Planners, 3d, Paul Part 2

This week's talk continues the series in Paul. This time Gabriel to Miriam and the Birth of John. Read on for update to the 3d models and next year's annual planners.

3d Models

My primary objective in this update was to fix the color scheme. This following a precise prophetic dream to do this. The primary colors are now stone gray with dark wood beams. This follows the meaning of the models and is higher contrast so people who have poor vision should still be able to make out color differences.

I went through and put texture on the panels that 'skin' these models. Primarily this is a stone brickwork pattern. The buckets were also updated and received wood planks for skin. This revision makes the models look much better.

I went ahead and put a hidden door in the case below the well. This to play to the hidden vault that Joseph was given.

I have reprinted all of the parts and fixed various fit and finish issues that might impact someone assembling the models. The biggest issue in the old design was parts that snap. Even with soft PLA plastic, the models now snap together better. I also cleaned up issues with part numbers, so they accurately reflect the number of needed copies.

To see the changes, visit the main website and follow the link to the Bill of Materials. From there look at all the models in the Joseph series. This includes Joseph Case, Joseph Beam, Joseph Silo and Joseph Well.

River Case

There are more design issues in the River Case. For those who have seen the talk or have seen the case in person, beware. The problem is around the headwaters of the river.

I will be reworking this case next in order to get the geometry correct. No specific ETA on when this might be finished. A reprint for the River Case and the related lid takes considerable 3d printer time, so this will not be quick.

Annual Planners

If you are interested in getting a copy of next year's annual planner, please let me know. We will get a batch printed in the next few days.

Website Update

A final note. I've also updated the introductory material at the top of the website. This includes a brief review of the Acts 15 Riddle and an auto updating link to the most recent talk. This to make finding the most recent talk easier.

More Later,