Future Of Israel

In this blog I lay out an argument for why we should expect an essentially total evacuation of modern Israel by the Jews. There are 2 different ways to do this from the text. I explain both ways. Both point into 2025 when this should be finished.

The Problem

Ultimately understanding the modern nation of Israel is framed by the problem of what is Joshua God doing in the earth. As with all matters involving his will we have both personal prophetic and the written text.

Personal prophetic is important, but there are many false prophets in every generation. Micah facing down the 400 prophets of Lord is perhaps the best example. So personal prophetic is not a good basis for studying these sorts of troubles.

The written text is better for understanding the flow of history. But, of course, the text itself is subject to interpretation. The problem is that the text can be used to give credence to various political goals. This was even the way the high priest justified crucifying Joshua.

Perhaps the largest single example in the past 150 years of this same pattern has been the way the text has been used to justify various events in Israel. Seeing past these problems is very hard to do because so many Christians simply go with whatever is popular. They go along to get along.

We of course add a layer of complexity to this problem by further claiming the text we know from history has been tampered with by false prophets. I do not need to step into that problem for the material I am going to cover below. This is no more complicated than a time study, like we did all the time with bibletime.com The basic math has been on bibletime.com for maybe 20 years.

Up until now, I have not seen what I will show you below. This because of the theology I have carried since my days in Church. I suspect anyone reading this blog even to this point is similarly blinded. Let me address some common American Christian beliefs about Israel.

Church Beliefs

In those days I generally accepted the idea held in many Christian circles that we were watching to see the Jews rebuild a temple. Perhaps first for an anti-Christ, but ultimately so Jesus can return.

This idea is very widespread in some Christian circles. By accepting this line of reasoning I was just going along. I never put much study into those details. In the bibletime.com days I was using the text to explain hundreds of other much more obvious headlines.

These days, I now recognize that there is a minority report on the expected history of the Jews and Modern Israel. That report is found simply by looking at how understanding on this point has changed over the past 150 years.

The theology surrounding modern Israel itself was invented by Zionists late in the 1800s in order to garner political support for the formation of the modern nation of Israel. More than any other group, the Zionists needed widespread support from American Christians in order to pull off their plan.

It was first injected into American Christianity using the Scofield study Bible. It was first published in 1909 by a failed Baptist pastor who became friends with Rockefeller. Through that connection he gained the Oxford University Press as his publisher. If you know the term "Rockefeller Medicine" you should be able to transfer it to "Rockefeller Christianity."

Uneducated readers of Study Bibles usually conflate Study Bible notes with inspired text. Even well educated users of Study Bibles do this, which is why I had to stop using a study Bible many years ago. I had watched someone quote a footnote as though it was inspired scripture, even though it was flat out wrong. It was obviously wrong to everyone in the room except to the dimwit who was reading it out loud.

So it is easy for moneyed elite to change the theology of American Christians. Just print up a new Bible with lots of notes. Promote it in the secular media and a few years later everyone believes the new teaching.

There is room to do this because of basic problems with the Bible itself. It is a contradictory mess and there is normally no way to cut through the thicket. Piling on writing after writing is of course backwards. The focus of our current work goes the other way.

So the basic idea surrounding Israel is that the Jews needed to return in order to build a temple. The selling point to American Christians was that this building would usher in the return of Jesus. So Christians needed to play along to help out their own desires to see Jesus return.

Let me just point out, that even the return of Jesus bodily is a disputed point. Preterists, for an extreme example, usually believe all prophecy fulfilled in the early Roman world. (Wikipedia has a long article on Preterism.) In their view, no end-times prophecy in any sense remains to be fulfilled.

I use this as an extreme example. But the Christian world spreads out with many possible interpretations on nearly every point, including the place of modern Israel.

I've been playing a local Christian radio station when I'm working in the shop. The hosts there have been responding in shock over what has been going on with "god's people" in Israel this past couple weeks. 2 different plans of salvation, for example, is but 1 example of this strange divergence.

So I am wading into a shark pit by even touching on this subject. I feel I am supposed to do this, like the prophet Micah in his day. I am a lone voice speaking against the 400 prophets of Lord. I am saying, in a nutshell, is that it is time to go home. This war will not be won. I am writing this blog in the hopes of saving some lives.


