A Covid Tale

We just returned from 40 days of travel across the US. Because of the mask pandemic I thought it interesting to share the situation with masks that we found as we traveled through 15 different states.

The Mask Pandemic

Note I had a hard drive crash while on the road, and lost links to articles that defend everything I'll summarize below. Use a well crafted search, but probably not on Google, to find supporting articles. I'm not doing that myself, wanting to move on to other stuff.

When we left there was a fresh round of restrictions relative to masks, and over the time we were gone the news covered the quickly shifting sense of virtual reality relative to the supposed virus.

We visited truck stops, gas stations and other stores from one end of the country to the other. We found legal notices on shop doors ranging from masks required to masks forbidden. The mask forbidden sign in a state where we knew the governor would disagree, and it said for the safety of employees and as an insurance requirement. So there is huge dispute over this. It is impossible to predict what the sign on any given shop door might say.

Chains big enough for a legal staff almost always had big signs, but small stores never did. I read an article about the legal problem of signage and from that point treated all signs as legal, and not medical, advice. There for the purpose of subduing litigation against companies by employees.

We also saw signs on the doors of one big chain where masks were only recommended, this a polite way to stay out of the argument. We also saw many stores with fine-print signs, printed on letter paper and where the sign was posted as a legal requirement, but with writing in 12 point font. These stores were meeting legal requirements without any practical impact on customers.

Reports indicated that big box chains, including Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart had banned staff from saying anything about masks to customers. This for the personal safety of the staff. Reports of staff being shot by berserk customers supported this wise decision.

Years ago I worked retail and part of my training was how to deal with armed robbers. The context was how some customers, like drunk sailors, which we had in the neighborhood where I worked, are always dangerous, armed or not. The employers with shot staff deserve to loose the lawsuits that are inevitably headed their way, having forgotten their drunk sailor training.

Because masks are known to be very dangerous, able to cause lung infection death by themselves, and because we had no way to know what was real, we took the attitude that we would carry masks, but only put them on when asked. This to absolutely minimize any time wearing a mask. I always had mask loops visible in my shirt pocket. It turns out I was never asked to wear a mask, even in stores with big, scary, legal notices.

We also began to spot the most common problem with masks on staff which is oxygen deprivation. Unable to think. Unable to reason. Unable to take a fast food order. Unable to count. Unable to process a debit card. Readily willing to acknowledge they were oxygen deprived. This problem was everywhere. Fixed by many staff across the country wearing chin-masks, or by drinking something through a straw. Both are neat tricks.

The public was doing the same. Eating ice cream or drinking coffee or something cold through a straw, while walking in public, was another common trick we saw in many places.

We generally stayed away from urban areas because of riots. So everything here is rural, usually Republican areas. Once Trump said not wearing a mask was protected political speech, the use of masks dropped noticeably.

More News

While we were traveling there were a series of articles that basically vacated the idea that the pandemic is real.

The FDC acknowledged in writing that the virus has no isolates. This means it does not exist in a beaker in sufficient quantity that someone could put a drop on the nose of a lab rat and see if it dies. Nor can it be cultivated and passed around so many different labs can try the same thing. Nor can it be DNA sequenced.

This also means the DNA sequences supposedly of this virus are of samples so small that they cannot be tested with lab rats, and thus cannot be shown as the cause of any medical issues.

The original lab that published the first test for Covid, in Berlin, under threat of litigation, acknowledged they had no isolates themselves, and that the test for this virus is thus a fraud. All other labs have also agreed, they have no isolates and cannot test if the thing their test kits detect is in fact the supposed virus. So no one can test what the virus does all by itself.

If you have ever had a Covid test, and were one of the rare and lucky ones to actually get the lab report back, you noticed that even when the test came back positive, the fine-print at the bottom of the report disclaimed any idea that the patient in fact had the virus responsible for Covid. In other words all positive test results are also negative test results. By the way, this is a mind blowing fact, a logical consequence of no isolates.

