Passion Week

I've been working on bringing back online. This week I reviewed and refreshed a set of articles that gives the prophetic chronology of Passion Week. In this post I survey several key prophetic hours in that week, especially the 3 hours of darkness which gives the timing for World War II and might show a World War III landing late in the 2020s.

This week I finally had the time to rebuild the tags that compute the prophetic date math for the passion week harmony. There are 46 articles in the harmony section that now have their date math working. Those articles begin at

I have made a very cursory pass at the prose on those pages. In particular, they are now all phone friendly, so they display OK on small devices. I have removed some paragraphs with 2009 headlines related to Obama. Those were never very important and will go into the timeline app at some point if they still matter. In general I am removing all fulfillment from articles. Fulfillment will go into a new timeline app instead.

OK, so let us have some fun by looking at key articles in that harmony section. Each of the following headers links to the interesting page.

Triumphal Entry

Passion Week was at the end of Joshua's ministry year. That ministry year was itself a rerun of the entire timeline of the Bible at 30 years to the day. So Passion Week sits as a high-definition view of 7 ministry days or roughly a 210 year season in world history.

So bring up the page for the Triumphal entry. At the top of the page is a bunch of data for this hour. On the left side is the hour in Passion Week as lived in history.

In this case Sunday, in the year 30, on March 18, on the OS, or Julian calendar. Triumphal entry is marked here as covering the 2:00 PM hour on that day.

Listed below on the left is an indication as to the years that are replaying, or 1 AA through 210 AA. 'AA' stands for 'After Adam' and is the year numbers of the overall chronology. These are inside Adam's life.

Now look to the right side. There is a heading, 'Modern Passion Prophetic' which indicates where in history this hour falls when we use Joshua's entire ministry as the frame. You will see there 1825 May 23 NS through 1826 August 21 NS.

What might have happened in this time window?

The triumphal entry is riding in on a donkey, with branches crosswise in the road. The term donkey would be used in the matched prophetic era to mean a small steam engine, riding on rails, with ties (or sleepers) across the road. The fulfillment is at least the start of the modern railroad industry which first came to life in 1825.

The first such line, outside of mining, was the Liverpool and Manchester approved for construction by Parliament in 1825.

As we think about Passion Week prophetically, we are looking at the modern industrial world, as marked by railroads, the harnessing of fire, and iron.

Cleansing Temple

When we look at the Passion Week page for Cleansing the Temple we start on the upper right to find when this might be going on in modern headlines. In this case 1850 May 12 NS through 1851 August 10 NS.

Something in world history should generally match, but it should be against the temple system as we understand it in the text.

A strong match to this is the original Crystal Palace built at Hyde Park for what is regarded as the first World's Fair.

Importantly the Crystal Palace was the first major building, 18 acres, built with exterior glass walls and roof. The designer, already a famous gardener, built a massive green house. Today, we take massive glass walled buildings for granted. We see them in modern office towers all the time. But this was the first time it had been seen by the public.

This headline hints at a question asked by Joshua. What type of house will you build for me? Eden is his house. His building. A planetary scale greenhouse.

If you want to copy his own house it can only be a greenhouse. Not a place for killing animals. Not a place for religious service. Acceptable for a museum or exhibit hall or special vegetation.

The Crystal Palace exhibit hall functioned as a proper type of temple. A massive museum. A place to show off what god had done through the hands of people.

Of course all is not well in this era. The tech needed to build railroads, or massive glass buildings can also be used to create new and terrible forms of war. This is what priests and kings do regularly. They kill.

Passion week, where men killed god when he showed up, is mostly prophetic for modern world wars. If we follow through Passion Week's prophetic schedule we will see this in detail. Let me share some more examples.

Presented As King

This is the last hour after a series of episodes during Joshua's trial. Looking at the report, on the left side, you see it at 11:00 AM on Wednesday.

If you look on the lower left you see the YEARS in Adam's history when this hour replays. The years listed are 14491 AA through 14700 AA. These are still very much future years, even the story of this hour is prophetic for something in earth's distant future.

We are now in year 13013 AA, so 'Joshua being crowned as king' is around 1500 years still in the future. We reach those years on Joshua's ministry timeline by continuing to run 30 years to the ministry day and running all the way out to his ascension.

Joshua will be crowned king, somewhere, somehow, around 1500 years future to our era. His ascension was travel to a similar thing in his life but out of sight to people on earth.

On the upper right of this same harmony page you will see 1911 July 16 NS through 1912 October 13 NS. What is going on in the world? We are on the leading edge of World War I, that headline might be the Agadir Crisis.

Also note the Federal Reserve is being started at this time too. The now famous, but then secret, Creature From Jekyll Island meeting had just completed and the legislation was starting its way through the US Congress. This group controlled 1/4 of the world's wealth at the time, a much, much higher number now.

In effect, everyone around Joshua at this hour thinks he is NOT king, and they ARE king. They will destroy much of the world on this foundation, especially the heart of historically Christian Europe.

The Passion Week chronology goes blank until sunrise the following morning, 19 hours later, when the Via Dolorosa begins.

Via Dolorosa

On this page, on the top right, you will see 1935 April 5 NS through 1936 July 3 NS. These are the dates in world history when this story will have primary fulfillment.

Generally speaking you should think of World War II as the natural continuation of World War I. Everything between 1911 and here maps against the time when Joshua was in jail, waiting for his execution.

On March 16, 1935, Hitler ordered military conscription in Germany. He was calling up those born in 1914 and 1915. This broke the treaty that ended World War I. It was immediately seen as a threat to other nations in Europe and they all began arming for another war.