There actually is a schedule for the return of the Jews to the modern nation of Israel. It was timed in the text all along. It was supposed to happen. It was planned into the text in advance. It was timed along with World War II.

So before we look forward from that event, we need to look at the arrival in Israel of the new Jewish nation in 1948. In this first pass I will keep it to a normal pro-Israel Bible study. History is done. They had the favor they needed to return.

The Schedule Into Israel (bibletime.com)

The link here is to a 4000+ word article on bibletime.com that goes into the detailed math for timing the Jewish Return to the modern nation of Israel.

That historical event is the first foray into leaping from the written history of the text into the modern era. It is not really possible to accurately connect the timing of the events in the Bible to modern dates until after that event took place.

In the larger flow of the articles on Bible Time, that article is BEFORE I show the process of finding the day-accurate calendar, and thus a day accurate connection between the text and our modern calendar. So this first study does not need any sort of accurate or complex calendar tools.

I was first introduced to the idea that it might work this way by a Jehovah's Witness elder who knocked on my door one day when I was in my early 20s. That group took the basic Bible stories that really apply to Israel and applied them to themselves. Such is the diversity of opinions involving the text.

My trouble with them was technical. They had most of the ancient calendar figured out, but they missed a leap month. So they took those Bible stories and pointed at themselves in the year 1914.

When I considered their argument, but corrected the math, their timeline instead pointed 30 years later into 1944.

Once I understood the target year was at the close of World War II, it was evident from the rest of the Bible's related stories that this was all about how the text establishes the year of the Jewish return to Modern Israel.

That article was maybe the 3rd time I'd worked through this math. In that case the series of articles is counting years forward from Adam. The JWs never actually did that.

Instead it is possible to simply start with the loss of control of the city of Jerusalem to Babylon. That event is roughly known in history. Then, minding proper error analysis for the STEM study, it is easy to jump forward from the loss of Jerusalem to Babylon until it was recovered just after World War II. You do not even need an accurate calendar, either. The Gregorian works OK for calculating the 7 times.

My point is that there is no excuse for not knowing that level of math anywhere in the Christian world. The mainline Christian world rejects fringe groups, as they generally do the JWs.

But, important ideas live in the fringe groups because the mainline Church world is really controlled by... Dare I say, the Zionists. Whatever church, or Christian radio station, you may listen to, you are trapped in a media web.

That article on Bible Time also looks at all 4 of the foundational wars of Modern Israel. There were 4 wars of departure in the time of the prophet Jeremiah and there were now 4 wars of return. 1948, 1956, 1967 and the Yom Kippur War of 1973 which I touched on last time. The set of wars at the departure and the set of wars of return are all related. They departed Jerusalem in Jeremiah's day. They returned in ours, following a schedule from Leviticus 26. 4 wars witness to this on both ends.

OK, so what does that mean?

Control of Jerusalem was lost when it was conquered by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar. It was the start of a 2550 year prophetic interval following the various prophetic warning stories found in Leviticus 26.

Those warnings were sound, they fulfilled, across world history. The easiest place to see this, of all places on earth, is in Modern Israel, the lands where the ancient stories took place. Understanding this does not depend on the calendar, nor on Lost Tribes studies.

Most prophetic intervals involve sets of dates at a beginning, and a matched set at the end, and the early wars involving Israel fit this pattern well. All is good. The Zionist movements around the western world beginning in the late 1800s achieved a scheduled prophetic goal. So far, so good.

In my early days of these studies, I was like everyone else, waiting for a Temple to be built so that Jesus could return. Again, perhaps with an Anti-Christ reign in between.

Aren't we just still there?

Another war in the Middle East just keeps us moving towards that goal. Right?

Time For Review

I haven't put much thought into this point in many years. I am very busy on the details of the text. There is a bigger problem than theology dealing with Israel. The text itself has been tampered. It needs to be fixed so we can see these problems better. So that is where I spend my time.

Headlines in the past couple weeks have forced me to give this area a review. There are now some big deal differences in how I now understand the story.

