Status, Plagues, Part 4

Been busy around here the past several weeks. Time for an update on manuscript work and a high level review of future plagues. Read on for more.

Manuscript Recovery

Last time I posted on recovery I was off to work on the downloaded Peshitta texts. I expected a couple weeks, but it turned into more like 6 weeks. Our test case planner can now draw from at least 3 different Peshitta downloads for each book of the Bible. Usually there are 4 choices. In the NT these are nearly always exactly the same, but the OT has considerable variation between versions.

Versification has also been adjusted so they are the same. There are at least 3 different competing OT Peshitta versification systems. Sometimes it follows Hebrew versification, sometimes English, and somethings something else.

Versification differences include chapter breaks at different locations, verses not numbered the same, and places where verse breaks are on different phrases. This last case was clearly used to change textual meaning, and belies an editor's hand on the Hebrew side.

For example, consider the verse break between Esther 9, verses 10 and 11. At this break, English versification follows Hebrew, the phrase "on that day" begins verse 11. In 2 of the 4 witnesses to the Peshitta, that same phrase ENDS verse 10.

By inspection of the English you can show why an editor at some point in the Hebrew tradition wanted that phrase moved into verse 11 as a condition there instead of as a condition ending verse 10.

Verse 11 in English now has a subtle contradiction if you know how to spot it. Counting and summarizing widespread dead in order to report to a king takes more than 1 day.

Verse 10, with the Peshitta verse break, says instead that they left the plunder alone on the day of battle, but not forever. They ultimately took the plunder.


My first drafts of the solver code showed that a key part of the problem is code to generate an English translation from text never seen before. So now I have the Peshitta dialed into the test case planner, but I don't yet have a good English generation tool.

At a high level this means a query system against a Lexicon database. As a natural language system this is NOT easy. Especially if it must be tested against known texts before being used against recovered texts.

I am turning my attention to prototype this tricky code problem and expect to be at it another few weeks, give or take. Will post back here when there is something to report.

Plagues, Part 4

I have been doing blog posts on the plagues because Covid headlines are suddenly making sense to me. I will continue to write posts that go into fulfillment headlines for details now past.

But, I feel a strong need to survey events in the plagues narrative that are still future. These upcoming events are starting to generate headlines now. The first big future story in the plagues narrative is the still future 'midnight departure' from Egypt.

This is the point at which the story finds mourning over the dead in every house and everyone starts fleeing from Pharaoh. The need to leave is now evident to all.

The second major future event, after some delay, and some other minor headlines, is Pharaoh drowning with his army in the red sea.


We believe all the plagues events grid against other inspired stories. Various tables will do this eventually in the inspired text. Until then we can survey for stories matched on basic themes. Midnight battles can be so matched.

If we look across the entire text for some other midnight battle we can find it in Judges 7:22. This is the story of Gideon delivering the people from Midian. In the middle of the night, Gideon's little group blows trumpets and startles the Midianite army awake. They go to sword against each other before fleeing.

As the Exodus account is edited, maybe we should loosen the match, and look instead for a matched mid-day reference. This is in keeping with leaving with bread not yet leavened, a serious complexity to the Exodus story.

Here we find First Kings 18:28-29 where false prophets are uselessly going to sword against each other until they bleed. That account ends with fire down from the sky a few hours later, so perhaps a parallel between leaving Egypt and fire in or near a prophetic sea crossing.

Prophetic matches between weapons in the text and modern weapons usually follow along 3 lines. Arrows are usually mapped to missiles. Stoning maps to bullets. Swords, though, are hand-to-hand and sharp.

Needles, in the case of Covid, are the fulfillment. Every time a nurse injects someone, they have 'gone to sword' against their neighbor, slowly killing them as per the Salk Institute.

This is giving their patient a kill shot. Like some fool soldier, they think they are doing the right thing. The answer shown in Judges 7 is to run.

All vaccine related deaths so far are precursors to a major death wave that is coming. O'Looney saw that start in mid August, 2021. I've read hints suggesting measurable death rates change at 6 months after vaccination, confirming O'Looney who was informal but saw similar timing.

We don't yet have enough data to know the timing for the peak in post vaccination death rates. The prophetic story says every house, ie family, has someone dead from this plague. This is a serious amount of widespread death that is still ahead.


Precursor headlines to the great departure from Egypt are already being seen. Employees across the USA are being forced to choose between taking the kill shot and loosing their jobs.

Some are slowly figuring out that remaining at work means slow death. So they are making the obvious choice and are leaving. This is the headline already in play.

For many weeks there have been reports of nurses and other hospital staff leaving because their employers are demanding the kill shot. But, non-medical, usually public service industries are now demanding those shots at various dates across late 2021.

The US Federal Government requires all civilian employees to be fully vaccinated by November 22, 2021. Because that date is weeks after the employee's last kill shot, that date has already been missed by many employees. This is impacting, for example, TSA employees, 40 percent of whom have not taken their kill shots. This should nicely impact Thanksgiving travel.

