Dome Of The Rock

This blog reviews timing of the building of the Dome Of The Rock. This unpacks riddles of Daniel 12 and significance of the war in Gaza. Then we turn to the identity of modern prophetic pharaoh. Also, we go on a hunt for Job's friends. Finally, we finish with project updates, especially details on the return of the Bible Book Order website.


Strange headlines are continuing to flow rapidly. Before heading into this week's material, here are a couple recent headlines.

Electric War (The Intel Drop)

After the attack on Moscow, the Russians began a concerted effort to keep Ukraine in the dark. The article linked here gives the first few days of that effort. The first day was coincident with the attack on Moscow, so some argue this was planned ahead. I would guess they took some plan and accelerated it.

This is interesting because it has continued. It looks like Russia is now just keeping the lights out across Ukraine. The military strategy here is to make the major cities of Ukraine unlivable to a civilian population.

This prevents Ukraine from conducting most modern activities. There was a similar strategy used against Germany in WWII. Russia is leaving nuclear plants alone, so there is still some power. I would expect major substations to be taken out to stop that source of power from functioning in Ukraine.

Another Example (X)

The link here is to an April 11, 2024, example. One of Ukraine's largest coal stations, 1.8TW of capacity, is gone. Stunning photo, precision bombing.

This is an example of the plague of darkness happening now against the west. A few similar strikes on natural gas transmission facilities and the lights go out in Germany too.

Earthquake NYC (Sputnik Globe)

There was a relatively big earthquake in NYC. M4.7, which is large for the relatively geologically stable eastern regions of the USA. This report in particular picks up the detail of the United Nations Security Council meetings were disrupted by the quake. The topic at the time was Palestine. The epicenter was near Lebanon, New Jersey.

Ship at Verrazzano-Narrows (Natural News)

This is the report of another very large ship loosing power in a US port. This time at the mouth of the Hudson River and the entrance to the New York City harbor. Loss of power leading to loss of control appears to be the mode for these events.

When I first heard of the Baltimore bridge, I immediately thought, if this is an attack, then the Verrazzano bridge would see a similar headline. It took only a few days. That NYC bridge is more iconic than Baltimore. Like Baltimore the Verrazano bridge is a feeder to I-95.

Dome Of the Rock

Last week's blog dealt with the Red Cows that have been imported into Israel. They start the process for rebuilding the temple. This was named as part of the reason for the Hamas attacks on October 7, 2023.

What stands in the way of that temple is a building known as the Dome of the Rock. What follows is a review of the normal history and then prophetic history of that structure.

Dome Of The Rock (Wikipedia)

The link here is to the Wikipedia article covering the politically correct history for the Dome of the Rock. It sits atop what was once called Mount Moriah, adjoining the Old City of Jerusalem.

Because there is such dispute over that piece of ground, the article linked above is trying hard not to pick sides. I am not trying to pick sides here either.

That building has 2 key features that everyone should understand. First is the location atop Temple Mount. This was the site of the Jewish temple from Solomon's day, the rebuilding in Ezra's day and then Herod's reconstruction in the NT era.

Foundation Stone (Wikipedia)

Inside the dome is a large stone. That stone is known as the Foundation Stone as explained in the article linked here. That stone is most likely the stone where the Ark of the Covenant once sat. So that stone is likely at the location of the Holy of Holies when the mount contained a temple.

There are plenty of secondary opinions about where the Temple might have once stood. Some say either north or south of that stone. My opinion is those alternative locations are discussed so as to allow discussion of a future Jewish temple while not triggering the full fight over taking out the Dome of the Rock at the same time.

That rock is also widely thought to be the destination of the journey Abraham took to sacrifice Isaac atop Mount Moriah. That is the older name for temple mount.

Well Of Souls (Wikipedia)

The last part of the Dome of the Rock story that everyone should know is the caves below the top of the mount. The most well known has an entrance inside the Dome of the Rock and heads down just south of the Foundation Stone. The Wikipedia article linked here has several photos taken inside what is now a prayer room there.

I have had discussions with people who have been to Jerusalem and have told me about befriending local Rabbis and then being taken to other caves within that mount.