The example I learned from the Jehovah's Witnesses, where I fixed their math, was but a sliver in a huge prophetic system of understanding history.

The basic 7 times math given in Leviticus 26 is way more important than just timing the return of the Jews to modern Israel.

A Giant Clock

The Leviticus 26 math involves intervals of 2550 years that repeat like a giant clock going around and around. It is 2550 years around that strange clock.

History keeps repeating again and again each time the entire human race runs around that clock. I will be building a Tabernacle Item and an app to teach this in detail. It will replace flat timeline charts.

In simple terms, this means all dated events in the text offset out from the text by 2550 years. In areas where the text is covering more than 2550 years then those historical events are wrapped around that strange 2550 year clock.

Let me emphasize this. All the dated stories repeat again and again. Leviticus 26 means that history is always running again and again.

Depending on our collective behavior those stories repeat either as blessings or as cursings. But repeat they will. It is the nature of life on earth.

So the stories involving the wars when refugees are taken from Jerusalem in Jeremiah's day were seen again in our day. We had gone around the 2550 year wheel. The article linked above is but a spot along the outside of that giant wheel.

By looking at the formation of modern Israel we can see how events repeated at the same spot on that wheel. Refugees from war under the king of Babel left Jerusalem and surrounding lands. 2550 years later that same spot on the wheel is seen again.

This time we see similar events. Refugees, Jerusalem and surrounding lands are the subject. Those refugees appear to be returning.

Of course in this view we can maybe put better English on this problem. Each of the foundational wars of modern Israel also created refugees. Mind this point, we will get to it again below.

Residents of Gaza are but 1 example of those refugees. So the wheel of history is more precise. It tends to repeat as stated, not always in a reversed form. It is a story of blessings and cursings after all.

So far, the timing system should make sense. But, that Leviticus 26 wheel keeps turning. We are slowly moving up to the next stories in the text. Here is where headlines in the past couple weeks get very interesting.

70 Years In Babel

In my early years of this, I did not think much about the next stories up the ancient timeline. I did not understand the wheel. Clocking it backwards I did eventually understand. Going backwards finds the text explaining events like the Alamo in Texas. Perhaps it can be clocked all the way back to Babylon itself. I suspect so, and will study that when I get to the Tabernacle item.

Clocking forward, at least when I was doing this 20+ years ago, found the next stories which were still decades away. They did not seem interesting. They were hard to verify.

But, the next stories up the ancient timeline still play. We must hit prophetic replays of them too. We must hit the stories at the end of the 70 years of Babylonian captivity. We must hit Ezra's return to Jerusalem, and so on.

After those 70 years of captivity, there was 20 years of work that took place that established Jerusalem again.

Those 20 years were offset from Solomon's building projects by 500 years. Solomon had spent 7 years on a temple, then 13 on a palace. In Ezra's day those 20 years were in play again. At 7 years Ezra returns and dedicates the new temple in his era. Then there are 13 years to finish off rebuilding the city.

This time of construction work in Ezra's day was done under the king(s) of Babel. Ezra is the most famous personality of the time. He was commissioned to restart the temple system at Temple Mount in Jerusalem. His family had been refugees from Jerusalem, presumably in Jeremiah's day. He is also our most prolific villain, having rewritten most of the OT.

Modern Timing

OK, so the end of the Babylonian captivity might be establishing timing for a rebuilding of a temple about now, at Temple Mount, in Jerusalem. The war in Gaza might be just the prelude to get that done. Let me explain the timing for this.

The timing there would be roughly 1948 + 70 years = 2018 for the start of that 20 year time of building. The building and palace itself would be done by 2038.

Also, see Ezra 8:35, for the sacrifices of Ezra when he arrives to dedicate that new temple. Among other offerings, there are 77 lambs, apparently 1 for each year the site had remained empty since the Babylonian captivity.

That math, these days, would be 1948 + 77 = 2025 for the replay of Ezra's dedication of a new temple.

This is still a couple years future. We still need to watch and see if this future temple is attempted. It is still to early to know for sure.

In this view planning for that facility should be well underway, even if not seen. In this view the current war in Israel was likely started to give the Jews an excuse to clear the land in order to build that temple.

