The last several blogs have been on the near term troubles of Covid. What comes after? In this post I give a textual and prophetic argument for why enough people of faith and enough high technology survive for a large scale, mid century, recolonizing of Mars.

Gen Eden

In a recent post I gave the general testimony of Natan, a young man from Israel who traveled to the Garden of Eden during a Near Death Experience. I vouched for him, having been to the same facility myself in a series of dreams around 15 years ago. I assert as my Testimony to you, that the Garden of Eden is known to astronomers as the 'blinking moon' or the moon of Saturn called Iapetus.

Textual References

That facility, that Iapetus moon, is described in the text in various places. Of course the garden itself is the starting point for the entire text, the center of that moon.

The text gives its most extensive external description of Eden in Revelation 21. Here it is called a city, and it is seen moving about in the sky.


There are several key points in that chapter that explain the size and shape of that place. In verse 16 the overall structure is measured, 12,000 stadia, the same in each of 3 dimensions, width, breadth and most surprisingly height. Earth based cities are flat. What is a 3 dimensional city? A moon.

The 'stadia' measurement is now thought to be 600 Greek feet. But, what that foot might have been is no longer a trustworthy modern measurement. The shortest modern guess yields: 1 stadia = 600 Greek feet = 157 meters.

Iapetus is known to be almost exactly 1500 km in all 3 dimensions. So if Iapetos is Eden, and the Revelation Stadia measurment was accurate to John's day, then we can reverse the math and find 1 Revelation stadia was 1/8th of a kilometer, 125 meters. This is shorter by 32 meters from modern guesses for the length of a stadia.

Curiously the difference between this calculation and the textual reference is EXACTLY corrected if a stadia used in the text was 500 Greek feet and not 600. Might an inspired Paleo/Aramaic author have used a 500 foot, non-Greek stadia?

Of course.


The text does not require that city to be a cube, only that the overall size in 3 dimensions is the same. A sphere, for example works equally well. So do several other shapes, read on.

In verse 16 the wall around the city is measured. The Iapetus moon has an equatorial wall, another match.

In verse 11 of that chapter it is described as having a brilliant light.

That light is the star in the middle, which can be seen through various ports on (or now near) the outside. Natan saw up into the center and saw that light. I was in the forest under that star, more like a small sun. Much closer than Natan.

Verse 11 also describes the shape as like a precious stone. Precious stones are faceted and it is a distinct feature of the Iapetos moon.

Because that moon is mostly carbon black, some NASA photos were over exposed to show off some very black details. On lit surfaces in those same photos, flat edges appeared. Hoagland in 2005 suggested those edges marked facets that form what we popularly know of as a soccer ball shape.

If it is a soccer ball shape, as Hoagland proposed in his blogs, then there are 12 facets with 5 edges and another 20 facets with 6 edges.

In this likely scenario the 12 'gates' described in verse 12 of that city are in the 12 sides which each have 5 facets.

So what does this have to do with Mars? Besides describing a strange moon, the writer of that Revelation 21 story had a very strange point of view. When we figure out his point of view, we find Mars.

The Journey: No Ocean

The Revelation 21 vision starts in verse 1 when John is taken to a new land and new skies, with no oceans, for the old was passed away.

The land we know about in our solar system, that someone could one day theoretically visit, without oceans, is called Mars. There may be a small sea covered with rock riding on an ice sheet at the Mars north pole. Other than that, the place is bone dry compared to earth.

This alone is enough to track the writer of Revelation 21 to Mars. But there are more details.

The Journey: Different Sky

In verse 2 the place is said to have a different sky.

In the Mars case the sun is more distant, there are 2 moons, and the orbits of the other planets in our system look different from the ground. For example, this includes earth visible out in the Martian sky. The Mars sky is not the same as looking out from earth.

The Journey: High Mountain

In verse 11, once at that new land with no oceans, John was taken up a high mountain so he could get a better view of the city.

Mars has the single largest mountain in the entire solar system, the 72,000 foot tall Olympus Mons. Twice as tall as earth's tallest mountain, the 36,000 foot tall Mount Everest.

This is the marker used by the king giving John the tour recorded in the text. There is no higher mountain to possibly visit. Of course the best observatories are on high mountains. Olympus Mons would make a great manned observatory, the place to watch the show that will one day unfold.


John writes he saw that moon coming down, prepared as a bride.

