UFO Hearings in DC

Congress is holding a series of hearings on the subject of UFOs. This blog gives background, links and commentary on what is going on there. It ends with a few notes on an IPv6 upgrade to our production server this past week.


The legacy media has been making sport over a series of hearings being held on Capital hill. The hearings themselves are quite serious, and not so much about UFOs as about the hidden groups who have been collecting UFO debris and reverse engineering those remains.

The problem is that watching clips of the hearings is great for sound bites but terrible for understanding what sort of agenda might be in play. It is also very hard to see what the intended goals of these hearings might be.

Steven Greer

The principle investigator behind these hearings is Steven Greer. He is a 68 year old retired emergency room trauma doctor. He began volunteering his time and talent to study the subject of UFOs about 1989.

The timing of his involvement is triangulating against all the other things that shifted at the end of the 1000 years of Christianity in Russia. He has enough strange early life testimony to suggest a call to this life work.

Greer has been taken seriously by people in various branches of the US government. He has been briefing various government officials on these topics since the 1990s.

Greer has been slowly working towards these hearings for decades. There was the first round of success at the federal level last year. An important change in federal law enabled public discussion on these topics. He is quite clear that several more changes in federal law are needed before the best witnesses can eventually come before Congress and report publicly about what is going on. We are only getting a taste of what might come later.

Greer and his small team of volunteers has been slowly collecting sworn testimonies from whistle blowers. Their current case file contains about 750 entries. Since the hearings began, he is estimating maybe 2 more people each week are coming forward to his group with more to share.

When Greer speaks in public he is speaking from the perspective of a domain expert. He does not always cite sources, but he is fluent in a set of related subjects, including aliens, UFOs, free energy and reverse engineering of UFO technology.

Even if nothing else comes of Greer's work, he is defining the terms and the field of play for conversation about a set of related problems. He is doing it with a high understanding of these subjects.

In my opinion, high quality sources for these topics have been very hard to find over the 30 or so years I have been tracking this stuff. Greer is perhaps the first since Tom Bearden, for those who know of Bearden's work.

What follows are some links and commentary on why this is all very interesting. In the case of Greer's work, there is a ton of ways to explore. Here are a couple good starting points.

Redacted With Greer (youtube.com)

This link is to a long form interview that Greer gave to Clayton Morris at Redacted. Length is about 1 hour 10 minutes, so plan your time. This interview is friendly and covers most of Greer's subjects. It is a good place to start.

National Press Club, June 12, 2023 (Youtube.com)

The link here is to a 3 hour video where Greer hosts an event at the National Press Club in Washington DC. In this video he introduces his hopes for the hearings and what he would ultimately like to see from Congress.

This is a stunning video. Plan your time and be prepared to pause the video in order to think about what he has said. He moves through profound topics at a brisk pace.

Greer brought 6 of the witnesses who were scheduled to appear before Congress. Those witnesses span the gamut of the UFO topics Greer deals with. Towards the end of the 3 hours he returns to the podium and adds many more details once the audience understands what is going on. So don't stop early. Plan your time.

Greer is defining terms and key ideas to a level of detail I've not previously seen from a reliable source. Let me summarize some of his keys points.

1) Aliens, ie: non-human extra terrestrials, have been visiting Earth since they were apparently attracted here after nuclear blasts at the end of World War II. Nuclear blasts appear to rip space-time itself and can be detected at galactic distances.

2) All real aliens are peaceful. None want war. They just want humans to stop interfering with those who live in other systems. Humans are creating problems because Nuclear devices, like bombs and reactors, and free energy weapons rip the fabric of space and time even to their locations.

3) By the early 1950s, secret groups, apparently in the US Government, started interacting with these aliens in various ways. These groups learned how to shoot down real UFOs. UFO debris were reverse engineered and then used to reproduce the primary propulsion and gravity manipulation tech used in UFOs.

