To understand the war in Gaza better we need to understand the Tribe of Benjamin better. This blog explores some new aspects of the lost tribe of Benjamin.

Problem of Name

Ever since the October 7, 2023, event in Israel, the online world has been buzzing with articles dealing with the war in Gaza.

Initially, there was favor extended towards Israel. But even 1 week later there were large protests in favor of the Palestinians in Gaza. This because Israel seemed to be using events the week before as a excuse for a bigger war.

The problem for many is even knowing what name to use. This is evidenced by the strange alliances in support of Israel's genocidal tendencies. Is this just the action of Israel?

Or is this Jews? Many of them disavow any action in Gaza as being done by Jews.

Is this Zionists? Maybe, if this means preparing to build a temple, then this new genocide has some branches of Christianity that support it too.

Is this the Neocons? Or Alex Jones' Globalists? Someone in the US Government is sending the navy out in support. So that works too.

For nearly all uses these various terms are functionally the same.

Temple Visions (Ezekiel 40, BRB)

The ultimate goal of all of these named groups is to establish a temple in or near Jerusalem from which the world can be ruled. That plan is often expressed through agencies like the WEF and the WHO. That same plan informs many strange things we see done by the US Congress. The link given above is to the starting chapter for the details as given in Ezekiel.

You'll note, if you follow the link above, that we don't currently expect those visions to be inspired. If any of it is inspired, then Ezra was repurposing visions of Eden for his earthly purposes of establishing a temple in Jerusalem. General plans for that building are given across the following 6 or so chapters.

Off-Bible documents, especially those of the Jews, explain many more details. Those documents call for open borders, control of media, control of money, control of politics, future temple practices and ultimately subjugation of the whole world.

Christian Zionists, which make up many Christians in the USA, hope to see Jesus ruling from that same building/office. Most of the others in this pro-temple camp see it differently.

Already King (Samuel 8:7, BRB)

Never forget, Jesus was already ruling the world in Samuel's day when the people wanted a king. He already has a throne room, likely now in one of the moons of Saturn. His kings already come and go from there.

Joshua and his kings care about and protect large groups of people only when those people care about them. Most of the time they are only dealing with individuals.

If the temple in the tail of Ezekiel is built, it would be an example of a curse from the edited text. It would be a self fulfilling prophecy, not an inspired prophecy.

Future Ruler

As I have explained here in previous blogs, there is evidence in the time line to think that a ruler comes to Jerusalem about 2 years from now, but from the east. From some place like Iran. Those same base stories suggest he will be setting up some religion different than what is publicly known before in Jerusalem.

Will that ruler be setting up the Ezekiel Temple? Not likely if he arrives from Iran.

War Crimes

In any case, there is general consensus forming over events in the past 3 months. That consensus is that Israel's actions in Gaza have become some form of genocide. This means they have lost their moral high ground. They are now no better than the Nazis.

Indeed, events in Gaza are eclipsing important events in World War II. The fire-bombing of Dresden is good example of genocide against Germany by the US and UK. So Israel is now even surpassing the oft overlooked Allied war crimes against Germany in World War II.

This point has even made it to court. South Africa formally accused Israel of genocide. Here is a link to a written summary of the arguments made in court.

Genocide Trial (

The article linked here suggests there are enough technical problems with South Africa's case that it could easily be thrown out on those grounds. It may not be judged on the issue of genocide at all. Unspoken in this article is the idea that these judges may not want to rule against the ruling powers of the western world.

This court case caused me to think about an earlier holocaust. There is one, involving Benjamin, recorded in the last 3 chapters of Judges.

For anyone new to this blog, Benjamin is the lost tribe that became the modern Nation of Israel.

I intended the material to go here in the blog, but formally it belongs in the Bible Tribes material under the tab dealing with Benjamin. So I put this review on Bible Tribes itself. Here is the link to this new article, around 2000 words.

Gibeah Genocide (

I am trying to keep material on Bible Tribes geared to a Bible based audience. So I am only reviewing those 3 chapters and then providing a summary list of traits that are exhibited in Benjamin, so the Jews, throughout history and into the modern state of Israel.

Unwritten in that article are some points that I may return to in a future article. Most important for everyone to remember, the Tribe of Benjamin was wiped out in a genocide committed against them by the other tribes.

Benjamin was recreated using 600 surviving soldiers. It was done by further genocide to capture 400 wives. Then another 200 are kidnapped to round out that group.

Vile hatred against all things related to the other tribes is a fundamental trait of Benjamin. But, their hatred is based in a problem. Those other tribes had already gone wildly astray from the things of Moses.

So Benjamin's hatred against the other tribes would manifest as hatred against the religion of those tribes. Yet those other tribes did not hold to their religion any more. It was the religion of Eli's sons that drove this fight, not the religion of Moses. Eli's son Phinehas is referenced by name in the Gibeah Genocide (Judges 20:28).

