In this post I look at the hardest of questions, how bad might total vaccine deaths become? By asking this question, we can explain an early story in the Exodus narrative where those who don't do what Pharaoh says are rewarded with houses. A strange point, let me explain.

The Start of Vaccine Deaths

A CEO of a group life insurance policy issuer stated mid December that they were seeing a 40 percent daily death rate increase over pre Covid numbers.

Importantly, he stated this was NOT Covid deaths, those are apparently not insurable deaths. Depending on details of the math, he was suggesting daily execess, non-covid, deaths are running over 3000 people per day across the USA. The increase began in 3rd quarter and continued into 4th quarter, 2021.

(I am sticking to USA numbers for ease of reporting, and am going to use a total US Population of 330,000,000. Outside of the USA you should be able to mostly scale your country's population against this base line.)

That CEO also stated that a 10 percent variation is as strange as something with a 1 in 200 year chance of happening. So this is way stranger. He was speaking obscurely because of the significance of what he was saying, and risks to his company and perhaps his own life. He belongs on my Heroes list.

In my opinion, this death event is matched only by an act of war. Nothing natural works this way. The Chinese will be blamed, but the text suggests an internal source of the cause, not the future invading army.

This CEO's off hand comment was picked up and smoothed out, giving total excess deaths across a year. A 100,000 person per year excess death rate was the normal way this was stated. You should have seen this somewhere in your regular news stream, as it was commonly reported.

This is going to be a roughly normally distributed surge of deaths. It is improper to evenly smooth these numbers out across a full year. Why? Excess daily deaths will increase day by day until some peak day that will happen 2 to 5 years out. Let me state that again, the rate of daily excess deaths will not go down for at least 2 more years, maybe as many as 5.

This is what the doctors I've been reporting on this past year have told us. Watch for an increase in excess daily deaths to peak out in the distant future. 48 weeks is the quickest we've seen reported. 2 years was a much more common estimate, 5 years has also been suggested.

Remember your statistics? I thought not. The area under a normal curve is the total number of occurrences. So the total number of excess deaths. The top of the curve is the day of the highest excess death rate and the day when the trend reverses and excess deaths per day start to decline. (I know, I am still simplifying, this is not exactly a normal distribution, and there will be a long lingering tail.)

More Data

By mid January, 2022, other reports were expanding on this. Many states in the USA have started investigating spikes in total excess ANNUAL death rates. Some of this data is via the CDC, which is NEVER trustworthy.

State level investigations suggest they see other data and are starting to care. The worst annual increase, with none of the increase attributable to Covid, is Washington DC, a vaxxed Democrat city, with a 72 percent annual increase in non Covid deaths.

Annual numbers for 2021 stretch back to the start of vaccinations, so will pick up immediate deaths by injection. But the heavy death rates started in the 3rd quarter of 2021. So that high annual reported number is hiding an even higher end-of-year climb by averaging those late year deaths out into the slow months at the start of the year.

This form of reporting by averaging is hiding an unreported, end-of-year climb in death rates. This is what the doctors in early 2021 were very much afraid would happen as a consequence of death by vaccine. Now we see it.

That daily death rate climb should go much higher, increasing a little each day across all of 2022. The further out along this curve the easier it will be to give accurate estimates on the timing and totals.

The various political groups that were involved in this will do all they can to place blame elsewhere. The unvaxxed, Ebola, another Chinese bio-weapon, improper vascular injection and so on. Pay no attention to this shifting of blame. This was pharaoh's design, by his 'secret arts.'

These reports trigger the big, unspoken, question. What are we to expect in terms of TOTAL overall death numbers of people who die by the vaccine?

Total Deaths

Bill Gate's Ted Talk on using vaccines to reduce world population by 15 percent would create a US death total of around 50,000,000 people. Might he have been under reporting his planned number? So as not to hit the Bible's verses on this event? Probably. So his would be a low ball estimate.

A different argument, that I am now hearing people use, is that the real death totals will follow the numbers of Revelation 9. For many good reasons we don't list this chapter as inspired, but the authors of this Covid event may be following it anyway, so this is a valid argument, even if not inspired. A self fulfilling prophecy, if you will.

