English translation.

Most Recent Talk

In January of 2020, we started doing weekly talks using an early draft of The Testimony. Viewers can begin to get a feel for what The Testimony is like. Here is the most recent talk.

Paul, Part 6 - 2020-02-28

This talk moves on to the healing of the centurion's servant and then to the raising of the dead son of the widow of Nain.
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A Little Background

The Jerusalem Council, recorded in Acts 15, was nominally convened over circumcision. That council was generally convened to deal with the extensive problem of manuscript tampering, circumcision being but 1 example. In the end the attendees wrote a letter that gave 4 rules that apply to the Old Testament. By applying those rules, and ignoring everything marked by those rules, the text of the Bible can be reduced to the inspired core.

Each of their rules also identifies an Old Testament editor. Solomon, Jezebel, Nebuchadnezzar and Mordecai each had a specific hand in editing the inspired text and producing the Bible that we know now. Knowing the set of editors means that the motives behind the edits can also be understood. This makes the manuscript tampering problem easier to solve.

Of course the work of the New Testament writers was also tampered, in this case by a 5th and final editor, the high priest Ananias. So the New Testament exhibits the same types of manuscript tampering as the Old Testament, and the same rules for finding additions can be applied there too.

Because these rules show tampering to be widespread, this means the Old Testament editors created Judaism in its various forms as we know today. This also means that the New Testament villains were responsible for creating Christianity in all of its forms as we know of today. Watch the following talk for more.

The Riddle of the Jerusalem Council Letter - 2019-11-15

This talk explores the meaning of the letter in Acts chapter 15. This was the message back to Antioch. Why a letter? It is a riddle, with an important solution. Find the other letters, and you've found the editors.
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Progressive Web Apps

The key applications that deal with our problem domain are packaged as 'Web Apps.' This means we use web technologies to build stand alone applications that install to your device's home screen or desktop.

Use your browser's "add to home screen" function to install the following applications. Once installed, they run even when your device is offline. They support both touch and mouse devices.

The Testimony is our current English draft of inspired scripture. We are still working on the text. We update most Fridays. Watch our TT Tour Video for more.
Paleo Calendar is the 30 day/month time system used to write The Testimony. Useful for finding modern dates for holidays.
Paleo Clock is a clock that tells time in the same way as used to write The Testimony. Useful for understanding timing of events in Passion Week.

Web Sites

Paleo Bill Of Materials is the place to find all of the 3d models needed to 3d print Student and Teacher resources. These models are used for learning the details of the Paleo Alphabet. 926 recommended part numbers, 1746 individual recommended parts. More optional parts handle 3d printer variability, assembly jigs and simplified bases.

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Talk Index lists all of our project's talks. We usually add a new talk most Fridays. These cover a wide range of subjects, from the project itself, the alphabet and our tools like The Testimony. You can watch or listen to our talks.
Blog Post Index lists all of our blog posts. This is an ongoing project and this is the best way to follow along. Sign up details follow below.

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Recent Blog Posts

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Paul Part 6 2020-02-28

This week's talk is on the healing of the centurion's servant and the raising of the dead son of the widow of Nain. We've also updated all website icons. To get current icons you may need to reinstall the apps. Details on this below.
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Paul Part 5 2020-02-21

We are back from several days of travel. These times usually advance our thinking in leaps. Insights follow below. This week's talk resumes the series in Paul. This time on the calling of Simeon Peter and healing of the paralytic.
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Paul Part 4b 2020-02-07

This week's talk continues the series in Paul. This time on Joshua reading the Isaiah scroll in Nazareth.
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Recent Talks

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Paul, Part 6 - 2020-02-28

This talk moves on to the healing of the centurion's servant and then to the raising of the dead son of the widow of Nain.
Watch or Listen (39 minutes)

Paul, Part 5 - 2020-02-21

This talk deals with the catch of fish at the calling of Simeon Peter. It also deals with the healing of the paralytic in front of the Pharisees. This is the most controversial talk I have done because it shows the foundation of Christianity to be false. I hope you enjoy it.
Watch or Listen (36 minutes)

Paul, Part 4b - 2020-02-07

This week's talk deals with Joshua in Nazareth, reading the Isaiah scroll. This is the 2nd half of last week's talk.
Watch or Listen (30 minutes)

Paul, Part 4a - 2020-01-31

This week's talk deals with John at the Jordan. I cut this talk off about 1/2 way through because of time. Second half next week.
Watch or Listen (38 minutes)

Phil Stone
January 30, 2020