4) Most UFO encounters today are of humans from Earth who are flying reproductions of real alien craft. Appendages, riveted surfaces, and recognizable national identities of the crew are markers for Earth built UFOs.

The patterns Greer is exposing in human groups that deal with alien technology are the same as the patterns of our editors. We are dealing with the same fundamental community. Greer is teaching us what has become of the text's villains.

Unknown Parties

The obvious shock to many is the existence of aliens. The media is mostly playing up this aspect of the hearings. This aspect is completely missing the point.

The real problem is that the American companies, supposed US government contractors who are doing this work, are NOT known to even the secret side at the top of the US Government.

What Greer is calling out is a distinction in the structure of the deep state. First there is the secret branches of the US Government that are run by Congress and the White House. This is primarily branches of the government that deal with genuine military secrets. Then there is some other group that is not run by government itself that is involved in this work.

Many of Greer's UFO related whistle blowers believe themselves to be working for the federal government. But at the same time, members of congress and the US Military swear to have no knowledge of the existence of those programs.

This means this UFO related work is happening outside of the elected government of the USA. This is why Congress has an interest in understanding what is going on. These hearings are not so much about aliens and their technology, but about various organizations who are operating outside of the rule of law.

Greer makes the repeated point that anyone involved in managing these efforts is committing treason. He is repeatedly and rightly calling for a time of amnesty and then prosecution of anyone involved in these projects. Their crime is treason. This is a polite way to call for the execution of anyone committing a capital offense against the lawful government of the USA.

This is Greer's clear goal for this effort. This is the hopeful eventual outcome of the hearings currently going on in the US Congress.

In addition, by making this claim, Greer is giving his audiences some comfort that he himself is not a part of the problem. He is also fighting the same general body of people that we would call the modern expression of the 6 primary villains in the inspired text. Even though we would dispute many of his religious points, Greer appears to be on our side.

The Lost Century And How To Reclaim It (Documentary)

I am deliberately not giving a link to Greer's documentary video by this name. It is on most paid video streaming platforms, including Amazon. On Amazon it is available for rent for $2.74. It is on most of the other paid video platforms too, so you may have access in some other way.

In this documentary Greer covers the history of zero point energy, also known as free energy. I know some readers here are not old enough to know this from earlier reliable sources. Most of the best zero point energy sources are no longer alive and no longer online. Greer is importantly raising this topic to a new generation.

This is important enough that I am recommending watching this video if you can. I need to pick off some of the subjects in this documentary and elaborate some important details.

Tom Bearden

Perhaps the most important source on zero point or free energy from 30 years ago was Tom Bearden. He is shown in the Lost Century documentary. By looking at Bearden's physical health in this video he must have been recorded in the early 1990s.

Almost every point Greer makes he might as well have learned from Bearden. All of the examples of Free Energy devices from before 1995 were discussed in great length in Bearden's catalogs of these things. Unlike Greer, Bearden would go into the likely physics. Bearden also dealt with important patents, and deep state behaviors that Greer is only partially covering himself.

Crazy Inventor Syndrome

In this documentary Greer goes into what he calls the 'crazy inventor syndrome.' The condition is real. Most were trained in public school to think that inventors need patents to protect their technology. Most of these inventors were doing their work before open source software and before the public internet was built out.

Greer uses an interview with a former US Patent Office employee to explain how the Patent office actually functions. Ultimately it is a system for scanning inventions for the purposes of taking those inventions from the patent filer and thus from the public.

The same distrust of all things related to the US Government that kept people away from the Covid Kill Shots is needed when thinking about filing any sort of patent. Short answer is don't do it.

Open sourcing of inventions is the only reasonable alternative. It is in keeping with the first question in the text, Are you your brother's keeper? If so, then patents are a violation of the principle behind the story of Cain and Abel.

Greer's position is that this work needs to be done in a distributed, open source, way. I agree.

Thomas Moray

Thomas Moray is another of the inventors briefly mentioned in Greer's documentary. In the 1930s Moray became the earliest expert in silicon. Let me give a little more background so you can understand the patent office as well as the problem of suppressed technology.

