War Lots

This blog reviews how events in Israel are impacting lots and making intercessors sick. But first, a new member to our family of apps, the Canon Bible. Finally another headline round up. Read on.

Project Updates

We are in the home stretch of getting the rest of our apps updated to our new build system and run time. The last 2 public apps that need to be rebuilt are the TT and BRB apps.

As we tore into the BRB it was evident it contained 2 very different purposes. The first relates to its name. BRB is both the name of the app and the name of the manuscript that app contains.

The other thing going on in that app was that it tried to show off different book orders used across history. This secondary function has been very rarely used by regular users of the BRB. At the same time that canon related function was incomplete. It did not include books outside of the standard 66 book canon we care about in the BRB manuscript.

In reviewing the BRB I very much wanted to move the book order related functions out into another, new, app. Until that was out of the BRB I did not want to touch the rest of the existing BRB code. Thus began the construction of a new app focused specifically on different book orders. Ryan and I finished up work on this new app this week. It is now online for anyone to explore.

The BRB app and its cousin the TT app, are still under reconstruction. Maybe next week for them, but we are traveling over the weekend and next week is a short work week for us. So likely 2 more weeks. Keep your history short for the next couple weeks.

Canon Bible (cb.paleo.in)

The link here is to the new app, we call it the Canon Bible. It is linked off the front page at Paleo.In along with our other Bible apps. The icon is a lower case b. This hints at the smallest known canon with only 5 books. Let me cover the technical goals.

The first principle is that there have been and are many different Bibles used in the world. They differ based on the text that makes up each Bible. They also vary by the order of the books.

Sometimes a faith community has blessed a specific form of the Bible. When that has been done it is called a "canon." Thus the name of that app.

There are also many important reference manuscripts passed to us by history that use their own unique book order. Even if not the base for a faith community, these historically known book orders are also important to this study.

So the Canon Bible app provides a place tuned to showing off any arbitrary number of known book orders. The shortest known book order is the Samaritan Canon, at 5 books. This is the Bible of the small group still in existence near Nablus. The longest book order currently in the app is the original KJV book order from 1611. That 1611 KJV contained 80 books, 14 more than the modern Protestant Canon. There are some known book orders from Africa that are longer. Those are not currently in the app.

Because of the typographic quality of the BRB manuscript we are using the BRB text in the Canon Bible app. In the BRB app we did not supply text for apocryphal books because the BRB app was limited to the BRB text. In this new app we are supplying those additional texts. These additional 14 books are coming from the KJVA Sword module. Ryan may still do a light formatting pass on those books so they display a little better.

Expected Use

Our expected use of this app is as a teaching aide. Most Christians in the USA have no idea of the history nor diversity of the forms of the Bible. This is intended as a simple way to teach that story.

Did you know that the form of the Bible you find in church today was determined by the British Bible Society in 1825? Neither did I.

We would not expect our audience to actually be reading through books like Bel and the Dragon, though they could. What is more important is that people know the variety of forms that the Bible has taken over the centuries, and that books like Bel and the Dragon were once a part of standard Bibles.

Our goal of recovering the inspired text of the Bible, and thus changing the common manuscript, is not that crazy. The last time the commonly used Bible text was seriously reduced in size was only 200 years ago.

Unexpected Use

Though this started as a way to simplify the BRB app itself, Ryan quickly realized this has important bearing on his ongoing work.

His most difficult area when working on the Table of 400 is what to do with the books that land late in the Old Testament. His immediate realization when thinking about this new app was that maybe one of the historical book orders is pointing at the inspired book order for that part of the text.

The Tiberian Book Order, for example, only has 24 OT books while our modern Protestant Canon has 39 OT books. The difference in counts is coming because many of our modern books were once combined into single larger works. 1 and 2 Kings, for example, is just Kings. Ditto 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Chronicles. Also Ezra and Nehemiah were a single work. Finally all the minor prophets are combined into a single book called the Twelve. Though the Twelve moves around in known book orders, within that book, those minor prophets are always listed in the same order.

