The stories of the plagues on ancient Egypt are perhaps the most important stories for understanding our current age. So understanding them is important. In this blog I show how to study the plagues using the alphabet. This provides the framework for better understanding how they might replay these days.

Financial Plagues

The financial crisis of 2008 was following a timed story of plague replays. The headlines at the time were nearly always financial system shocks. The banker's answer was to print money in massive quantities.

The banker's main tool for everything is to print money, it is their primary weapon. It is how Pharaoh eventually owns all of Egypt. Money costs nothing to him, but it can be traded for all labor and all assets everywhere in the economy. It is the largest possible of all frauds.

Those financial plague days are over. Pharaoh held things together for years. Now, a world war is breaking out.

Pharaoh, who is some unseen, or at least unrecognized, leader at the top of the western banking cartel, now needs real assets to keep up his fraud. He needs physical resources to pay government servants and all retirees. Everyone in the west needs real assets to live on. Natural gas, and so on. In the end, Pharaoh needs control of all the natural resources of Russia, especially the great undeveloped lands of Siberia. He is willing to fight to everyone's death to get it.

In his need, we can expect Pharaoh to be brought down and modern prophetic Egypt eventually come to an end.

I expect to see more literal replays of the plagues on the ground in the world. These will be the headlines that matter spread out in the news over the next several years. They may not be precisely timed.

Managing the Text

To watch for these stories to replay requires understanding what degrees of freedoms the text allows from the narrative.

Are frogs, whatever they are, going to happen again?

There is a principle of interpreting scripture. Perhaps the most important of all interpretive principles, even of the raw Bible, is this: No interpretation is valid if it is based on the meaning of a single rare word.

We read an English translation of a (usually) Greek translation of an Aramaic edit. Or in the Old Testament, an English translation of a vowel pointed Hebrew translation of an earlier non-vowel pointed translation of something still earlier. We fool ourselves when we think Hebrew goes back to the time of Solomon, Moses or the patriarchs.

Because of this we must always, at least, find second witnesses. We also especially like long narrative patterns which are not based on single words.

We must also keep in mind the principle of the 400 prophets of Baal. Even if there are 400 speaking a certain way, there can be small voice witnesses which are the correct witnesses. So use of voting is not allowed in this process.

Most of the plagues have key words that we use to talk about and define them. This is a shorthand for the stories. But, these words are often low frequency. We cannot frame their meaning very well. We do not really know what happened in ancient Egypt when these plagues hit. For most of those key words we cannot know how these words would apply now, especially in our modern world.


The secret weapon in this problem seems to be the inspired Alphabet. The letters and their order and their unique features were used by the writer to construct the higher level narrative. As I am about to show, the alphabet was used to frame the plagues themselves.

The key trick is that each letter is a model of a thing. That thing has household use and behaviors. It was supposed to be learned when we learned the alphabet as kids and when we were in school learning to read and write. The letters and their meaning should be second nature to anyone who has learned to read the text. It cuts through all the translating that has gone on through history.

A couple weeks ago we split Sabbath Reads into a full year sequence. Each letter passes 2 times a year. In the final inspired form, there will be nuanced meaning in those splits. 2 aspects of meaning inform each letter. We don't have them well enough defined to use this alphabet feature yet. BUT, some places in the text the high level narrative has the letter pairs reversed, and when they are reversed the nuanced meaning may also subtly change. That is a future point, for this discussion we will not be that precise.

What follows here is a list of the plagues, as given, in order. For each plague, there is a letter pair. Those pairs are folded in the normal way, but ordered as found in the text. This should eventually nuance the meaning of those letters. In any case, they inform the plague, and tie to everything else we know, including Sabbath Reads stories.

Plagues (BRB, Ch. 7)

The plagues themselves begin in Exodus chapter 7. The link here is to the BRB in chapter 7 where this starts. What follows reviews each specific plague.

Moses Sent, Quad, (Ex. 7:1-6)

The use of the Quad as a grammatical element does not survive in extant texts. We expect it to be used as a section header or marker. Aramaic texts use the symbol decoratively, which is where we found it written down.

The Quad is the symbol for Joshua as king in the center of the throne room. In some lists Joshua is at the end, like the New Testament being the end of the Old Testament. Sometimes, like in the commandments, or here, Joshua shows up at the start of the list. This sets the context. The following series of events is at Joshua's agency. He is using Moses to explain what is happening.

There is confusion, likely caused by editors, over who, exactly is doing this. The story will later indicate that these plagues were themselves caused by the 'secret arts of the Egyptians.' Moses is announcing them. He is explaining them. But the guilt of the plagues rests on Pharaoh, his agents, his enemies, and all who support him in Egypt.