But, there is another view of the problem. Look at the math again.

Babylonian captivity lasted 70 years. So, 1948 + 70 = 2018, the end of captivity should start.

In history, at the 70 year mark, Jerusalem was starting to be re-inhabited. So going around the 2550 year wheel to 2018 we should start to see the Jews doing what?

Watch What Happen

Since the entire timeline for the Jews is working in reverse, everything after 70 years should be reversing. Remember, they left under Babel, where gone 70 years and then returned.

So the leave/return pattern that marks the 4 formation wars in Israel is really marking a reversing pattern. The modern era is reversing everything in the ancient story. That reversing pattern must keep going, everything must keep reversing.

So we should mark 2018, roughly, as when Jerusalem starts to LOOSE population in our era. 2025 should be when someone wants to tear down something that looks like a modern temple. It should reverse Ezra's Temple. By the way, in ancient times Temples generally were not just religious. They were also a seat of government. Capital Hill in Washington DC was likened by its builders to Solomon's temple on the same basis.

By 2025, from the perspective of the Jews, something involving a big building in Jerusalem should be taken down. If that marks the exact year of Ezra's commissioning, then there should be a decommissioning that takes place.

At 70 + 20 or the 90 year point, so 1948 + 90 = 2038, the entire set of systems built up starting in 1948 should be fully reversed. This would hint at nothing left in modern Israel as we know it now.

The Zionists and supporting branches of Christianity will have been defeated.

Generally speaking the Arab world is on the prophetic advantage here, unlike 1948.

In this view the war that just started in Israel is now going to create the momentum to eventually clear out the country. The extremely widespread support across the world of the Palestinian people suffering under the oppression of Israel and Hamas is no joke.

The politicians in Israel are seen as adding to the oppression of those people. The tide of support is shifting away from Israel who are not using their power for the good of people. Dropping their border defense from Gaza in order to create a cause for war is now a problem for them. They let those cats in. There has been much more bad optics out of Israel since this started.

Point of View

Let me take what for many readers here may be the heretical view of these events. I am doing this to at least sketch out all the ways events in Israel might be properly interpreted.

It is also possible to completely reverse the point of view we used to explain the prophetic timeline of modern Israel. In Jeremiah's day, the city of Jerusalem was overrun by Babylon, and there were refugees who left that city and that region across a series of years. Those replayed in 1948, 1967, 1956, 1967.

History was running around its 2550 year prophetic wheel. History was simply repeating again. Those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it again and again. In this case the history of Jeremiah's day was simply replaying in the hands of the Arabs. Their witness is that they are sons of Abraham through Ishmael. Maybe they are running on a later spin of the wheel?

A prophetic Babylon invaded Jerusalem in 1948 on the prophetic schedule. History was just repeating, not reversing. In this view the Jews are now Babylonians. The Arabs are just the long time residents of Jerusalem and that region. Having been there maybe 1000+ years. That war, and a few others, created refugees as per the original history and on schedule.

Then at the end of 70 years, those refugees get to return. At the 70 year mark it begins. So start watching in 2018 for those displaced in the earlier wars to start returning.

At the 77 year mark, so 2025, a temple or similar structure is dedicated again in Jerusalem. This done by heirs of those who left 77 years earlier.

Some king from the east grants his public the permission to return along with a prophetic Ezra and rebuild. The prophetic Ezra we would be looking for had family lines that left Jerusalem 77 years earlier. So family lines of the 2025 temple should go back to refuges who left Jerusalem in 1948.

By the 90 year point, so 2038, all is restored about like it was.

This point of view untangles the English. In this view it explains history as simply repeating again and again. It is conceptually easy to explain. But it turns the Jews into the heirs of Babylon.

Our better understanding of the villains of the text supports this view. Ezra was hostile to Joshua. Presumably the 2025 prophetic Ezra will be too.

This view also has curious support from the tribes study.

Benjamin Seal Date

The end of the Yom Kippur War of 1973 was on a seal date. The document identifies the lost tribe of Benjamin. It was signed at mile post 101 outside Cairo. (See bibletribes.org/seal/dates)

That seal date document was between the Jews and the Arabs.