The original testimony given to the US Congress about this virus was shown to be false. Conflating Case Fatality Rates and Infection Fatality Rates, and many other simple errors, suggesting a serious fraud before the Congress. It was this testimony that caused the world to lock down, so that testimony should be considered treason.

Once this fact was known, the alternative media tried to use infection rates instead of case rates, but that causes yet more confusion because case rates and infection rates have not been distinguished by official counters.

The tests themselves are cycled. Apparently as simple as a knob on a machine. Tests are usually 37 or 40 cycles. This is criminally high, should not be over 35, ever, and for most uses should not be over 30. Someone with a positive test at 30 cycles at least has some viral load, like an active case of the flu. At 30 cycles some 90 percent of all positives would go away, perhaps more.

10s of thousands of college students have returned to school, many getting Covid tests and being locked down. Problem, no hospitalizations, at all, across most campuses. One case I heard was that one Covid positive student on a campus had a runny nose, and their staff were watching it closely. (Hint to supposedly educated university staff, 1000 mg of vitamin C, with a big glass of water, and the runny nose will be gone in an hour. If not, try again. Your mother should have taught you this, even if your professors did not.)

There were individual states that restated their death rates. This started in Colorado when a county coroner demanded the prosecution of a certain state official for changing the coroner's death certificate. This is an actual crime, and his call for prosecution was valid. The official had caused someone who died of alcohol poisoning to be counted as a Covid death. A few days later Colorado's deaths went from around 1200 to around 200, as that official considered her pending jail time. Washington and Oregon soon followed. This was never reflected in national numbers from the CDC until just recently.

Finally this restatement made it to the CDC and then it was restated in a strange way. Nearly all Covid deaths were elderly, with an amazing average of 2.6 other very serious illnesses listed on the death certificates of each supposed Covid death.

If you died of kidney failure and got a lab report that said you were Covid positive, which has fine print disclaiming the supposed virus, then you died of kidney failure. This is not hard to think through.

Of the remaining cases listed by the CDC there were no indications as to comorbidities. But, this is an argument from silence, so it tells us nothing.

Note in 1 Asian country, 69,000,000 people, there were 58 deaths. This in a country with no payout to doctors finding Covid deaths, the likely reason why nothing else was listed on the remaining Covid death certificates in the USA.

Real Deaths

The media driven world works in sound bites. There have been a few deaths, no doubt. Nearly all died of something else, cancer, kidney disease, and a dozen other very serious ailments. Not usually reported by the media.

Is this just a hard seasonal flu? Like the CDC themselves predicted in December 2019 before they listened to false congressional testimony?

The best bet right now is that hard flu they were seeing in late 2019 was co-opted for political ends, to apparently throw some 57 million people out of work, wrecking the world economy and usher in someone's green and utopian vision of the future.


The list I've given above is well known across alternative media. Much of it made it to fake media, especially CDC and FDA issues which made it to national papers.

As we traveled we started seeing 2 extremes. Some people are still very much afraid of getting sick. It was easy to spot fear in eyes peering over masks. It was easy to tell, these were people who watch too much TV.

We also saw many people who simply mock the entire event, because the facts above, and many like them, are leaking out all over the place. The consent of the governed is being quickly lost by corrupt government officials.

The latest joke going around is this: the virus is a political creature, which would go away tomorrow if the election were held tomorrow.

Proof this is no joke is found in corrupt politicians setting end-dates for Covid lockdowns on November 3, 2020.


The Noah's Flood series continues to run, mostly, but not always, Covid related. Noah was not a natural disaster, but was created by political leaders with a heart for war who destroyed the world. Joshua let them get away with it because the world was evil. Covid is the same. Like the days of Noah, Joshua is letting this happen so those who can, will spot the fraud. I've done my best to point this out in this post.

Next time, back to more interesting technical Testimony related topics.

More Later,