All Cause Mortality

The death wave from Covid Kill Shots is starting to grow large enough that people are starting to notice. In this post we look at the statistics behind these deaths. This is bad enough that everyone will know someone who is killed by these shots.


I once worked in a factory writing software for test equipment. This was my job just out of college. Our collective goal was to reduce defects to drive down our costs and increase the reliability of the product as seen by our customers.

We used a family of mathematics called statistical analysis to understand the defects and defect rates in our product. The number that mattered most was a number measured in Sigma that ranged in value from 0 to 6.

How that number is computed does not matter to us here. But, what different sigma values mean is useful to know because it applies to any process where random events are impacting that process. This includes factories making millions of parts, but it also includes insurable deaths as seen by life insurance companies.

Sigma values under 3, so under '3 Sigma' indicate that process has defects that are caused by random chance. Nearly all natural processes are under 3 Sigma. Anything done by manual human labor is under 3 Sigma.

Random chance, and values under 3 Sigma is the bane of high volume factories. In the factory where I worked we had process engineers who did nothing but hunt down and remove sources of random defects in the manufacturing line.

Their goal was improve manufacturing steps in order to increase the sigma value for the entire factory, moving it towards 6 sigma. Every batch of parts was tested and the sigma value computed. Between 3 and 6 sigma the process is loosing randomness and loosing defects. The machines in the factory are said to be coming under control.

At 6 sigma the factory can produce over 1,000,000 parts without any defects. This means no failures in customer hands, and no money spent on waste. Formally stated there is nothing random going on. A time to celebrate if you are running a factory. The process engineers can go work on something else, typically the next product release.

Once a factory is at or above 6 Sigma then external events are the remaining source of problems. These come from somewhere, and they are usually easy to track down because they correlate in time to some external event. The process engineer will track down what came into the factory at the time the defects began in order to determine the source of the problem.

Typically this will be a bad batch of inbound raw materials or improperly performed maintenance within the factory itself.

Death Rates

Starting in early 2021 we have had an increasing overall death rate in the population at large. This has been reported by sources from inside the insurance industry because their costs are primarily paying out on life insurance policies. This has been reported using informal numbers, say percentages away from normal, or how rare in terms of number of years for this rate to be seen.

These are not very useful numbers because they are not measured by their Sigma value. Once we know the number for Sigma we can relate this to how random this event may be. The less random, so the higher the Sigma, the more likely there is a single cause. Remember below 3 Sigma, the event is random. Usually there is a natural process involved in such low Sigma values. Above 6 Sigma then there is essentially nothing random at all.

10 Sigma

The video linked here is by Chris Martinsen. He has been online since before the start of Covid. With some biology training, but not enough political training, he bought the Covid lie. So I have not paid much attention to his stuff for a couple years.

But, in the video above he gives a series of clips from insurance sources on this death wave. He also briefly informally explains the math on how defect rates relate to Sigma. This is not very useful. Statistics are best learned on the job somewhere.

We will put up with this slow introduction because he then gives us the sigma value for what is going on now with deaths in the US population. We are currently watching a stunning 10 Sigma event. This is unheard of. This is so crazy he even cringes telling us that number.

This screams in a high, loud voice that these deaths are NOT a random event. This is NOT caused by a bunch of various independent, random, sources, even though the stated causes of deaths are different. These deaths are NOT natural. Natural processes, like real virus' would have a 3 Sigma, or lower, value.

So no matter the death certificate cause, there is a single, non-random, source of these deaths.

When we saw events like this in the factory where I worked it was always some external event and we always used time correlation to find it. We asked, at what time did the defect series start? What was going on to the factory itself when these strange defects began?

Everyone looking at this morbidity event who sees this Sigma number immediately looks to what was going on, against the population at large, when these deaths started.

The answer is self evident to anyone who has ever worked with this class of math in the real world. Covid, a form of political theater, does NOT match in time. The kill shots do.

These shots were rolled out at the same time these deaths began. Covid kill shots are the cause.


This interview is with Catherine Austin Fitts. She is one of my favorite financial analysts. She has been through hell and lived to tell. She is asked a series of questions about what is going on now with these deaths. Pay attention to her answers.

She says this death wave is so large it will impact society in a bunch of ways. Everyone is going to know someone who dies from the kill shot. This is more like war than not. This is also deflationary because it eliminates demand by eliminating people.

She also suggests this great poisoning has been the plan since the mid 1990s.

Forgive Greg Hunter's stressed out interview style. Pay attention to what Fitts has to say.

More Later,