Acts 15: Editors and Examples

This talk continues the series on the editors, as identified by Acts 15. This time we look at specific examples of their work.


Questions after the previous talk led me to go through some specific examples so you can understand what we deal with nearly every day around here.

For each example I show the nature of the contradiction created by the editor and then give an example. I tried to pick examples that don't need much practice.

This may look easy, but most additions are much more difficult to puzzle out. We also use overall book structure for finding problems, something I'm totally ignoring in this talk.


Ryan and I remain on our computers nearly all day every day. This is something which we were not able to do much across the summer.

Ryan is working on the text. Usually much more difficult problems that I've shown in the talk.

This past week I've been doing software to help his work. I'm turning my attention back to finishing a 3D printer upgrade so I can look at another round of issues with the 3D system behind the alphabet.

More Later,