Events In Israel

Last Saturday morning tragic events unfolded in Israel. Most western media is now focused on Israel and Gaza. This blog reviews once again the prophetic background of Israel. It also looks at interesting implications given the timing.

My Sympathies

What happened in Israel was tragic. In no way am I trying to ignore the pain many people are carrying after events last weekend.

I do not, though, want to spend this blog rehashing what every reader here already knows. What I want to do instead is ground readers in the prophetic back stories that we know of surrounding Israel as a nation. Once I have done that I then turn to the timing of the event last weekend.

Because Israel and the US/UK are so tied together I need to show how this works from the text. So I must review the general issues of identifying the Lost Tribes. Those issues tie directly to the timing of last weekend. So bear with me as I explain how this works.


Pretty much everyone in the Christian and Jewish worlds equates the modern nation of Israel to the Israel in the Bible. They do, of course, sit in roughly the same geography, so they are not totally wrong.

But the Bible is exceptionally complex. Nearly every idea that is held popularly has some contradiction to that belief hidden somewhere inside the book. This is especially so considering ideas on Israel and the Jews.

The common misunderstanding involving Israel is about like equating Rhode Island to the United States. Yes, Rhode Island is part of the United States. Yes, Rhode Island sits in the ancient lands of the United States.

The mistake is to miss that Rhode Island is only a small part of the entire United States. This is the nature of the fundamental mistakes about modern Israel. To understand modern Israel well, means we must first understand all of the other Lost Tribes of ancient Israel.

Bible Time

The first project I worked on full time involving the Bible was the website. It is still there, but these days I do not spend much time working on that project. I've got bigger problems that attract my attention.

One of those original tabs was later moved to It explains how to use time to find all of the lost tribes.

The strategy and math was easy, but I was hindered because I had been so poorly taught in church about the complexity of the problem of the Lost Tribes of ancient Israel.

The fundamental mistake is to not integrate the story at 2 Kings 18:9-13. In that story we learn about how Samaria fell to the Assyrians. Samaria was the capital in the north. We have been looking at that city in recent blogs.

That story continues and explains how the southern tribes where also hauled away. All of the tribes of Israel, north and south, were hauled away by the Assyrians.

If you don't know Israel as a vocabulary word means all of the tribes, then go check 1 Kings 18:31.

I suggest, by the way, you do this in some other Bible besides the BRB so you can trust I am not fooling you on these points.

Of course the king of Assyria at the time did not haul all the people away. There were a few people who survived inside the city wall of very ancient Jerusalem. These were only a few internal refugees from the other tribes.

You can reason about this by population numbers if you like. At the end of judges, which I will get to below, there were around 400,000 soldiers at the time. They each had wives, kids, and elderly. Maybe 2,000,000 people. This was a smaller number than at the Exodus, which was over 600,000.

The city walls of Jerusalem that protected a remnant from the King of Assyria could protect how many people? 20,000? 2000? Pick a number.

That city could protect maybe 1 percent of the total population. Maybe it could protect 0.1 percent of the total population. The people who survived the Assyrian deportation were a remnant, that is all.

If you have not been taught this basic history, you are badly educated in the history of the Old Testament.

The reason these basic facts have become rarely taught since WWII is because Modern Israel needs political support from American Christians. It has worked hard to disconnect modern church theology from the text. This is but 1 small example. Don't get me going on John 14:6. There are NOT 2 different plans of salvation.

Lost Tribes

I was aware of other work involving the problem of finding the Lost Tribes of ancient Israel. This was a study common in American Christianity before about 1900.

It was not lost on anyone in colonial times that the 13 original American colonies across the sea from Europe was like the 13 original tribes that were across the sea from ancient Egypt. It was easier for early American Christian preachers to accept this parallelism than it was to explain it away by chance.

In the end the USA reflects the whole of the rest of the lost tribes. Expressions like the 'American melting pot' are simply reflections of the character of the USA as a single lost tribe.

Since the publication of the Scofield study Bible, there has been a hell-bent effort to erase the Christianity of early America. Tribes studies have basically now disappeared from American pulpits.

The last Christian preachers to be raised in those traditions came to adulthood before World War II. A few remained preaching into the 1970s. I learned some of their beliefs about the USA because of 1 such preacher on TV in the late 1970s. Even then, they had no answer as to the location of the other tribes. They seemed to only understand the US and UK.

The problem is how you go about the problem. Are you looking at the problem as a big Bible study? Matching textual clues with nations on the ground? Are you just listening to Israeli government propaganda? Or do you have some technical way to solve this riddle in 1 study?

For years I would say that I figured out a way to identify all the tribes using a timeline. These days it is probably more polite to credit Joshua in this work. These days I should probably say he showed me how to use a timeline to find the tribes.