The other seal dates are national formation documents. This document, alone, seems to cross outside of the tribal definitions unlike the others. But in this view the Jews and Arabs are both parts of the same Lost Tribe of Benjamin.

Are they all sons of trouble? Perhaps. Perhaps Ishmael is grafted in because of the events late in Judges that I wrote about last blog.

As a footnote to this view, that Ezra era temple preparation was to make ready for Joshua in the NT story about 500 years later.

The 2550 year prophetic wheel of history will keep slowly turning and we will eventually reach that spot too. But, it is around 500 years away. There is plenty of time to do things like colonize Mars before then.

Some Other Witness?

An analysis like I just did becomes valid if the same answer can be deduced from some other set of stories in the text. Let me do it again, but from events in the New Testament.

This next version builds on the rest of the Bibletime.com work. So this cannot be done on a napkin in a fancy restaurant. We need to use the entire framework of the calendar system as found in the text. We especially need to know the exact timing of the main events in the NT.

So the previous line of argument that I used above will work with your non-zionist friends using a Bible and, say, Wikipedia for historical dates. The argument that follows will not work in that context.

The following does not care about problems with tampering in the text. It is only based on bibletime.com work from 20 years ago. It is based on that very technical study of the text.

With these conditions in place, we must think in terms of Joshua's prophetic timeline.

Jesus' Life Dates

The link here is to the index article for a section on BibleTime.com. In that section I wander through how to find all the dates for Jesus' overall life. These days I usually use Joshua as his name, more in keeping with our textual work. In those days it was Jesus. I have chosen to leave it as written.

The base text that I was using when that work was done was the NIV. Note the NIV text is there but with messed up formatting. I've been dealing with events in Israel rather than getting that problem fixed. Punch the BRB tag under any of the Bible quote boxes to get fancy formatted BRB text. The NIV formatting should be fixed in the next few weeks.

The articles in that section lay out a day-accurate framework for understanding the key dates surrounding Jesus' life. That alone is interesting. But there is more.

Joshua's life was matched to the timeline of the text. By that I mean that his life was following the pattern of events described in the text.

That idea begs questions about which came first? Did his life follow the text? Or did history follow his life? Ah, such questions.

In the end, Joshua's life and the flow of history are tightly intertwined. This is a strong sign of his divinity.


3 key ratios involving his life are important for you to know.

1) 1 day in Jesus' life is 1 year in human history, starting with Adam's first year of life. The memory peg idea for this is that the year in the flow of history of his own birth is the same as the day in his life of his death. Becoming a man to dwell with us was to him a type of death.

2) 1 day in Jesus' ministry year is 30 years in human history. This is marked from his baptism and runs 434 days. Measured against history itself, in the most simple form, his death marks world events 6 years from now, at the end of 13020. We will see Noah related headlines in that year, a prophetic replay of Noah's flood. Perhaps a culmination of World War III. Perhaps something else.

3) 1 hour in Jesus' passion week is 210 years in human history. This high speed run of history has explained the past 200 or so years of history.

With this and some careful reading you figure out that his ministry and passion week was prophetic for future history. Skipping lots of math, taken together, the 3 hours of darkness was ~1941 to ~1944. He died soon after and was placed in a tomb.

The time in the tomb is still going on. There is a bibletime.com article that explains the complexity of that interval. Here is the link.

Jesus' Time In Tomb (bibletime.com)

This article uses a technique called a sensitivity analysis which suggests that Jesus was dead for 62 hours.

Note that he died in the afternoon and was buried before sunset. Note also that nobody witnessed the moment of his resurrection, they only found the tomb empty. So like so many other prophetic intervals, it should be counted as having more than 1 start time and more than 1 stop time. Death and burial being different. Resurrection and empty tomb discoveries also being different.

In terms of the prophetic flow of history, the death and burial mark the end of World War II. The 3 hours of darkness were 1941 to 1944. Most of the world was at war over those years.

The death and burial matches into the few years after World War II. I generally assign the fulfillment of those as being the Jewish return to modern Israel and the recognition of modern Israel by the United Nations as that burial event.


