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Recovering the alphabet, language and manuscript of the inspired parts of the Bible.

Progressive Web Apps

Paleo Clock is a clock that tells time in the same way as used to write The Testimony. Useful for understanding timing of events in Passion Week.
The Testimony is our current English draft of inspired scripture. We are still working on the text. We update most Fridays.
Paleo Calendar is the 30 day/month time system used to write The Testimony. Useful for following the weekly reading schedule and for finding dates for holidays.
Classroom is where we do weekly live streams. It is also where we have a catalog of previously recorded talks.
Sabbath Reads is a refactoring of the sections of The Testimony. In this app the material for each sabbath is organized together, making weekly reading easier.
400 Stories shows the structural power of The Testimony. The woven nature of the Testimony is displayed using a large table. Letters, commandments and structural form can be easily seen.


Paleo Bill Of Materials is the place to find all of the 3d models needed to 3d print Student and Teacher resources. These models are used for learning the details of the Paleo Alphabet. 926 recommended part numbers, 1746 individual recommended parts. More optional parts handle 3d printer variability, assembly jigs and simplified bases.

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Recent Blog Posts

Judges 2020-05-22

Weekly updates to the main apps happened Friday evening as usual. Much of this update involves changes in Judges. Details follow.
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Updates 2020-05-08

Weekly deploy of most apps. Also a new talk on the Covid related prophetic schedule. Details follow.
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Updates 2020-05-01

A mostly regular work week around here. Most apps were updated. The classroom app is now functionally complete. Details follow.
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