Ezra era editing may have been building a replacement with the same structure as what to them might have been a known inspired work. So the structure of some known OT book order might be hinting at an earlier inspired structure.

Also understanding this history provides ample evidence that Genesis as we know it now could easily have been independent books at some point in history. It still contains the starts of its originally independent works.

To study this well, Ryan intends to load up as many book orders as he can find. Not all are currently loaded, but the app is technically able to handle a very large list of book orders. Those will be added in weeks to come.

Notes On the Tech

To help modern readers navigate strange book orders and strange book combinations, the app is using in-page book headings. Some books also have sub headings. Sub headings are naming modern books, while main headings always name the book according to the canon.

The Book of the Twelve is the most complex. Samuel, Kings, Chronicles and Ezra-Nehemiah are others. If you want to see this in action, select the Tiberian Book Order and then navigate to the book of the Twelve. There are 67 modern chapters spread across that book. For comparison, this is larger than Isaiah with 66 chapters.

This new Canon Bible app renders all Bible quotes in the browser. So Genesis is in every canon, but only stored once in the app. This was always true in the BRB in the past, but once out deeper into various canons, the heading and placement in the sequence starts to change. This level of detail was not possible to capture correctly in the old setup.

So now, without impacting overall size, it is possible to correctly display headings, menus and detailed back covers that exactly match the strange structures of the currently selected canon. At the same time, only 1 dense copy of the base bible text is stored in the app. This trick makes this new app the smallest of our Bible apps when downloaded and installed on a device.

Throne Room Lots

If you have heard my teaching on lots you know I often explain lots as being a way to enter the throne room in heaven. Think of Esther when she dared approach the king.

The king can either cut off your head, as was Esther's fear, or the king can grant an audience. Even more interesting the king can motion you in so you can see what is currently being discussed in the throne room by the other kings.

With people the king trusts, this latter pattern is what would happen if you physically entered a throne room which was otherwise busy with important matters.

The throne room in heaven has been busy with events on the ground in and around Israel. This has been partially true for months because of Gaza. Since about April 1, 2024, the throne room has been focused on Israel. The middle of this past week that focus finally broke, more on that below.

Be very aware that lots may be giving insight to Joshua's perspective on events on the ground. He sees the situation with a clarity that Zionist and Bible based believers do not have.

In last week's blog, I identified pharaoh as being the sitting PM of Israel, so Benjamin Netanyahu for now. Lot sets are now using that identity in clear ways as they explain the situation.

A Lesson From History

Years ago I was on a prayer team with a large and loose knit group of intercessors. A woman in that group became very sick. Those of us who knew her and were in that prayer group were asked to converge at her house to pray for her healing.

Ryan and I had been in the city and arrived late. We sat down in a side room to gather our faculties about what was going on. In a flash, in my mind's eye, I saw a book name, with chapter and verse number. 2 Chronicles 11:4 was the address. These days it would be a single number that would need to be run through lots before getting the address.

In that story an army had gathered for battle. In our case a prayer battle. The intercessors were being told to go home.

Ryan interpreted it just as I did. We need to not pray and we need to go home. We tried to get the other intercessors to stop. We could not. We quietly left for home.

That woman did eventually die. There was no intercession that would stop what was going to happen. They had gone to battle, they were praying amiss.

That prayer team itself lost Joshua's favor. It would also slowly disband. They should have known better and had refused the prophetic warning that first evening.

Praying For Israel

I have been watching as the tone has changed out of Gaza over the past 6+ months. Starting about 2 months ago Israel was judged by the world's public, and by heaven, as genocidal.

The specific textual story is coming up in July. In history it was pharaoh killing the babies in the Nile. This time it is killing babies in Gaza. The actual date for this is on the charts and is coming. There are no other prophetic stories with content until them.

On top of that, the Israelis are justifying that genocide by quoting the Bible in order to claim justification. Many Christians are being fooled by the idea that just because they can quote the bible, that they have Joshua's favor. Not so. This is a very common Zionist trick.

