Plague Of Blood

Looks like plague headlines are back. This week the plague of blood in the Baltic Sea, bricks without straw, no gas to drink. This is also identifying an entire series of plague dates, we have only just begun. Details follow below.


Last Friday we were traveling. On the road we were told a riddle. Watch for Babel on the move militarily and a Plague of Blood. We expected fulfillment soon, but unclear exactly when. It was a riddle after all.


There had been rumors spreading from a member of the German government who had called out September 24, 2022, as a date when everyone would remember where they were. He walked back that comment and said he misspoke, saying he meant February 24 and the invasion of Ukraine. With people in situations like this, he may have had to walk back his comments because of unseen pressure on his life. We cannot know for sure.

There was also various commentaries on that rumor that pointed out that Monday, September 25, 2022, was Jewish Calendar new years day. This is important because the occult follows that calendar, a high holy day to them.

Stock traders follow that calendar too because so much of the market is driven by actions of Jews who trade, or not, following their own holidays on their calendar. So Monday was always more likely as any sort of headline fulfillment date.

The prophetic dates given the plagues series from 15 years ago would want a plague date on Sunday or perhaps Monday, September 25 or 26, 2022. This is because plague dates are at the start or middle of 30 day months. (Normally at the start, but if the story says something like 'in the morning' then it shifts to mid month.) That rhythm drives when these plague stories can happen at all.

Looking back at my charts for when the plague of blood happened before, it was theoretically around July 31, 2007. This at the end of 15 days of no straw to make bricks. It would go on for another 15 immediate days into mid August.

The offset from that era is 185 months. This is a strange number. Not a number I recognize, but if this is more than a single headline, then ALL the plagues in the Exodus plague series can now be dated and will replay as a complete series. Both going back and especially forward for several more years.

4 Point Prophetic

For those who have not followed the work since those days, all prophetic intervals have 4 dates, not 2. The starting dates are always a twin, and the ending dates also twin.

For example, it was 19 years from when the Babylonians first invaded ancient Israel, until they expelled the leaders from the city of Jerusalem.

At our modern end of the prophetic interval, 2550 years, these same 19 years were seen again. In 1948 the country of Israel comes back, and then in 1967 the city of Jerusalem is restored too.

Note the 4 points involved in 1 long prophetic interval, 2550 years. That particular long interval is derived from the stories of Leviticus 26, but beyond our scope here.

It is never quite this simple, because there are a series of dates in the historical record and that creates a series in our modern era. In the case of the 19 years I've give above, Jeremiah confirmed, and extended to 4 different years. These pick up more modern wars. Both with modern Israel. One in 1956 and another in 1973.

But the 4 point date principle is important and something that should be learned.

So the plague series of dates that ran from 2006 to 2010 are anniversary dates derived from the plague series leaving Egypt. The events in history began at the Burning bush 50 years before the end of conquering Canaan. At this resolution about 3 years before actually leaving Egypt itself.

So the long time interval from Egypt to our modern era is 3500 years, expressed as 70 jubilees, or 70 times 7. Strange math I know, but follow me. How often will Joshua forgive? Not 7 times, (ie 2550 years) but 70 times 7, or 3500 years. This is the riddle for planet headlines outside of the middle east.

OK, so the question: What is the equivalent of the 19 years that were tacked onto the 2550 years that drove the return to modern Israel? Is it 19 years here too? Whatever it is should give us a second echo of the plagues. Perhaps even a pointer at the main historical replays.

If there is such a number, then all the plagues are hot again and just started this week. We will be able to watch double modern fulfillments on each plague. Once in the Banking System crisis of 2008 and then again now, informing the war we are in.

Hint, that offset seems to be an unexpected 185 months. It is already running, but keep reading.

Nord Stream Bombing

The link above is to Paul Craig Roberts' blog post on the Nord Stream Pipeline bombing. He has gathered many other links that cover all the issues, especially the most likely idea that a US Navy vessel, operating in the area but with tracking turned off, was responsible for setting the charges that blew the pipes.

Remember, Roberts is a retired Reagan era government official and gets how this works. Let me summarize what is known.

Nord Stream is the name of a pipeline system in the bottom of the Baltic Sea. It consists of 3 massive pipes that deliver gas from Russia to Europe, but primarily Germany. Nord Stream 1 itself has 2 smaller pipes. Most gas delivery networks are built as twin pipes so months when the heating season is off can be used for annual maintenance on each pipe individually. Gas always flows but limited to 1 pipe when maintenance is underway. At peak demand, usually winter, both pipes are run at full capacity.