In a couple sentences, let me explain. Each lost tribe signed a national document on a predicted prophetic date. Find the country who signed a national document, or closely related treaty, and you have found the tribe.

The series of day-accurate dates for these documents began in 1579 and ended in 1974. Each document/date was 12,000 days apart. Most countries do not ever sign these sorts of documents. Finding any such documents on or near the listed dates at this pace is like finding 12 needles in a 144,000 unit haystack.

Using Seal Dates (

The link here is to the article on Bible Tribes that gives the exact math for all of the dates themselves. Because the calendar changed across this interval it is a study in calendars as much as dates. The trivia question you should have learned in school is that the year of George Washington's birth changed by the time of his death. But I digress.

To start this, let me explain the seal dates for the USA.

The United States, as the double-portion holding lost tribe of Manasseh, eldest son of Joseph, has 2 seal dates. All the other tribes have 1 date.

One USA related document was March 24, 1941. It was the signing of the Lend Lease Treaty with the UK. These 2 nations are part of Joseph. Ephraim will turn out to have become the modern UK. Joseph was signing a treaty within itself.

Joseph, as a patriarch, came to be Prime Minister of ancient Egypt. Joseph is often Egyptian in outlook. The modern US and UK are often seen as a type of prophetic Egypt. The modern Missouri river watershed is simply named after the ancient spelling of Egypt. The plagues on Egypt, for example, usually apply in these nations.

That treaty in 1941 was key to world events in another important way. This is how the USA, in particular, came to strip nearly all the other nations involved in WWII of their national wealth.

This is how, for example, most of the world's gold ended up in the USA after the war. This is why there was a gold window for US President Nixon to close. This is why we still have the world's reserve currency, at least for a few more months.

The tribes study, that I am introducing briefly here, is deadly serious. We will get to Modern Israel here shortly.

The other national document signed by the USA was on December 13, 1776. This was the Declaration of Independence. But the seal date is timed to when Congress got everyone to finish signing it and having an official copy published.

The most difficult date in this list of seal dates is the last, the Lost Tribe of Benjamin. The document was signed January 30, 1974.

Stop here if you want to try this for yourself. Go find a treaty or other national document signed on that date. When you find it, you will find the lost tribe of Benjamin.

OK. Time is up.

Found it yet?

It only took me a year, off-and-on, to find it. I was looking for the other seal dates too, so I was not full time on just Benjamin.

I was working on this before there was much of an Internet. Google, or some AI system, might find it faster now. Or, maybe not. That document might now be someone's state secret and not discoverable via online search.

The document in question was called the "Disengagement of Forces Agreement." Today the name is different, it is now called Sinai I. It was signed at mile post 101 outside Cairo, Egypt. (101 is probably measured in kilometers.)

It was signed between Egypt and modern Israel. It had taken Henry Kissinger weeks of shuttle diplomacy to get all the parties to agree to stop the fighting of the Yom Kippur War. That war itself had began on October 6, 1973.

Yom Kippur War

Note that date. Our headline last Saturday was October 7, 2023. 50 years to the day adjusting only for a Sabbath. Whomever planned events for last weekend wanted it to be on the 50th anniversary of the opening of that war in 1973.

So events last weekend are tied to the scriptural and prophetic identity of modern Israel. This headline is related to her existence as a nation.

But let me also note something else. History is written on a bunch of different calendars. Different groups use different calendars. The Bible itself has its own that nobody ever notices, but I digress again.

Whomever planned last Saturday's attack in southern Israel wanted it to be on the 50th Gregorian anniversary. This is important.

They were either thinking using the Gregorian calendar, or else planning for a Gregorian Calendar using audience.

Founding Of A Country

Almost all of the other seal dates are national foundation documents. For Israel this would have been more expected to fall on a prophetic date in 1948 or 1949. This because the world thinks of Israel as starting at that point.

This is true, for example, of the 1776 seal date for the USA. The USA was becoming a new nation at the time.

Let me just hint at what the prophetic is really explaining. There were several wars that were used for forming Modern Israel as we know it. The 4 wars that matter were roughly in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973.

The Yom Kippur War was the last of these foundational wars, so their foundation document ties into their last big war. The city of Jerusalem was added in 1967 and the Golan was added with the Yom Kippur War. Israel was now whole as a modern nation only after the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

As that document identifies Modern Israel as the Lost Tribe of Benjamin, we can learn a bunch about modern Israel when we understand what the Bible has to say about Benjamin.

There is a bunch of text about Benjamin. As a tribe, their text is far out of proportion to their size. Let me explore Benjamin in the text so you can get a feel for how the text explains their national character.