Ron Wyatt also had testimony of caves further out from Temple Mount. His testimony was that the Ark of the Covenant is hidden within caves very near the mount. My hunch is that properly understood the entire area is likely riddled with man-made caves. Everyone should at least understand that there are caves below.

Jerusalem on Canaan Map

Ryan has recently sketched in the city of Jerusalem on his draft of the Canaan Map in the Qu Map app that I discussed last week. His tentative placement is that Jerusalem is the Sa on the Qu map. This would be matched with San Antonio and generally southern Texas. The Tower of the Americas is the standing Sa. I would also include SpaceX launch facilities at Star Base Texas, their launch tower(s) are also standing Sa letters, giant fence posts.

The Muslim tradition says the location of the Dome of the Rock marks the location of Muhammad's night journey to heaven. This would essentially match the Sa, a pillar up to the skies.

Elsewhere on the map, you can think of SpaceX facilities in Texas. Musk is aiming for a specific place in heaven, Mars. The other journeys are not as precise. The Muslim tradition for that location hints that there was some awareness in the Muslim world about the Qu Map across Canaan.

In the Disneyland map this is the Jungle Cruise ride, where everything along the river is deadly. Think both the Alamo and river walk in San Antonio, if you have not been there, these 2 destinations are very close to each other. You can also think about everyone attacking Musk. Now, think of the fighting over Jerusalem, all related to the Sa letter.

Building History

As the article indicates, construction was started some time around 685 and finished around 692. The building we have today is not exactly the same. There have been many times in history when that building has been damaged and rebuilt, usually because of earthquakes. The Jordan Rift valley is a fault line that can cause massive quakes.

Outside of Wikipedia, there are more details on the construction of the dome. In a book called "The Last of the Giants: Lifting the Veil on Islam and the End Times" by George Otis, published in 1991, there are more details. These are less politically correct, so will not be mentioned on Wikipedia. I read that book when it was first released.

In particular, the original dome part of that structure was moved from a temple dedicated to the sun in what is now Lebanon. Using this fact we can look at the design of modern Mount Moriah from that perspective. Iconographically, the dome represents the sun, with a golden dome. Sun symbols are usually paired with moon symbols. In this case the Al-Aqsa mosque located to the south of Temple Mount is a silver coated dome. Silver tarnishes with time and is often used for the moon side of sun-moon pairs. Silver polished is like a full moon. Fully tarnished silver is like a new moon. In this view, all other mosques would be the starry host.

Another detail in Otis' book about the construction of the Dome of the Rock is that it blocked local Jewish access to the Foundation Stone. In particular, that dome stopped the ability of local Jews to conduct sacrifice on the Foundation Stone. That detail did not register until 6 or so years later when I was working on Bible Time.

Get out a calculator and run the difference between 1948 and, say, 691. If you get the same number as me, you will see 1257 years difference. This is nearly exactly 1260 years or 1/2 of a 7 times interval. If we back into the construction process that is said to have started in 685, then 1260 years fits exactly between that dome and 1948. Why would this matter?

1948 is the end of the main 7 times interval from the Babylonian invasion of Jerusalem in Nebuchadnezzar's day until events in 1948 in Jerusalem. Maybe it was just Babylonians invading again, we will see.

So the full 7 times interval dealing with Jerusalem also has a headline at the 1/2 way point, in this case building that dome. 1/2 of a 7 times interval is found in various places in the text. All of the prophetic time intervals in the Book of Revelation are 1/2 of a 7 times interval. There are also a few found in the OT too. Of all of those, 2 of them deal with the end of sacrifice at the middle of a 7 times interval. Those are found in Daniel 9 and Daniel 12.

Daniel 9 (BRB)

The link here is to Daniel 9. Scroll down to vs. 27.

It says that sacrifice and offering will cease in the middle of a 7 times interval. This is what George Otis had called out in his book.

After the year 70, there was no temple in Jerusalem. There were several failed attempts to rebuild it, including 1 such attempt by Rome itself.

