This week's talk concludes a series of talks on the 500 year cycles of history. This talk explores the matches between document changes and Nebuchadnezzar's statue dream.

In this talk I review the document changes going on at each point along the 500 year cycles of history, from the earliest edits, from the Babel era, through to our modern era.

In this final talk in the series I cover how the statue dream of Nebuchadnezzar aligns with those document cycles since Nebuchadnezzar's own day. It is in our own historical era that the statue is smashed by the stone. Given the cycle time of each scene in the dream, it should take another 500 years before that stone has filled the entire world.

When I started work on Bible Time over 20 years ago, I was caught up in what will turn out to be Mordecai's edits that create an 'end of the world and final judgment.'

These days I'm convinced judgment is continuous, happening individually and soon after death. Joshua explained that Abraham, amongst others, was already past his judgment and alive in Moses' day, not dead and waiting for a general judgment later.

Regular history on earth has a very long time still ahead, because history itself solves Joshua's fundamental problem of mercy.

This talk gives the first of my general reasons for this. His dream appears to have another 500 years before it completes. This suggests a long time before any apparent end.

The other story, which I do not cover in the talk linked above, deals with the 40 days from resurrection to Joshua's ascension. That resurrection is one more prophetic story that points at the text being resurrected in our general era. Those 40 more days run at 30 years of history per day. Roughly speaking, this implies another 1200 years before there can be any sort of general departure from planet earth.

What I'm suggesting here does not preclude nuclear war. Human history may still be thrown back to a pre-industrial, agrarian, feudal, age. That event could easily happen in our lifetimes. Like any tragic prophetic dream, though, it might be stoppable through prayer.

This is the last talk I recorded in June. I had expected to be away from home and to release these talks weekly across the summer, with 3 guests thrown in. The 3rd guest had been purged from Youtube before I could release the link, dropping a planned week and blog post. With several weeks missed traveling it has taken to the middle of October to release this planned material.

I am expecting to miss one more week here on the blog before we are finished with the move. Our new mailing address is on the website in the footers. After that we will switch to new material, things we learned across the summer.

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