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This blog continues a series looking at the war brewing in Gaza. This time we look at Albert Pike and his prediction of 3 World Wars. In his writing, World War 3 was to be between Arabs and Jews. This was not the normal USA against Russia split that we tend to think of in the post World War II era.

Albert Pike (Wikipedia)

For any chance of being versed in the secret history of the USA you need to understand the story of Albert Pike. The link here is to the Wikipedia page with his biography.

Most of that article focuses on his life as a lawyer, especially in the decades leading up to the US Civil War. He was accepted as a young man into Harvard, but was unable to pay the tuition. Harvard was Christian at the time and he seems to have later sought his revenge against all similar institutions.

Like US President Lincoln in about the same era, Pike became a self taught lawyer. He mostly practiced in the frontier states. He was involved in politics, notably founding the Anti-Catholic political party. This gives some hint as to his theology and life goals.

There is currently 1 paragraph in the Wikipedia article that mentions Pike's Masonic affiliation. This seems out of proportion to his life arc and his significant contributions to that organization.

Pike was instrumental in formalizing the Masonic practices of Masonic Lodges, especially those of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry. In 1871 he published a book called the "Morals and Dogma of the Masonic Lodge." Usually the title is simply shorted to "Morals and Dogma."

Morals And Dogma (Wikipedia)

You can read through this Wikipedia article to get a publicly acceptable survey of the book. This does not appear to be the only document Pike produced. We will return to that below. His collection of writings are often cited as the basis for why the US government acts as it does in often very strange ways.

Important to note is that Pike's Morals and Dogma book was given to new members of Scottish Rite Freemasonry into the 1970s. After that, commentaries on Pike's writing were given instead. He was very influential in the modern expressions of that organization.

Freemasonry is a strange organization. Publicly, at least, they do not claim ancient origins. I believe it is an ancient organization. I believe a reference to the first century version is given in Acts 6:9.

The NIV calls it the Synagogue of the Freedmen. In other translations that verse calls them the Synagogue of the Libertines. Liberty is a synonym to 'free.' English translators either cannot decide which word to use or they are in on this modern organization and want it to remain unclear to readers that there is a reference to this organization from 2000 years ago.

If you go chase down that Acts 6:9 cite, and think about it, that verse in Acts is suggesting we should think of that general movement as a religion. We may also glean from that short cite that it is somehow affiliated with the Jews. Neither are friends to Christianity nor people of faith and they both seem at times to have a lot in common.

American revolutionary rallying cries like, "Give me Liberty or give me death," likely had double meanings to the Freemasons of the time. These terms probably still do have double meanings to many Masons.

Capital Cornerstone Ceremony (Wikipedia)

Masons as a group have a bunch of beliefs and practices that are outside of our normal Christian understanding. As but 1 example, consider the Masonic ceremony of setting building cornerstones. The link here is to an article that explains briefly the ceremony conducted when the US Capital construction began. Note the apron worn by George Washington, this is a marker of his affiliation with that group.

I have seen videos of current masons who claim their organization is responsible for the foundation of the country itself. The general principle of the separation between church and state has a strange exception. It is not the separation of religion from state. That capital building was intentionally modeled on Solomon's Temple.

In the early 1800s, Freemasons were the subject of a great deal of public wrath. They were assassinating their political foes, and the public got wind of it.

There is an entire, published, assassination protocol. Sometimes these are done publicly, usually with weapons. This is done when they want to scare others away from their victim's public policy. Lincoln and Kennedy are probably the best examples.

At other times they poison their victims, so as to not raise any questions. US President Grant is the best example there. The protocol is to pick poisons that cause sudden and/or strange disease. Grant himself swore he was poisoned at a picnic, but nobody around him at the time would listen.

If Steve Jobs at Apple ever crossed these guys (I am speculating) then he would be a more modern example. Job's strange illness and death is how their secret assassinations play out.