Moray was born in 1892. He was an early expert in radio, but he was also an expert in geology and connected to the mining industry in Utah. In the 1930s he was prospecting in Europe and found a Silicon ore deposit somewhere in Scandinavia that was extremely pure and did not need difficult refining. So he had access to electronics grade silicon from that deposit. Everything silicon is used for today in integrated circuits, Moray worked out in prototype form before the start of WWII.

Moray also found that silicon has many useful free energy related uses. He built free energy devices that he then demonstrated to audiences across Utah, probably safely to his person through his Mormon church connections.

A sample of that key invention is what is shown in Greer's documentary. In his work Moray demonstrated free energy devices, but he also understood the solid state amplifiers built with silicon today. Amplification and energy extraction appear to be the same fundamental function of silicon.

Before I knew any of this I was in high school electronics class messing with transistors. In my first real paying job, 10th grade, I had been hired by my electronics teacher, Phil Hoxter, to build all the bench equipment for the then new school electronics lab. These were 12 sets of mostly Heath Kits if you are old enough to remember those.

On the bench one day I was having trouble with a transistor and how the oscilloscope was showing what was going on. I asked Hoxter for help, which he gladly gave. Then he told me that the alternative view for understanding my problem was that silicon transistors operate in the time domain, unlike most vacuum tubes. With that he turned and walked away.

It was a curious comment. Hoxter may have been familiar with Moray's work.

Moray is the real original inventor of the transistor. He filed for the patent maybe a decade before Bell Labs. Problem was Moray was a Utah based Mormon and not a member of the deep state's club.

Moray's patent application was rejected but likely also passed off ultimately to Bell Labs. It took people at Bell Labs maybe 10 years to figure out what Moray had understood and demonstrated across Utah many years before. Bell labs never did publicly address the free energy/time domain side of silicon. Today's silicon based logic chips should all by now be self powering.

By the early 1960s, Moray was publicly demonstrating transmutation of gold. In other words he could create gold from other elements on the periodic table. This transformation was especially easy from the other minerals found in the many gold mine tailings piles spread across Utah.

The specific details as to how he did this were lost at his death in 1974. It is curious to think that natural gold might have been created by transmutation triggered by external forces at some point in the ancient history of known gold deposits.

Our Issues With The Lost Century Documentary

This Lost Century documentary is based on a live presentation by Greer. I give the production of this video a 2 stars out of 5 for content quality. Most of his stuff is much better.

The first 24 minutes are so bad that Ryan and I stopped the video and discussed if I should just drop using Greer as a topic for this blog.

I had mostly given up at that point but we decided to watch it to the end. It got better after that point which is why I continued with writing this blog post. You can safely skip the first 24:00 minutes if you are in a hurry.

The editing process messed up the original inspiration and thought process that made the original meeting interesting and important. The editing shifted the reason as to why this whole topic is important. It is presented as a fix to the pseudo religious problem of global warming.

Global warming is a false political creation by the same villains Greer regularly fights. He is not free of them. The fundamental and real problem is that fossil fuels are a limited natural resource of Earth. These fuels are being extracted at a fast rate and will soon be exhausted. There is also not enough to go around.

The editors do not properly credit Telsa nor Elon Musk's fundamental takes on the problems of solar energy and resource extraction for electric cars. Tesla has published position papers on the cost and work to bring the entire world economy, not just transit, onto solar power. It is completely possible to do this without the need for free energy. This is important because of the fallen nature of man. Let me explain.

Fallen Nature of Mankind

Greer does not properly integrate the problems of the fallen nature of mankind. We would all be dead if some fool got a hold of free energy tech before WWII. We will not make it through WWIII if this tech is released any time soon.

Imagine if that class bully you knew as a kid could release enough energy to boil all the Earth's oceans? All it would take is 1 such deranged fool and the planet would be done. Remember Planet V? Rememer Noah? We've been there before.

