Ukraine Roundup

News out of Ukraine has slowed this past week. In this post we look at more background scripture and we look at various reviews of what caused this mess. We also look at the next date in this series.


The prophetic stories going on now are in part an echo back to the period ahead of World War II. That era, including through World War 2, was a prophetic application of the stories from Passion Week. This was when an innocent man was crucified.

In history the Jewish priests forced the Roman governor in Jerusalem to order a death by crucifixion. This because, they said, they had no authority to do it themselves. Of course the Romans were under their authority, but that is a story for another time.

There is a religious component to this war in Ukraine. On the western side are the modern military heirs of Rome, the US/NATO alliance. Also on the western side are the modern heirs of the Jerusalem priests. These are modern central bankers and Free Masons.

On the Russian side are Orthodox Christians. Russia is the last major nation still governed by a branch of Christianity, so western rulers viscerally hate Russia. The Russians, on the other hand, see the western branches of Christianity as rouge, having split away 1500 years ago. They also see the modern western alliance as an 'empire of lies,' no longer structurally able to make or keep social contracts. Like founding national documents, nor treaties.

Russia also represents an undeveloped frontier. As with ancient Rome, the western bankers need to continuously conquer new lands in order to keep their debt payments serviced. The last time they did this was with China in 1972.

We have been repeatedly told prophetically that just like in passion week, Russia is being crucified on false pretenses. Nearly everything published in western media is part of the lies told in the Passion Week's false trial.

Just like 2 years ago with Covid, the Empire of Lies media machine is pumping out more lies. Just as with Covid, millions, perhaps this time billions, of people will die. Remember, Jerusalem was burned down in 70 AD as a consequence of the crucifixion. This time most cities will burn in line with the timed promises from Leviticus 26.

What follows are some links to videos and articles that others have written and produced that support this position. You don't need to believe me alone. You don't need to know a thing from the Bible. You should have seen at least some of this in your news stream.

Farage's 2014 Warning On War With Russia

This video is from 2014. Important background. This war is not a surprise. Caused by the west. It delayed 8 years because of Russia's grace.

Ukraine On Fire

This documentary is from 2016. Importantly, it was produced without awareness of what is going on now. In particular it goes deep into the events in 2014. These events are what motivates Russia now. So if you don't remember 2014, you have no idea what is going on now.

This documentary was recently banned from most social platforms, which always suggests western powers are afraid of the contents. The Gab servers appear overloaded with this video, so if trouble, try again later.

They Tell You We Are Nazis

There is a battle in western propaganda on the issue of Nazis in Ukraine. They claim there are no Nazis in Ukraine. The current Jewish leadership in Ukraine says there are no Nazis. He uses his Jewish parentage as supposed proof.

Video on the ground suggests very much otherwise. This is a montage of Nazi rallies that have gone on regularly across Ukraine. The first few minutes are OK to watch, but VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED as soon as it turns to hospital footage.

Uncle Sam's Nazi Warriors

Is an article on the arming of Ukraine's current Nazi military. Hitler was similarly supported by someone in the west, especially in his early years.

This whole sub plot dealing with Nazi's in Ukraine is a strange match to the replay of World War 2 that we are approaching. The replay alone suggests this is not itself a false narrative.

Statements By Putin

This is a recent video where Putin was asked questions about Ukraine. The video is transcribed in the article so you can read it if you like. Again, he is reviewing his thinking, trying to prevent death to his people.

This Is A War Of The West's Creation

Generally speaking, countries outside of direct western influence are not supporting the west. This short video is a journalist from India commenting on his country's stance of staying out of this fight.

Most of Asia is staying out of the fight. The major oil kingdoms are staying out of this fight. Most of Africa is staying out of the fight. They know they have been oppressed by the same westerners now attacking Russia.

The American Empire Self Destructs

Michael Hudson is a well respected economics professor and commentator on economics headlines. The speed of the economic self destruction in the west through events surrounding Ukraine has stunned many. Hudson's written article explains more for those readers who may be interested.

Revenge Of The Putin Nazis

A satire article on what is going on in Russia and Ukraine. So we can end this on a slightly lighter note.

Next Date?

Measured from March 1, 2022, the next Exodus story should follow the timing implied by Pharaoh's 600 charioteers who chase after Moses' fleeing people.

At 1 chariot per day, those 600 chariots become 600 days or 20 prophetic months. This works out to October 22, 2023. It folds back into the fall of 1932, as we pace this against the prelude to World War 2's replay.

I would expect active fighting in Ukraine to end much sooner, but good relations with Russia are now broken by western sanctions. Whatever the stable state is after fighting stops will run until this next date.

This is not quite 2 years from now. It is landing in the month of October when markets are often unsettled.

There is more to say here, as it may sync with other 2 year intervals that pop in early 2024. We will cover all of this in detail later.

App Updates

All of our scripture apps are updated as usual. Of note, all simple prose passages in the BRB text have been reparagraphed into a conventional manner. This should make English easier to read across all the apps. More big BRB updates expected soon.

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