Their assassination behaviors in the early 1800s even caused the creation of the anti-Masonic Political party. That party's history has important lessons. You cannot understand how America works if you do not know the history of that party. That party's history feeds into Pike's world in the 1870s.

Anti-Masonic Party (Wikipedia)

Wikipedia reports that political party did not last very long, its members moving into the Whigs. That article does not properly explain the fundamental problem with that party.

Think about it yourself. Can any large public organization avoid Masonic infiltration?


There can never be a political solution to a secret religion taking over the reigns of government, neither in the USA, nor anywhere else on earth. Why?

Masons operate in secret. So forming a political party to fight this secret religion is pointless. Any such organization will of course simply be infiltrated secretly by Masons. Then, step-by-step, it will be moved on to some other political agenda and a new name.

Note this. Politics is conceptually an impossible venue to the various problems of these sorts of religions. Pike would later take this lesson and apply it to churches, seminaries and church denominations.

Note that the Wikipedia article above also points out that most members of the 'Elite' in the USA were (and I dare say, still are) members of the lodge. So fighting the lodge is fighting the elite. Fighting the elite is fighting the lodge.

Hiding In Churches

A few years ago Ryan and I spent a prophetic season in upstate New York. The eastern parts of the USA have much deeper history than anything I know of out west. Seattle, for example, only really started to grow after World War II. It was a logging town with a big new harbor in 1900.

So eastern history is interesting because it is so... old. As we were understanding the local history, we learned how the local Baptist Church was used as a hide out for Free Masons during that Anti Masonic times of the early 1800s.

They had to find hidden places to continue meeting because of the public wrath against them as an organization. They often met in Churches since that gave them respectable cover. It would look to outsiders like they were holding a prayer meeting, or Bible Study or something similar.

I suspect, from other prayer driving work, that the diversity of Baptist denominations in some areas of the eastern USA is in order to cover ongoing groups of Masons. I suspect if you knew the correct denominational affiliations you would know how to pick out Baptist churches that are still covering Masonic lodges.

There was a massive church building wave that peaked in the USA around 1910. This followed the Azusa street revival dated around 1904. You would think that with such a large revival, that the masons would have lost members. Instead their own membership numbers peaked in the late 1920s.

Note that some Christian denominations have forbidden Masons from becoming members. Some branches of the Methodists were historically this way. Presbyterians not so much. Catholics consider membership in Masonic lodges to be sin and thus they are forbidden from communion. Obviously, at least some Baptists are welcoming to Masons.

Family History

My father's father's father traveled by train from Hudson falls New York to Tacoma Washington about 1910. They traveled as a clan of brothers, with their wives and young children. My father's father was an infant on that train ride.

That group of brothers had to use the various Masonic lodges in western Washington in order to find work as carpenters. There is a diary record of traveling from Tacoma to Everett by train to visit the lodge there and see if they could find work. Unsuccessfully, it turns out, returning to Tacoma.

The lodge in those days had a corner on the labor market. It was hard to survive and not be a member. My father's family broke from that religion when my father was young. They also broke from my grandfather's brothers and my father's cousins. My father and grandfather never wanted to explain exactly why, but I have strongly suspected for a long time this was part of the reason. My grandfather was eventually saved in the Christian sense in the years just before he died in 1986.


To learn more about Masonry, you will need to find a book that deals with their secret teachings. They are considered by many who have looked carefully at Masonry as a Lucifer worshiping religion. It has several related organizations, like Odd Fellows, Job's Daughters, DeMolay and then there is an elite sub group of Mason's normally called the Illuminati.

They also take credit for creating other groups like Zionists. This matters if we want to think about the flow of the Zionists movements that were starting in the 1800s and eventually lead to the Jewish return to modern Israel.

As a group they have always had a particular focus on Solomon's Temple. To see this better you need to watch a video of an initiation ceremony. Here is a link to an undercover video of such a ceremony. This is more evidence that this is a religion, not a public service organization.

