Adam and Eve

In this week's talk I'm continuing my discussion on parables. The Testimony has a story pairing system that is like regular parables. I use the story of Adam and Eve as test case and show the Testimony Fold interpretation.

Testimony Folds

In regular Bibles there are 1189 chapters. These are not inspired, and the contents are generally ad hoc. The Testimony has 400 section headings spread across its 75 books. These section headings are inspired, and are a powerful layer 6 interpretative tool.

In this week's talk I use the story of Adam and Eve and look at the Testimony Folds in order to fill in the missing parts of the Adam and Eve story.

3D Models

I am preparing an update to the Bill of Materials website, This update has some changes to the recommended colors used in the Joseph case as well as some texturing of the Silo and Well.

The test prints for this are running on the 3D printer now. Maybe a week before being done.

If you're currently using the website for printing these parts, and you want the models as-is, I suggest downloading the parts you are using within the next week. I will be updating the website without further notice here soon.

More Later,