Alex Jones

This blog deals with the recent redemption of Alex Jones. He is now back on X after a 5 year absence. Alex Jones is important and fighting a battle similar to ours. I go into why this is so in this blog.

Jones' Biography

I know we have recent subscribers here who are probably too young to know much about Alex Jones. So some readers here may not know why Jones is so important. Even finding a suitable link for a biography is not easy to find. The lack of good links for Jones demonstrates what makes Jones so important.

I usually use Duck Duck Go for search. If you go there and ask it for a biography of Alex Jones, it will offer you links to about a dozen different versions. Each was written by the mortal enemies of Jones himself. Nowhere do they link to something written by Jones nor by his people.

These are the very same media platforms, including search, that Jones has been fighting publicly for 29 years. For nearly all other topics, typical users like all of us, cannot see the meddling being done by these big tech platforms.

When trying to understand Alex Jones, though, it is easier to see that there is some sort of hidden hand involved in his story. So his restoration to at least 1 big social media platform, in this case X, marks what we might hope is a watershed event.

This headline is borderline as a possible headline in the family of headlines that mark the prophetic raising of Joshua in our day. Something that has been hidden can now be seen.

So let me give you an informal introduction to get you started.

Jones' History According To Phil

Jones is based in Texas, tracing his family line to fighters at the Alamo. He may have more local history, but for those of us outside of Texas, he first became known as a Radio and TV host for (often rural) stations across the USA.

This began about 1994. Jones' particular specialty was corruption in the US government. Since all US media, now derisively called legacy media, is corrupt by the same forces, they have always hated Jones. He now calls them collectively the 'globalists.'

We can see in this the need to coin special terms. Zionists or Neocons are related terms. From my perspective these are essentially synonyms. These people are collectively the modern heirs of the 6 primary villainous editors of the Bible. Their religion has been leaching on the inspired core of the Biblical texts for 3000 years. Jones is publicly fighting the same fight as we are fighting. This is why his redemption is so important.

Jones is particularly well read. He may appear crazy, and he may at times make mistakes, but he is not making stuff up. He is politically and publicly active in ways only Crowder might match. Jones has good reasons for what he says. Do not mistake Jones speech patterns for low intellect, Jones shares that same pattern with Musk. Both have brains that run faster than their mouths.

But, Jones has also had important friends, especially in high places. So he has been handed documents and read stuff that nobody else could match. We will get to the most important example of that below.

As the technology for TV production shifted to the Internet, Jones eventually settled down at He is still an important drive-time radio personality. Note his website domain name suggests his general fight. We are all in a war of information. Amen to that.


By 2018 Jones was banned by nearly all social media platforms. This happened at essentially the same time. To me watching as this happened, the timing of so many platforms banning him at the same time suggested that some sort of organized crime syndicate was operating against him. The simple term is RICO, but there is a family of related crimes that Jones was a victim of. I stopped using what is now X because I heard of Jones being banned. If they don't like Jones, they will never like our work.

Jones had to rebuild his own media infrastructure in order to replace Youtube and the other platforms he was dependent on at the time. There was maybe 17 such platforms, it was a large conspiracy that formed against him. Rebuilding a media serving platform of his own was not a small, nor inexpensive, feat. But, that work now serves him well, he is now much more resilient to these forms of attack. He has not had the same reach for new listeners as he might have had before.

Besides being deplatformed, Jones' globalist enemies went after his finances. They did this primarily through a strategy called 'litigate to oblivion.' More colloquially 'litigate to obliviate.' Or simply, 'Lawfare.'

This is how, for example, Seattle oligarchs attempted to stop people in Oklahoma from moving the Seattle Sonics basketball team to Oklahoma City. Basically, using Lawfare, the wealthy can bankrupt their opponents through ever mounting legal fees. By now you should be thinking, oh, a strategy that someone like Bill Gates or his friends might use? Yes. To someone like that, if your enemy is only worth $1,000,000 then it will cost you $1,000,000 in your own legal fees to bankrupt your opponent, as legal fees tend to match each side in court.

