Busy Week

New video now online, audio tracks now online, updates to TT and BRB, website updates, 3D mostly done and a blizzard to top it off.

TT Tour Video

OK, now that we have a little practice, time for our next video. This one is on the TT app. It starts with a history of our understanding of the problems of additions. Then the design issues for the app. Then the problem of word tampering... then a tour of the features of the app itself.


Audio Tracks

We've had several requests for drive-time audio only versions of our videos. I finished the back-end for audio this week. Note that for Chrome/Android users I'm using a compression system tuned to speech, which makes this very light on mobile data. Safari folks are just regular .mp3 files.

We may change the User Interface for this... but, as of right now, visit the main page of the website, then scroll down to the 'Recent Audios' section. The controls for playing audio are right there. They also allow downloads if you want to play off-line. Use a phone based media player for off line use.

If you have unlimited mobile data (if you commute far you probably should) then just play from the phone. We will be doing some tests ourselves this coming week to make sure we understand this use case. Please let me know how this works, and if we need to make any changes.

TT and BRB

Both updated this week. Filter tags with notes in various places.

Website Updates

We've started the work of getting media integrated into the website. You'll see updated artwork. More to come.

Case 4

The reprint of case 4 finished this week. The model is mostly back together. This has the most difficult lid in the set, and I've updated the master design to use fewer printed parts in the future.

Next step is to fix specific parts which have had trouble across all the cases, mostly parts that use fishing line.


We had our first real Colorado blizzard. Cleared the front porch of about 1 foot of snow. Then did it again with another foot. Then a 3rd time with about 6 inches. Lost the furnace in a power spike... Using electric backup until enough melt happens that a repair guy can even park on the property. An otherwise great week.

More Later,