Apps Updated

Late last year we set out to get all of our apps back online. The last of those original projects went online Thursday night. In this post I review the last couple apps that just went back online. One of those apps will help us think about Putin and Russia.


Our main website has been online for a long time. The front page got a refresh this week to show of a solid list of 13 running apps and websites. With this update, our refresh work is now done.

There are now 3 future projects in their own section. None of these have ever been online before. They will go online as time allows.

The Bill Of Materials provides download links for all the 3d design files needed to build plastic models of the objects behind the inspired alphabet. There is an impressive amount, man years, of work displayed there. There are over 3600 files on that website, our largest website online so far.

This was taken offline because not all the models have been tested on a real 3d printer. Back online for new visitors to begin to understand what we have done.

Some artwork has bad camera angles that will be updated as time allows in the future. Use caution when using these files for printing 3d models, there may be subtle design bugs.

The Bible Tribes website contains a set of articles originally part of the Bible Time project. The inspiration many years ago was that documents signed at or near certain expected dates could be used to find all of the Lost Tribes of Ancient Israel.

I set out to find those documents and thus identify each Lost Tribe. I calibrated this against a book that was popular in the 1970s and early 1980s that explained the USA is the lost tribe of Manasseh, and the UK is the lost tribe of Ephraim. Together these tribes form the lost tribe of Joseph.

It is still not uncommon to hear these identifications in some church circles, and there are ways outside of time to do these identifications. That book had done this for the USA. The USA is perhaps the easiest to identify because the USA is so prominent in the prophetic stories of the Bible.

Once I could do this using a timeline, I could then identify all the other lost tribes in a single large study. This allows finding the tribes without needing to know detailed features of each culture.

Soon after I had worked out that the tribe of Judah is Russia, Joseph's nemesis, I wrote a newsletter article about this. (Back in the days before using email, I am dating myself.)

I received a letter back from someone who had read my article. She was a Russian immigrant to the USA. She complimented me on being the first Anglo she had ever read who correctly identified Russia.

She had quite a testimony to tell about the problems of faith in Russia. Seems every time a revival breaks out around the world, say in the early 1900s when the Azusa Street Revival broke out in the USA, it has broken out in Russia too. But having the Orthodox Church as a state religion afforded them the power to drive out those impacted by these supernatural events.

So, some Russians know who they are, just like some Americans know who we are. With those 2 data points I would expect every lost tribe has a remnant who knows who they are too. For some it would not be hard to work out. For others, maybe much harder. But, prophetic words within the tribes would trump any particular analytical process.

There are currently 83 articles on that website. There are about 5 I have not yet had time to proof read and reformat. All the material from previous versions is there, so still worth the time to explore if you are new to our work.

I have reformatted so it is phone friendly. I have checked for errors, of which there were a few. I have filled in some missing data that was in my head but never in the articles.

I will try and update the remaining articles when time allows, but I was stopped in this work with travel. I don't know when I will be back to regular work.


Many of those 83 articles form an appendix that grid various Bible lists of 12 or 13 against the list of 12 or 13 tribes. You do not need to read those pages if you just want to get an overview of this story.

Lessons learned in producing those grids educated us on the general problems of sloppiness in the writing process of editors, which we did not understand at the time. Some of the lists are powerful and spot on. But some are not very useful. They reveal contradictions, which we had yet to understand when we did the work.

Notes On Russia

Part of my rush in getting this out is to get the material that identifies Russia out to new readers who have not followed our work from the start. Understanding the Ukraine situation well is totally dependent on understanding Russia.

In particular I would recommend reading through from the front to the Judah related articles to understand the strategy and then understand Russia a little better.

The history of Christianity coming to Russia 1000 years ago is very, very important. The promises of Jacob over Judah, and thus Russia, including how the obedience of the nations will eventually be his, is also important. If this is inspired, which can be disputed, then eventually Russia wins the battle over who rules the world.

This is commonly, and wrongfully, applied to Jesus by people in the church world. Jesus already sets up kings and deposes them at his whim, read the Book of Daniel again if you don't understand me.

Pay attention to modern Putin's first name as used in the historical story of Christianity coming to Russia over 1000 years ago. A very strange match.


Today's blog represents the 24th anniversary of working on these projects full time. It has been a long road, getting from there to here...

More Later,