Lawfare is a common strategy of the wealthy and government to use against their enemies. For years 'they' have been hiring $500/hr lawyers to wage legal war against Jones. The J6 trial mess is another good example of Lawfare.

Jones survived Lawfare, but only through personal bankruptcy. Very few people are like Jones in that he spent all his wealth for a cause he believes in. His survival at was probably a miracle all by itself.

I have not been paying close attention to the details of Jones ongoing saga. I had figured they would eventually shut him up. I seem to have been wrong.

Jones has mostly remained banned from all tech platforms until this past week when he was reinstated on X/Twitter. This causes me to rethink my own use of X, thus this blog.

That reinstatement is an important headline because it marks a dramatic shift for X itself. Tucker was out at Fox and then shifted to X. Jones is now back on X. Many are using X for free speech reasons. At the top of this move, Elon Musk is now getting the sort of attention that was once reserved for people like Alex Jones.

Biden is on record saying there are various ways they now intend to go after Musk. Watch for Lawfare against Musk as the start of this. Lawfare will not work well against Musk because of Musk's personal wealth. He could spend $1B on lawyers if he needed. He could and would then use what he learned in discovery for other purposes. He is going after Media Matters for these reasons.

But Biden and his globalist friends can tie Musk's companies up in court to the point where his boards start pushing for his removal. Biden can also use lawfare in regulatory and contractual ways. I will skip giving citations here, but they are already cancelling signed contracts with Starlink. They are using Fish and Wildlife against SpaceX. They appear to be putting pressure on Tesla over automobile safety issues. Finally, Musk and his security detail are not immune to more lethal forms of attack.

I do not follow Jones nor his daily work very closely. Information density on video is low. I don't have the time for that. Though Jones does have important guests on his show and at times those interviews are seriously important.

For reasons that will become apparent below, Jones has had a massive following for years. You will understand exactly why by watching the following interview of Jones by Tucker Carlson.

Pay careful attention to the clips included in the Tucker interview of Jones' July, 2001, broadcast prediction of the soon September destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City. NOTE IMPORTANTLY, 911 was still about 4 months future. Also, pay attention to the clips of Jones in the halls of Congress against the CEO of Google. I will return to that below.

Tucker Interviews Jones (

The video here is of Tucker's new show on X, but the link is to the page on where Jones hosts his own copy. It does include an Infowars inserted ad for Jones' new book. The book sounds interesting, but it is not our concern here now. Any subscriber here who wants me to review that book? Send or just loan me a copy.

As Tucker mentions, this is a very long show for him, 1h 40m. Probably a record length for a show recorded for X. So plan your time. Also, think about why Tucker went to this length for this particular guest.

As I said above, Jones seems to have friends in hidden places. Someone probably planted a bug in Tucker's ear to have Jones on his new show. This interview seems to have then attracted Elon Musk's attention, leading to the redemption of Jones on X this past weekend.

Soon after that interview Musk ran a poll on X, and roughly 2,000,000 people voted 70 percent in favor of restoring Jones to that platform. This gave Musk cover to take back words he spoke when he first purchased the platform to leave Jones banned.

There is more to that end of the story, but we need to take apart some of the points in Tucker's interview before returning to later events on X.

How Did Jones Know?

Tucker asked Jones, How did Jones know that 911 was going to come later, in September of that year? Jones answered that he had read it in their documents. Tucker, in some sense an investigative reporter, did not push back.

But, we need to game out the next possible questions. We need to do this because the form of Jones' answer is called a 'limited reveal.' If you are ever going to track what public people say, you need to know how to spot limited reveals. You should be able to call them out by their proper name. They always hide more important information.

Jones gave a truthful answer which satisfied Tucker. Jones had read their documents. Good enough. But Jones did not give a complete answer. His answer was intentionally limited, this is why it is called a limited reveal.