Jebusite Merger?

I suspect something happened later. Something like this: Benjamin's 600 families joined forces with the men of Jebus. That merged group renames itself as Jerusalem. From there we get King Saul, himself from tiny Benjamin only a few years later. That capital should be considered Benjamin's city. Even into NT times and as per the seal date, Jerusalem of today is still Benjamin's city.

That city is the seat of at least 3 of the 6 editors of the text. So those events in the last 3 chapters of Judges are giving the motive of the editors to overturn Moses and change it into the various religions we know today.


As I was working on that article, Ryan asked me if I thought these last 3 chapters of Judges was inspired.

If this is the story that explains the origin of Jerusalem, then some of it must be. The core, likely inspired, idea is that the Jebusites merged with the angry remnant of degenerate Benjamin after a genocide driven by the insanity of the other tribes.

Divine agency, recorded as driving that event, is not likely inspired. Eli and his sons are usurpers. All the inspired story needs to do is name one of Eli's sons to explain the problem.

Samuel was the likely inspired writer of that material. His calling involves the curse against Eli and his sons. All 3 died over something. What things? Causing the Gibeah Genocide would be the biggest reason.

Editors would not have wanted such tight cause and effect to be clear in their edited text. That is a lesson that all current religious leaders and all current military leaders in support of the Gaza Genocide should take to heart.


Though there are census counts later for Benjamin that are large, I suspect that Benjamin was small enough to mostly survive inside Jerusalem's walls at the time of the Assyrian Deportation.

All the other tribes merged with other peoples as they spread around the world. This is ultimately what brought literacy and modern civilization to most of the world.

Benjamin's eventual territory is in their historical place. Of course they have people spread out widely too. But, Benjamin effectively stays behind in order to fulfill what is still a (hopefully) future destiny.

So Benjamin retaining control of Jerusalem makes sense. This makes sense for understanding Jerusalem as a backdrop to the New Testament.

So What Name?

There have been a bunch of conversations around here about what term should be used to identify the source of trouble that we see everywhere. This in Gaza, but also in many places in American politics and the southern border.

Is all of this caused by Zionists? Globalists? Neocons? Deep Staters? Take your pick.

Perhaps the correct term from inspired text is Benjamin. Benjmain is also known as the son of trouble. We can try out the name Benjamin for a few weeks and see if it sticks.

Project Status

There has been a bunch of other work around here this week, let me review the big updates.

Ezekiel's Bones

Ezekiel's Bones has been updated this week.

Ezekiel's Bones is now built with our new build environment. It is now ready for version controlled 3d models to see final rendering within that project. This is a major step forward.

While there are no content changes, Ezekiels' Bones has been put on a tabbed interface like the other websites. (Currently with 1 cute tab, like a baby's first tooth. More tabs will come.)

In reviewing the existing Ezekiel's Bones build code I found 1-off code for an RSS feed that was put on that site when I began working on it. Either all websites should do this, or none. That code was a hack, and could not run well over time. Our website articles have no authoring time sequence, which is required for RSS feeds to work well. (Only the blog on has this.)

I have now dropped support for this form of RSS feed, even from Ezekiel's Bones. I will post here on the blog about important updates on Ezekiel's Bones, just as I do with the other projects.

Bible Time

On Bible Time I have reduced the list of tabs by combining sections. This was done with new code in the new build environment.

This change makes the tab list shorter so it can fit on more devices. It makes it easier to understand the overall structure. This does not change article counts nor order. It does lengthen the article lists on the left side under those tabs.

The bottom half of the front page of Bible Time has been rewritten. The top tabs are now reproduced as headers in that introduction. This makes it easier for new visitors to understand how the site is organized.

This is restoring a style that was once used long ago on that site. When this form of introduction was used before, I was tracking server logs to understand traffic. That form of introduction was the most effective way for keeping new visitors engaged with the site itself.

Bible Time is coming back to life. There has been feedback from the feedback forms there in ways we have not seen in a long time. I was also asked for permission to use a quote from that site in a book someone is writing. They probably could have done that without asking, but I did give permission. These are all good things to see going on there.

Bible Tribes

Bible Tribes was updated with the new article under Benjamin that I linked above. Like Bible Time, Bible Tribes now only quotes the NIV. These 2 projects were originally done using the NIV alone, so this is restoring the source texts used when forming the arguments made on those projects.

I am not trying to fight manuscript battles there. I do not want different versions of the text to become a distraction to new visitors.

The arguments made on those websites basically comes against anyone using regular Bibles who have not learned this stuff. Using just a regular Bible anyone can figure out the general flow of history, accurate to the day. Anyone can also find the lost tribes. This side of this argument is stronger when we only use a widely held English language Bible.