Son of Trouble (Genesis 35:17 BRB)

The first point is that when Benjamin was born, his mother died in child birth. This was a family tragedy that many other families have experienced throughout history. It is the model example of this life experience in the text.

Benjamin's mother Rachael had several problems. The first is how she stole, then hid, the household gods of her father Laban. She hid them while pregnant with Benjamin, using her pregnancy as the excuse that caused Laban not to find those gods. Then Rachael dies while giving birth. This general plot line is establishing clues as to the cause of her death.

Rachael appears to have named him something like 'Son of Trouble.' A memory of what happened when he was born. His father Jacob changes the ending, to soften the name, which is where we get Benjamin.

Benjamin's birth narrative has a prophetic expression in the formation of the modern nation of Israel. The death of his mother can be thought of as the ruins of Europe from which Israel sprang in 1948.

The Jews often remind us from their side, 6 million dead. Yet the other parts of Europe, Russia especially, had far larger total deaths. Some 23 million for Russia alone. All these World War II era war dead are the prophetic death of the mother of Benjamin when Benjamin was born.

That birth process for the nation of Israel did not really end until the Yom Kippur War of 1973.

Benjamin's mother Rachel had another, earlier, son. That son's name was Joseph. The same Joseph who went on to rule Egypt. The same Joseph who becomes the US and UK.

This is why, all other things considered, the US and the UK come to Israel's aide. These countries are brothers. I doubt this will ever fundamentally change. Not even a Muslim as the US President can fundamentally alter this.

You can see this family connection in the history of the patriarchs. When Benjamin arrives in Egypt his brother Joseph shows him special favor. A detail in the entire episode involves Joseph giving Benjamin 10 sets of clothes. Here is the link.

Favor In Egypt (Genesis 45:22, BRB)

There is reference in Genesis 45, linked here, that sheds some light on the relation between Joseph and Benjamin. Joseph appears to be setting up Benjamin, his brother, to enter into the royal court of Egypt. To facilitate this he gives Benjamin 5 sets, maybe pairs, of clothes. This apparently so he will be well dressed in the Egyptian royal court. This is what Benjamin would need so he could spend many days at the Egyptian royal court.

Close relations between Benjamin and Joseph would be expected throughout the rest of history. Though Joseph, so the USA and the UK, is most strongly associated with prophetic Egypt, Benjamin would be expected to be tightly involved in some way too.

These close linkages are why the central banking cartel is made up of Jews but located in London and New York City. This is why, for example, an Israeli citizen is the current US Treasurer.

The US, UK and Modern Israel thus become the 3 modern tribes that form prophetic Egypt. This is why the plagues are happening here. This is why what looks like a plague date is now happening in Israel too, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Benjamin in Judges (Judges 19-21, BRB)

The tribe of Benjamin is the subject of the last 3 chapters of the Book of Judges. The link here is to chapter 19. If you are not able to give an impromptu speech from memory on those 3 chapters, you should stop now and go read them. It is most of what you need to know to understand Modern Israel and the history of the Jews.

I am not covering some of the key details here. This for reasons that should make sense when you read those chapters. You should be able to find the Rave that started this new war in Israel mentioned in those 3 chapters.

Note, importantly, no other named tribe has 3 chapters dedicated to their specific ancient history. It is a story that has repeated itself throughout history. WWII was but a recent tragic example. Modern Israel is rightfully always on guard for that story to repeat again.

When you read those 3 chapters you should also see echos in modern western media. The degeneracy in film seen since the death of Walt Disney is coming from the same community. History is always repeating.

Are those chapters inspired?

We doubt Judges 19-21 is part of the inspired canon. This because of how the divine voice is depicted in those chapters. Think about how Joshua speaks to people.

Across the rest of the text, Joshua is found speaking personally to people. When he speaks to a community he usually does this through a single person who then speaks to the group.

The exception is at the Exodus when Joshua spoke from the top of a mountain, using a loud voice. He does not speak to general crowds in any normal sense. So that chapter has trouble from the idea of inspiration. It was either edited, or simply inserted by a later scribe.

So it probably did happen roughly as written.

It might take the widespread realization of trouble with the story, and a provable way to eject it from the canon of scripture, in order to break some sort of curse from off the tribe itself.

Sons Of Trouble

So understand the nature of Modern Israel. They tend to have tribes around them that want their destruction. Not usually the US and not usually the UK. This is because these 3 tribes all ultimately spring from the same mother. In Judges 19-21 it DID include Joseph, so this is not always clear cut.

Many of the other tribes have had times of serious war. Think Napoleon, for an example of the Lost Tribe of Simeon upsetting European peace. The US Civil war is another example. Russia under communism is yet another, though the agent of destruction in early Soviet Russia is thought to be western bankers. This is probably the same agent in the Ukraine war now.