What were the next questions Tucker could have asked? Where did Jones get those documents? Or else, Of all the documents you could have read, how did you know what documents to read in order to learn the future date for 911? Finally, Why did you trust that document enough to broadcast the planned date?

These are uncomfortable questions and Tucker knows enough not to ask them.


For those who may not know, Pravda, the Russian newspaper of record, printed the same idea at about the same time. BUT, Pravda's predictive account was about 1 month early, predicting 911 as about to happen in August of 2001. When asked later about the discrepancy, the reporter of record at Pravda simply answered that 'plans change.'

So Jones was more accurate than the Russian spies of the time.

It appears to me that Jones has been picked by friendly members of the American Deep State. They use him in order to let the public in on nefarious government plans. The hope of all involved is that exposure to the public of these plans will one day cause the globalists to stop making such plans.

This is why Jones is so often better than the Russian spies who feed Pravda. This is why Jones has been so important for decades. There may be younger men being brought up in that same task, but Jones is not out yet.

Jones will probably remain in this roll for as long as he is alive. Even if we do not track him every day, he is still a man to follow. Which, of course, is now possible to do once again on X.

Now, we turn to perhaps the more interesting side of this story. What was going on at X that got Jones reinstated?

Twitter Spaces (

The link here is to a recording on X where Musk, Andrew Tate, Alex Jones and several others are holding Jones' first appearance on that platform since 2018. Youtube has more stable URLs, so I am referencing a copy over there.

Note that those in on that talk say it went over 2 hrs, but the length of all the clips I could find is about 1hr 36m. It appears that when Musk joined, his normal followers in the X world suddenly took notice and started recording.

The Problem of Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook is the name applied to an elementary school shooting that took place in Newton, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012. 26 people, including staff and children were killed. The mainstream news networks reported on the shooting as normal. But this was the start of other problems.

Try and understand the world from Jones' side. Everything we think we know to be true, outside of the hard sciences, is created by the Globalists. I would importantly add that a majority of the Bible is their creation too.

All of the low level details of all of recorded history is this way. The victors, so the Globalists, are the ones who write history. Everything you've ever learned from media passed through their controlled wire services. History, as written, was published using their publishing companies. All network news is a creation of their warped minds.

So every news event must always be filtered against what is known about the Globalists and their agendas. This establishes what degree of confidence should be applied to the report as given.

That confidence is in part established by looking at their motivations for deceptions and looking at the contradictions that show up in their reporting. Contradictions show up early after major headlines when they have not yet collectively agreed on their narrative. They cannot take back early reporting, but they have a set of tools to deal with that class of problem.

October 7, 2023, had events in Israel that are a current example. Except for headlines of their own creation, they usually get control of the narrative only after a few days or weeks. The history that will be created for October 7, 2023 will not match the news events from that day. Indeed, even the record of the actual events will slowly disappear from public eyes.

So viewers must pay attention as soon as possible. This is when it is possible to spot early contradictions. Any incongruent facts will be flooded out once the globalists agree to how they want the story told.

It is also important to watch for any other sort of anomaly. Strange things in their media reporting can mark their meddling in the message.

Sandy Hook was no different for Jones. In order to understand what was going on he needed to understand what others were seeing in the earliest news accounts. As we do with the Bible's text all the time, the question was what was really happening at Sandy Hook? To know that you need to know what was 'off' in some unknown way.


Remember, Sandy Hook was late 2012. In those days Youtube was an alternative media platform filled with independent citizen journalists. As I did in those days too, we all turned to see what alternative stories might be showing up on that platform.

The first question, and always most important, is to see if the shooter is acting alone. The assassins of presidents Lincoln and Kennedy were not acting alone. Most other shooters are not acting alone either.

Under the rules of the Protocols of Zion, shooters can be assassins. In the case of mass shootings the Globalists use these events to move towards the banning of guns. They cannot bring in their utopia with an armed American public. They may have helped the shooter, or they may simply be spinning the story about the shooter. It is hard to know which is going on without study of the headlines.

