Coronation Dates

This blog looks at the prophetic timing of the Coronation of King Charles III. By timing, it is tightly linked to the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia. Then we turn to Black Rock, Republic Bank, Lindsay's EU speech, reader feedback on Mars, and finally current Covid numbers.

Coronation Service (Youtube)

The link here is to the Royal Family's official video of the Coronation Service. It was held at Westminster Abbey in London around 11:00 AM local time on Saturday, May 6, 2023.

I set an alarm and was up a little after 3:00 AM Pacific time in the USA to catch most of the service live. I watched the PBS live stream. There were many others streaming the service. All seemed to be using the same pool cameras.

Why It Matters, David Starkey (Youtube)

For most Americans the British crown is sort of a baffling tradition. There are many sources of education around, here is a start if you know nothing. The video here explains some key points of the history of the British monarchy. Let me hit some of his key points.

The documentation trail for the coronation services of the monarchy spans back to the coronation of 973 in Bath. That town is named after Roman Baths that were built there atop a natural hot spring. Even today, Roman buildings still stand there and the baths are still in use. Bath has significant symbolic linkage back to the Roman history of Britain. This is the heir of the western branch of Rome.

The coronation ceremony is fundamentally religious in nature. It is full of religious symbolism and national traditions. The newly crowned monarch becomes bound to his or her oaths of office. Those oaths are at the core of why the monarchy remains central to the functioning of government in the UK.

The video above also makes the point that Westminster Abbey was purpose built to be the venue for the coronation of kings. It sits very close to the building that houses the British Parliament.

My interest in Charles' coronation was piqued by a comment that I had seen about how this coronation was almost exactly 70 years from the coronation of his mother, Queen Elizabeth. Highly precise timing often marks something prophetic.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (Youtube)

The link here is to the BBC archival video coverage of that coronation. It took place on Tuesday, June 2, 1953. If this is unfamiliar to you, you can review that service if you wish.

The scriptural basis for anointing of kings is based on 1 Kings 1:32-35. David had planned for Solomon to take his place, but Solomon's brother had gathered a party who had proclaimed him king. If that party had been successful, then that usurper's authority would be based on the vote of that crowd.

David, to make a point, had Zadok the priest and Nathan the prophet officiate a ceremony where Solomon was crowned king instead. This begins the priestly function of officiating over the transition in power between kings.

It is unclear to us if Zadok is an inspired character. The priestly functions do not become strong until the time of Ezra, so this may be an edit. There were prophets in David's day. They are the reporters that carried the text forward. In any case Zadok is commonly referenced as the example from which even King Charles III was anointed as king.

See how the use of the priesthood to transition kingly power is around 3000 years old. It is part of the duality between priests and kings. They reinforce each other. The king gave Ezra his power, and the priest can come to the king's help, especially when they are transitioning power. Both are fundamentally villains, and exist because Joshua was rejected as king.


What is interesting in this case is that these 2 coronations are almost exactly 70 years apart. This is not true of their reigns. Each had begun to reign ahead of their respective coronations. Elizabeth had been queen far longer than Charles. So using their time as king/queen as the marker, then this is not a 70 year story.

So point 1 in this riddle is that the times when these 2 people were presented before god in a ceremonial fashion are more important than their actual time as kings.

I have long hunched, by they way, that new kings in the Bible were always presented as the new king at or near Passover Week at the start of the calendar year after they had become king. The presentation dates calculated this way would give most kings a whole number of years of reign, even if this is somehow rounding out most kings. The exceptions usually count their days of reign and this would indicate they did not reign across a new year/passover.

So let me shift the view of a kingly reign to the time when the nation lives under the coronation of the king. In other words, let me give some credit to the ceremonial function. Let me state what this would mean.

The realm of the throne of Britain came under the favor of Queen Elizabeth when she was crowned queen. At the day when King Charles was crowned king, the entire realm came under his favor. Her favor ended at the same time, even though she was not alive on Charles' coronation day.

This shifts us to the realm of the prophetic flow of history using the model of favor towards Elizabeth as the agent of her subjects. This also shifts the model to a religious basis, instead of a power basis, which is the usual objection to kings. She had 70 years of such favor, a record. Now, let me tighten up the dates.