This is the rightful fear of the visiting aliens. This is our rightful fear too. This is why solar power from the sun is fundamentally safe. Free energy will never be safe for use on Earth for reasons of human nature.

If you want to grant power to some group so they can control the class bullies then those bullies will again slowly take over that group for themselves. This is the story of the villains in the text. Read Ezra's commissioning letter again if this is not clear. They play a long term game.

Limited Over Unit Devices

Perhaps one of the over unity electric motors or over unity electric transformers might be safe. Bearden realized this point long ago. Watch for the scene in Greer's documentary with 5 lit 100 watt bulbs as a possibly safe example of what could be harnessed safely here. There would need to be theoretical sound proof that the amount of releasable energy was limited by the mass of the transformer.

With these caveats, I recommend the Lost Century documentary as yet another easy way to wade into the topics of free energy that are intimately woven into high-speed, free-energy, space propulsion systems that are not only used by aliens, and criminal earthlings, but also by the heavenly kings.

Alien Deep State Interaction

One of Greer's key points is that the interaction with real aliens is happening through a secret group that generally wants to shoot them down. Those relations do not appear to be friendly, so we appear to be ruining our potential relations with other species.

That secret group is typically called the deep state. These are the modern heirs of Nebuchadnezzar's world conquering kingdom. It has always been tied to the banking cartel, which spans the globe.

Greer reports how the groups handling UFO technology span the globe. Of course these are the same. All of these old globe spanning networks are the same and have been building out for 2500+ years.

That group has always wanted to operate secretly to the public discourse. This is why Joshua's night trial was in private. The ancient group and the modern expressions are the same. We fight the same battle. This is why I wanted to devote a blog post to Greer's work.

The hidden deep state's theology will be Ezra's. Greer correctly relates the theology of some of the rulers of these groups as wanting to trigger the end of the world. Ezra's heirs want their prophetic Purim. That theology that Greer reports is a marker of Ezra's work. Don't buy it as anything inspired.

Prophetic Timing

This mostly secret group has been working towards world dominion for about 2500 years. Their general prophetic time interval is up in our era, though maybe not fully for a few more decades. This does appear to be connected to expected events in 2029.

Fixing the problems presented by Greer is indeed something that must happen in order for the 7 times intervals of Leviticus 26 to finally come to a close.

Greer's early personal testimony suggests that he may have a life call to contribute to this end in some important way. This is in part why his work is so important to track. Not very many people get to help congress hold meetings on UFOs.

I would think that though congress is generally helping with the hearings, the same group who can reproduce alien technology is also able to control congress.

The high level members of congress will play along to not spoil their cover. They will only step into altering the UFO hearings work when it matters. They may also simply twist the outcomes in strange ways to void any real impact.

Breaking Confidence

The secret leaders in congress may also break the whistle blower's confidence after hearings are finished.

I am reminded of the hearings over the assassination of president Kennedy. Most real witnesses were trusting of the government and wanted to help with any evidence they might have.

When I was researching headline dates from the 1970s, about 10 years after Kennedy's assassination, I found a quote by Rockefeller. He'd been running the investigation of Kennedy's death.

Rockefeller was quoted as saying that everyone who had witnessed that event was now dead. It was spoken and written about even in the NYT to suggest that all witnesses who had come forward had themselves been assassinated to cover up what happened.

This is a serious risk here too. It might be these UFO hearings are being held to figure out how tight the deep state really is, with the intent to clean house. Greer's witnesses are playing a high stakes and very dangerous game.

BUT, we are now at a time in history when Joshua himself might end the grip this group has on the world. The 2550 year intervals from the time of Nebuchadnezzar and Ezra are coming to an end. This is why this time might be different. Greer's work might be 1 component of a larger historical shift.

Diplomatic Relations

Greer wants to see relations with aliens brought out into the open and happening in some public way. I generally like that goal. But, there are issues.

