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This blog covers a bunch of interesting prophetic headlines. First South Korea is changing everyone's age. Then how the Amish fared through Covid. Then the latest on Covid related death rates. Then the Plague of Arabs in France. Finally an interesting match of the Malachi prophecies to Pope Francis.

All South Koreans Get 1 Year Younger (rt.com)

For those who have followed this work for a long time, you know that the text counts time from the number 1, and not 0. This is seen in months of the year, days of the months, days of the week and hours of the day.

This system is also used for life lengths. Everyone in the Bible has their age counted from year 1 the day they are born. This often confuses readers who attempt to build time lines.

The United States used this older, more consistent, system in the colonial era. Infants who died and were buried in New England in those days have headstones marked as 'age 1' at the time of death. This means they died in their first year of life.

In the past, this more consistent system of counting time has been used around the world. But, most countries have long since converted to the new system. South Korea was an exception until now.

The link above is to an RT article explaining that South Korea has decided to switch to the modern system used around the world. This means that the age of everyone in Korea is going down by 1 year. From now on new born babies will be age 0 until their first year is over, not 1, as has been the case for as long as anyone in South Korea can remember.

Note the South Koreans had a strange local twist. The article linked above suggests that under the old system everyone's age changed together at New Year's day. So a baby born a day before New Years was only age 1 for a day, when they then became age 2. This means there was a potential difference from the modern system of calculating ages by as much as almost 2 years. The South Koreans are abandoning this twist too. From now on they will follow the rest of the world.

This twist is something that I have not seen before. But, it does appear to be similar to the way the reigns of kings are calculated in the text. The start of a reign does not formally start until the start of the year. When there are exceptions, say the king did not live/reign until the new year, then the text gives precise reign times instead.

The South Koreans are loosing an important part of their distinctive heritage. Going with the crowd is usually not a good thing.

Amish No Covid (slaynews.com)

The Amish are another crowd who also follow their tradition closely. As a group they trace their origins to around 1700. They are Protestant in theology but very slow to adopt modern conveniences, which keeps them out of a whole world of trouble.

The article linked above looks at what happened in Lancaster, PA, during Covid. Lancaster is home to the largest single group of Amish in the USA, roughly 45,000. At that size it takes on important statistical significance. Most statistics generated from populations needs around 1000 in the sample to be valid in a mathematical sense. So this is much bigger than is normally needed when doing statistical work.

The catchy headline in that article is that the Amish suffered a death rate 90 times lower than the American population as a whole.

They got there by not following any CDC guidelines at all. No social distancing, no masks, and when vaccines came around, none of those either. The Amish have never used vaccines, so Covid vaccines was nothing they were going to do either.

There was 1 death attributed to Covid. The problem was the victim himself died in a hospital under the care of conventional doctors. As the article suggests, it is very reasonable to think that he died by the care he was given while there. Death by malpractice is the largest cause of death in the USA, as recent studies still suggest. Doctors across the USA were paid big bucks to kill and count those deaths as Covid victims.

Curiously, the article also mentions that Amish community has no autism, at all, likely because nobody there follows the CDC guidelines for vaccinations. This is 1 more data point that affirms the idea that Vaccines are not a technology that brings life.

Dr. Tenpenny (usawatchdog.com)

We are now over 3 years out from the start of Covid in early 2020. One of the doctors that I respected in the early days of this was Dr. Tenpenny. She was early and loud at calling them out as a fraud.

She was my primary source for the idea that the death rate from Covid vaccine injuries would not peak before the end of 2025. I was asked recently by someone on the blog if this is still the expected time when Covid related deaths should crest. Dr Tenpenny addresses that issue in the interview linked above.

She reviews what we now know about the death modes caused by the vaccine. She now believes the risk from the vaccine goes through 4 different phases, where the type of death from the vaccine shifts across time.

There is an immediate risk, where someone drops dead within days or weeks after injection. That phase is mostly over as nobody in their right mind is getting vaccinated now.

Then there is a sustained risk of injury to internal organs, especially the heart, that goes on for several years. This mode of death is what she was thinking in the past when she said to expect a late 2025 peak in vaccine deaths.

Now she adds another later phase, where cancers of various types will then become the main cause of death in those who took the vax. This extends the expected high death rate for perhaps many more years.