Paleo Dates

On a Gregorian calendar, Elizabeth's time of national favor runs from June 2, 1953 through May 6, 2023. This is just shy of 70 years. Lets look at it again on the Paleo calendar.

Elizabeth was coronated on 12944-04-18 (1953-06-02), while Charles was coronated on 13014-04-28 (2023-05-06). By inspection you can see the years are 70 years apart. You can also see the months are the same. But the day number of Charles' coronation is 10 days higher than Elizabeth's. So her time completed and went 10 days beyond 70 years. So far so good, but it gets even more interesting.

If you are familiar with the Bible Time work, you probably know that 70 years has special math. Bond man counting means that a new calendar is setup when a contract is agreed. The end of a contract interval is the first day after the expiration of the contract.

You can adjust the URL on the and enter 00071-01-01 as the page to see this. Read off the AAN for that date and you can see 25,501. This is day 1 after the contract ended at 25,500 days. By this you should see that a 70 year interval is 25,500 days.

But note, the standard and most important prophetic interval is a 7 year period alone. See Leviticus 26 where this is used as a threat. 7 years has 2,550 days. Note that 10 such sets of days is 25,500. This is not expected because of the irregular nature of the Jubilee year on the standard calendar. That it works is a reflection of the elegant design seen across all inspired systems. In any case 70 years are a 10 fold Sabbath. This is just like 500 years are a 10 fold jubilee.

If you use the calendar app to check the coronaton dates above, you will see Elizabeth came in with 25,540 days. 40 days, or 1 month and 10 days, higher than 70 full years. For those curious, the extra month is appearing because there were 2 Jubilee years in her reign. 1 of those Jubilees supplies the extra month.

Elizabeth overshot her 70 year time before god as queen by exactly 40 more days. Both are significant prophetic intervals in the text.

If your are familiar with the Bible Time work you also know that most long distance prophetic intervals are built around pairs of dates at the front and pairs of dates at the end. 'Skew' is the term I usually use for that smaller offset.

The easiest example of this to see is the 2550 years between the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon and the return of the Jews to Jerusalem had a 19 year skew. Those were the 19 years from recovering the nation in 1948 and recovering the city in 1967.

In the case of Elizabeth's time of favor, the long unit is 70 years or 25,500 days. The skew is 40 days.

Before going any further note something. On the calendar that the world normally uses the 70 years is only approximate. On the right calendar and when counting days these 2 coronations are accurately timed to the exact day.

1988 Midpoint

As I was playing with this math I noticed that the mid point in her reign had to be somewhere in the middle of 1988. This is immediately interesting because it is in the season of the collapse of the USSR.

More precisely, her reign's mid point is hitting in the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia. This interval is central to defining the nature of our time in overall human history. I set out to see how precisely her reign might intersect the end of those 1000 years.

To get the leading edge of that midpoint, take 25,500/2 = 12,750 days. Then start counting forward from Elizabeth's coronation. It lands on 12979-03-18 (1988-04-29). This is the start of a 40 day skew in the middle of her 70 years. The end of that skew is 12979-04-28 (1988-06-08).

Once we have the dates in hand, we can go looking around for matched headlines.

1,000 Years Of Christianity In Russia (Wikipedia)

The link here is to the Wikipedia article on the events in 1988 when the Soviet Union celebrated the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia.

If you scan that article, it lists 1988-04-29 as the date when a meeting was held at the Kremlin between Mikhail Gorbachev and Pemin, the Patriach of Moscow and all Russia. The same meeting was attended by the permanent members of the Russian Orthodox Church Synod. This was the planning meeting for the celebrations for that anniversary.

Note this is exactly the start of the 40 day skew in the middle of Elizabeth's reign. Note that Elizabeth's coronation is a religious service. Note that the Russian equivalent to the Pope at Rome is holding the meeting. They are with the man who will mostly peacefully bring down the USSR.

If you scan that article further, you will see it lists 1988-06-05 through 1988-06-12 as the formal week of anniversary celebrations. The end of the 40 day skew ends on 1988-06-08, in that week.