Let me just state for the record, the story of the Throne Room in the Book of Revelation is the place where any such diplomatic relations are currently being conducted. It is located in a moon of Saturn.

There have been 2 large harvests of humans from Earth already. The first was the First Fruits harvest about 3500 years ago. The second big harvest was from the events in the NT about 2000 years ago. From these 2 harvests, maybe 300,000 people form the community that would be in diplomatic relations with aliens from other worlds.

That community has long been working towards another great harvest, presumably some time later this century.

Discussions at their diplomatic level would basically first explain to any visiting aliens about the work going on with humans on Earth. Earth is under some sort of quarantine. That would not be hard to explain.

For the first time since Noah, and perhaps briefly with ancient Egypt, earthlings can again bring fire down from the skies. This threat to visiting aliens should be short lived. We will either master this technology, or we will return to the stone age. We will not continue for very long as is.

Alien fears of their own harm because earthlings are about to attack with zero point weapons could be the basis for their help in our affairs.

Outside of real diplomatic relations, we may also have wandering members of other worlds crossing through our system. They might not know what is going on here. This is just as most humans don't know what is going on here either.

We must trust that Joshua's throne room kings are monitoring Earth for these classes of problems.

Lost Sheep

The link here is to a previous blog post where I wrote about the testimony of some of our friends. They had a son abducted by a UFO for a few hours one afternoon in the late 1960s.

The mom involved became a prophet later in life and asked Jesus about what had happened to her son. She eventually had to ask in prayer, about where is this story in the Bible? The answer given to her was the story of the Lost Sheep. 99 are not fallen, while Earth alone is fallen.

That testimony clearly established for us that there are 99 other systems with sheep. Sheep is a parable for humans. We, as a planet, are the one sheep alone that is trouble.

The parable itself teaches that there are 99 other star systems with other sheep who are not fallen. So there are 99 other planets and/or star systems filled with humans that are not fallen. Those humans rejoice as Joshua works to rescue our entire world of humans. Read that blog if you want the long form.

Our understanding of the text drives a fundamental question about the aliens that Greer is discussing.

Are these aliens part of the 99? Or are they outside of the 99?

The humans on the UFO that abducted their son claimed to be from a branch of the human race outside of Adam's family tree. They were from those 99 others.

They could have been fooling the abducted son, but they were not deep state earthlings because of the clear repeated evidence based prophetic testimony of our friend.

Because the text calls them out as a flock of sheep, and not as a diverse farm with many different animals, we presume the text means there are 100 systems inhabited by humans.

The parable itself allows for many other types of farm animals, so it allows for many other species of aliens. Humans are but 1 type of alien.

At least some of the artwork in Greer's videos are of nearly humans and likely within the 99. The artwork that portrays the rest appear to be outside of the 99.

The universe is a very big place. If the 99 lost sheep are an actual number, and not figurative for a bigger number, the we need to assume that at various distances out from here, the number of possible alien types goes way up.

Greer is adding to all this complexity by suggesting that since the 1950s there are earthlings flying around in reproductions of UFOs built by defense contractors. This last point adds considerably to possible questions to ask regarding UFOs.

Gilliland's Ranch (eceti.org)

The link here is to the website of Gilliland's Ranch. Now known as the ECETI. This is a ranch located on the south side of Mount Adams in Washington State. This is a ranch with a view to the north, so a view of the south side of Mount Adams.

Mount Adams is well known by people who live near the mountain to contain some sort of UFO base. UFO traffic around the mountain can at times be quite heavy. So this local tourist destination markets themselves as a place where out of town visitors have a high chance of watching UFOs.

We have subscribers to this blog who live close enough to that UFO base in Mount Adams that they also regularly see UFOs coming and going from that base. UFOs at Mount Adams are NOT a hoax.

So, where are those UFOs ultimately from? Are they secret modern deep state humans? Are they humans from the first-fruits harvest 3500 years ago? Are they from the 99 non-lost sheep human planets? Or are these UFOs piloted by off-world aliens?