Finally, she adds a 4th phase where autoimmune disorders will be the final risk from the vaccine. This final mode of death potentially lasts for the rest of the life of someone jabbed.

Because of these other increased death risks she believes the elevated death rate from the start of the vaccine in 2021 will last for 10 years or more. So instead of 2025, this lasts into the early 2030s.

Check the rest of the interview above for much more. This includes recommended ways to reduce the risk of death if you were vaccinated or live with people who are vaccinated. These same preventative protocols are important for the unvaxxed who travel in airplanes or who are regularly in large crowds. The vaccinated are dangerous because they still shed spike proteins.

Damaging Statistics (theburningplatform.com)

The link here is related, and gives some concrete numbers on the increase in the death rate. It summarizes and links to paywalled articles that are using autopsies to show about 75 percent or 3 out of 4 deaths in the vaccinated can be shown medically to be caused by the vaccine.

The base research couches their terms and what they are measuring, so calling this a 3 out of 4 rate for the overall population is not exactly what they are measuring. But, it is a good working number to think about. Stated differently, the death rate in the vaccinated is about 4 times the normal expected rate.

This article gives some hard evidence to the informal idea that we have heard privately about the business levels in death related businesses in the USA. It seems to be running at about 4 times the pace of the pre-covid vaccine world. This death rate should remain elevated for the rest of the lives of the vaccinated. On average their collective life expectancies have dropped considerably.

Plague of Arabs (thelibertydaily.com)

The plagues timeline is coming up on references to the plague of flies, really Arabs. This should stretch out until late October, so precise fulfillment may or may not mark the beginning and end.

In 2008 this was Obama, the Arab, running for office as US President. We are still suffering institutional destruction at his hand.

The link above is to an article on The Liberty Daily dealing with the trouble French President Macron is having with Arab rioters burning down various cities in France, including Paris, Lyon and others.

This is a literal plague of Arabs, a pretty cool prophetic match.

Trouble began with a police killing which is the supposed public trigger for the riots. The organized nature of the riots suggests the same Deep State hand we see everywhere else. Opening the borders of France to Arab invaders is not something a Christian nation would have done. Ditto the US southern border, but I digress.

Of course there is a religious reason why protesters would want to burn down the country. This is not really an issue of justice over a single death. It is a religious battle that has been going on since the crusades.

In any case, we will watch to see if this stretches out for about 3 months. If so we might have the match. As always best to check after the dates have passed in order to pick the best fulfillment.

France Has Fallen (gatewaypundit.com)

This article goes into the statistics as the riots slowed down. It also covers the political response of the French government. If you have time to read the article, note the distorted use of language. The French media have not even dared spell the last name of the original victim of the police shooting. No one dares name the religion they are fighting.

Instead of the government cracking down on the Arabs, they are cracking down on free speech. As they say, never let a crisis go to waste. I should not need to note that if a community is unable to discuss a problem, then it is unable to fix that problem. At this round of the battle, the Arabs remain in the victory over France.

Note by the way, that nobody in France dares speak of this as another episode in the religious war that has been raging since at least the First Crusade in 1096. Nothing is new here except that this time the French welcomed their invaders into their country.

Pope Benedict XVI (wikipedia.org)

The link here is to the biography of Pope Benedicte XVI. I have felt for a long time that there was trouble when Pope Benedict XVI resigned from office. For those who may not remember the details, Benedict resigned from office on February 13, 2013. He was 85 years old at the time.

Benedict gave the excuse of ill health. Many at the time felt he was somehow forced to resign. He highly respected Catholic tradition, and resigning is not someone familiar with history would have done voluntarily.

I had been tracking Benedict and his various trips and speeches. The Catholic church itself often live streamed his public appearances. In particular, I remember a trip of his to Washington DC. Benedict addressed Cardinals from around the USA. He was answering a series of questions they had posed to him by letter before his trip.

One of the remarkable points that came through in his speech/answer was that the Cardinals needed to pray about their problems, then do whatever they were told in response to their prayer. Benedict told the Cardinals to do this for each problem the Cardinals had asked of him.

In other words, don't ask Benedict for help, instead, go ask Jesus and do whatever he says. Many a Protestant preacher gets this flat out wrong, but Benedict had it spot on. Benedict was a man of high faith.

The conclave to select a replacement for Benedict began March 12, 2013. It took 5 ballots across 2 days before the current pope, Francis, was elected. This many ballots suggests at least that there was no consensus on the process of selection. His sudden resignation meant there had not been many conversations about his replacement.