Note that Joseph of Arimathea is the man who got permission and then buried the body. That name matches the Lost Tribe of Joseph, the US and UK, but especially the UK.

The UK had control over Palestine and was working on the problem of a Jewish homeland. They are the nation who facilitated getting Israel into the tomb, a match to the story of Joseph of Arimathea. This helps tie Jerusalem to the end of World War II.

The supporting idea in the NT narrative is that the Jewish high priests had apparent victory over Joshua and his disciples. The disciples were hiding out while the Jews ran wild in the streets. Their hopes were dashed until resurrection morning.

The church world has been in that state theologically since those same events. The propaganda budgets of Israel keep the Christian world in line. The unexplainable destruction of the traditional Christian lands in World War II has weakened Christianity as an active faith in those lands ever since. Only recently has Christianity returned to Russia. We would hope the same for Europe. But, Jesus is still in the tomb.

We all collectively wait the resurrection. We wait for a confidence building event that will give Joshua's followers the hope to press on.

The timing of that historical event is based on the timing of the time spent in the tomb. As explained in the article linked above, the exact number of hours is not expressed directly in the text. That article uses the likely prophetic parallels to deduce the total number of hours.

So what remains to do is run those 62 hours forward across history. I have never done that day-accurately until I was preparing the upper part of this blog post. Let me show you what I found.

Tomb Time Math

Note that those 62 hours are themselves sitting inside the 30 years to the day going by in his ministry. So those hours sit in world history in our era. But they involve very strange math. Let me give the formula. Those of you running parallel charts can add this to your notes.

62 hours where each 1/24th of the days that were prophetically 30 years in history.

62 / 24 * 30 = 77.5 years.

So the time from events at the end of World War II until Jesus is alive and starting to be active again in world history is 77.5 years.

Also note that this is linear timeline time. This is not calendar time. So those years should be calculated at the average year length.

18,240 days/jubilee / 50 years/jubilee = 364.8 days/year on average.

So the formula for the total days in those years is this...

77.5 years * 364.8 days/year = 28,272 modern days.

For those curious, on a Gregorian calendar this would be...

28,272 / 365.4 days/year = 77.37 Gregorian years.

This is the interval from when Jesus was placed in the tomb until he is alive again and seen briefly walking around.

Being placed in the tomb maps out in history to the founding of the modern nation of Israel. This maps to the nature of the tribe of Benjamin in many places. Think king Saul from the tribe of Benjamin hunting down David to kill him. Think Saul future Paul chasing down believers to kill them. Think of the Jewish high priest killing Jesus.

Israeli Declaration of Independence (Wikipedia.org)

The link here is to the Wikipedia article detailing the signing of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. It was signed and dated on May 14, 1948. The founders had signed a precursor document 2 days earlier, on May 12, 1948.

At the time this was signed, war was raging around the city of Jerusalem. They had a bunch of issues, like naming the country. The most natural name was Palestine, but they did not want to confuse that with Arab Palestine. Judah would have been more precise, but in the end they chose the name Israel. They gathered 400 leaders (think Micah) together in what is now Independence Hall and held a ceremony where they signed the formal documents.

The signing of that document is the most precise, day-accurate, event that we can use to start measuring days from within the war. There are alternatives, say UN recognition, but they do not happen in Jerusalem itself.

Because we want to run those 28,272 days forward, we need to use some of the other calendar tools. Using the Calendar app, cal.paleo.in, here is that document signing date date. I have added the day number so we can watch the math and audit the answer.

12939-04-02 (1948-05-14) #4,719,843

So we want to run forward by 28,272 days.

4,719,843 + 28,272 = 4,748,115

This gives us the day number at the end of those 77.5 years. We can turn back to the calendar app and page around to find that day number. Here is the date at the end of that interval.

13016-09-15 (2025-10-09) #4,748,115

At first glance, this is a mid-month prophetic date as seen in the plagues. But look at the Gregorian date for this day. October 9, 2 years from now. But it is off by 2 days from (2023-10-07) which is the day Hamas invaded southern Israel in 2023.

If we back off 2 days to (1948-05-12), as per the Wikipedia article, when the leaders had setup that document, then we can line all of this up exactly.