A good definition of God's wrath is he lets happen what would naturally happen. In other words, wrath is when Joshua leaves us to our own devices and our own natural consequences. This is exactly how Egypt fell. We should watch for the same again. Joshua has decided to let Egypt destroy itself from within, and from without, because it is the historical and planned time for that to happen.

Plague of Blood, Dot|Colon, (Ex. 7:14-25)

In this plague the river has turned to blood. The letters are punctuation, used as the between word and between sentence markers. Pharaoh's river is the Nile. Joshua has a river of living waters as seen in various other stories. Pharaoh's river counterfeits Joshua's river.

The Dot is a seed or a drop of rain. The Colon is harvested seed, or drawn water. Context must determine solid or liquid. Because this is a plague on a river, and thus a water story, we would look for a similar family of headlines dealing with water and rivers.

I suspect the text wants us to tie this back to the midwife story previously in the text. Pharaoh had ordered the killing of babies 40+ years earlier. His preferred choice for killing was by drowning in his river. By this match, the Dot, the seed is a developing baby, the Colon is a bucket of water, the womb.

Obvious fulfillment is abortion. Pharaoh legalized the killing of babies for 40+ years. Recent US Supreme Court orders turning abortion back to the states is an obvious fulfillment. What is the extant of Egypt now? The states will tell us themselves if they allow the practice or not. Abortion blood runs down drains into the river systems of the USA and most of the rest of the world. There is blood on the river now. This is why Egypt must fall.

Plague of Frogs, Wa|Ta, (Ex. 8:1-15)

In this plague frogs came up from the river and covered Egypt. The letters are Wa and Ta. Wa is commonly referred to as a star, it marks the start of the day, when the stars come out. The Ta is woven cloth, knitting needles and yarn. Blankets, carpets, tent coverings and clothes are all examples. It has a sense of territory, where a carpet lies, or where a tent is setup.

Frogs, as creatures, come out at night. They come out when the stars appear. This is a plague that happens at night. The story mentions houses, beds, and inner chambers. It is a plague that takes place in those places.

When this story hit in the banking system rerun it was a sexual headline, as so often happens with politicians. Pharaoh does not grant high office unless there is dirt of this nature on someone already. This gives him grounds later to rid himself of anyone he no longer likes.

In this case I would tie it back to the previous plague. Abortion comes because of sex that should not have happened. Sex from outside of marriage. The plague takes place at night, under the covers. We would probably define this as STDs.

Plague of Gnats, Sha|Ba, (Ex. 8:16-18)

Gnats are sometimes translated lice, small biting things. The Sha is a tooth, something that eats, or perhaps drinks, in any case teeth bite. The Ba is a tent, or at any scale, like a city or a country.

Very small things that bite is all we know. The ingredients in the Covid vaccine would be a good example. Perhaps vaccines as a category are in view here. Vaccines are an example of what is often called Rockefeller medicine. This is a false view of health.

Plague of Great Arab, Re|Ge, (Ex. 20-24)

This is a case where modern English hides the word Arab, apparently from the days of the Protestant Reformation. The Re is the root letter in Arab. A head, as in a head of cattle. When it stop foraging it raises his head up. The Ge is a scythe. It cuts down heads of grain. It reaps. Expressions like grim reaper play to this letter.

We know this as US President Obama. He famously admitted to his Arab faith on Sunday morning TV back in 2008. He is still likely directing his Vice President Biden. When Obama left office there was some hope that the destruction of the USA would stop. Not so. Until he really leaves, destruction will continue. The country will keep being cut down. This is another example of how this happens by Pharaoh's secret arts.

The Re means to look high, as high as possible, up the political organization charts. Look above the office of US President. Historical royalty or banking families is the best place to start. Obama is said to have been selected at a young age for this job.

Plague of Stock, Qu|Du, (Ex. 9:1-7)

Stock examples are given in the text, various types of cattle. The Qu is the brain, thinking, especially following some subject. The Du is a purse. It is used in the sense of a carrier for valuables, also as a protection for valuables.

As described it appears to be farm animals. But even the English speaks to stock in the financial sense.

Real herds need someone thinking for them, the Qu. They need people following their actions, Qu. Stocks as traded in markets also need the same, following and thinking. So any sort of financial asset may be plagued here.

This happened at the start of Covid, but can also happen at any time going forward. Pharaoh's bankers normally create market crashes to gather wealth from weak players. This is a plague where that no longer works. It will impact the bankers to their harm.

Plague of Boils, Ze|Fe, (Ex. 9:10-12)

This plague involves throwing ashes into the air, and then boils break out. The Ze letter is a buckle, but often any sort of hook or needle. The Fe is a plow or rake.

