This post goes into more details on how the future Chinese ground invasion impacts Texas.

Prophetic Mapping

Years ago when we were trained on principles of evangelism we were trained on how to do what was called Spiritual Mapping. The idea being the spiritual climate of an area must be addressed before any sort of Christian outreach will be effective in that area. Mapping precedes intercession which precedes evangelization.

Some of the principles are still sound, though I would now call it Prophetic Mapping. I would also put more weight on listening to Joshua and doing what he says. A little less churchy than what we learned.

After conversation on our Telegram group about Texas, Ryan and I decided we needed a better understanding of the map of the invasion as it impacts Texas. So we've spent another week here doing more Prophetic Mapping of the state.

We were particularly interested in understanding the future western boundary. Where does the invasion find a limit in western Texas? We were also interested in understanding the eastern edge of Texas. We still have a gap in our map in Louisiana. That state will require more work in the future.

Map of Texas

This link is to Google Maps zoomed in on central Texas. We'd previously done a loop from Fort Worth and Dallas to Houston to San Antonio and then back towards Austin. Joshua's word to us then was clear, these major cities were clearly inside a huge safe zone.

This time we looped further west. We had expected some sort of boundary out far west. But, west Texas has no natural borders. Unlike, say, the Missouri river up north. So the limit of the invasion is not a question of finding a natural border, it must be checked town by town.

On the map, find I-10 which goes through San Antonio, and then follow it west. Find Kerrville. This is in hilly country west of San Antonio and where we were told the edge of fighting will be found. Jacob on 1 set of the hills, the Philistines on the other hills.

Keep going west, to Junction, then north up 83 to Eden. Again, more border lands. Heading east from Eden, the territory becomes safe, but fearfully disputed by Brady.

As we were told before, the Chinese will give up and leave because of distraction somewhere else in their empire, not because of any real military success against them. The story is the Assyrians surrounding Jerusalem and the Assyrian departure because of faith of a few in the city. This, of course, is how all of the heart of Texas will stand.

From Brady we headed east, all the way to Temple, Crockett, Lufkin and Hemphill. There were many issues along the way, but never a problem of Chinese invasion. Joshua was now giving us more conventional details on issues in these places. Fear is a common problem. Some places would fall for lack of faith, but because they are surrounded by places of faith they will stand. Some places, especially places in east Texas, will be known as places of refuge. This was similar to Houston. Maybe some day we do Testimony based revivals in these places, some of them could be quite successful.

Curiously we passed Fort Hood, which in the natural would be a military target. Though we did not spend much time there, our understanding is the place will not be successfully attacked. It will survive. (It is very large, though, and we'd need to circle it to be certain.) Families with members in the military will see loss of life, as would be expected.

We were surprised at the location of this western line, especially near San Antonio. The border may loop south of San Antonio itself. We need to do more work there.

It will take much more work to get a more complete map. I could easily imagine several independent teams mapping out the region more carefully. But this second loop confirmed much of what we found a few weeks before. Especially extending east to the eastern edge of the state of Texas.


There was a question on Telegram about the timing of this. Let me summarize my answer here.

There are 3 events which we see so far related to this. These are potentially chartable, but no work has gone into this yet. The 3 events are 1) an attack on Chinese interests by the west. The story is Saul striking the Philistines. The fool will boast, but have no idea what he has done.

This causes the Chinese to raise an army as 'numerous as the sand on the seashore.' Perhaps the biggest army that will ever be raised on earth. That war comes to North America with 2) a series of nuclear strikes, fire, against limited targets here.

The Chinese are coming as a creditor to reclaim what is owed them. They do not want to destroy property if they can avoid it. They especially want farmland.

These nuclear strikes are presumably the 2029 nuclear war, at or very near the timing for Noah's flood.

Then 3) Ground invasion by Chinese forces as has been seen prophetically on the US west coast since at least the late 1990s. This is a slow process and could take a year or more. There will be little or no fuel and little or no mobility when this happens. There will be panic everywhere.

If you are reading this in 2022, you have plenty of time to pray about what to do, if anything. Allow Joshua to prepare you and lead you through this future frightful time.

More Later,