2 Types Of Kingdoms

This blog explores the differences between the northern and southern kingdoms. Only the southern structure was enduring, but is being defeated now through the use of a condition offered to the north. Russia appears to be the key.


Ryan and I had planned to spend Unleavened Bread Week doing a read through the current draft of the Testimony on tt.paleo.in. As we were preparing to do the first day's read we were overwhelmed with what would turn out to be a week of significant and new insight as to the functioning of the northern and southern kingdoms.

This was so intense, that we stopped trying to do our planned read through the text and instead spent the week on topics related to the similarity and differences between those 2 different kingdoms.

This blog is my chance to lay out in a written form the operative differences between those 2 different forms of government. What follows are long form notes on what we have been discussing now for nearly 3 weeks.


The link here is back to the January 19, 2024, blog, where I explained how Benjamin was wiped out in the last 3 chapters of Judges. That tribe of Benjamin became 600 surviving soldiers who then moved into Jebus. That city was briefly called Zion, but the more enduring name is Jerusalem.

Benjamin would be driven by revenge against everyone else. They would be the source of the first king, Saul. Saul starts to reign in the year 407 From the Exodus. But then David would take over as king in Jerusalem. David would start an enduring line that would last until Jerusalem's wall is broken through by the Babylonians in the year 909 From the Exodus. For just over 500 years Jerusalem was a capital city.

What roll did Benjamin, the tribe, play in that city? They became the standing administration. The bankers, the tax collectors, the international traders, and all the other functions that were needed to maintain a royal throne. This is the skill set held by Benjamin. We today would call that function the Civil Service, like that located in Washington DC. Stated more pejoratively, Benjamin became the Deep State behind David's throne.


But there was also the northern kingdom. It formed at the civil war after the death of Solomon. The tax collector from Jerusalem was killed, they fought for about 3 years and then a new capital with a new administration formed up north in Samaria. This was very close to Shechem, the ancient meeting grounds for all the tribes.

That throne had been prophetically given to a Jeroboam. He had been in charge of the whole (slave) labor force of the house of Joseph. But, that prophetic promise was built on a condition. That new king had to keep the contract setup by Moses at the Exodus. Only on that condition, would he also have an enduring throne.

This is hinting at an important key to an important riddle. The only way to win in a fight with Benjamin is through keeping faith.

For Jeroboam, it did not work out very well. What use was faith to a power hungry king who thought those under his command was the source of his power?

The story of the Woman at the Well, which takes place in Joshua's day, but at Shechem, includes a reference to her 5 husbands. This is a prophetic match to the 5 different dynasties that would rule Samaria before the Assyrian deportation.

The style of rule in the north was more like organized crime bosses taking over the reigns of power. Each king would need to fight for power, and 5 times the standing royal family was overthrown.

What is the fundamental difference between these 2 forms of rule?

Samaria did not have a civil service to provide continuity while Jerusalem did. The key difference is the influence of the tiny lost tribe of Benjamin.

Is the King The Boss?

If you think about these 2 systems, in the north the king really is the ruler. Of course he could be weak, like Ahab, and so his wife may step in. She becomes a female tyrant who might then use another secret system to exercise power. So there are degenerate cases. But nominally, the king is all powerful in that northern kingdom. Without following Joshua through faith, the northern king is the crime boss. At any moment of weakness, his dynasty can be overthrown.

In the south, the civil service more or less lets the king do what he wants. But within limits. Those kings are raised by those same servants. They often marry women from Jerusalem. So, the rule of being a Jew through the lineage of the mother makes the kings in Jerusalem have mixed lineage. They are from Judah through David their father but are often actually Jews, so Benjamin, through the lineage of their Jerusalem mothers.

So the southern kings are going to be raised in how the civil service works. But, should they stray too far, as sometimes happens, then they end up dead, even assassinated by those same servants, as happened in at least one case.

Transferable Skill

Those 500 years of practice and learning the art of running the kingdom through puppet, public facing, rulers is where they developed the skill to do the same in other places.

By the time of King Nebuchadnezzar, where is Benjamin's civil service? Likely those ordering Nebuchadnezzar to bring sons from Jerusalem, like the prophet Daniel, are themselves from Benjamin. They are already well embedded. We see this as well in Esther and Mordecai's time. We see this in the NT time with Rome.

These are not supposed to be surprises to readers of the text. These stories are natural consequences of the stories in the last 3 chapters of Judges. This is the formation history of Jerusalem. But, we are not taught these stories because Benjamin rules in the modern USA too. Benjamin rules through deceit, and hides himself from all but a few who explore the text in detail.


In broad strokes, I've just given the general outline of how Benjamin has retained control of the world ever since the days of Solomon.

Nebuchadnezzar's dream of a statue is simply showing that the common western government system was created by someone like a sculpture maker. The civil servant class of most of Earth today can be thought of as originally from Jerusalem.

By managing international trade through banking, through controlling royal courts, through education, through control of literacy and even the editing of the sacred documents of religion itself, they have successively extended their grasp on progressively bigger parts of Earth.

Those original 600 fighters hiding out at the Rock of Rimmon have ultimately done well for themselves, or so it seems.