But the detail that matters is that sacrifice continued to some extent even after there was no standing temple building. This is what the Dome of the Rock ended, and is what is referenced in Daniel 9:27.

That passage in Daniel is trouble for everyone to translate. We wait for the audit to clean it up. But it seems to suggest desolation of some sort will continue until some sort of end.

We also do not have very good history from Jerusalem from the mid 600s. When, exactly did construction begin? When was access blocked?

Making matters worse, those 1260 years are not normally the 2nd half of a 7 times interval. Normally 1290 days make up the second half of such an interval. This confusion is addressed in Daniel 12.

Daniel 12 (BRB)

The link here is to Daniel 12 in the BRB. Scroll down to the last section of that chapter, green text if divine voice is enabled. This is the close of the book and the last words to Daniel.

In vs. 11, it again mentions the end of daily sacrifice, so Daniel closes on the events at the start of the building of the Dome of the Rock. This time it references 1290 days, so it points to something in 1978.

The big deal in 1978 with Israel was the signing of the Camp David Accords. This was the document that brought peace between Egypt and Israel.

But that Daniel 12:11 story then says to count out to 1335 days, so as years that is 75 years from 1948. Run the math and we get 2023.

We know this as the start of fighting again in Gaza in October of 2023.

Now it makes sense why Hamas, at 100 days into that fighting, named the Red Cows as part of their reason for events that day. They were pointing back to the Dome of the Rock and thus back to these stories in Daniel about sacrifice.

Now, keep reading. Daniel 12:13, but only in Aramaic, says that after 2023 we must wait until Noah for all of this to be complete.

We know Noah already as the main event in 2029, and we are already in the week of years ahead of Noah where we are in the warning season. The war in Gaza that started in October, 2023, is likely to be the start of the war that destroys most of the world in 2029. It may ebb and flow until then, but it will not stop.

A Candidate Pharaoh

Regular readers here know that I have been on a long term hunt for a prophetic pharaoh. The modern replays of the plagues, especially in the 2008 financial crisis, want someone to be in the office of a modern pharaoh.

I have been in many hours of meetings when we have had long conversations on what office and what person this might be. Is it an American leader? Someone like Obama? The problem with Obama is that he is the Arab that sleeps in pharaoh's bed. That story suggests he is close to Pharaoh, but pharaoh is someone else.

Nobody else besides Obama in American circles seems able to fit the role. Because Queen Elizabeth seemed outside of pharaoh, we have speculated about Prince, now King, Charles. Maybe. What about Klaus Schwab at the WEF? Maybe. Maybe someone hidden? A CEO at a big bank in New York City, like Goldman? Or a CEO at a big investment house, like Black Rock? The range of corporate officers that we have discussed for pharaoh never seemed public enough.

Prophetic Moses has been easier to pencil in. I still consider Putin the most likely candidate. Recent video of him quoting the Gospels in otherwise staid Russian government meetings is yet more evidence in support. But who is Moses' opponent?

Many of you have wrestled over this problem with me. Some in Email, and some in person. It is a hard problem.

The Riddle Cracks

Because of heavy war news I am often listening to commentary on the war while I am working. Judge Napolitano is my favorite. Each week he does a set of podcasts of about a half hour each. He has an excellent group of regular guests. They have really good insight on all things related to Ukraine and Israel.

One of the Judge's guests made a comment when I was only half listening. It took half a day before it sunk in. The comment was an offhanded remark attributed to Benjamin Netanyahu. At some point in some major public meeting, Netanyahu boasted that he could get anything out of the American Congress that he (Netanyahu) might ever want.

The judge and his guests laughed at how ironic this is. Nobody in the USA can do the same, not members of Congress, nor the President, nor for that matter any of the state governors currently dealing with being overrun by aliens.

This remark from Netanyahu did not sink in right away, so I cannot even give you the link to the video. It was hours later. The characteristic that prophetic pharaoh must have is that he rules the western world, and can get anything out of the US Congress that he might want. Congress must be pharaoh's servants. From control of congress comes control of a seat with veto power in the UN security council, control of the reserve currency, control over the US and NATO military forces. Finally, control over a massive set of other details including media, education, international borders and so on.