On 1988-06-09, 1 day later than theoretical, there was the close of a 3 day meeting at Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. This is the most important monastery in the Russian Orthodox faith. It is located about 75 km from Moscow. That monastery had been taken over by the Soviets for other purposes decades before. These days it has been restored and now houses 300 monks. This meeting is essentially hitting the tail end of those 40 days.

We sometimes see headlines at weekends, especially when the headline is religious. The end of the week of celebrations was Sunday, 1988-06-12. The main headline was at Danilov Monastery in Moscow proper.

Danilov Monastery Service (UPI Archive)

The link here is to the UPI news release for events on the closing Sunday for this week long celebration. As it explains, 15,000 people packed into an outdoor service at what is now the headquarters of the Russian Orthodox church in Moscow.

I treat this as a prophetic match because the nature of the fulfillment needed to land on a Sunday. The error is 4 days in 12,750 days, which is still stunning.

We rarely see such precision in otherwise apparently random headlines. In this case all the dates are weaving the end of 1000 years of Christianity in Russia to the coronations of the British monarchy.

These 1988 dates are the exact dates of the end of the 1000 years of reign in Revelation 20:7. The prophetic stories of the rest of Revelation 20:7-10 were likely held off by the favor that Elizabeth carried across her reign.

We will watch to see how things are different under Charles' reign. Likely this will not be good at all, he stands a very good chance of being Pharaoh. The end of Title 42, and the open invasion of the USA across the southern border beginning in a few days is an interesting example of what we might be seeing in the weeks ahead.

Execution of the Romanovs (Wikipedia)

The story of the execution of the Romanavs also points at this same 1988 set of 1000 year dates.

For those who may not know, the Romanavs were the royal house of Russia prior to the Communist Revolution. Importantly, the Romanovs were related to the royal house in Britain. Indeed, all of the royal houses of Europe were related by marriage to each other. Think of the Romanovs as distant cousins to Elizabeth and Charles. So this strange set of royal families intersects each other.

To see the math, start with 12979-03-18 (1988-04-29). This is 35 years into Elizebath's coronated reign. This is the planning meeting date with Gorbachev and the church leaders in 1988. Now, back off by 25,500 days. This is the day count for 70 prophetic years. This backs up to 12909-04-18 (1918-07-06).

The article linked above is to the Wikipedia article that recounts the execution of the Romanovs on 12909-04-28 (1918-07-16). This is only 10 days into the 40 day skew interval. The order for their execution may have been signed 10 days earlier.

This is not exactly day accurate, but it is close enough that we should consider it strongly related to the 1000th anniversary of the Christianization of Russia. The same evil forces released in Russia in those days are loose again. In both eras, those evil forces are loosed in the west, often by bankers, against Russia. In both cases there is a Marxist political agenda tied to the force of arms. The same tools are being directed against the public in the west, too.

I have been on the hunt for things that began at the collapse of the USSR and more precisely at the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia. Here is another important problem that started in 1988. This picks up my banker's thesis as an important expression of this prophetic era.

Black Rock (

The link here is to an article that goes into the history and reach of Black Rock. This company began in 1988, again, timing well to the end of the 1000 years of Christianity in Russia. As such it also times to eating from the Tree of Knowledge.

Black Rock has grown like a weed and now controls over $10 Trillion in assets. It is a significant holder of shares in nearly all large US companies. The article mentions Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Coca-Cola, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Exxon Mobil, Visa, Chevron, JPMorgan Chase and Walmart.

Because of this cross ownership, it is reasonable to think of all of these companies as functioning under a single hand of control. They are obviously waiting until Musk is out at Tesla. Then Black Rock will take effective control there too.

For comparison, at the end of 2022, the total market value of all US based publicly traded firms was about $40 trillion. Black rock does not need to own all of a given firm's outstanding shares. 5 percent or less is usually enough to control most boards of directors. So Black Rock is big enough to effectively control all publicly traded firms in the USA. They have enough assets left over to control most other publicly traded firms around the world.

Black Rock is thought to be the primary driver of the ESG and Woke agenda currently plaguing most US publicly traded firms. Management of most publicly traded firms are obviously under Black Rock's thumb.

Black Rock is at the heart of bought political influence around the world. Not just in the USA, but in Germany and elsewhere. They are also influential in selecting the leaders of central banks around the world.