So saying that Israel is more prone to war than other nations is missing the warring nature of the Lost Tribes. They were fighting each other in Kings and Chronicles. They still fight. The USA, generally speaking, has had less war on its own soil than the other tribes. The Civil War being the big exception. The borders are open, and the Chinese will invade, so it is still not a peaceful place.

Israel is being formed later in history than the others, so we are watching the birth pains of this youngest tribe. This youngest tribe was not born in the same place nor the same way as the others.

Israel also has the problem of religious differences. This is at least used as an excuse. Arabs and Jews lived together in relative peace for centuries. So religion is not a strong basis for modern wars explaining wars involving Israel.

Israel is also of a different religious heritage than the other tribes. Curiously, all the others have had Christianity in some form or another as their primary religion. The faith heritage of Abraham is seen across the group. But only Israel missed the events in the NT. Their faith community is the field from which the NT villain eventually developed.

Yom Kippur War (

The link here is to the Wikipedia article that covers the 1973 Yom Kippur War. That war begin October 6, 1973. It lasted for about 3 months. Israel was taken by surprise. But once over the shock, it had military success on all fronts. The Golan heights, for example, became Israeli territory in that war.

The Yom Kippur war was when there should have been a flood of war refugees from the areas of ancient Canaan into the other Arab countries.

Those countries did not accept those refugees, creating a long term population bomb that would eventually overwhelm modern Israel. That seems to be going off now.

Now, let us turn to the October 7, 2023, date itself.

13014-10-02 (October 7, 2023)

The link here is into the Paleo Calendar app. This is the calendar we use for all the prophetic timeline work. The new month broke on the Friday before the Sabbath when this happened.

The plagues series that we suspect is running again has dates that either break at New Months on this calendar, or at the 15th day of the month.

The date itself is a smoking gun that this is a plague date. I wrote about how we should look for another plague date in a blog in July. At the time I suggested we would see the next one in October of 2023. Here we are.

If you look at that calendar page you will also see the new holiday date that points out the correct timing for the crucifixion and resurrection dates. We are on the Crucifixion date as this blog goes out. This is the Muslim Sabbath date and a date when we might see a general Arab response.


The plague series seems to be giving a series of dates when Pharaoh, with the help of his own officials, plagued Egypt by their secret arts.

Editors seem to shift the focus from this point in the original narrative. The main lesson appears to be that Egypt destroyed itself. All systems not founded on Joshua do the same.

So when we look at the news stream from last weekend, we want to look for cracks in the narrative that might suggest the hands of a modern prophetic Pharoah are active in Gaza and in Israel too.

News was flowing out of the region for about 24 hours after Hamas crossed the border from Gaza into Israel. Hal Turner had been tracking events all day and then reported on Sunday morning that even his private channels into the government were stopped. Someone grabbed the narrative and shut it down.

Note for those new here, we usually need to look at obscure details in order to find prophetic matches. Here we are only looking for evidence that the entire episode was planned in the halls of government offices in the US or the UK. Here is the best link I have seen so far.

Israel Attacks, Bret Weinstein (

In this long video, 1h45m, Bret interviews a woman who served at the Gaza border. They speak of many bits of evidence that is not at all as it seems in the current news coverage.

Strange Items

1) Israel has some of the best electronic spying skills in the world. They track everything going on in Gaza. They certainly claim to know where Hamas leaders are in Gaza so they can be targeted. They must have known this was up. This cannot have been a surprise.

2) The border between Gaza and Israel is so tight that all movement, even for animals like cats, is tracked by the IDF. Yet on October 7, 2023, the border was breached in 15 places and Hamas ran free without any sort of IDF response. This is a known pattern for starting wars.

This is being called Israel's 9/11. Better to call it Israel's Pearl Harbor. They appear to have let this happen in order to draw the public into the war.

Even main stream media days later is having trouble hiding this point. Average Israelis are rabidly angry at Israeli officials because they believe this was an intentional act to open the border. Just like at the US/Mexico border. The enemy was let in. It is the same strategy in both places. The plague pattern is of Frogs, at least.

3) Weapons seen in the hands of Hamas in video released in the first few days showed the same type of American weapons left behind in Afghanistan. The American side may have planned this, and now simply feign stupidity.

4) Ukraine weapons. There have also been widespread reports that some of the weapons used by Hamas are those supplied to Ukraine for use against Russia.

Perhaps this is someone in the west opening a second front against the east? By this I do not mean against Israel, but as a way to open widespread war with Iran, Egypt, Syria and others.

Like the plagues on Egypt, there are signs that this is happening by "Pharaoh's Secret Arts." Nothing should be believed in the media. This is also an ongoing headline, so more is sure to come.

More Later,