So helping a mass shooter is furthering their goals. The more deaths the better in their warped view of reality. These events give them political cover so the US Congress and state governments can ban guns.

After Sandy Hook, this is what we were generally looking for, a connection from the shooter to someone else. For comparison, there was a series of shootings in Colorado that were similarly interesting from this perspective.

What was on youtube after the Sandy Hook shooting surprised everyone paying attention. The video clips from the media appearances after that shooting belied a pattern of narrative fabrication in front of the TV cameras. This itself was news.

For at least the first few weeks it was doubtful to anyone paying attention using Youtube that the Sandy Hook shooting ever happened at all. This was to a very high degree of evidence. There seemed to be dozens of videos that would support this contention.

The crisis actors seen on TV after Sandy Hook, for example, were also found on video in other similar crisis events. They were identified by name, their list of acting gigs were known. Their other TV appearances were known. That sort of reporting is now called Doxing. This is now frowned on as it is another way for citizen journalists to expose Globalist crimes.

It appeared that some branch of the Globalist empire was doing this to justify the government into passing laws to ban guns. This was not much of a surprise, but it also looked like the whole Sandy Hook thing was some sort of weird fabricated show. There seemed to be some new mode of operation not seen before. But it also had its own strange set of contradictions.

Why would killers, those who hire assassins, need to fabricate a mass killing? Why not just go kill, as they always do? The reporting after Sandy Hook was strange even in the strange world of globalist twisted media.

Jones, unlike the rest of us, had a big audience and he broadcast much of this to his audience in the days immediately following Sandy Hook. This would later come back to haunt him. As he now admits, he relied on the reporting of others, and did not investigate Sandy Hook personally himself.

I would now suspect that false reporting was put on Youtube in order to provide a cause for taking over all social media platforms too. Their people would probably call it intentionally planted dis-information. Sandy Hook appears to have been used to justify the takeover and content control of all social media. That control only ended with Musk's purchase of Twitter.

Youtube, and all the other social media platforms, would become places where independent media went to die. Videos on youtube, say, are dropped and deleted from their servers so nobody can use a court order to recover all the videos published there in the months after Sandy Hook. People like Jones who become victims of Lawfare cannot then get copies of those videos to defend themselves months or more often years later in front of a jury.

In all earlier forms of mass media, the person who read that media could and would keep old copies. So would their friends. For all major media, the local library also kept copies, along with all other libraries in the country.

The Internet has become a globalist dream come true, especially when their religion is all about creating false narratives. The contradictory facts simply disappear in a matter of hours.

The strange reporting on Sandy Hook appears to roughly mark a change in the big tech platforms. In Tucker's interview of Jones, there are several important references to tech CEOs. Let me unpack those for you here so you can understand both Alex Jones better, and the tech world we live in. This is a world that Musk is doing nothing to fix. X can still be taken back in the same ways as Jones suggests happened with Google and Apple.

Google CEOs (

The link here is the history of the CEOs of Google. The timing here is interesting. Google was founded by Stanford students who had written a paper describing what would be the first algorithm behind Google Search.

Google has always been a strange company. One of the early big investors was a branch of the US Government itself who wanted a catalog of what was online. Henry Kissinger, now dead, thank god, was another early stock holder. So the early owners in the company had to deal with college students running the show.

They were young and the company grew very fast. Learning to run a big company is not easy, it takes time. Read Musk's biography for his journey to running big companies.

So Eric Schmidt was brought in to run Google as it grew. Eric was well known in the high tech world, having been CTO of Sun Microsystems, and then CEO of Novell.

Sun was a big supplier of proprietary UNIX workstations. Later these systems were supplanted by open source Linux on often high end PC hardware. We still use that combination ourselves around here.

Eric Schmidt at Novell was important too. Novell's founder basically invented the first, but again proprietary, Local Area Network system. These were later supplanted by the now well known Ethernet hubs and cabling. Novell solved server problems in ways that are now solved using network attached storage and a myriad of services in the cloud.