That detail, prepared as a bride, makes little sense until we link that moon back to the days of Noah, which I will do more below. Iapetus was ruined in Noah's war. It remains broken down, covered in ice, the gates are closed. It must be prepared, repaired, before it can fly again.

Why was the top of Olympus Mons the best viewing spot to see this show? Why would it come down to Mars, and not to earth?

When I was taken on a tour 15 years ago my tour guide made some important points about that planet's propulsion system. A power system, by the way, so large it can move planets under controlled flight. Let me explain the inherent problem that power source has when it powers up. It was a theme my tour guide insisted I understood.

Jet Wash

Though I saw other things, the key point was these types of space ships generate something akin to 'jet wash' but on a planetary scale. Because of this I was told they do not usually fly them into orbit around normal, vegetated, planets. They only fly across space to orbits around gas giants.

Not because they cannot orbit normal planets, but because when they fire up their propulsion system to LEAVE it will wipe out the entire vegetated surface of a normal planet like earth, such is the power involved.

Back then, being more conventionally Christian, after waking from these dreams, I interpreted this feature of that propulsion system to be the end of life on earth when it eventually leaves, or, perhaps, that it is trapped here forever.

I missed 2 key points that I can now explain. First, Joshua's character prevents him from utterly wiping out a planet. He can rebuild a place, bit by bit if he must. The other problem is the point of view in this Revelation 21 passage. He is not on earth at all, there are oceans here which prevent any correct interpretation from an earth based view.

So let me add 1 more detail, when that moon is finally powered up and starts to fly, it will be flown to a gas giant so as not to damage an inhabited world. The nearest gas giant to Earth and also Mars is Jupiter. That is as far in towards the sun as Eden can be safely flown while still being moored at its destination and able to freely fly off later.

It will be flown down to Jupiter, and placed in a wide orbit. The best place to see it, from a natural world, is from the top of Olympus Mons on Mars.

The Gap

So the stories we have explored so far from the Book of Revelation seem distant to what is going on now in the news. Kill shot vaccines, threats of nuclear war with China, a political world run by tyrants who are also members of a death cult. What gives?

There isn't as much text with Noah, but the pre-flood world was a high tech, multi-planet version of pharaoh's single-nation Egypt. Basic, fallen, human nature was not changed between Noah and pharaoh. It is no different in our day either.

The difference? Noah and his family were 8 people. Moses and his crew? Unclear, but measured in 10s of thousands. (Bulked up by editors later.) Now? Counting by how many are refusing pharaoh's orders. Maybe 1 in 20, or 15 million in the USA alone.

Though still very frightful, much better than ever before.

The Clocks

A 7000 year long clock, started in Noah's day, when his ark left Mars, is now swiftly drawing to a close. As this interval ends, in early 2029, Mars is open to be recolonized. The path spelled out in Revelation 21.

At the same time, the tech to reach and colonize Mars is finally starting to come together. Rockets are the current field of work, but much more tech will come together.

Joshua will not release to the hands of a death cult that full tech, because in Noah's day those same souls used it to destroy worlds. They are currently using biology to destroy the world. What else would you expect?

This is why the reign of kings, symbolically pharaoh and his secret arts in the plagues headlines, is drawing to a close. That track is on its own 3500 year clock. There is also a 2550 year king curse clock also converging now. These 3 timelines are intentionally converging in our day because our way life is about to change dramatically for the better.

Mars Plans

My attention to Mars was piqued by a recent video on Youtube posted by Marcus House. Marcus does weekly summary videos of the space industry, as well as special topical, often very technical, videos.

In this special video he explores the publicly available engineering behind the SpaceX rocket development program going on in Boca Chica, TX. This is a VERY technical presentation intended to show the feasability of a manned Mars mission. Such a Mars mission could fly pretty much as soon as the publicly known SpaceX Starship development goals are reached.

In the intro Marcus suggests watching an earlier video on the planned, earlier, moon missions. The same mission Amazon's Jeff Bezos worked hard to prevent, but was himself stopped by the court. NASA is again free to work on their moon mission.

Backing up even further, if you have not seen it, here is Elon Musk's general vision for making Humans a Multiplanetary Species by colonizing Mars.

The technical problems of reaching Mars are currently being worked out. Soon after, by the early 2030s, attention will turn to missing pieces.

The technology to warm Mars, water Mars, protect Mars from solar radiation, revegetate Mars and power human activity on Mars will all be worked out too. Though Mars is a natural body, the same tech as needed for artificial worlds will be applied to Mars. The same level of power used in war 7000 years ago. The same power that gives Iapetus flight.