For those who have pondered discussion in this blog on reincarnation, think about this: Hitler is going to call up successive birth years for the next 5 years. Essentially every soldier killed in World War I, who was born again in the next couple years, was back as an adult to fight again in World War II.

This goes for all nations in these wars, not just Germany. All the dead souls in World War I come back for another round.

Simon Carries the Cross

Check the top right report and you will see 1936 July 4 NS through 1937 October 2 NS. This time spans across the 1936 Berlin Olympics held under Hitler's direction from August 1 through 16, 1936.

Simon of Cyrene was forced to carry the cross. Church tradition understands him to have been a black man. This thinking may be because Cyrene was an African colony of Greece. So if he wasn't African, then he may have been Greek. The text itself is unclear on this point, this is only a tradition for Simon of Cyrene.

Curiously, though, Jesse Owens, a black man from the USA, won 4 gold medals in the sprint and long jump at this 1936 Berlin Olympics. His African heritage countered Hitler's racial propaganda of the time. Owens, though, would later state he felt more racism from American leaders than from Hitler.

Jesse Owens is likely the prophetic match to the story of Simon of Cyrene. Owens was apparently not scheduled to compete, but was 'forced in' when Hitler disallowed some Jewish athletes from competing.

Jesus Crucified

Again, check the top right of the page and you will see 1937 October 3 NS through 1939 January 1 NS.

This is the story of Golgotha, and the 3 crosses, Joshua in the middle and then 2 men, 1 on either side.

The prophetic time for this story covers the 1938 Nuremberg Rally. Look carefully at the photo for the parade grounds on the right of the page.

There is a massive army standing in front of a stage. Above and behind the stage hung 3 huge flags, each with the crooked cross of Nazism. These flags are a prophetic replay of the 3 crosses of the crucifixion. The massive crowds in these modern rallies are a prophetic match to the crowds and army at the crucifixion in Jerusalem.

These rallies were held every year. The 1938 rally was the 10th year of these rallies at this location, so in some sense this has several possible prophetic hits. This 1938 rally is thought to be the largest, and was the last before war formally broke out in 1939.

I am unaware of any other place or time in history when there was such a large political movement that so carefully matched the iconography of the cross. A very strange timed prophetic match.

3 Hours of Darkness

There were 3 hours of darkness over Jerusalem just before Joshua's death. These prophetically start with 1941 July 2 NS and run through 1945 March 30 NS

These 3 hours of darkness fall over the core of the fighting in Europe in World War II. This could be thought of as the darkest hours in the history of Christian Europe.

June 22, 1941 is when Germany attacked Russia, about 1 week ahead of the interesting prophetic date.

March 7, 1945 is when the US Army breached the Rhine, about 2 weeks ahead of the prophetic date.

Berlin fell on April 2, 1945, about 30 days after the end of the 3 hours of darkness.

Jesus Dies On Cross

Check the dates and you will see this hour running from 1945 March 31 NS through 1946 June 29 NS. The nuclear bombing in Japan was on August 6 and 9 of 1945, about 4 months into this interval.

Joshua's death marks the end of World War II, especially the nuclear bombing of Japan and the start of our current era of nuclear war.

World War II had been the most deadly war so far in human history, with between 70 and 85 million people dead. An estimated 3 percent of the world's population alive in 1940 had died by 1945.

Of course large scale nuclear weapons have not been used since Japan. The east and west remain in a stand off, similar to the situation after World War I in Europe.

But, curiously, Nazis are back, ruling in Ukraine, supported again by others in the west. If or when they decide to go to war with Russia, another World War will begin, ending the nuclear stand off.

Future Dates

The passion week dates we have been following continue into OUR future. You can navigate through the menus and see how this works. Let me speculate on the few remaining dates within this series.

Note there is something profoundly different in the way the narrative tells these future stories. They deal with his resurrection. His body is different. Joshua was NEVER a public figure again.

Each of these encounters are only with a limited few. The faith of these individuals is SERIOUSLY changed by these encounters.

How this works in world history will not be clear until some of these dates have passed. Is it because there is no public left alive? Say from the vaccines? Is it because the political landscape is never the same again? Say post apocalypse? Is it because the church comes back to life outside of the public sphere? Is it because this happens somewhere else, like Mars?

These questions will remain unknown until these dates are history. But we can still look at the dates and ponder.

Tomb Found Empty is dated from 2023 November 25 NS through 2025 February 22 NS. Joshua's body is now in resurrected form, nobody knows what is yet going on. Hint: His body is a parable for the inspired text, his body is also a parable for his assemblies.

Jesus Appears to Mary is dated from 2025 February 23 NS through 2026 May 24 NS. The earliest few people of faith, will start to understand what is going on. Joshua is different, a very limited few number of people start to understand.

Jesus Appears to his Disciples is dated from 2040 February 17 NS through 2041 May 17 NS. This is about 18 years from now. Hint: This is in an upper room with closed doors. Mars?

More In These Reports

In this blog I have only looked at Passion Week and the macro flow in world history. There are other Passion Week prophetic replays that might be in play now too. Those dates are displayed in the right column to these reports. Check the pages listed above, but go down 1 set of dates on the right.

Especially interesting are hours of darkness stories that hit in the World War II related Passion Week dates. These may replay yet again. If so, then in the late 2020s and spread out near the Noah anniversary date in early 2029. This series of prophetic dates would make World War II a prophetic model for the events leading to Noah's Flood in and around 2029. They would also mean Noah's flood was an ancient version of World War II.

More Later,