As the website for the ranch states, the known history of Mount Adams UFOs goes back at least 150 years, so long before nuclear weapons, so these are not recent off-world aliens nor modern deep state humans.

Beyond that, we cannot know for sure. My inclination is to pick humans. They are either from the 99 off-world planets, or first-fruits humans normally living near Saturn.

Close Encounters of 5th Kind (youtube.com)

The link here is to another documentary by Greer. This documentary goes through some of Greer's personal testimony, including seeing a UFO at a young age, then having a near death experience at age 18.

In that near death experience he was taught how to invite UFOs to appear for a visit. He now calls those visits Close Encounters of the 5th Kind, or CE5 for short. He calls the prayer technique for inviting UFOs his CE5 Protocols.

My paraphrase from what he has said in his various videos is that people in prayer need to give directions from outer space to their own location on Earth in order to have a UFO encounter.

Greer hosts meetings where people do this in groups. The documentary above has many video examples of what happens in these meetings. Generally speaking UFOs put on light shows when they are so invited.

This history is in part why Greer has the credentials for the work he has been doing with Congress. It is also why he has no fear of death.

This is in part what goes on at the ranch south of Mount Adams, so this brings some understanding to local events there. It may be that the folks at the ranch south of Mount Adams are following Greer's CE5 Protocols.

This video explains a firm lesson we were given years ago about prayer. Joshua insisted with us that in all prayer we addressed those prayers specifically to him. Even if that address was very brief, say a few words, we were to always address him in prayer. We dwell on this point when we are teaching about lots.

Greer's testimony suggests that prayer goes out on something like a party line telephone. Anyone on the same line can pick up the receiver and listen in. Some groups of aliens appear able to do this. There must be some shared ethics about how this works, and they do not listen in on conversation not addressed to them.

Our CE5 Testimony

Crazy as this may sound, Ryan and I have our own CE5 Testimony, but without any sort of fixed protocol. Let me share.

Ryan and I had been prayer driving the perimeter of the Idaho pan handle. It takes more than a day of driving to visit the places where public roads cross in or out of that panhandle.

The day was late and we were some distance from home and had more places we wanted to visit and pray at. We had our camping tent with us so we looked for a campground to spend the night without driving home and returning the next day.

We got lost looking for a campground, but found a graded area off a US Forest Service road south of Wallace, Idaho. It was a very big flat area and we could park and set up our tent well off the road.

It was summer and the night was hot so we set up the tent with our heads at the door. We left the tent door open for some air and could look up at the stars. Then things got strange.

There was a shooting star, we'd both seen it. I joked with Ryan, Do you know what a shooting star is? No, what? Ryan answered. It is a UFO going through re-entry.

It was a pretty fun joke, and it was meant as a joke. I had no idea what was about to happen. Ryan tried to up me with a joke of his own.

He pointed at a satellite passing over head. We could both see it clearly. He then says, to me, Do you know what that is? I said no. He then says, It is a UFO. He did not get a response out of me so Ryan says, I'll prove it. Hey guys, come on down.

Now, this was a pretty fun joke. He had made a good effort at upping my joke.

At this point Ryan's intended joke became quite serious. That satellite stopped moving. Then it started coming down towards us, the light of the UFO getting larger and larger.

At this point Ryan panicked. He cried out, Jesus I'm not ready! (We used Jesus in those days, not Joshua as now, we were not that far along in the textual work.)

The UFO stopped. It then flew off in a different direction, up and away from Earth.

I, of course, whacked him with my hand. I said, You should have let it land!

There was plenty of space on the ground by our tent for that to happen. It was a big flat area without trees out in the national forest. I was not afraid of who might open the door. Someone like Elijah is what I would have expected.

A couple months later, there was a video released from the ISS. That station was flying over the Pacific headed towards North America. A UFO was spotted. It flew out ahead of the station at a steady pace. Then it stopped and went down towards the northwest corner of the USA, just where we were. Then suddenly shot up and off in a different direction, again at the angles we'd seen.