This is why Revelation 21 mixes a trip to Mars with a view to Iapetus. The 2 places have similar technical problems. Mars gets fixed first, as humans generally get better on the faith side of life. Eventually all will be reconciled.

When you consider Mars, a test of faith is coming in the early 2030s, when the first travelers back from Mars return with a test of faith. Will it be possible to 'conquer' Mars? Some will say yes, some say no.

Have the faith to expect Joshua to make available the technology for taking Mars.

Start building that faith now, in yourself, and in the young people around you. All technology comes by faith, always has, no matter what they taught you in school. The scientific method itself came in prophetic dreams. Everything learned using that method is from the same well.

Looking Forward

The 2 prophetic stories that are in play this decade involve the 3500th anniversary of the Exodus and the 7000th anniversary of Noah's flood. You should see these 2 anniversaries as being related by factors, and you should see them with the Exodus being in the middle of a 7 day long week, where days are measured via's Joshua's days, of 1000 years each. (See Second Peter 3:8.) The 7 day warning to 'load up' given to Noah by Joshua himself triggers the 7000 year warning of a future echo of Noah.

Popularly understood by Christian audiences, Noah's flood is thought to have taken place on Earth. Not so. Noah came to Earth as a refugee from Mars after Mars WAS totally destroyed at the time. If that was not bad enough, the next planet out became the asteroid belt, also blown up by human action in that war.

When Noah replays on the timeline, as it often does, we see large wars, as Noah's flood was a very large war. The first Persian Gulf War is perhaps the best example in recent American history. The US Civil war was another.

Once Upon A Time

The starting parable for understanding more about the flood is in Judges 9:8-15. Here the legendary story of Noah is described as a fight between trees over who would rule. In the end it became a war, where fire came out and destroyed the whole forest.

The use of recounting this ancient story in Judges 9 is to suggest an echo of Noah was going on in their day at some time scale. The warning, to, was that everyone risked death.

Trees, by the way, can be a parable for a 'family tree.' The tree in the garden Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from? A family line. So when the forest is burned down in that Judges parable, the families of Adam were wiped out in fire. Though we will have nuclear war, this time the war does not destroy everything.

The sailing of Noah's ark, where Joshua sealed him in, was a transit to earth. His ark, whatever tech may have been used, was not sufficient for space travel given the general situation. This is why the divine help.

That transit is also a prophetic match to Joseph transiting to Egypt. Both Noah and Joseph should have been dead, but were delivered out of evil hands. Both ended up in a prophetic Egypt.

We know Joseph's family left Egypt, 430 years later at the Exodus. But what about Noah?

Leaving some place after a very long time is how Noah and the Exodus map to each other. A return to Mars. A return to the promised land.

Noah, or at least his spiritual heirs, need to leave earth at around the 7000 year mark, essentially now in history. They are headed back to the promised land.

Of course from the Noah side of the story the text goes on for hundreds of days, so the movement back to Mars will take a prophetic day-for-year ratio turning into hundreds of years for Mars to be fully revegetated and repopulated.

40 Years

Both stories, Noah and the Exodus, have 40 year prophetic clocks that move forward from a shared start point in 2029.

On the Exodus side, after failing a test at the 2 year mark, so in 2031, they wander another 38 years before conquering Canaan.

The Noah side has 40 days of rain. When this replayed in the First Persian Gulf War it was 40 days of bombing ahead of a swift ground invasion. Perhaps 40 years of mostly unmanned rockets landing on Mars before a full ground invasion? I think so. Setting up Mars for life.


I have layed out this story to give some hope for the time after pharaoh's Covid killing spree is over and after nuclear war is over.

The earth may well see a major reduction in population, and it may well see most major cities burned in fire. (This is a promise on the 2550 year timeline I'm skipping here.)

But, this is NOT a complete reduction of earth to subsistence living as was seen after Noah's flood 7000 years ago. It took humans on earth nearly 7000 years to recover from Noah's flood.

Not so this time, any tech needed for Mars recolonization will be worked out and available. The political problems that stand in the way will be removed. Pharaoh will disappear from the prophetic stories in early 2029.

Covid and war are very short term troubles.

If you ask him, Joshua will be faithful and show you how to navigate these short term troubles. Have the faith to do what Joshua says.

More Later,