This post completes a series of posts on the tech likely used in Noah's war. Here we look at strange electricity and take a tour of one of the first large radio transmitting stations that did not originally use EM radio waves.


In order to understand Mars, especially who might be living there now, we need to understand better what happened in the time of Noah. In order to understand Noah better we need to understand the weapons of Noah, the same type that were used at 911, but at a planetary scale.

In last week's blog we looked at Dr. Wood's talk on what was seen in and around the 911 event in NYC. She documented maybe a dozen different effects of what she called 'Directed Energy Weapons.' This gave a feel for what these weapons can do at their working end, like turning structures to dust and igniting the atoms.

Now, we turn our attention to the transmitters, the weapons systems themselves.

Longitudinal Electricity

In this demonstration we look at how longitudinal, single-wire, electrical transmission works. This is NOT like a telegraph, where earth ground supplies the return path for current. These circuits are 1 wire without any ground return at all.

The lab demonstration linked above is a reproduction of a patent issued to Nicolas Tesla in 1900. Pay attention to the circuit. There is only 1 wire. When terminated at all, the plasma of neon bulbs are used.

The power is from a standard outlet, then transformed and put onto the wire using a Tesla coil. The demonstration involves using a 120V 15W vacuum light bulb in this open ended circuit. It lights like a conventional 120V source, but with strange effects, like attracting copper, low heat, and an apparent outward pressure when touched.

This strange type of electricity was used later by Tesla's early 'radio' transmitters, though that transmission was nothing like we use now. Presumably this type of electricity is now used in HAARP style transmitters. We can learn more about how these work by turning to the history of Marconi's early transmission stations.

History Of RCA's Bolinas Station

The Bolinas station was built by Marconi under contract to the US Navy in order to provide radio communications between New Jersey, California, Hawaii and Japan.

The Marconi system was a twist on the Tesla system of radio, neither of which would win the battle of Radio. As Dollard explains, the US Navy stepped in, created RCA, and standardized radio as we know it now. Eventually handing the Bolinas station to RCA.

At the beginning of radio, though, all the interesting parties were avoiding each other's patents, so they were messing around with different ways to propagate electrical energy. Something not fully understood when the early radio contracts were let.

This talk is technical, so if you understand radio you will be impressed with the station and what it could do. If you don't understand the basics of radio then this is a story of the battles between early electrical titans. Interesting either way.

Things to Note

Radios, when Bolinas first opened, were built without amplifiers as vacuum tube amplifiers were not yet invented. The power sent out at the transmitter had to also power the RECEIVING radio sets. The receivers had no local amplification.

To blast energy into the receiving antennas across the ocean in Hawaii required MASSIVE amounts of power dumped into the environment at Bolinas. The power company supply line, the antennas and the grounding grids were huge in order to do this.

Pay careful attention when Dollard shows a map of the site itself. Bolinas was deliberately located on fault lines, especially near the San Andreas fault in California, where it goes into the sea, so that the transmitters could be electrically grounded to the core of the earth.

When Dollard is showing the map he makes a VERY important comment about the Native Americans of the area. They disliked visiting the area even from ancient times.

Dollard then says, in a brief offhand comment, their fear could be because the transmitters might have transmitted BACK IN TIME and created some effect that CAUSED those early peoples to have reason to fear the area.

His reason, well founded in my opinion, is so many electrical equations have time(t) as a variable. (Ohm's Law one of the few exceptions.) Those equations describe how to engineer circuits and devices. So it might be time itself can be engineered, OR, circuits might have time effects as unknown side effects. This is more likely than purely engineering time.

But, remember, the original Bolinas site designers did NOT know what they were doing, which is what drove the Navy so crazy. Even if they were blasting energy back in time they would be doing so without any engineering model and without being able to see what they were doing.

Field Trip to Bolinas

This is another Borderlands video, showing an on site tour at Bolinas. Recorded with a crude VCR camera, it remains something of a classic. This video is a compliment to the formal talk on Bolinas linked above. You will get a much better sense of the scale of the place.

This video uses Bolinas as a backdrop to include other material. Watch for photos of some of their lab work done at the time. Organic electric effects, especially.

What Ifs

Imagine a massive, massive transmitter with unknown effects blasting into the environment of northern California. Bolinas was located north of San Francisco on the San Andreas fault. If those unknown effects rip back in time, then the 1906 quake in San Francisco might have been caused by human agency at that facility. Native Americans, 100s of years earlier could have seen effects across time too.

I had a prophetic dream several years ago that indicated this has gone on, and can go so badly that territory must simply be abandoned. The 911 memorial at the tower footprints looks to be an example. The footprint of the twin towers is abandoned territory, likely for some technical reason.

Now, imagine a transmitter 1000 times larger, used to blow up a planet, Star Wars, Death Star, style. That is what was used at Noah, and it destroyed worlds.

More Later,