Anyone who does not know these things, even in a regular church environment, has a problem with their regular church environment, nothing more. I have been accused of being outside the veil of orthodoxy since I started working those projects 25 years ago. My accusers have not been bright enough to apply their own church history to themselves.

Bible Time and Bible Tribes have a few lingering bugs in scripture quotes. Some of those bugs are now fixed this week too. The remaining bugs are getting fixed as I turn my attention to the scripture apps themselves.

Scripture Apps

These apps include the BRB, TT, SR, 400 and others. All of these apps depend on another internal project that maps out the TT. This is how the TT can be changed week to week and yet still end up displayed in different ways in these different apps.

That root project was originally a set of source HTML files that were included into the individual apps themselves. Our build environment has long had a preprocessor modeled on the C processor. This is very low tech, but easy to use.

These files evolved slowly over the years as we were learning more about the TT structure. This worked, but it did not age well. It grew into a set of deeply nested includes, which is always a sign of trouble. It had become difficult for Ryan to maintain.

That root project was completely written this week using a Javascript core. That new code uses conventional configuration files to establish the Single Point Of Truth for the current working design of the TT manuscript. The new code converts that configuration data into HTML fragments that are tuned to the needs of the various apps. Those apps can then include those HTML fragments in their normal way.

This rewrite removes all the nesting. It dramatically streamlines the general work flow for Ryan. It makes it easier for anyone who might join the team in the future to understand what is going on. It sets up for major changes to the TT structure that are coming soon.


The WEF has been hosting its annual Davos meeting. To paraphrase a line from a famous movie, Davos is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

On Bible Tribes I list the WEF as one of the international organizations that goes with the Lost Tribe of Levi. The WEF headquarters and annual meetings are held there, though people are involved from around the world. This itself is a Levitical pattern.

As I am thinking about Bible Tribes again here recently, I also note that the Levites were not to fight in war. This matches the traditional neutrality of Switzerland. Unlike essentially all of the other lost tribes, the Swiss have never tried to conquer the world.

But I may be drawing that conclusion too quickly. The WEF appears as the single organization behind most of the current attempts to conquer the world in a not so secret way.

The tools of the WEF are needles, media control, financial control, legal control over sovereign nations and various theologies like Wokeness. The Levites were to be teachers, so these tools are in their naturally gifted strengths.

In this light, the WEF annual meetings are just the front of the Levite way to conquer the world. Good for them. Just like everyone else, but in their own unique way. History is riddled with fools who tried this before. We will see how it turns out for them. They are no longer neutral, and are now nuclear targets just like everyone else.

One speech from this year's Davos meetings particularly caught my eye because it includes and explains part of an important timeline reference. Here is the link.

Javier Milei At Dovos (

Javier is the new president of Argentina. He is a firebrand and sometimes called a Libertarian. The video linked here is using AI for translation using his own voice and adjusting his mouth. AI is a weapon that will be used against everyone over the years to come. So we do not know if this is what he actually said. Given that caveat, it is still worth the 19 minutes.

Javier is basically calling out all that is wrong in the western world now. He is calling out the WEF agenda that is driving much of it.

Javier's fundamental argument is based on strong evidence that the world has come out of poverty since about 1800. He gives stunning statistics to this effect.

Note that the scientific revolution is the cause of this. Coupled with free market economies. Leaving poverty does not happen in collectivist economies like the former Soviet Union, pre-Tienanmen China, nor in the world being imposed on the USA and Europe by the WEF and their Benjamin friends.

We can verify this general argument ourselves. The industrial revolution was started in Protestant England, which was itself based in the Protestant Reformation from Germany. That reformation unleashed the idea of independent study of the text and of the world for yourself. It unleashed the idea that religion must be truth seeking and evidence based. From there, the rest of life must be truth seeking and evidence based.

OK, but the timing of this matters too. 1800, very roughly speaking, is also the start of Passion Week as it applies to the flow of World History.

Joshua was making his big public appearance and showing what was possible. Joshua was publicly showing that mankind did not need to live the way it had before.

Javier, in the video above, is giving extensive vocabulary about how this season in world history has played out across the globe. He is suggesting that wave of change had already reached Argentina over 100 years ago.

Javier is also speaking against the actions of the WEF. Nearly everyone in the room that day is working to undo that prosperity and abundance. He was speaking this to their faces, about like what a prophet sent from Joshua might do.

AI, like the industrial revolution before, can usher in a new age of abundance. But, like the industrial revolution before, AI can also usher in a new age of war using robot armies.

We wish Javier all the best in his new found endeavors. Liberty might just take root in the global south, especially if that region can avoid destruction by war.

More Later,