Nobody in the USA has a similar privilege.

Netanyahu self identified as prophetic pharaoh.

So let me define this formally. The office of prophetic pharaoh is the Prime Minister of modern Israel. The occupant of that office is currently Benjamin Netanyahu. So some other man, or woman, could take over that office, and has, over the past few decades.

That office has changed hands 37 times since it was founded, though that office tends to see a rotation of the same people coming and going over time. So, Netanyahu could easily be replaced with some other pharaoh, provided we do not see an Exodus event to stop the cycles.

Watching Headlines

I have thought about this explanation for our missing pharaoh for about a week. Though there may still be another explanation, this is doing a good job of explaining many headlines.

Try this out over the next few weeks and see if it makes sense given the stream of headlines that we see in the western world.

Pharaoh's Officials

The plagues narratives also involve the problems that pharaoh's officials have with the ongoing plagues. Think the financial crisis of 2008, and now financial troubles with the US Dollar. Gold is climbing outside of their ability to manipulate. BRICS is built on gold and a basket of other commodities. So BRICS currencies are going to get much stronger as pharaoh's currency is plagued. BRICS is stripping Egypt of gold.

So who are the officials of pharaoh?

In Israel those officials would be the Knesset, so 1 set of officials. From there command authority stretches down and out to the rest of Israel's government, including the IDF and the military operations in Gaza.

But the US Congress should be considered another branch of pharaoh's officials. From pharaoh, command authority stretches out and down across much of the US Federal government too. This includes virtually all American bankers, including private banks and the Federal Reserve.

Pharaoh's command authority also stretches out and down into the American empire. There is a symbiosis between the American military and the banking cartel. International bankers cannot function without an army as their enforcer. Most of the American military invasions of small countries since World War I were to enforce loan repayments. Those loans were from New York City based banks.

So the chain of authority out from pharaoh's office to the world seems to fit.

We can now rethink history and any ongoing headlines in light of this identification. We can also watch for alternatives to this possible pharaoh, if there are any.

Israel Lobby (Youtube)

Influence over the US government by Israel is known most generally as the Israel Lobby. The link here is an interview of a well known professor who ultimately back stops the inability of anyone from the USA to stop Genocide because of the influence of that lobby. This is a prophetic story that now has a known scriptural back story. Pharaoh rules.

This explains many other things too. There are topics that are still being banned on social media in the USA, including on X.

The Banning of Alex Jones (

The link here is to an article on that explains the most recent banning of Alex Jones. This time, hilariously, Alex Jones banned Alex Jones himself. Though the video is still online. You can watch what causes him so much trouble. Highly recommended to learn what even Alex Jones cannot show. His problem is ultimately with pharaoh.

Alex Jones' guest was then soon banned by Youtube, no doubt at the request of pharaoh's officials. That guest is also now still on X, but it looks like he is shadow banned for the same anti-pharaoh content.

Job's Friends

Last blog I started to lay out more prophetic understanding of Russia. The heavenly kings of Enoch and Job both align with Russia via the Canaan Map.

We do not have many details of Enoch, so there is not much help from that king's biography to understand Russia. But on the side of Job, the story is much different. The whole narrative of the Book of Job involves a long conversation with his 3 friends.

Russia is not a colonizing power, like the USA, nor the west. This is in part because of the feminine sense of Russia. So when we look at the world map via the Bible Tribes studies we have troubling finding the feminine side of the Earth.

I have long graphed China as part of Russia's bigger map because of the communist histories of both countries. (Communism, as a political philosophy, is feminine.) But this map was basically filling in a hole, and not based on any good scriptural story.

But use Job's 3 friends to think about international linkages. Can we find them in the world? Are there 3 important nations friendly to Russia?

If you watched the Volga river documentary I linked in a recent blog, you will have seen it covering the location and story of a mosque that was gifted to Russia as a sign of friendship from Iran. The whole southern end of the Volga water shed is Muslim, thus the motive for that gift.

Big iconic gifts often link back to prophetic national histories. So combine the idea that we should be looking for Job's friends with nations near Russia. That gift of a mosque suggests we have our first evidence of Iran being a friend to Russia.