Nord Stream 2 was installed along most of the same route and finished late in 2021. It is bigger than the pipes in Nord Stream 1, but is only a single pipe. It is owned independently, and has a different loading point at the upstream end. It uses Nord Stream 1 as its off-season maintenance backup.

The permit for Nord Stream 2 was held up by the German government and pulled on February 22, 2022. This in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Protests in Germany have been calling for the permit for Nord Stream 2 to be issued in order to keep Germany heated this winter.

So on the evening of Monday, September 26, 2022, alarms went off in the control rooms for those pipelines. Sudden loss of pressure was detected. Though not exactly at the same time, it did impact all 3 pipes.

A single natural event under the sea would have hit them all at once. Say an underwater land slide. But there is a cleared zone on the bottom of the sea for these pipes so trouble like that does not happen. Those zones are like natural gas right of ways in forests. The trees are removed to protect the pipes. A more complicated process was followed because of unexploded Word War 2 munitions throughout the bottom of that sea. They are placed in a wide safe zone across their entire length.

The explosions set off earthquake detectors. The reading tells the size of the explosives used. Around the same scale as used to blow up the King Dome in Seattle. Not a small amount of energy to cut through about 2 inches of welded steal pipe wall. That pipe is then surrounded by a jacket of concrete. Someone really wanted this job done.

By the morning of September 27, 2022, there were 3 bubble fields on the surface of the sea. Each from escaping gas from those pipes. The largest estimated at 1 km across. Bubbles like this are a sailor's hazard because they remove the buoyancy of the water, and will cause ships to sink should they sail near those bubbles.

Both Biden and Nuland are on video explaining they had the means to permanently stop Nord Stream 2 natural gas deliveries from Russia. When asked how, Biden would not say, but only said to trust him, they could stop the flow.

Germans, especially, are now scrambling for home heating alternatives, wood and coal are the only 2 domestic choices.

Plague of Blood, 2007

The plague of blood happened before in the modern era. It was part of a series and fulfilled as the collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis. The collapse itself was a couple days after the theoretical date for the plague.

In that episode the bridge was undergoing maintenance. Generally this involved replacing the surface of the bridge. But, there was a defect in the gussets between beams holding up the bridge. They were undersized and did not properly anticipate side loads on the structure. Those plates failed under the load of construction equipment and materials stacked on the bridge.

The bridge fell into the Mississippi river. The wreckage was under water. Officials had to send divers to fetch bodies and bridge parts out of the river. Officials then had to figure out what happened. Who was to blame? Did the original designers take blame? Or the government officials who did not check the design work for what was in the end their bridge?

A similar debate is going on with a bridge in Corpus Christi, Texas, right now. Texas officials seem to be doing a better job of stopping work on a poorly designed structure. Deformation from side forces is the missed aspect in the designs of both the old I-35W bridge and the new bridge in Texas.

The I-35W bridge collapse really was blood on prophetic Egypt's main river. There is now a memorial to the dead on a nearby bank of the river. There was a race to rebuild the bridge, and that new bridge is in operation now.


Once we can compare 2 different modern fulfillments we can pick off parallels.

The US Interstate freeway system is like the blood veins of a body. Look at the natural gas pipeline system feeding gas from Russia to Europe and you can see the same thing. Pharaoh's Nile did the same in ancient times. Covid vaccines are an as yet undated plague with a similar micro application. Prophetic Pharaoh seems responsible for them all.

The commuting public in Minneapolis had to scramble to find alternative routes to work. In that case a nearby older bridge could be used. Other freeways in the region could be used too.

The owners of gas heated houses and industry in Germany are going to do the same. Wood and coal are the only local alternatives to imported Russian gas. Nuclear power takes years to bring online, and the amount of power from nuclear is a small fraction of the energy that traveled in those pipes.

Someone may try and use LNG by tanker from other parts of the world. But as many are commenting, those ships are now military targets. Anyone with the means can shoot and then blame Russia, as is the sport these days.

The immediately previous exodus story, not yet a full plague, about 15 modern days earlier, was making bricks without straw, and the need to scramble for supplies no longer supplied by Pharaoh. Scrambling for fuel seems a match, but there are banking system headlines that may match better.