That count, 600 who hid at the Rock of Rimmon, is reflected in another story. It was also 600 charioteers who drown in the Red Sea at the time of the Exodus from Egypt. Notice how those 2 wildly different stories have a matched number of 600 men.


Because the back story for how Egypt was run is told in the historical story of how Jerusalem was run. This is why the Exodus account is so sparse on how exactly ancient Egypt actually functioned. Many other chapters, later in the Bible, fill in that story of how Egypt functioned. We know that system as that run at Jerusalem.

Pharaoh is to his officials as the king in Jerusalem is to his officials. Both seats of rule have 600 elite fighters. Charioteers in Pharaoh's case and soldiers at the Rock of Rimon in Jerusalem's case.

430 Years

We also know that Jacob's heirs were in Egypt for 430 years. They left Egypt to the day at the end of a 430 year stay. 156,840 days.

If we do not count the kings through David, because David kept covenant, we can see those same 430 years applying to Jerusalem's rule.

Solomon started to reign in the year 477 From the Exodus. This as the first of 4 years of co-reign with David. In the 3rd month of that 4th year, so 480 From the Exodus, Solomon began work on his Egyptian temple. Presumably he waited until after David's death and perhaps until after a time of mourning for David.

The 430th year later, so 909 FE, on the 4th month, 9th day, Jerusalem's walls were broken through by the Babylonians. Solomon's Egypt had fallen. This is not exactly day accurate, but it is accurate to within months across those 430 years.

So the match between Jerusalem and Pharaoh's Egypt is supported both through the 600 charioteers and through a 430 year length of reign reference.

Everything we know about the city of Jerusalem are lessons about Pharaoh's Egypt. The leaders in Jerusalem in Joshua's day are called Pharisees, little Pharaohs, for good reason. These really are the same system.

2008 Plague Series

At the 3500th anniversaries of the Exodus from Egypt we had a series of plague related headlines that the world knows of as the 2008 financial crisis. The blood on the river start of that series was the collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis. There really was blood on the river. That river is essentially a modern version of ancient Pharaoh's Nile river.

Most of the rest of that series of dates was the collapse of large banking interests based mostly in New York City. That series ran until it fizzled out, without any clear end, around the end of 2010.

Some features of that series are still strange to me. But, modern replays of the plagues on Egypt should hit Egypt in the world today. That means those plagues should hit Benjamin's central bankers. Their financial capital is of course New York City. This is the home of the US Federal reserve, the bank behind current forms of the US Dollar, itself the world's reserve currency.

So the general maps from Jerusalem to Egypt are now borne out with modern plagues headlines. Now we know why.

It has always been this way, throughout history since before Roman times. This is not an accident, but a designed in feature. It is the effect of asking for a king.

Nord Stream Series

There is a hint at another plagues series. The Nord Stream explosion near the start of the Ukraine war seems to have been the start of yet another run of the plagues.

But, the war in Ukraine that began at the same time is also well known to be a banker's war, so Benjamin is at war against Judah. Benjamin, being the man behind the political curtain, is still telling kings what to say and do.

I have yet to graph that series, and will return when my tooling is better equipped to handle this problem. But think of it as 2 series likely running at the same pace.

The Big Plague Series

There is another plague series, though, that I want to bring to your attention. You can think about it with me as I work over the next few weeks to get the tooling done in order to chart it.

This massive plagues series became evident when I was thinking about Tucker's interview with Putin.

Putin himself told Carlson the dates for the Baptism of Russia. I have called the same event the Christianization of Russia. From 988 through 1988, there was 1000 years of reign of Orthodox Christianity in Russia.

This national level of faith was beat down some, especially across the last 70 years when Russia was ruled by the Communists. But, Orthodox Christianity outlasted the Communists. That 1000th anniversary was celebrated in Russia in 1988.

Remember the promise made to the northern king? You can have an enduring throne too if you keep the faith. Said differently, you will defeat the systems of Benjamin only if you keep the faith. OK, I digress.

It is time to review the underling text for that 1000 year story again.

Revelation 20 (BRB)

The link here is to Revelation 20 in the BRB. Ryan has done some word level auditing, so it does not read like a conventional Greek translation.

Let me review the key ideas of that story. A king from the skies binds a dragon, or Hivite, or accuser, for a period of 1000 years. After those 1000 years are over, this thing, whatever it may be, is released for a short time. So it will be unbound and go about unrestrained.

In conventional Christian understanding, those 1000 years are still future. I disagree.

I first prayed about this story around 1988. There are a bunch of obvious issues. If Jesus has been ruling for 1000 years, then how could anyone know how to conduct war? War is a highly developed collective skill.

The answer came in a Time Magazine a couple weeks later. The cover was reporting on the celebration of 1000 years of Christianity in Russia. Gog and Magog, of course, see vs. 8. Putin is still preaching it.

To crack that Revelation passage requires knowing that those 1000 years are in some geography with a normal Christian faith, held without significant change across all of 1000 years.

This is why the skills of war are still known at the end. Someone else keeps alive the use of the skills of war.

