Back home from the recent trip. We drove 28 hours straight through to get home before we could not. Saw Canadians streaming home as they drove north on I-15 through Salt Lake City. Notes on how to calculate the Covid-19 prophetic timeline follow below.


The prophetic story that explains the Covid-19 outbreak is Noah's Flood.

If you want to graph it out yourself, you can. Use the calendar tool from the main website. Then use the dates from the Noah narrative. Use this year, 13011, as a replacement for Noah's 600th year. Then substitute in parallel into the future.

By reading the narrative, and using the calendar tool, you can calculate the rest yourself.

The challenge is only the prophetic vocabulary. The 'flood' of course is the death by drowning caused by this bug. Staying at home is Noah's staying in his ark. The rain is the spray when someone sneezes, and I would expect maximum geographic extent when those 40 days are over.

The challenge is the various later steps in the story. We will be watching those as they pass. Noah does not leave his ark until near the end of the story. When he does the world is a different place.

This will take more than a year and be horrendous.

However bad it may be, it is a shadow of 13020. Take care, stay safe.

More Later,