Russia-China Friendship Treaty (Reuters)

The link here is to a report of the Russians and Chinese extending what was in 2021 a 20 year old friendship treaty. There is that friendship word again. Russia is not going around conquering, like a man might, but going around making friends. That idea is so strange to how America conducts foreign policy. There is an alternative to the foreign policy of pharaoh's Egypt.

So Iran and China have identified friendship links. So now there are 2 friends. Are there others?

India Russia Friendship (VOA News)

This one from December of 2023. India and Russia were renewing their friendship ties. This is listed as a decades old friendship. India ignored sanctions on Russia over Ukraine, another working sign of friendship with Russia.

At this point we have 3 big countries in friendship with Russia, Job's 3 friends. This breaks along the east-west lines of Earth itself.

The organization that seems to be the basis of Russia's growing group of friends is BRICS. This is Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. So missing from BRICS is Iran, but there is a mutual defense treaty that would formalize the modern friendship.

We can expect pharaoh to want to break this up, and so we should be watching for color revolutions in BRICS nations, as this is pharaoh's normal technique for taking power. Elon Musk just got himself in trouble in Brazil over this. Should we be surprised?

Musk's Trouble In Brazil (Natural News)

From Musk's side, my paraphrase, a tyrant has taken over Brazil, and like any good leftist, wants his opponents banned. The tyrant cannot defend himself in a fight with good ideas.

Musk knows the Brazilian law, and has outstanding court cases on this same topic. He wants a court to rule in his favor. Though the tyrant is a judge, that judge does not trust other judges to support him, and thus is attacking Musk personally. This puts X and Starlink at risk in Brazil, and Musk the man at personal risk from, say, Brazilians.

When have we seen this before?

This is the pattern of pharaoh, even if we cannot see the links yet. Leftist, tyrant, color revolutions are the pattern. The motive would be to break the B out of the BRICS.

South Africa would be expected to see the same. (Maybe we saw those headlines a year ago?) Pharaoh and his officials will want their empire whole. They want to conquer the whole world. Thus war against Russia from NATO, Iran from Israel and China from Taiwan. Leaving India as a curiosity, the battle lines now have scriptural support, Job's friends.

Iran (Youtube)

The link here is to another very interesting video. This is a long interview with an Iranian professor explaining the history of Iran and why it supports the people of South Africa and Gaza. Iran is Job's friend, and sits outside of Pharoah's control, thus the desire of pharaoh to wipe them out using American weapons in another war. This video adds interesting history and links back to the S in BRICS and Gaza where genocide is still ongoing.

As I write this, the world is waiting for Iran to attack Israel over the consulate bombing in Damascus by Israel. Israel has pulled out their military from Gaza, apparently preparing for war against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israel is still maintaining their blockade of Gaza with the intent to starve out Gaza by famine. Genocide of Gaza is still going on.

From the perspective of the plagues stories, which plague is pharaoh conducting there? The focus has been on killing women and children. So killing the babies is the likely story for what we are watching. That story seems to merge in the text with the blood on the Nile. This time the blood is in the sea along the coast of Gaza as the human remains in the rubble are used to build docks. If this is the correct plague match, then this is early in a long series of plagues still to come. The ship headlines we've seen recently are probably just distant markers for the seacoast dock at Gaza.

Bad Optics From Gaza

Until the end of 2023, the Israeli side was claiming they were the victims of genocide at October 7, 2023, and the world sort of gave them a pass. The fog of war was such that it was hard to know what was going on in Gaza.

The past couple months, as reports out of Gaza continued to mount, the public attitude towards Israel has shifted. The public now generally calls out Israel as responsible for genocide in Gaza. This has apparently showed up in polling data. I can certainly see it in the comment logs of live streams and of X posts. Most of the public around the world sees Gaza as the victim.

Western politicians have personal brand trouble when they still support Israel. The public immediately steps away. Recent election results in Michigan can be explained this way. Biden seems to have trouble in this area.