Joshua is telling anyone with an ear to listen that praying for Israel is like praying for pharaoh. This is another aspect of that story. The people Moses was there to rescue were on pharaoh's side. Not good for Moses, and a point of view that would change as the story unfolded.

Intercessors who otherwise have throne room access, who are praying amiss in this situation, are getting sick or having other strange problems related to loss of personal favor. The reason is they are praying for pharaoh.

If you want to pray, and know nothing else, then pray something along the lines of, "Joshua, let your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven." That is a fine, safe, place to start. You are not taking sides in the game that few outsiders to the throne room can hope to understand.

The Missiles of April (Scott Ritter Extra)

This link is to a long written report by Scott Ritter on what Iran achieved with their attack on Israel early in the morning of April 13, 2024. This was in retaliation for Israel striking an Iranian consulate in Damascus on April 1, 2024.

Scott gives a rather personal history and long list of reasons why this event will go down as one of the most important military victories so far this century. Israel's myth of invincibility has been shattered.

The basic reason is that Iran broke through Israel's defensive shield. That shield was built for the purpose of stopping Iranian attacks. It failed. Scott had publicly predicted this failure as early as 2006.

Though the western world's propaganda machinery is claiming success on the part of Israel, this is false. Israel no longer holds military advantage over Iran.

Review of Events

Iran waited for both the end of their own holidays and until the Jewish Sabbath before responding to the April 1 event. Then, curiously, Iran announced their intent. This was not a surprise attack in any normal sense of the word. Iran launched several rounds of successively more advanced weapons. Of the hundreds of inbound weapons, Israel was only able to intercept most of them, but not all. Israel had help from the US, UK, France and Jordan, so it was a team effort. They failed.

Scott Ritter has elsewhere explained this as a type of calibration of their weapons system. Like any other piece of precision machinery, performance is not understood until it is put to real world use. Iranian weapons needed to be calibrated for use against Israel. Those weapons are now calibrated and can be used at any time in the future.

Iran sent their lowest tech, oldest rockets first. All of those were stopped in flight. A second round was also defeated. Downing of these rockets are what are being claimed as Israeli victory that night.

But, a small number of Iranian rockets got through. These were enough to 1) severely damage a listening center in the Golan Heights atop biblical Mount Hermon, 2) damage intelligence offices near Tel Aviv and 3) damage 2 military bases in the Negev in southern Israel.

These places were specifically involved in launching the April 1, 2024, attack on Damascus. Iran was retaliating against those specific places and anyone watching should have been able to figure it out. Iran did what they intended, and Israel could not stop them.

Iran just demonstrated to anyone paying attention that Israel is no longer safe from external military attack. Iran can and did overwhelm the defense systems of Israel. Iran can and did destroy targets of their own choosing.

As a footnote, shooting down that early swarm of rockets likely cost Israel and the USA well over $1B. The Iranian costs was likely in the $10s of millions. Even just from a cost perspective Iran has the ability to bankrupt the western military.

April 19, 2024

Israel threatened to retaliate against Iran for retaliating against Israel. Various sources suggested that we might see this after Passover in Israel which is on the weekend of April 20. Some suggested after Unleavened Bread week which would mean a week later.

But on the night of April 19, so Sabbath in Iran, the Israelis apparently struck various targets in Iran.

Even stranger was how this was immediately reported as the expected attack and then the Iranian side went quiet, nearly suggesting that nothing had happened. Or at least that nothing had hit the ground.

As a first pass explanation of this we can presume this was not a severe attack. So the Iranians did not want to escalate. The 2 sides are now playing mind games with each other. The dangers to both sides from uncontrolled escalation are greater than they have ever been.

Finally, maybe, a little restraint? We still have prophetic dates coming in July and September where we may see more dramatic changes on the ground.


Over the past maybe 6 weeks I have never had this much serious prophetic over an ongoing war. Of course the last time there was war like this is when Iraq was shooting scuds into Israel decades ago. My prophetic walk did not exist back then. Of course that time, events did not go well for Iraq. Israel ended up the winner. This time is different.