So if we start with the Hamas incursion into southern Israel on October 7, 2023, we will find the 2 year anniversary on October 7, 2025. This is exactly 77.5 prophetic years, or 62 prophetic hours, out from the signing documents that setup modern Israel.

So there are a pair of prophetic vectors pointing at that same spot. They agree with the 77 year interval calculated from what we know about Ezra and the 2550 year wheel.

Exact dates like this suggest someone is going to pick that date for some useful political purpose. Probably they will be marking a Gregorian anniversary at or soon after the end of the war that just started.

Remember, this is when Joshua is coming out of the tomb. He is reversing his trip into the tomb in 1948.

For those new to this sort of day-accurate timeline, these sorts of studies almost never click into place like I've laid out here. Certainly not on a first try as this was.

Confirming Witness

This math is reaching the same year as the 77 years of Ezra. A high priest of some sort who should arrive in Jerusalem and start to run the place. In the example above, this was just 2025. Here it is accurate to a day in October of 2025.

So these 2 different lines of analysis are working to the same end.

In mid October of 2025, 2 years from now, the "tomb will be found empty." The same tomb that was filled in the middle of May, 1948 in Jerusalem.

But what are we to watch for in headlines? How do these 2 scripture narratives get to the same answer involving modern Israel?

Out Of The Tomb

Imagine yourself as a disciple of Joshua. You'd gone to Jerusalem from your home base at the north side of the Sea of Galilee. You watch the arrest and crucifixion. Joshua had taken care to keep you clear of being crucified yourself. But the whole city appeared to come out in support of the High Priest against Joshua.

Christianity itself, as a major religion, was effectively defeated by the events of World War II. It was put in the tomb in 1948. The Jews and their religion were suddenly victorious in many ways around the world.

I imagine the disciples were stuck in Jerusalem because of the special Sabbath on Friday and then again they could go nowhere because of the regular Sabbath on Saturday. Finally by Sunday morning they could leave. Some appear to have departed early for Emmaus. But early that Sunday morning, the report comes in from the tomb.

The women who had gone to the tomb had found it empty. This was hard to believe. Some ran to the tomb to see. Indeed it was empty. Only the linen cloth was found there.

Their future was suddenly very different. The death, the grave, Saul, the Benjamites, ultimately the Jewish high priests, had suddenly been defeated. The tomb itself could not hold Joshua. He had granted his killers only 62 hours.

What did this mean? For those disciples the future was still very unclear. Joshua would not be seen by the disciples as a group until later that day.

From the perspective of the text, the narrative and thus the prophetic timeline starts to pick up only after the tomb is found empty.

For us sitting here in the season when these stories will replay, we must wait a few more years to see them all play out. The body must still come back to life.

What matters most of all, as the most important sign, is that the location where the body was laid is now empty. All that remained was a couple pieces of cloth and Kings giving direction to see Joshua back in Galilee.

What does this story tell us about modern Jerusalem?

Death, so Saul, is defeated. Whatever had taken over for those 62 hours, or 77.5 prophetic years, is done and gone. All previous understanding of Joshua and his ways and his power over death had to shift.

Possible Headlines

For the next 2 Gregorian calendar years we must keep our focus on what happens in and around Jerusalem. Everything going on in that city since May of 1948 looks to be upended.

Continuation of normal life in Israel is not going to happen. As I write this the USA has dispatched several naval battle groups. They are preparing for a bigger war. Biden has asked for a stunning amount of money to open a second front in the middle east.

Jerusalem has always been located in a rough neighborhood. Even by their normal dangerous standards, Jerusalem looks to be at best unsafe. At worst it looks to be emptied of people by the time 2 years are over.

Maybe there will be a Jewish Ezra rededicating a rebuilt version of Solomon's temple in 2025. This may have been the reason the cats were let in. It would fit the normal Zionist narrative.

But, that prophetic Ezra looks to have roots related to the people who left Jerusalem 77 years earlier. It looks to be a prophetic Ezra from out of the Arab world who had family that departed Jerusalem in 1948.

If that is the real prophetic fulfillment, then everything we know about modern Israel, and perhaps other parts of the world, is about to radically change.

Stay safe, Pray for Peace,