Friday Update

This week's Testimony work is in the General Epistles. The 3rd case design is finished, with issues, and a few parts for case #4 are printed. We also started prepping the teleprompter for video. Details follow.

Testimony Updates

We updated the Testimony on Friday as usual. Most of the work this week was in the General Epistles. Mostly tweaks and writing notes for what will be our defense of the overall design.

3D Model Work

There are now 913 part numbers and assemblies. Working towards a complete set of teacher edition models that tell the story of the alphabet. This will blow past 1000 parts before we're done.

Most of the parts for the 3rd case are now printed, but there are some designs that need attention, mostly those that use monofilament line and a few that have very shallow angle of climb on the 3D printer bed. The standard support system of the slicer is not good enough for the shallow climb case. A few of the parts will need custom designed support.

I will turn my attention to these issues in a couple weeks.

I did start printing some parts for case number 4. This is the set that generates both a silo and a well. I'm not as familiar with the parts themselves, as they were the most recent to be worked out.

I set out to assign part numbers and generate a 2 inch scale set in the correct color before designing the new base. The base is odd because it has a recessed cell where the well tank sits.

Work will also continue with this in a couple weeks.

Video Prep

We're planning on doing videos after Passover. (Which for us is next Tuesday at 6:00 PM.) I had some finishing work on the teleprompter that needed to be done before we will be ready. In particular a mount for the CPU that drives the teleprompter screen, a shroud for the back of the unit and some software updates. The system software needed a fresh install, which it got. The configuration for the reversed screen and kiosk mode is also worked out.

We've made another pass across the styles for the slides to increase the size of fonts. This makes them easier to read, but requires more slides to tell any given story.

I also designed and printed a mount that will hold a screen that shows what is actually being recorded. A few parts from Amazon for that arrived today, should have it together in another couple days.

I asked the group a few weeks back about live vs. recorded videos. The feedback on this was to watch them after recording, not live, so that is what we will do. We will most likely start with a series of videos on my testimony that explain how we came to be working on this problem.

It has been a busy week, even if not much to report.

More Later,