Qu Map Note

The Ha on the American version of the Qu map is located at Minneapolis. It is a corral. The Mall of America is the modern example on the ground. 3 stories, square on the outside, with a circular interior. That building matches the shape of the Ha letter almost exactly.

On the world map the Ha is likely the city of Berlin. Cut off for a season from the rest of Germany by the Berlin Wall, it too was a corral. This is of course the capital of Germany and those pipes fed Germany with energy.

This plague seems to be following that Ha location on both geographic prophetic maps, a curious point we may see more of in the future.

Hurricane Ian

We also see Hurricane Ian crossing Florida. This seems to be Pharaoh reaping what he has sown. An American bunch of bubbles to match what the navy ship did with bubbles in the Baltic. Here we get more of the prophetic story with dead fish and stuff stinking. More people running for cover and many dead.

Hurricanes are fairly common, so these are never strong as fulfillments. But, they are interesting to note. In this case note the path. Through Orlando and the theme parks and then across NASA facilities.

The SLS rocket had to be put back inside for safety from this storm. The SLS rocket is an example of Pharaoh's Egypt. $4.2B+ for an unreliable piece of leaky junk built from spare parts. Space X will soon do the same for a few $10's of millions.

The theme parks and rockets are national treasures, put at risk by weather. People are already wondering if this foreshadows future events. We believe no foreign ground invasion there. Anything else is still open.

Financial Markets

As with all the earlier fulfillments, watch for financial system headlines with each of these dates. In general the US dollar is rising in value relative to the rest of the world. This happens when any war breaks out because of flight for safety to North America. Traders will be tricked at the end when Pharaoh falls, but for now, this is the way markets move in war.

The rising dollar is a very bad thing. Anyone around the world with a different local currency, but who borrowed in dollars, now has a harder time repaying. In the end this is what it takes to collapse the world economy. Borrowers unable to pay back interest on their loans go into default. That ends Pharaoh. Right now it is just a curiosity.

Especially important at this date is the UK, with the BOE needing to step into their bond markets to halt the collapse of their currency. More of this will come with time. The show is only just beginning.


From September 23 through about 27 there was a referendum in the former Russian areas of Ukraine. That vote is likely a part of the prophetic fulfillment for this plague. The question asked was should those Russian speaking areas rejoin Russia? In other words, would you like to leave Egypt?

Unlike the west, the Russians are very aware of following international laws on this. They know they are accountable before god and want his favor. They invited a group of international observers. Voter turnouts and approvals ranged 87 percent to 98 percent. The voters overwhelmingly passed the move. They became Russian territory on September 30, 2022.

This changes the Russian legal basis for war in Ukraine. How it changes their war strategy is uncertain. It might be that Pharaoh looses a little territory with each plague date, we will see. In any case having people leave will drive him mad.

Plague of Frogs

7 days will pass until the plague of frogs. These clock at 30 to 1 or 210 modern days. Watch on or around April 23, 2023, for that next plague of Frogs.

Previous Dates

There are many previous dates on this same series that by a cursory look appear to have timed key events leading to war in Ukraine. Putin looks to be prophetic Moses who has been sent to Egypt to deliver the people.

Though at February 22, 2022, he killed an Egyptian and was caught in the act by angry Egyptians wanting to know who gave you this authority. Going forward Moses carries more authority as a prophetic voice and has less trouble with his Egyptian heritage.

As a Moses he will rarely be involved doing more than commentating to Pharaoh. Russia may not be the important agent in these plagues going forward. We will see. Putin may just drive the west mad, as did Moses to Pharaoh.

This explains a curiosity of the media reports on the war in Ukraine. Putin is usually singled out as the only man responsible for all bad in the world. This can now be explained as Egyptians mad at Moses.


Like everyone reading this I very much want to see the full charts for this series. The offset of 185 months looks to have been active for a very long time. We don't see the next plague date until next spring, so this is not very urgent.

I looked again at the work involved here. Not particularly difficult to move the data. But it will be a tedious process that will take some time.

I am NOT going to work this problem right now. I am working on 3d case modeling related to the alphabet. Prophetic on that is hitting strongly every day, I can barely keep up. There is way more to the cases for the 3d models than I ever imagined.

I am working my way to the genome, which is the most important problem of all. The work on that problem is already well over a full time job, so the charts must wait. I will get to the charts when things calm down.

More Later,