Weekly Update

Part 2 of the Structure and Content video is online. BRB and TT apps updated. BOM progressing.

Structure and Contents Video

Ryan finished the 2nd part of the Structure and Content video. This video finishes an introduction to scrolls 5 through 8 and then begins to hint at what the TT structure can do. The best detailed look at what we're doing posted so far.


BRB and TT Updates

Both apps updated this week, various vocabulary audits, nothing major.

3D Model Work

I've spent most of the week preparing the Bill of Materials website for initial deploy. This will take at least another week to finish.

My focus is on each part. I'm out to make sure there are good graphics and any needed notes. Tedious, pushing 1100 part numbers and assemblies. I will be very glad when I'm finished.

Also, took time this past week to update system software on computers. The big machine still to go, with the trickiest update. This in prep for a shift to manuscript work which should start as soon as the BOM is online, Joshua willing.

More Later,