Black Rock essentially runs the Biden Administration's economic policy.

Black Rock's CEO became a member of the WEF's board of trustees in August of 2019. The article cites the August 22, 2019 banker's meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming. We know from Katherine Austin Fits that this is the meeting when the banker's agreed to their great reset plan. The first phase was the Covid Plandemic that began weeks later.

This was also the point where they decided to let central banks 'go direct' and start removing financial intermediaries. Central Bank Digital Currencies spring from this plan.

Black Rock also caused Covid related bailout money to be routed to its own large companies. This means they were the main beneficiary as the US government closed down small businesses under the excuse of Covid.

Black Rock has an IT system for managing financial assets. It is known as Aladin. The name is an acronym, but also a reference to a 1747 story of the boy who held the magic lamp. Like holding a genie, Black Rock can make any wish come true. That software is licensed to 150 other firms. That software was last publicly reported in 2017 to be managing $20 Trillion in assets. (Assume that number went very much higher starting in 2020.)

By the way, big software systems like this tend to be run as services. They are not just remote copies of an app. So those 150 firms who license that software should be considered as a single large asset owning cartel. At that scale they either outright own or effectively control most of the important assets in the world.

When the WEF tells us by 2030 we will own nothing and be happy, this is who exactly will own everything. It is not like ownership of property is being given up. It is being transferred to a small group of about 150 firms.

Black Rock is interesting to watch on 1 important prophetic point. This firm seems to be the property arm of prophetic Pharaoh's Egypt. Presumably, when Pharaoh falls, Black Rock falls too.

Republic Bank (Youtube)

The link here is to a 27 minute video by Chris Martenson explaining the collapse of Republic Bank. Republic bank is second in size only to the Washington Mutual collapse.

This collapse now makes the great financial reset's total bank collapses larger than all the bank collapses combined during the 2008 financial crisis.

Chris goes into the cause, basically the end of essentially zero percent interest rates that were put in place after that 2008 crisis. This is but 1 example of the great financial reset in action.

I am not yet seeing the mid-month prophetic pattern we saw in 2008, though I would hope to have the time to return to this problem once the manuscript recovery work settles down. We are overloaded with work.

James Lindsay (Youtube)

The link here is to a 28 minute speech given by James Lindsay at an EU conference on Woke. The time limits of the conference forced him to condense much of the material he has on Woke, a branch of Marxism. Much more concise than his earlier videos I have linked from an earlier blog.

Marxism was the social pathology that killed the house of Romanav. It killed millions more. It has returned. I has taken the west by storm as Woke. Joshua help us.


In previous blogs I have discussed how the text suggests events in Noah's day were inter-planetary. Mars was left uninhabitable, Earth was left in ruins and then a planet at what is now the asteroid belt was also likely destroyed at the same time. This history is discussed in legendary form in the parable of the trees in Judges 9:7-20.

When Noah replays on prophetic timelines, it is often matched with wars of various types, especially civil wars. So even though war is not directly in the Noah story, we can confirm it was a war by looking at prophetic replays.


I have also previously discussed the University group that compiles childhood accounts of past life memories. There are many passages in the text that cannot be understood without understanding how most souls come back to earth in a long series of individual lives.

For example, the long genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 are mostly tracking a few single souls. For another example, consider Samuel. He is the 4th documented life for his soul. This is why he was called 4 times. See F. Samuel 3:4-10 for details.

For yet another example, David pronounces a 4 fold judgment on himself for having killed Uriah. This means David will go around again 4 more times. His soul leaves earth with Josiah as his soul's walk off.

The woman at the well is yet another example. This case is a parable on how people can become trapped in a reincarnation loop dealing with the same life troubles each time. Her soul trouble involves husbands. Those 5 husbands are likely counting the number of lives when she has been trapped on this problem. See John 4 for details.

In response to posts on these subjects, a reader here asked if I had ever heard of Boriska Kipriyanovich. I had not. When I looked him up, I found he intersects both the Mars story and the reincarnation story. He hits both of these topics in an interesting way.

Boriska, The Kid From Mars

Boriska was born in 1996 in Russia. Like the subjects of the past-lives studies at the UVA, he was talking about his own past life as soon as he was old enough to talk. In his case, he was speaking even earlier than most of the UVA subjects.