Who is the main villain in this passage? Who is the accuser? Who is the Hivite? Who was bound in Russia for 1000 years? And who was released?

Guess what, there looks to be only 1 real villain. Pharaoh's Egypt and any governmental system that imitates it in any place or time anywhere in human history.

Who is Russia now dealing with? Little Pharaohs pulling the strings to grow the war in Ukraine.

The same villain we are all dealing with, but which Russia seems to have escaped. How? By faith. But, read the whole Revelation story again.

Go look at verse 9. Fire is going to come down on some 'holy' or rather 'special' city. What city? If you are thinking Jerusalem, I would probably agree. The Russians will probably also nuke every other capital city where Benjamin still runs the place. Beware of this, wherever you may live.

OK, this is the big picture slowly working itself out in the news. But, the 1000 year reign was up in 1988. That seems like a long time ago. Could that have bearing now? Yes, in a big way.

Day For A Year Plagues

The plagues as we've seen them so far run at 1 day in the text to 30 days on the ground. This is a very unusual pace. Normally, prophetic stories run 1 day for 1 year.

The roughly 40 days of plagues recorded in the end of Egypt look to be 40 years of plagues in our era. They start somewhere near the 1000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia. They are what is hinted at in the Revelation passage linked above.

The Russians celebrated their 1000th anniversary for about 1 full year. The timeline of the collapse of the USSR has many detailed dates. So for this round, let me leave it rough. 1988 or 1989, or say, the start of 1990 is safely clear of the 1000th year of that reign of Orthodox Christianity in Russia.

This is about 40 years ahead of where we are headed late this decade with the anniversary of Noah. There is room there, roughly speaking, for a series of Exodus plagues. Each plague would clock off at 1 day in the Exodus account being 1 modern YEAR in our time.

It would need to start with a very major headline like the I-35W bridge collapse, or like the underwater Nord Stream pipeline blast. We need to see a planetary scale headline that has something to do with blood on the water. It needed to have happened around the year 1990 or so.

That headline is known. It was part of the First Persian Gulf war, and is now called the Gulf War Oil Spill. Here is the link to Wikipedia's telling.

Gulf War Oil Spill (Wikipedia)

What you need to know is that the Iraqis created an oil slick in the Persian Gulf. 100 miles long, 44 miles wide, up to 5 inches thick. Depending on who is counting, between 4,000,000 and 11,000,000 barrels of oil. This was the largest oil slick in history.

This was the biggest blood on the water story ever in history. Oil is the lifeblood of all modern society. It was now all over the water.

At planetary scale, there should be about 40 years, maybe 42 years, from that oil slick for Pharaoh and his 600 to be defeated. So about 40 years until Benjamin is defeated. Until the city of Jerusalem is defeated. This is slightly beyond anything I have graphed so far, it extends beyond the Noah Flood dates in 2029.

Part of what has happened over the past 3 weeks is we've seen how to graph out most of the stories in the text. I have tested some ideas for new timeline chart tooling, I should be able to do this in standard HTML. I am going to work this problem in most efficient order and get the tooling done so I can confidently graph everything I just laid out above.

But, it is starting to look to me like the linkages from the end of the 1000 year reign, to the final defeat of the systems of Jerusalem can now be generally sketched in.

Tucker And Glenn Beck (Youtube)

The link here is to Glen Beck interview with Tucker Carlson just after Tucker got back to the USA from Russia.

If you care, you can watch the whole thing. But I want to point out a couple things on Beck's side of the conversation. He seems to know something is terribly wrong with the way the USA is being run. He is like millions of other Americans who sense the same thing.

What is wrong? Benjamin has gone nuts. The normally staid civil service from the days of Solomon has come out of hiding. They are no longer an invisible hand. They have met their match in a nation of faith who's face is currently Putin. The revenge side of their personality is now showing.

Also, in the video linked above, Beck calls out Putin as evil. He uses as evidence the way Putin has had Russian oligarchs murdered, typically by being tossed out of windows. Beck does not follow alternative media, he gets his news from Benjamin, to them Putin is evil.

Oligarchs out windows is, of course, factually true, but Beck is on the wrong side. Those typically Jewish men borrowed money created out of nothing from western bankers and tried to buy up all the assets of Russia.

The western money was created out of nothing in order to steal $80T in hard Russian assets. This is the same trick played against Americans since at least the US Civil War.

Putin was defending his country from Benjamin. Putin, or at least his country, appears to be just warming up.

Lex Fridman and Tucker (Youtube)

As a final note for this blog, the link here is to a Lex Fridman podcast where he interviews Tucker about his time in Russia with Putin.

The surprise of this video is that Fridman, who speaks fluent Russian, has been invited by the Kremlin to Moscow to interview Putin himself. This is apparently because Fridman is about the only well known westerner who speaks Russian.

Tucker and Fridman discuss what this means in this podcast. Tucker appears to calm Fridman down and encourages him to go to Moscow for the interview.

Putin's faith demands of him that he try and stop the war. Revelation 20 suggests all attempts will fail. But, everyone who can, should at least try and stop what is about to happen. We wish Fridman the best should that interview work out.

More Later,