400 Stories

All of our standard apps were updated today as normal. I want to point out a new addition to the 400 Stories app, the first public release of a verse level run. Details below.

Verse Runs

The 400 app has had story and book level runs since we first put it online. With today's release we've added a sample of what is to come, a verse level run.

Runs, as I'm using the term here, are a series of stories that are following the 25 glyphs, folded as they normally do in the 3d system, and referencing in various ways the commandments.

The 75 books, for example, fold 3 times.

The 400 stories fold 16 times.

We don't know how many verse runs, or verse folds, are in The Testimony. It takes work to find them, and there are many more to come. But, we gotta start somewhere. So here is the first.

If you use the upper right menu in the 400.paleo.in app, you'll find a choice called "rows" and in there, at the bottom, you can enable a new header and the 12 Commandments verse level row.

This row folds the commandments as given back against the events leading up to their enumeration. The second part of this row are the commandments that we use all the time, in their normal reading order.

Given that the commandments follow in order at the back half of runs at any scale, there had to be a front half preceding the commandments. That front half had to be in reverse order.

What this row shows off is the other side, the folded side, seen in the stories ahead of the giving of the commandments themselves.

As always, many notes that you can read by clicking on various cells in the table.

Live Stream

Ryan is doing Sabbath Reads this week. The time for the stream is 10:00 AM, Pacific. Check out the front of the app, cr.paleo.in, for the exact time in your area. This week is the letter Re, and the commandment, don't commit adultery.

More Later,