Master Mason Ritual (

So what are the secrets of Masons? The man in the video above is not going to say. You can glean from the video above why this group is fundamentally opposed to many of the ideals of Christianity.

You can also see by that extreme example why priesthood based religions are fundamentally flawed, even Christian ones, because secret men in high places can take them anywhere they want. They have been doing this for a very long time, since the time of Solomon, at least. (The proper forms are teachers, prophets and apostles, all mostly independent.)

The Masons use as many as 5 different calendars. They sometimes carve strange year numbers on cornerstones because of those calendars. 2 of those calendars count time from Solomon's Temple.

The temple references in the video above are to that Temple. They have sought restoration in Jerusalem for a very long time. For example, the Crusades could have been driven by Masonic interests. This would not have been recorded in public histories for obvious reasons.

This interest in Solomon's Temple is why they can rightfully take credit for inventing the Zionist movement. This would put them in a superior position to the general Zionist movement that is much more public and on display in Gaza now.

The antidote to these movements, if there is one, exists in a different domain than priesthoods and denominations. The inspired text looks to simple items taught to children when they were learning the alphabet. The frameworks that those Tabernacle Items teach provides an antidote to anyone coming along and creating other inspired texts. Joshua does not look to experts like you see in Masonry.

Pike's Plan to Overthrow Church

If you do more reading on Pike himself you can learn more about what he wrote. I did this so many years ago I cannot cite sources. But let me elaborate on what I think he learned from the Anti-Masonic Party.

As a group they had to lay low because of public wrath. But they also learned how to infiltrate church organizations. In other writings about the lodge, Pike is credited with creating the plan to shake Christianity out of the USA.

His plan was basically to get masons placed in seats of power throughout Christian institutions. Remarkably, first and foremost, as professors in Christian colleges and seminaries.

This was so that Masons could create a Christian theology that was much weaker than what was known in the USA up to his day. Take Harvard, as but one example. Colleges were founded in order to provide the nest in which to grow future church leaders.

I consider Zionist Christianity, the dominant form throughout the modern USA to be an expression of that work. I also believe Pike was ultimately very successful in his goals. The current Pope in Rome exhibits patterns of being placed there by the Masons and their various friends.

This also suggests that to become well educated in Christian beliefs you must have some exposure to denominations that were founded before Pike's era. You must also never accept wide spread beliefs just because they are widespread. Personal beliefs must be well founded in the text.

An Example: Lucifer

Throughout the current Christian world we see examples of Masonic theology foisted on the church attending public. Perhaps my favorite is the theology of Lucifer preached widely from pulpits. That theology is said to be taken from Isiah 14. If you find that chapter in a KJV you will find the single reference to the name Lucifer.

Only the King James Version uses this term. All other modern English translators do not. The KJV Only movement, whatever else you may believe, helps Masons because it gives their false god a name in the text. If you ever were to visit a Baptist church fronting a Masonic lodge, you would expect them to be KJV only. Indeed, we met a Mason in person at a motel once who was KJV only. Strange.

As an aside here, the lead Hebrew translator for the KJV, when he was old and not afraid of the king, admitted that their work was poor. He pitied anyone who had to rely on the KJV as their sole source of information about the OT.

Someone on the translation team, likely the king himself, chose the best place they could to insert that name. The underlying text and use of that name does not support what they did.

In any case, when I was much younger and regularly sitting in Bible studies and church services, this chapter was used to give the general theology of Lucifer, how he fell, and so on. You have probably heard it. I do not need to repeat those details here.

Later, when I started reading the entire Bible end-to-end, I noticed that Isaiah 13 and 14 are mostly a single prophecy about Babel. The Lucifer theology is seriously taken out of context.

Those chapters are about a specific historical people group on the ground. They were building a name for themselves at the time of the Tower of Babel. They were scattered by Joshua, and their language was confused, because they so angered him. Go start reading at the start of Isaiah 13 and you can easily see this.

