Lost Sheep

This week we look at the parable of the Lost Sheep. First we look at the parable of the lost sheep. Then I share the testimony of a family Ryan and I once met. After praying about the abduction of one of their sons, they were given this same story to understand what happened. Read on for more.

The Parable

The parable of the Lost Sheep is told in Luke 15:3-7. The parable tells of how a man, if he has 100 sheep, would go after 1 who was lost, leaving the other 99 alone. After a celebration at the recovery of the 1 lost, the parable ends with the interpretive key. The 1 sheep needs repentence, the 99 in the skies do not.

The problem this parable hinges on is that there are no humans on earth that are in that group of 99. This is definitionally impossible because the fall starts with our shared ancestor family, Adam and Eve. Everyone born of Adam and Eve needs to repent so they can be saved. This is a fundamental truth of the text.

So, the 1 lost sheep is thus all of Adam's race. Every one of us are in that group. As the parable is dealing with 1 species, called sheep, then the 99 others must be of the same species. So other planetary scale groups of humans.

So then the question becomes, who are the 99? The parable answers this by telling us not who they are, but where. Those who rejoice over the salvation of the 1 are located in the skies. The parable says those groups are in our skies. So each of the 99 is itself at least another planet full of people.

But, Adam and Eve were really given this solar system, another story, having blown up planet V and lost Mars habitation at Noah... so the 99 are other complete solar systems because of the parallel construction against the 1. So if you look up at the roughly 10,000 visible stars in the skies at night, roughtly 1 out of every 100 of them have human habitations as per this parable.

A Family Testimony

We learned this story, by the way, from a very prophetic woman who had 1 of her 5 children abducted by a UFO. Let me share their family story. We talked to the parents and 2 of the other witnessing children. They gave us permission to share provided we don't identify them.

Their story begins in around 1969, their 4th child, a son, was around 9 years old. They lived in a house in a development in the San Francisco bay area. Dad worked construction, 3rd shift, building forms for concrete highway overpasses. Their 5th child had not yet been born.

As was their afternoon custom, before dinner, the 4 kids were playing outside in a vacant lot at the end of their culdasac. Mom was preparing to cook dinner when the 3 older kids rushed in and told mom that 'they' had taken their younger brother.

Mom scolded the kids, you should not joke about such things. They all insisted it was no joke. Their youngest brother had been abucted by a UFO. They had all seen it.

Mom went to wake up dad. He was asleep. He normally slept through the day, got up for dinner with the family and then headed off to work as the kids were going to bed. Mom could not wake dad from sleep. No amount of shaking would do it.

So, she thought, what else could I do? She decided to call the Air Force. They had a base in the bay area. She called and told them her son had been abducted, and they needed to send a fighter jet to chase it down.

The officer on the other end of the call apologized. He said UFOs were too fast for their jet fighters, there was nothing they could do. He also said there had been another abduction call a few minutes earlier and there was nothing they could do for that other mother either.

At this mom was in shock. She sat on the living room sofa not knowing what else she could do.

After some time passed the 3 older kids rushed into the living room yelling and screaming. The UFO had returned their younger brother. While mom had been dealing with dad, and the Air Force, the kids had been on the deck watching the skies. The UFO had dropped the boy off in the back yard.

2 of those now adult kids would later argue in front of Ryan and I over exactly how that happened, and how the UFO disappaered when it left. 1 of them said it was like the UFO slowly slipped into an invisible envelope.

Mom was overjoyed. Glad to have her son back. Dad now woke up. Life was back to normal. But that abucted son had quite a story to tell.

On the UFO

As much as a 9 year old could explain, he had basically full memory of the ride. He had been asked to drink a small cup of something that would cause him to forget the ride. He instead hid the cup behind some machinery.

He said it was a UFO full of regular people. No different than you might see walking around a shopping mall. He said they had done him no harm.

When he asked them who they were they told him they were from a branch of the human race not descended from Adam and Eve.

20+ Years Later

Fast forward to the 1990s. The family's 5th son has been born. All but their abuctee son have become faithful Christians. Mom has developed a strong prophetic gift. They have moved to the mountains of Oregon. The kids are now adults and on their own.

Mom's concern now is witnessing to their abducted son. Whenever the question of salvation comes up, their son answers with some variation of: 'I was abducted by a UFO, where is that in the book?'

Mom realized this was the point she needed to take up in prayer, and began seriously praying about how to answer her son.

What unfolded was a series of prophetic events ending with the location of these people in the book.

The Other Woman

Mom had not shared this story with many other people, but one she had shared with was her own sister, on the day it happened. Sis still lived in the bay area and in a chance encounter heard the testimony of another woman who had her son abducted by a UFO.

That woman had also called the Air Force base and had also asked for a jet to be scrambled to go after the UFO. That woman had also been rejected by the officer answering the phone.

When sis asked about when this happened, she realized this was the other woman who had been referenced when mom had called the Air Force base herself.

Sis brought the other abductee's mother to Oregon and they spent a weekend together comparing notes and experiences. This was the first answer to prayer.

The Other Abductee

In a construction accident, dad had been injured in a serious fall off of a large concrete form. It was unclear if he could ever work again.

A mutual friend of ours had asked him to do a concrete foundation repair on a farm house in eastern Oregon. Dad agreed to try, and was given a full summer to complete what would normally be a 10 day job. Mom and dad took a trailer and camped on the farm for the summer.

There were also 2 ranch hands who lived on the farm so mom got to know them, inviting them often to dinner. After they became friends one of those ranch hands confided in mom that he had been abducted by a UFO.

His story was similar to what mom had heard from her own son. So this was now something that happened commonly.

Dad finished the foundation repair that summer and was able to return to work. Life was returning to normal work wise and they were learning about abduction.

The Scripture

Mom now turned in prayer to specific questions. Her first question was her son's general comment. Where is this in the book?

She was flat out told the address, Luke 15, and the story of the lost sheep. Mom was told those on the UFO were from the 99. They are from other planets. They are working on getting this planet saved.

I've given you the textual interpretation above.

This was not very consoling to her son. He was using a form of 'Where was god when? (fill in the blank)' You see this with many people who have been hurt in various ways. It is an excuse to not need to think about god.

Now he had no excuse, but now it was his problem, not mom's.

The Problem

Mom had a final prayer question. Given all that had happened, it seemed to her it would have been better if her son had drank the memory potion.

She was told in response that she misunderstood what it means to be 'perfect.' The 99 are not perfect as we might think about it. They are not fallen, in the Adam and Eve sense. But, they are also not perfect. Mistakes happen. Accidents happen.

The crew of the UFO did not notice what her son had done.


This is a very important insight into our own fallen nature. That nature is to reject what Joshua god is asking of us. Once we start to follow him we do not become perfect. We never will. Mistakes and accidents still happen. Get over it.

This was also an early lesson to us about not carrying around strong mental constructions of how the world works. It is an open system, people come and go from off world locations. What else do we not know about?

More Later,