We were not crazy. Our UFO had been videoed by the ISS crew.

Greer has given us a term to describe what happened. When Ryan asked them to come down, they agreed. When he called out to Jesus, they heard, answered in kind and flew off in another direction. This was a Close Encounter of the 5th Kind.

This is not the only time Ryan has talked to UFOs, but I need to save that for another time.

Greer's CE5 Protocols still make me cringe. UFOs do appear to need to know where you are and they do need an invitation. Anyone who has some practice at regular prayer can use that to invite these guys for a visit. Beware, though, not to fall into the Bible's warning about worshiping angels. From Joshua's perspective the pilots in these UFOs are our peers. Don't mess this point up.


The link here is to Greer's own website. It provides a series of articles that explain what he has been working on. If you want to deep dive into all of these topics start there.

Dr Steven Greer (youtube.com)

This link is Dr. Steven Greer's youtube.com channel. It carries all of Greer's videos. So if you want to explore his entire catalog, that would be a good place to start.

Eastern Religion

A couple years ago Ryan and I made friends with man born in India. That man in part wanted to get to know us because he recognized that we were 'mystics' to use his term, as was he. In his daily meditation he felt he had to get to know us, and he often pursued conversation with us.

We would say of ourselves for the same idea, that we are 'prophetic.' We can and do ask Joshua God questions, and he can and does give us answers.

In that friendship we learned some key ideas about the differences between western religions and eastern religions. Western religions tend to be built on books, or more precisely The Book. To outsiders the use of a reference book is a distinguishing trait.

Eastern religions are not based on a book, but rather on mystical practices. Because there is no strong book, only a few loose texts, those who practice eastern religions tend to claim they do not practice any religion at all.

So from their perspective leaving western religion and practicing eastern religion is leaving religion behind.

Claiming that eastern religions are not religions is like claiming that 7up or Sprite are not colas. It is a meaningless distinction. The only difference is color and flavor.

The 2 religious systems come into stark contrast when explaining death. Eastern religions acknowledge reincarnation. Souls come back around and try again. In eastern faith the goal is to stop coming back, to become one with a universal consciousness.

In western religions, reincarnation is not acknowledged. Though the text deals with it extensively, and it happens throughout the western world too. So the west has a complicating factor that the book is not informing popular widespread beliefs. Those widespread beliefs skip over actual reality involving life and death.

In any case the goal of western religion is to escape death by living forever. This is in natural bodies, not outside of bodies. Those bodies will live forever. This textual goal of everlasting life is in stark contrast to the eastern religious goal of everlasting life outside the body, and in the case of our friend's testimony to us, without personal identity.

The text itself clearly supports the goal of everlasting life, though editors have confused how this goal is achieved and confused various other details. The way to get that everlasting life, and break the reincarnation loop, is by getting to know Joshua God. We do that part, and he takes care of the rest.

Greer's world view is heavily informed by his roots in eastern religions. This was needed in order to be trained in what the text would call Greer's own prophetic gifts. Like most who practice eastern religions, he does not want to think of his world view as religious in nature. He essentially never mentions religion.

Our friend from India did the same. He treated his world view as an absolute that stands outside of religion. He used the various faults in western thought, including western misunderstanding of death, as evidence for his claim.

As Ryan and I have watched several long videos of Greer's work we see his eastern religious world view showing up often in his stuff. We do not fault him particularly for this, it was needed to be able to get on with his understanding of UFOs and the other things he regularly deals with.

If we had not recently become friends with someone from India, I could not have done this blog post nor explored Greer's work.

Even though Greer sees and explains his reality using absolute terms, we would dispute many of his details. While watching his videos, beware of getting caught in his eastern religion. It has large gaps when explaining the nature and reasons for life on Earth.

As you learn about eastern religion you will more easily spot this obscure point of ours against Greer's work. I am putting out this blog trusting that most readers here can handle this point.

Website Updates

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