But unlike most kids who tell of past life stories on Earth, this kid was talking about a past life on Mars. His story illustrates both points I have covered in this blog. Very curious.

The essential details of his testimony are this: The surface of Mars was destroyed in a war. Survivors live under ground. Because of differences in the air, Martians do not age past 35 years. They are taller than earthlings.

Boriska seems to be remembering a distant past, say the time around what we would call Noah's Flood. The technology for space travel was well developed, he was a pilot. There was another planet destroyed by a beam. Souls from that planet, as well as Mars, are also now here on Earth.

I was able to find 4 different links that seem to be credible sources of material about him. Here are the links if you want to learn more.

Boriska Kipriyanovich, Pt 1, 2004 (Pravda)

Boriska first made the news with this 2004 article in Pravda. If you have time to only read 1 article, then read this one.

Boriska Kipriyanovich, Pt 2, 2005 (Pravda)

Boriska was back in Pravda in 2005 with this article. This article mentions his predictions for 2009 and 2013. Both seem to have been a fail. Unclear if this is a problem of timing, or a problem of the expected event.

Boriska Kipriyanovich, Pt 3, 2017 (Pravda)

Finally, Boriska was back in Pravda again, this article is dated in 2017, but that might be a last edit date and not a new publication date.

Boriska Kipriyanovich, Interview, (Brighteon)

The link here is perhaps the most interesting. It is a video of an interview done with him by Americans visiting Russia. Not much new information, the interview was done using an interpreter and the kid did not want to talk very much. The useful information density in this interview is low. The pictures on the whiteboard behind his head are most interesting. He might be drawing a certain moon of Saturn.

Boriska is an example of someone with a past life experience. He is also attesting to the idea that souls can transfer between the planets as they shift between lives. He seems to have memories from the era of Noah's flood. Why there would be such a large time gap is unclear. Perhaps he has lived on Mars a long time, so this might only be 1 life away.

In any case, this is an interesting witness that suggests the planetary soul pools in this system are at least partially shared.

Boriska might be explaining why there are long pre-flood life lengths. If the pre-flood genealogy was on Mars, then the air there makes life lengths longer. He may also be attesting to textual references to pre-flood giants.

1,000,000,000 Deaths

I have not dealt with Covid much recently. Most people have made up their minds. Nothing is going to change their positions. So not much reason to discuss. My remaining interest is total deaths. How many people will the vaccine end up killing?

There is a total death toll for some event in history given Revelation 9:15 and again in 9:18. That reference calls out 1/3 of mankind as killed. If that passage applies in our era, then it would be over 2 billion total deaths. Even if not inspired, some evil man may see it as their destiny to fulfill a false prophecy.

Estimates by experts 2 years ago suggested vaccine deaths would not peak until late in 2025. Bill Gates himself suggested he wanted to "reduce the world's population by 15%" in a Ted Talk given in 2010. By my math that means his long term plan was to kill 1 billion people using vaccines. These are the numbers I am still tracking.

The link here is to an article on The Covid Blog that suggests 5 reasons why there might have been 1 billion excess deaths so far world wide since the start of Covid in January of 2020.

If the article is remotely correct, then Bill's number is being overshot by a few billion. But, the Revelation 9:15 number is now coming into view.

The highest deaths are happening outside of the USA, with India, in particular perhaps reaching 300 million so far.

The author might be a little aggressive. Even if agressive, that headline grabbing number will be reached soon enough. The great reset continues.

Importantly, note how he is including vaccine deaths beyond the Covid 19 vaccine. In particular, Africans never picked up the Covid 19 vaccine very much, but the more common vaccines used in Africa appear to have been spiked to similar ends.

Beware of any vaccine, of any type, anywhere in the world in the future.

Paleo.In Theory

Last time I linked to a new Paleo.In Theory article on the main website. That article caused me much trouble to write. I also received a bunch of feedback that it needed to be edited.

Every time I had touched that article to proof read I instead wanted to add content to the story. It was released without good proof reading.

I am now done with that article. (I think.:) The word count is now about 11,500 words. Ryan has now proof read it and he assures me it is OK for public consumption.

More Later,