Schmidt brought adult supervision to Google. He ran Google from 2001 until 2011. Then Larry Page, a co-founder of Google, stepped back into the Google leadership roll and again took over daily control of the company. Page is not likely to be a globalist, a key point in this story.

It was under Page's watch that Sandy Hook took place. I would now explain that the same Sandy Hook trap that caught Jones was also used by the Globalists to defend taking over control of all social media platforms, including Google.

Larry Page was out at Google by 2015. At that point Sundar Pichai took over and still runs Google to this today.

My hunch is that 2015 is when the Globalists took over control of Google. There is a clip in the Tucker interview above where Jones is dealing with Pichai in the halls of Congress. Jones has a visceral hatred of anyone he knows to be a globalist, and I would trust his judgment on this point.

Pichai's Google appears to be the software center which is writing the Social Credit system now used in China and soon to be introduced in the USA. Use of Google products should be avoided when possible, just like Microsoft's products should be avoided whenever possible.

But, as a concession to Google, they at least promote open standards. Apple is often worse. Let me turn to Apple.

Apple CEOs (

Jones also makes a point in the Tucker interview that he thinks Apple's Tim Cook was the party responsible for orchestrating the deplatforming of Jones in 2018. So their CEO history is interesting to watch. Can we figure out when the Globalists took over Apple?

Cook took over from Steve Jobs in 2011. This after Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple, resigned in August of 2011 from ill health. His mysterious illness is another pattern seen in the Protocols of Zion. Poisons that cause strange illness are used when they do not want it known that they have assassinated someone.

I do not have as much visibility into the Apple world as I do in the others. Curiously, though, Cook appears responsible for ending many important things that Steve Jobs was doing in terms of letting Apple phones become an open platform for applications.

Cook has implemented at the level of the phone itself many of the Globalist dreams of controlling what the public see and know. Their phones have recently crossed the 50 percent market share in the USA, so this is a serious problem.

Walter Isaacson's biography on Musk details how Musk himself had to visit Cook at Apple headquarters soon after buying Twitter. This was in order to make sure Apple did not ban Twitter from the Apple app store and thus the home screens of Apple phones.

To his credit, Musk has said that if that should ever happen, Musk will build his own phones to compete with Apple. He already has the core of such a system on the dash of Tesla automobiles. I would guess he has told his team to design for installable apps on Tesla dash boards as an insurance policy against Apple.

Adding the open web application standards to iPhones was discussed by Steve Jobs at the original announcement of the iPhone. But once Cook took over, Cook never let them be fully implemented on any Apple platform. Limited features, like installing to the home screen were pulled.

Try installing one of our web apps to an Apple desktop or home screen and you should be able to see what I mean. Apple has actively removed those features since the death of Steve Jobs. The desktops and home screens of Apple products are as controlled by the Globalists as anywhere I know.

It will be much harder for Apple users to spot globalist tampering than users of any other platform. Apple users are coddled like children. I would recommend avoiding using Apple as much as possible.

App Store Notes

As part of my planning for the rebuild of our development environment, I checked on the problems of building and deploying our apps into the big app stores.

I wanted to make sure I was not precluding those platforms as targets of the app building process. I wanted to plan on future plugins that would target those platforms as the final build step. I checked on how to do this for MS Windows, Google Play, and the Apple app store.

For all 3 of these platforms, given the current tech used in our apps, this is only an app bundling problem. Maybe 1 or 2 new build steps and new targets of the build process. There are no fundamental technical issues. Microsoft and Google both welcome pretty much any app to their app stores. Google will be the easiest, and Microsoft a close 2nd.

Apple does not appear to be welcoming of apps produced by individual people. Only incorporated companies are welcome and then only with certain levels of business recognition. They also require developers to be tied into their software infrastructure in ways not matched on the other platforms. We would need to integrate an untrustable mac into our otherwise mostly secure development environment.

If we ever meet the business requirements, we would then have several other business hurdles to jump over before we could land in their app store.

