The situation in Ukraine has shifted dramatically this week. Western media seem to be telegraphing a change in strategy. This is good. It slows down the path to nuclear war. Details Follow.

Problems of Timing

The events in Ukraine start around March 1, 2022, with a 7 year warning ahead of a major anniversary of Noah's flood in 2029. We would not expect Ukraine to blow up into a full on world ending World War 3 right now, though this is certainly showing the fault lines for that war. The west cannot keep up Ukraine fighting without triggering a bigger blow up pretty soon.

So the hidden western elites are starting to change their minds. What follows are links to articles and some commentary to show this is cooling down. This change is how war stretches out over the next 7 years.

New York Times

This link is to an Unz article giving the timing of the Times articles that show the shift. This paper is a mouth piece for the deep state, and the strategy change has been hinted at since May 11, 2022, and then again on May 19, 2022 the shift continued. We are being told they are winding down the Ukraine war, at least for now.

The general reason is the widespread understanding this is a proxy war, and the US/NATO is the aggressor and is fighting Russia. If this is not wound down, the Russians and Chinese will move more directly against Europe and the USA.

Reasons for this shift are clear. The Russians have executed their ground invasion with high skill. Putin enjoys wide popular support in Russia. Sanctions against Russia completely backfired, with the ruble high, and oil revenues to Russia higher than before the war.

Russia is expected to have her largest grain crop ever, with high volumes of exports and high profit. They will be perceived as heros by the global south who are facing famine. If the war continues into the next election it could also cause trouble for Democrats. (Though of course they control the voting machines, so this threat is theoretical.)

Washington Post

This link is to a Zero Hedge article describing how the Washington Post is now publicly against the war in Ukraine too. So both of the main Deep State media properties are telling us the west will be backing down in Ukraine.

This report explains how most of the media representation of what was going on in Ukraine over the past several months has been false. The Ukraine army has had little if any success against Russia. The Ukraine army is poorly trained and poorly lead.

Many of the troops were tricked into the war, thinking they were there for security details, not front line duty. Many Ukraine troops are using weapons left over from World War I and World War II. They have recently been surrendering to the Russians en-mass.

Henry Kissinger

This link is to a page on Armstrong Economics and gives an FT video interview of 99 year old Henry Kissinger. He is prophetic Eve, remember. He was also speaking at the WEF this past week with the same message. Ukraine needs to give back territory to Russia in order to end this war.

Presumably he is doing these public appearances at someone's request. He has been rolled out in order to give the public a reason why there is a change in strategy, Henry said so, so we will.

These reports are all very good short term news.

There will still be a Chinese ground invasion of the western USA caused by some sort of attack by the west on China or Chinese interests. Just not so soon. All prophetic Noahs still need time to build their arks.

More Later,