If Israel does not repent, in the end, they will loose Jerusalem, survivors will be evacuated to the west and they will see a ground invasion from across the Jordan river. Though not necessarily in that order.

This is not the worst of it. The whole world gets very much more dangerous after that happens. Zionists running the western world will attempt to retake what they have lost. It is in that attempt that western Zionist leaders will wreck the whole planet.

So events we are watching now are low rungs on a slow ladder of events that climb up to the Noah events in 2029.

Noah Schedule

One final point. Noah's Flood was an event that spread out over a little more than 1 calendar year. The 7000th anniversary of the start is 13020-02-17 (2029-02-22). Remembering, of course that there is a 7 day warning ahead. So back up to February 15, 2029. At that point we should see something that looks like a warning. (Declaring war is what this has been in the past.)

There are other dates along the flood, but, Noah coming out of the ark is the last date. It is recorded in Genesis 8:14. The 7000th anniversary is 13021-02-27 (2030-02-27).

I am posting these dates as a reminder that the flood itself runs for over a year. It is not a single date as with so many other headlines. It is a series where the events around the start of the series will help establish the severity across that time.

Headline Review

I have debated how much readers here may be interested in links to news articles. I am moving this section to the bottom as an experiment. They belong in a charts app, but I want the text recovered first so chart work need only to be done 1 time. Here are some of the key links that seem to match ongoing prophetic themes.

July Dates

The next known dates on the Joshua 2000 series of dates are in the first week of July, 2024. At that point we have Moses' birth and being floated on the Nile. This is also at the same time as Pharaoh wants the babies killed, the 2 stories of course work together.

All of the baby killing in Gaza and our bridge and boat and barge headlines may be marking time until that next prophetic date.

Iran Captures Israeli Ship (X)

In retaliation for the bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, the Iranians captured a ship owned by an Israeli billionaire. The link above shows the map of that ship being part of a supply line going into Israel from the east.

This headline was about 1 day ahead of Iranian rockets landing in Israel. This ship capture ties these events to the ongoing headlines involving bridges and ships. So it is looking ahead at events in early July.

26 Barges on Ohio River (Defcon News)

The link here is to a report of how 26 barges cut loose and floated down the Ohio River. This continues the ongoing series of ship and bridge and barge related problems. Again, on pattern for early July.

Gas Storage Hit (Avia.Pro)

When I was writing last week's blog I was thinking about lights out, plague of darkness in Ukraine, and could easily guess that gas storage would be hit. It was hit that day. The link above is the detail.

Hal Turner also reported on this and said the mushroom cloud was visible 50 km away in Poland. Looks like no stored fuel for next winter, and the cost of fuel transiting into the rest of Europe is now at risk. The missile was hypersonic and broke through 50 feet of earth to reach the storage tank.

Thermal Plant Destroyed (War News 24/7)

I linked to a photo of this strike in last week's blog. This is a more formal write up. This article has several other X posts and lists the remaining power plants in Ukraine. How long will they remain running? Russia is in full scale war mode. Again, more plague of darkness. This looks to be permanent until the war is over. Ukraine is becoming undeveloped frontier.

Gold Moving, 2024-04-12

Throughout the history of the timeline work there have been headlines where certain stocks and/or commodities start moving ahead of events in the world. Big money usually knows what is about to happen and trades in ways to profit from impending headlines.

The link here is to strange moves in gold that have been happening for about 6 weeks. Gold marks geopolitical risks, so war between major nations. So big money is expecting geopolitical events.

Google Firings (The Intel Drop)

The link here is to a story about how Google recently fired 28 employees over a sit-in protesting Google (and Amazon) involvement in Gaza genocide by Israel. It seems Google and Amazon host the systems Israel is using for targeting people in Gaza. So anyone supporting those companies is complicit in the Gaza genocide.

Brand damage and supply chain problems are expected from events going on now in Israel. So not just Intel inside, but Google and Amazon are now companies at risk of brand damage.

I take this as a longer term personal to-do. We ultimately need to find a different home for our websites.

More Later,