This week's talk explores the overall design of the United States itself. Also in this blog post is review of Tabernacles and our current status.

This talk naturally follows the previous talk. This talk uses the same City Case lid and Q-Map design as the previous Disney talk. This time the application of the Q-Map is to the overall design of the United States itself.

The external, perimeter, locations are the easiest to identify because they are around the edge. The internal locations are harder because there are more choices.

Note that the United States has an irregular border, so you see how a prophetic square is stretched to an irregular shape. You can also see the density of the eastern USA also impacts the map.

Watch the talk and think about how the USA got this way. Might other parts of the world, or the world itself, be similarly laid out? Is the world finished? Might it take more time to see the rest of the world similarly designed? These are curious ideas that spring from the USA as a general model.

There may be a second set of interior locations following the same design, but limited to the American Midwest. These are much harder to identify and would require considerable time on the ground exploring possible locations. This part of the map is also less likely to be finished.

Tabernacles Status

I'm writing this blog post while sitting in a public library very close to where we camped for Tabernacles. There is no cell service nor wifi at the campsite. But, we found the local town library a comfortable and dry place to fire up our laptops and get online.

As is our annual custom, we read through the Testimony following the 8 day reading plan seen in the table of contents of the Testimony app. It is only required of everyone on Sabbath years, but we read it each year because we're doing editing work.

We had long and wide ranging discussions about how the Testimony is currently cut from the BRB. We took a long list of addresses that will get precise editing attention when we get back to our desks.

Our general understanding of the high level plot of the book continues to change and with that change in understanding we are seeing areas where we need to make changes to the text of the TT app. We have both material that does not belong in the Testimony and we have material that does need to be in the Testimony but currently is not.

Some of you may recall last spring that I set out to work on the manuscript recovery software. When I was a few weeks into that effort the prophetic came on strong to get moved from Colorado. Part of the prophetic surrounding the move was that Joshua would not speak to us about manuscript issues in Colorado any more.

We're camping near where we expect to move, and some of the prophetic time here has lead us to rethink the source manuscript traditions where the inspired text is likely hidden. There appears to be stories in the Bible that say both where and where not to look for the inspired autograph. If we understand it correctly, ancient Hebrew is the wrong place to look. Matthew 15 may have subtle clues as to where to look instead.

The fundamental issue is what, exactly, happened at the Jerusalem council recorded in Acts 15? What secondary Bible stories might inform what they did? What was the documentation trail they created? And then finally, where did it go across history?

We're doing more manuscript downloads in the library here now. But, that is the easiest step. We have many weeks of hard work ahead to reformat those files and integrate them into the rest of our manuscript recovery tooling. Only then will we know for sure we are headed down the right path.

Move Status

It took much longer than I expected to get the Colorado house listed. I've sold, and been involved in selling, quite a few other houses. From first contact with the agent until public listing usually only takes 2 or 3 days. In 1 case I signed a listing agreement and the eventual buyer's agent was on the listing within 4 hours, and had shown the house in under 24 hours. The delay in Colorado has been measured in weeks.

We finally had our first showing of the Colorado house this week, so at least the sell side of the process is mostly done. There is nothing else I can do in the natural.

We are still at our Tabernacles campground at least through the weekend. We are soaking up as much prophetic as we can while we're here. It is currently our intent to head back to Colorado next week. We are, though, determining our schedule on a day-to-day basis.

More Later,