In this scenario, 110,000,000 Americans would be the total excess deaths. This is over twice the total deaths as Bill Gates gave in his talk.

There are also now reports from doctors studying vaccine deaths that suggest that EVERYONE who took the vaccine will die by effects of the vaccine. This is more severe than any of the doctors I have referenced in previous blogs.

This statement factors in an important new point. If the vaccine takes 10 or 20 years off someone's life, did the vaccine kill them? Of course, just out in the long statistical tail. This claim also assumes there are no placebos in vaccine batches.

The only open question for these doctors is how long before eventual vaccine death.

We can estimate expected total death rates under this scenario by looking at total vaccination counts in the USA.

These data are untrustworthy. The numbers themselves may be overestimated to convince people to take the kill shot. But, one vax tracker suggests over 200,000,000 Americans have already received at least 2 shots, with more shots on the way. Assuming 1/2 of all shots are placebos, and eventual death if either is a not a placebo, this is still a 150,000,000 expected excess US death count.

We recently audited the plagues narrative against the Aramaic instead of Hebrew in Exodus 12:30. We normally think 'someone dead' but the Aramaic is less specific. Every house has dead is another way to consider the passage. In other words it does not limit the dead to 1 per house as does the Hebrew.

We can go measure this. The total number of US households is known, counted by the US government for various reasons. The US Census puts the total at just over 120,000,000 households.

With the Aramaic witness this would be an under estimate. But, it is yet another way to estimate total dead in this event. Again, in the USA alone.

I have just given several different ways to estimate the total number of excess US deaths over the next several years. These range from a low ball 50,000,000 to high ball answer of 150,000,000. The most direct from the plagues narrative itself suggests 120,000,000, matched at or above the number of households.

What Will Happen?

Who are these people? People we know. Friends and family. People already dead. In places where there is a vaccine mandate, if the placebo rate is really 0.5, then 3/4ths of all workers will be gone when this is over.

This includes many students, not well enough learned in the wicked ways of the world to have avoided this disaster. This also includes many wealthy. This because they are in debt, with monthly payments. High wage earners see these as easy to manage, but they become impossible when suddenly out of work. They could not easily quit their job to avoid the jab because debt to pharaoh's system, so now many are on their way out.

Say you own a nuclear power plant, like your power company might. Think about this. You might not have any qualified operators 5 years from now. Perhaps you want to plan now on how to mothball the silly thing while you still can?


There is a rising anger across the land of people who have had family members injured and debilitated and dead by vaccine. The public is finally figuring it out. They seem to have gotten together over Christmas and compared notes.

There is a new term, 'vaccine regret.' It explains how the vaccinated feel when they realize their future. Beyond our scope here, but Jordan Peterson has dealt with this in his classes. The lower end of the male cognitive ability bell curve behaves in predictable ways in these scenarios.

This is going around, and fast. The UK just dropped all government imposed Covid restrictions. They see what is coming their way.

We ran into vaccine regret at a truck stop. More than anything else, a stranger wanted us to know how much he regretted taking the kill shot. He wanted very much to make sure we would not take the shot, this but 1 example. The online world is also erupting on these points.


The earliest story in the Exodus narrative involves the events surrounding the birth of Moses. Pharaoh had ordered the midwives to kill the babies in the Nile. Moses' family hid him in a basket in the reeds and watched as pharaoh's daughter rescued baby Moses.

You can read the full account in Exodus 1. But pay attention to verse 21. After some passage of time, the midwives were rewarded with houses because they did not obey pharaoh's order.

How could this be? How would a resident of pharaoh's Egypt be rewarded with a house for NOT following pharaoh's order?

Now it makes sense. Once pharaoh is willing to kill babies, he is willing to kill everyone else too. With no young workers, the elderly became an impossible burden. Pharaoh had triggered the need for a depopulation event.

There is a Chiastic structure to the story. This means it ends on the same point where it began. Vaccinating children is the last wave. Pharaoh returns to where he started.

More Later,