Erdogan Local Elections (The Intel Drop)

In Turkey, the political party of Erdogan recently lost local mayoral elections in part because the public in Turkey wants their government to do something to help the people of Gaza. Erdogan himself risks election trouble later this year if he does not do something. (Besides installing American made voting machines, but I digress.)

Erdogan has now directed Turkey to sanction Israel. That is taking some action, and might help his polls. Turkey has banned the export to Israel of 54 various commodities. Here is a link to a commentary on this headline.

Turkey Sanctions (Youtube)

The Youtube channel is called the Daily Blob. The host is a tech guy who now teaches young tech guys, and his content is usually tech. But in this video he changes subjects. The intro explains why.

Anyone running a business needs to always be monitoring headlines, from around the world, because they can impact businesses in surprising ways. A flood in Thailand can cause a hard drive shortage, say. So to teach his normal audience the real world problems of real tech businesses he takes on the Turkey sanctions.

This is the first video that I have seen where someone is expecting wider supply chain troubles and especially brand damage from events in Israel.

Inside Israel, for some companies, their supply chains are now in trouble. This is currently not a western problem, but Iran can stop oil flow to the west. That is a major concern for all businesses in the western world.

Outside of Israel there are now companies with damaged brands because of Israel's genocide in Gaza. The company he is using as an example is Intel. Intel has a large operation in Israel, and so Intel is now associated with supporting genocide. If you are buying computers, do you want to be known for ordering computers with Intel inside? For many the answer will be no. (I will look for AMD next time I go shopping.)

I would add that Daily Wire, and affiliated personalities like Jordan Peterson are also now brand damaged by the same logic. Just watch comment streams and you can see this.

If you watch the whole video, he will also show that Israel threatened Turkey back by promising American sanctions against Turkey. That detail would make no sense if prophetic pharaoh's office was not inside Israel itself. This working understanding of pharaoh is seeing confirmation in many strange places as here. The governor of Texas could never do the same could he?

Project Updates

The TT and BRB projects are still being worked on. No updates to them this week. Probably next week, but watch this space. Just like last week, keep your history short, and copy lots out to diaries with an eye towards an update next Friday afternoon when history may be lost.

The BRB, in particular, is being broken up into 2 apps, which is in part why this is taking so long. As we wandered into this, we realized this is our time to fix long standing issues. More on that next week.

But, instead of updating existing apps this week, there is a new member in the website family. Bible Book Order was Ryan's first big website. It is now back. Here is the link.

Bible Book Order (

Several weeks ago we were asked to restore the Bible Book Order website. It has been offline for a long time. We dug in the vault and found the old site. With not much work we were able to get it up on our new build system.

Only a few readers here are likely to remember this website. The roots of the work go back to 2005 when Ryan began thinking about the problems of the order of the books in the Bible.

Ryan has a degree in the Bible. One of his professors had made a comment in class about context. Most stories in the Bible are interpreted using the stories that come before and come after. Depending on the book order in use, the context and thus meaning of stories at the start and end of books seems to change.

Ryan took that idea to heart. Our protestant Bibles might not be in their inspired order. (Oh how we have changed.) Ryan set out to see if he could change the book order. There were 2 keys to this. The first was to match the 66 chapters of Isaiah to the 66 books in a Protestant Bible. The second key was to use the travel itinerary in Acts to help with the NT book order. At the same time he was monitoring for the contextual chain between those books that his professor had hinted might be there.

Theoretical Goal

The content from each chapter in Isaiah should match content in a matched book, in order. The trick was to rearrange the Protestant books so this was true beyond the first 5 chapters of Isaiah which were already known to work this way.

In addition, all books in order, should end on a topic that the next book picks up on in some way. Stated differently, books should chain.

Ryan called this work the Isaiah book order. The logo is a circled 66 in honor of the 66 chapters in Isaiah. The first 2 tabs on that site are the Isaiah chapter to book maps and the book Chain.

Title Sentences

Along the way there was another study. This one has my name on it. It came prophetically. Some readers here were there. Take the names of the books, in this order, and translate them. See what it says. Thus the Sentences tab on that website.

Those book names do tell a story.