This 2 chapter story is not about the Masonic god at all. Their people insert this theology into the church world to give their false god biblical support. Their own people have parroted it around enough times so crowds of fools believe it comes from the text.

They create widespread fictional reality through this technique. They do it all the time and everywhere, not just in Christian circles. Their media, so all media, do exactly the same.

By the way, in the late 1800s there was a movement to start what became known as 'Land Grant' colleges. They are now spread across much of the USA.

What this did was create places of higher learning that were ruled by state legislatures, and not by Church denominations. These institutions to state funding and political influence. This is, of course, a hotbed of Masonic influence. This is in part how Christianity was defeated.

You can see the results. Most students never attend a university with a Christian theme. Christian universities themselves are now boutique places of higher learning. They rarely if ever have the same strong convictions as seen in early American church history.

More Of Pike's Writing

So far, everything I have said is just interesting historical background. A bunch of important events in our collective American history.

The Wikipedia article above goes into the many publicly acceptable examples of Pike's other writings. These do not seem to cover examples that matter.

The Wikipedia writing is probably a form of propaganda called a "limited reveal." This trick gives the reader a partial truth so they stop digging. To understand Pike we must dig a little more.

Pike is also credited with documenting a Masonic plan for 3 World Wars. They are said to have shown up in letters that he wrote when communicating with other Masons around the world in 1871. This was the same year he was publishing his more famous work, which was rewriting, or at least well documenting, the fundamental doctrines of Masonry.

I went looking around to see if I could find a link so you are not just taking my word for it. Another source pointed back to a page located on Here is the final link with a long 1 page summary of what Pike wrote. I suggest you go read it.

Pike's WWIII Predictions (

The article itself seems to have been originally written with citations. The footnote numbers are there, but there are no cites at the bottom. I suspect there is a fully cited version of that article somewhere else online. (Or was, link rot is a plague.)

Looking at Pike's record, he seems to have hit both of the World Wars that we know. The first World War was to bring Communism to Russia. That happened. The second World War was to break the Christian heart of Europe. That too happened.

The third world war was to deal with Jews and Arabs, especially a war between Jews and Arabs. He now seems on track to see that one happen too.

From the Masonic perspective, this is to bring in their god Lucifer, or light bearing one, to rule the world.

Theologically, you should see how modern Christian beliefs about a rebuilt temple and Joshua's return to sit there are both taken from some of the texts in the Bible, but also are set to follow the Masonic agenda for Lucifer to rule the Earth. Christians generally support these movements at their own peril.


Is the source document cited in the article above a forgery? Did Pike really write this in 1871? We can never know for sure. (Unless we could find a paper copy printed before 1900. Block chain is a good thing.)

The plan was said to have come to him in a vision. We know that World War II, and its prelude in the late 1930s, clocked along closely with the prophetic timeline of passion week. So it was ordained to happen. It was part of the plan for human history on earth.

Maybe the man in a position responsible for making it happen had to be shown the plan? Ananias of NT fame did the same over the Apostle Paul. Ryan's recent grid work finds a place where there is a grid to Ananias, where he is called out as both a 'seer' and as 'false.' This is a strange combination.

So Pike could very much be the same. False, but at the same time having some vision of things future.

What I know for sure, is that I started caring about this 20+ years ago, and this basic idea was in print even then. So this is not new. 20 years ago this did not seem like how World War 3 would unfold. Only now is this coming into focus.

The Plan

OK, this has been a long winded introduction to Pike and the masons and their influence on the flow of history.

One of the observations many people are making is about how the American and Israeli governments, especially, are operating without public support. The public never has vested interest in promoting war. Tucker, in particular, has been addressing this point recently.

If the government is run by a secret group following a centuries old plan, then their actions make much more sense. Of course they are a death cult, so if Joshua does not step in, this cannot end well.

We will return to more on what can be known about this upcoming war in a future blog.

More Later,