Disneyland Map

This week's talk explores the overall design of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Also following is a status report on our move.


If you've been raised in conventional Christianity you've probably never heard of any sort of non-ad-hoc map between Bible stories and the world.

The normal principle in Christianity is expressed as 'be in the world, not of the world' where the world is a fallen, uninspired, place.

What we've found on this journey to work on the Testimony is that the distinction between the world and the text is not anywhere near as stark as portrayed in traditional Christianity.

Timeline work suggests that even though the text was mostly complete 2500 or 2000 years ago, that world history continues to unfold following inspired stories.

Our more recent alphabet work suggests the geographic design of the world is also following inspired patterns.

This week's talk deals with 1 small place that appears to be following the City Case and the Q-Map. That place is Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

Watch the talk linked above, then think about how Disneyland got this way. There had to be some prophetic driver that caused the park to end up the way it is. Walt clearly started it, but the prophetic driver has continued.

Note, I'm not trying to endorse Disney as a company. They are currently going insane, as most large companies do in time. The boardroom insanity that is showing up as SJW themes across their major franchises is alienating their fan base. Not a good thing for an entertainment company.

The new Star Wars land, discussed in the talk, could have been a Harry Potter Land, but for Disney hubris. Wand toting Potter, attending a school about using his wand, would have fit the prophetic map much better.

Move Update

We were out of town the past 2 Fridays, traveling to look at a possible house at the end of our next move. This is why I missed the past 2 weeks worth of blog posts.

It is a long drive and a complex situation at the other end, taking time to understand.

The prophetic is strong we will move. But, the nature of the prophetic is quite different than all of our previous moves, so I have no frame of reference for knowing how this will work out.

I hope to be able to share a detailed testimony here soon.

Until things settle down, I may continue to post to this blog on an irregular schedule. Missing weekly posts usually mean we are out of town. Please bear with me, I have not forgotten the blog.

More Later,