Popes normally remain in office until death. This following the pattern of the high priest in the Bible. The last time a pope simply resigned from office was Celestine V in 1294. This was more than 700 years earlier.

When Benedict resigned there were now 2 popes. The official pope, Benedict, still alive, still in office by the Bible's rules, and still praying. But he was hidden from the public and in 'retirement.'

Retirement is not a condition that exists in the text. By design very old men do not mess with stuff like young men. Even if not an inspired idea, may years in old age is an important element to the design of the office of high priest. (The same is true of queens, but I digress.)

After Benedict's resignation, there was a public pope, Francis, who was not really carrying the office by correct succession. Many at the time considered Francis a usurper. I still agree.

Benedict himself died December 31, 2022, so we are now only a few months into a time when we are back to only 1 pope. Of course the pope who was following the rules is now dead and there has been no selection of a replacement. So technically, there is no successor to Benedict until Francis is replaced.

So until Francis dies, or resigns, by the normal rules, there is no actual pope at all. Once he is out then there will be a selection process for Benedict's replacement. This strange state of affairs seems to be called out in the Malachi Prophecies.

Malachi Prophecies (wikipedia.org)

The link here is to a long Wikipedia article on the Prophecies of the Popes, normally simply called the Malachi Prophecies. This prophecy is a list of short phrases that map to 112 popes from the year 1143 forward.

This prophecy was published in 1595. Benedict was number 111. That slot is the last normal row in the prophecy. So it is strange that we now sit in a condition where the current holder of the office is without correctly having taken office.

Detractors of this prophecy claim that it was written soon before publication against known popes, and that the future popes, those after 1595, were just fanciful guesses. The Wikipedia article uses mocking tone to explain how supporters of this prophecy explain each pope. You can read it and think about matches and writing style for yourself.

We now find ourselves in the state where we are at row 112 in the list. Let me reproduce the Wikipedia article's English translation for 112...

In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit.

Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.

The wikipedia article appears to follow the original text and puts a break in the middle of this 112th entry. The first paragraph discusses the final persecution of the church. Then in the second paragraph we see 'Peter the Roman' called out as pope when the city of 7 hills, normally a reference to Rome, will be destroyed.

Let me suggest that Francis is the 'final persecution' of the Holy Roman Church. Here is a link to an article that basically proves this point.

Deep Church (joehoft.com)

It turns out that Francis has been conducting a slow purge of anyone of true faith within the Catholic Church hierarchy. This purge is against people of faith across all branches and against people of genuine faith in all different types of church work.

To provide a refuge for those who have been forced out under Francis' direction, Archbishop Vigano has set up an organization to help those who have been left stranded in the purge. Remember, Catholic church workers rely on the church for provision for life. If someone in that system is purged they end up destitute. The article linked above goes into detail as to what has been going on and how Vigano intends to help.

Vigano calls the source of this purge the 'Deep Church' a deliberate parallel to the Deep State that has taken over much of the western world. This is the same group attempting to conquer Russia via Ukraine, the 'world religion' as James Lindsay calls it.

The same purges of people of faith are going on across the rest of western culture. But now we have evidence they have also been purging inside the Catholic church under Francis' direction.

Tucker out at Fox, to ESG scores against most major corporations, to Disney canceling safe children's programming to the promotion of anti-christian ethics in the western culture, these are all different expressions of the same purge.

We finally have concrete evidence that Francis is not really a pope who is caring for the people of his institution. Benedict's resignation was suspected as trouble from the start. Now we have the evidence.

This is the first paragraph in slot 112 in the Malachi prophecies. We can now fill it in. It starts with a great persecution by a usurper non-pope, Francis himself. Wikipedia will probably never be able to say this because, of course, they are part of the Deep State. They will cover for him.

Then Malachi's list turns to Peter the Roman. Presumably this is the pope who will be elected after Francis. In that slot we see the destruction of the City of Rome. But note it does not explicitly call out Rome, so the '7 hills' may have some other application.

The war in Ukraine appears to be the start of World War 3. It will engulf most of the world eventually. The Malachi prophecy suggests the city of the Catholic church itself will not survive. All it will take is 1 modern bomb.

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End Notes

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Assassinate Politicians (thenationalpulse.com)

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