Washington State public employees had until October 4, 2021, to take their last kill shots in order to meet an October 18, 2021, deadline to be fully vaccinated. This has upset state run ferry service levels because ferry workers require hard to attain Coast Guard cerfication. Same date, same issues, are facing Seattle Police. Good for them. Without public safety officers, I'm sure private security jobs defending the wealthy will be opening up widely soon.

Southwest Airlines staff must be fully vaccinated by December 4, 2021. Employees of Southwest are thought to have done an informal sickout to show their slave masters what will happen.

That airline blamed weather, though no other airline found the same storm. CEOs, as here, are being threatened, and cannot speak publicly about their real problem. They are facing tyranny slowly sweeping down from DC, and there is nobody to help them.

Even without mRNA vaccines, pilots already risk death by blood clot. Those who understand their personal health don't want anything to do with vaccines that cause blood clots which then cause sudden cockpit death.

125,000 Boeing workers must be vaccinated by November 24, 2021 in order to meet a deadline of December 8, 2021. Boeing has already lost much talent, as evidenced by grounding of airplanes and spaceships. Some of those rare brains that remain in Boeing will think about this a little and leave forever.

For anyone contemplating leaving under these scenarios there is the issue of unused holiday and sick days. These benefits are usually lost when someone quits or is fired. So employees planning to leave are taking these days ahead of their planned departure date. This is more severe than a simple sickout and may explain better Southwest's problems. If so, these events generally predict future lost employees.

False Hopes

The prophetic story is very clear, Pharaoh will not relent on this. The answer is everyone that matters leaves ruined Egypt.

Biden's order to force all employers of over 100 people to require a kill shot will wind through the courts. This is where many are putting their hope.

When the US Supreme court justice was murdered in Texas, the entire federal court system was put on notice. Rule as we say, or you are dead. This is widely suspected as the reason the US Supreme Court, and most Federal Courts, declined any serious 2020 election litigation.

Watch for some high court to agree to the 100 employee level. It may not come fast, but times are strange.

Some state governors, like Abbot in Texas, are playing with this too, banning Employee Mandates. State level governors don't have the force of arms to stop the Feds, and will not ultimately find sympathetic federal judges who are themselves afraid for their lives.

Until a court shuts down governors like Abbot, the Feds are simply ordering mandates to all government contractors. This fight is also causing employers legal grief until it is settled in court.

False hopes are part of the prophetic story itself. It was perhaps a natural desire in the people who left Egypt to want to return to it. When you hear someone say they took the vaccine because they wanted life to return to normal you are hearing the same sentiment. Abbot is also playing to that sentiment.

This false hope, and massive lost prosperity, will come to dominate the story after Pharaoh and his army drowns.


Most of the stories where we see how Pharaoh governed Egypt involves Pharaoh killing people. His baker in Joseph's day. The babies in baby Moses' day. Moses, raised in Egypt, thought he could kill too, but did not know he had to be in the right family to rule by murder. Finally everyone was at risk of death at the time of the plagues.

All employers that resemble slave systems are being overthrown. That is what Biden's 100 employee level is all about. Below that number and the employer looks more like a big, but regular, family. The prophetic story says everyone must leave those slave systems in order to save their lives. Don't put hope in working for a large employer. Get out, build a career somewhere else. Don't build such a system yourself.


Recent news indicates the USA has sent Special Forces troops to Taiwan. This in violation of US agreements with China going back to 1972. This is causing the Chinese to threaten imminent war.

The more distant plague series headline involves Pharaoh drowning in the seas, along with his army. It appears to match Noah, so I currently time this in early 2029. It may be wishful thinking to expect peace with China to last until then.

There have been numerous prophetic words over the past 40 years that point at eventual war between the USA and China. Duduman was one of the prophets who spoke of this. It is thought to be triggered by the USA coming to Taiwan's defense when China finally decides to invade Tawain. Of course the USA might goad China to this end, so the blame lands on China for a war they did not start.

We have also been told prophetically, repeatedly, in our travels across the USA, that there will be a ground invasion by the Chinese Army on US soil. War with China is NOT only some big naval battles in the western Pacific.

So pay attention to any personal prophetic and headlines that go beyond Taiwan. Every inch of ground in the USA west of the Mississippi is at risk of Chinese foot soldiers. The Chinese motivation is establishing internal food security achieved by capturing food production in California's central valley and the cornfields of the great plains. This is NOT just a Taiwan issue for them.

More Notes

I have written this post because I feel responsibility before Joshua to share what I know. This is hard to write, and I am sure frightful to read. But, this is where the world is going. This is the end of the '7 times' intervals from Leviticus 26. In the end, the world is going to be transformed by Joshua, as he reasserts his right to rule.

There is nothing that can be done to change what is going on. If you worry it you just hurt yourself. The best way to cope with these headlines is to focus on daily routine. Turn off the news if you must. My daily routine these days is work on the computer, writing code to solve the text. When that is done, I will work on whatever Joshua may have next. I take life slowly, 1 week at a time.

Keeping up a good sense of humor also helps. Here are 9 Bible verses that you can quote if your employer wants to kill you.

In a future post we will look at another prophetic word involving Obama that points at this upcoming era.

More Later,