In a traditional house, the biggest Ze, or hook, holds a kettle over an open cooking fire. Ashes speak to this letter strongly. Plows also kick up dust when they are used. The story then likens these ashes to a special, deadly, dust. That dust spreads everywhere.

President Trump gave an interesting campaign speech in the past few weeks where he called out Covid, and presumably monkey pox, as 'Chinese Dust.' He nailed it.

Our own prophetic suggests many of the early supposed Covid venues were dusted in order to cause multiple sudden deaths. This included nursing homes and cruise ships, places spread around the nation and world.

Early Covid related deaths did NOT follow age nor infirmity. Early supposed Covid deaths followed localized venues. They were dusted with one of the drugs used in a controlled way in surgeries. A secret art of the Egyptians.

Plague of Hail, Pe|Ve, (Ex. 9:13-35)

In this plague everyone was warned that a plague of hail was coming. Those who listened prepared and took shelter. Those who did not were killed by flaming hail from the skies. The Pe letter is an ear. The Ve is a tent peg with ropes.

This plague involves listening carefully to the prophetic, the Pe, the ear. Listening to the point of action will prevent death. The Ve, or tent peg, or spike, is like the hail in this story. Big hail penetrates like a tent peg going into the ground.

This does not appear to have happened yet. Many have listened and are moving to safe places, mostly away from big cities. Moses himself leaves the city at the end of this plague's narrative.

The fiery hail? Picture a tent peg falling out of the skies, with its cords flowing behind. Does that picture anything modern that might fall from the skies?

Plague of Locusts, Oo|Jo, (Ex. 10:3-20)

In this plague locusts are brought by an east wind. They cover the land. They are eventually removed through prayer. The Oo is an eye, it involves seeing, of course, but also knowing. The Jo is a balance. It is not like a modern digital scale. The Jo only measures equal or unequal, and if unequal, which side is found wanting.

I have spent much time studying eventual ground invasion of the western USA by Chinese. This future invasion will be the fulfillment of this plague. The term 'east wind' in this plague is a term you should know in Chinese. Deng Fung is the name of their East Wind ICBM missiles. Those missiles will arrive by an east wind. DF is the letter abbreviation. Their army, the locusts, coming for food, will eventually leave by another such wind.

This invasion has been seen (Oo) by prophetic people since at least the late 1990s when nearly everyone in Portland region church circles was having dreams about this. I have done blogs on others who have seen this going back to around 1930. There has been maybe a century of warning, so take cover. The shift between east and then west winds is the Jo letter in action too.

Plague of Darkness, Ha|Sa, (Ex. 10:21-23)

In this plague there was utter darkness over the land for 3 days. Nobody could see nor move. The letters are the Ha, a fence panel of a corral, and the Sa, a post, like a post in a corral wall or center post in a circular corral. It means a place of being posted, like a fort, or job assignment. It also means supply, or place of supply or support.

If this happens after a nuclear war, then this is most likely the clouds from nuclear blasts covering land with darkness. Nobody can go out for fears of radiation for 3 units of time: days, weeks, months or perhaps more. The Ha, a corral, represents being trapped, or protected, the 2 ideas are both in this letter. This is what was going on when nobody could move. The Sa represents the place so trapped.

This does not last long, a limited amount of time. People will fear worse.

Plague of Spoil, Ne|The, (Ex. 11:1-3)

At this point the gold and silver of Egypt is plundered. The Ne is a seed, the The is a wheel. The Ne is normally a grain of seed, planted, that later sprouts. In this case a nugget, like of gold or silver from a mine. These nuggets are finally plundered and taken by wheel (The) out of Egypt.

This is also still very much future. None of the financial systems we know now operate without big city finance built on computers. This new system is based on hard physical assets, nuggets, as units of value.

Plague of First Born, Yo|Mo, (Ex. 11:4-12:30)

The death of the firstborn is the last plague of the Egyptians. The letters are Yo, the hand, and Mo, water. The highest call of a hand is to write, and the water in this case is ink.

Let me suggest those who write the laws are the firstborn in this prophetic story. The story would suggest that all levels of government, from top to bottom, are gone. They will not be writing laws any more. Something governmental happens at this point. It is a devolution. Bickle has this on his list of prophetic events, governments will cease to function, at least for awhile.

This is also where the story of what will replace is discussed. The plan to leave Egypt is explained before we learn of the deaths in Pharaoh's house. New writing, new ink, will replace Pharaoh and his ways.

Leaving Egypt, Lu|Ku, (Ex. 13+)

At this point the narrative shifts to the mechanics of leaving Egypt. The letters are Lu, the shepherd, Moses as the agent of Joshau, and the Ku, young growing sprouts, the crowds.

Moses has direction, and must put up with the crowds as they head out for the unknown. No way to go back to Egypt, even if they wanted.

More Later,