In the end, my hunch is that Alex Jones is correct in his assessment of Cook. The rest of Cook's business reflects what we might expect of a globalist as CEO of the company.

Jones On X

Now that Alex Jones is back on X, he has announced a new daily show. He is currently planning a short daily summary of the news that he has covered on his other platforms earlier in the day. We would hope he gains a massive new audience.

We Will Be Waiting

There are a series of steps that people must take in order to get out of the trap of ideas created by the editors in the text. Jones informally calls them Globalists. We formally call them the modern heirs of the 6 primary Biblical editors, Solomon, Ahab/Jezebel, Nebuchadnezzar, Mordecai, Ezra and Ananias.

The first step is to break out of the idea that the world we know is true. The STEM fields are more solidly true than the humanities and politics. But even in the STEM fields we have many people who confuse theories, like that of evolution, with established facts like basic algebra.

The tech people who were on the call with Jones that I linked in the video above, have NOT made this basic leap. Musk himself is starting down this path, but he is also often trapped by this problem.

Their arguments are often based on false facts that they learned from the globalists, but which are simply not true. Those men on the call do not yet understand how important Jones is for helping them grow up and learn about the complexity of the world.

Eventually, for those who do not give up learning, they must discover that the globalists are actually following an ancient religion. Jones gets this. Nobody else in the room that day seems to understand this aspect to the problem. Their religion demands of them that they create virtual reality for everyone outside of their religion. That religion remains in control as long as it remains secret.

Pay attention to how Jones speaks to those on the call. He often cuts short lines of thought that he knows his listeners cannot yet grasp. Ryan and I do this all the time when we speak to random people about our work. Family, in particular, just do not get it. When someone asks me, What do you do? I shudder. The short answer is I am a philologist working on the Bible. That is as useful as saying Jones is a conspiracy theorist.

It will eventually dawn on those men that the WEF is a place where a religion is being practiced. It is not a business/social club that wants $20K annual dues. Once Jones pushes them to this point, then they will come into a place where our work can start to matter.

Hopefully, by the time they catch up with Jones, Ryan and I will have recovered the inspired manuscript, ready for them to take the next step.


As I have covered in previous blogs, I have been rewriting our build environment and changing the runtime environment used across all of our apps. This is so I can start adding more steps into the build environment. Some new build steps will be for managing Bible texts and some will be for managing 3d models.

That work has been going well. I turned this past week to integrating the recent rewrite of the tag system used in our Bible texts. Though working for Bible quotes in the website, there are design issues that I need to address as I bring these 2 systems together. More on that in a future blog.

The first 2 apps that make sense to release on this rewrite are the clock ( and calendar ( Neither quote the Bible, so they mostly stress the environment in which all apps must run. They are tiny compared to the rest of our family of apps, which makes them easier to deal with.

Neither of them had been updated to our recent standards. Neither had current code for tracking device color themes. Both were on an old set of style sheets. So they needed more than just a new build environment.

The work to refresh the content of these apps was finished in the middle of this past week. I had been planning on releasing those apps today. In testing yesterday we found some bugs that are not quick to fix and serious enough that we need to wait another week before public release. These bugs are not specific to either app, but come from some rewritten build and runtime code.

For the record, everything is working well on laptops with Chrome based browsers. Android app install and Apple Safari browsers have some bugs that need some attention before we dare go live. Next week I will address those bugs and then return to the Bible tagging work.


Also, with today's deploy of the BRB, the Books of Psalms, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs and Lamentations, all have complete poetry formatting. Ryan has been busy. It is very nice to see the progress there. Interesting to note in Ecclesiastes, there is a pattern of alternating between prose passages, and then a poetic retelling of the same material. See, for example Ecclesiastes 1:12-15 and 1:16-18.

We are adding poetry formatting to the BRB text in order to better understand the text as given to us by history. This may or may not impact answering questions about inspiration. Those conversations are better informed by having well formatted text. As it currently stands, poetry appears to be more often used by editors than by inspired writers.

More Later,