Number Studies

Finally, we were starting to wonder if there was a way to map books to time. Maybe personal lives are following the books, 1 year to the book?

This was a general study which we at the time called the Life Diary. We checked this against a friend with a well documented life. Something like this appears to be going on.

We also checked this against many, many examples of lives given in the text. The Numbers tab on that website was the result of that study.

So all of the raw data from those number based studies is now back online for anyone to read and think about.

Review Of 20 Year Old Work

Ryan has told me that he cringes at some of the content on that website. This was 20 years ago. He was young and excited over the discoveries he was making. There was a prophetic flow. None of us understood how many more years of work were still ahead. His skill has changed considerably. That site was a major first step to the recovery work he is now doing. He had to start somewhere.

If some student of ours now turned in a similar study for us to review, here is what we would say.

1) Chapter numbers are late in history. The same study should be done again, but just looking at the natural literary flow of Isaiah. Being loose with the chapter breaks would increase the odds of good matches to books.

We would now say, that Ezra was adding content to Isaiah as he was canonizing his Hebrew Bible. He was out to imitate an inspired system as best he could. We had to go through Ezra's version to even learn that such a system could exist. The Table of 400 is our current tool for learning about the inspired system.

Ezra was probably fixing his own new book order in the process of writing Isaiah as we know it now. This strategy followed from Isaiah should yield Ezra's intended order for the OT books.

Isaiah appears to have allowed for what became NT additions later. The work of NT editor Ananias was likely done to match the chapters late in Isaiah. Because this was not done at the same time, the NT book to Isaiah chapter matches are not going to be as strong. This is something Ryan saw when he was working on that website.

2) The concept of Title Sentences is likely inspired. We mean that as concept, not as per the known 66 book Protestant Canon. All of the known book orders from history have a different order to their books. So there is a different order to their book titles. So each book order forms their own unique set of title sentences.

This study is not unique to Ryan's book order work at all. The idea for this came prophetically while we were thinking about that particular book order. We had to learn it somewhere.

Our current recovery work will likely also generate some set of title sentences. If book names are not passed to us by history, we will likely see the need for book names to be added back into blank places in the audit.

We would expect any missing titles to be buried in the text somewhere else. Likely this would be in a long list of names, say some genealogy. We'd start by looking in Ezra's work for such a list, since Ezra may have felt compelled to keep it somewhere because of the Law of Babel. He could add words, but not remove. So he may have been forced to preserve an inspired table of contents. Such a list of names, though, could be found tucked away anywhere in the text.

3) Number Studies are also likely inspired. We have found our first strong hint at that with the kings tables we have looked at recently. There is a massive timeline study still to follow on that same theme.

There are 3 different levels of address systems in the text that could form the basis for similar number studies. Different types of lives may cycle differently. The kings, say, may be different than the lives in the genealogies of Genesis. These lists likely cycle on 25 years, not 66 as done in that website.

As history is divided into 50 year Jubilees, it is possible that every year in history has some inspired text cycling past. Weekly Sabbath reads might expand out to some sort of yearly read. This would augment all years with other inspired stories.

A good application would be to look at important prophetic years. So consider the years 1948, 1978, 2023 and 2029 as discussed earlier in this blog. There might ultimately be some standing inspired text that those years already carry.

The 2550 year cycle of the 7 times stories is an even multiple of both 50 and 25. So all 7 times intervals will begin and end on at least the same scrolls.

The 50 weeks of Sabbath Reads divides the stories into 50 different buckets. This may be what aligns with Jubilee years. This might not be just a simple linear flow. This would be more precise to each year and with less text each year.

This will require more study to prove out, but it would be very useful for understanding major prophetic events at all prophetic time scales that themselves ultimately link back to years.

Value Going Forward

We have been at this a very long time. When people first learn of us they rarely understand the amount of work that we have done nor the length of time we have been at this.

The Bible Book Order website, as recovered, gives people better visibility to our past and the steps we have gone through to get to where we are now.

Bringing back has been a good reminder of some of the systems that we have ignored for years. Those early systems remain important to the complete inspired manuscript and how it might apply in various ways to the world.

More Later,