In this post we look at people who are speaking out on what they see going on around them. Heroes.


Everyone speaking out on issues related to Covid 19 takes a bunch of risks. Prophetically pharaoh and his many evil accomplices are dangerous. Bottom line they form a death cult, and want as many dead as possible, always have. Kings rule by killing, almost by definition. Read about Saul or David or the troubles of Jeremiah.

But there is a god. He is a rewarder of people. Fear of Joshua is more important than fear of the king.

Each hero below took risks to share their story. They often add some witness to the Covid situation and I give some commentary where there is more to add. There is MUCH important material in the videos linked here. Take your time and listen to their stories.

Note: I am trying a new format. The headings are the links to the primary video for each hero. Some email readers may have trouble with this. If you have technical trouble, please read this post on paleo.in and leave me feedback. I hope to use this style in future posts.

All the Ferrets Died

Dr. Lee Merritt is a former US Navy Surgeon and explains precisely how this Covid vax shot can be used to wipe out entire armies, as I believe Natan saw in his NDE. Dr. Merritt is careful to explain how these injections program their victims cells for later sudden death.

That programming does not appear to be needed, people start dying anyway at about 6 months after the shot, something unknown when this was recorded early in 2021. Dr Merritt is someone who took risks to tell us what was going on when she told the world 'All The Ferrets Died.'

Covid Does Not Exist

Dr Elizabeth Eads has 25 years of front line experience with caring for patients as a doctor. She is also a teacher at 2 different medical schools. She has followed the Covid paperwork trail, as all doctors should, but few do. She has taken a huge risk to speak out against Covid.

She explains in detail the many financial rewards to hospitals and doctors who kill patients falsely diagnosed with Covid. She explains the traps doctors are in, but also explains their crimes.

She is one of many doctors expecting a massive wave of deaths across the winter of 2021 and into early 2022.

These deaths are because the vaccine acts like AIDS, creating an Immune Deficiency. Immune systems weakened this way will make seasonal flu deadly to them. This may, or may not, be what Dr. Merritt, linked above, warns of.

We will look more carefully at possible timing for this in a future post. There should be some measurable political event once this sinks in to the general public. Perhaps the best interview on Covid I have seen anywhere so far, especially when she explains why, 'Covid does not exist.'

VAERS Update

Dr. Jessica Rose goes deep into what is publicly known about Covid 19 from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). Her presentation gives a technical, but important, view of the data. She shows the Delta Variant correlates to vaccine roll outs. She touches on the risks to Israel. She shows how the VAERS data is not posted in a timely manner.

VAERS does NOT report all cases of vaccine deaths and injuries. The rate of under reporting from VAERS data to the real world is a standard question. VAERS is widely thought to under report by a factor of 10 to 100. Dr. Rose gives a calculated ratio of 31 to 1 and shows what that means in terms of total deaths and injuries.

Her report is dated September 6, 2021, with data current through August 27, 2021. If you watch carefully you can see the late summer uptick thought by many to be the leading edge of a planned death wave. If VAERS is unfamiliar to you then this is a good place to learn.

Dr. Rose has been careful in other interviews to dance around the political questions of why such poison is still legal to sell. Her 'VAERS Update' explains why these shots should never have been released to the public.

Vaccine Patents

Karen Kingston has been linked from this blog before. In this long (2hr 24min) interview she goes through her standard slide deck. The interviewer mostly gives her the floor and lets her go.

Kingston explores VAERS data, more recent than Dr. Rose, but not as complete.

Most importantly, Kingston shows us the various patents that explain much of what people are finding under their microscopes when they zoom in at these kill shots.

This includes the vaccine patents for magnets, long strand graphene, varying dosages within lots and a container that provides timed release of toxins (yes, in the patent) for up to YEARS after injections. If you don't think these shots are bio weapons, you will after this video.

Near the end she goes through some of her fight with the San Diego School Board. Though a believer, she is inexperienced and over-weighs political action in order to restore what is being torn down. Hint: start with prayer.

In any case, her talk is excellent, and does a good job exploring the important data found in 'Vaccine Patents.'

Let me count the ways the shot can kill you

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been speaking out since the beginning of Covid. Her focus has been on how the vax causes injuries to patients. She has also been keen to understand the death wave, in order to estimate when this might be over.

Briefly: there are anaphalactic deaths that happen soon after the shot. This is thought to be from one of the chemical ingredients of the shot. O'Looney saw these early deaths in his mortuary.

Dr. Tenpenny explains a slow death rate sets in at about 19 days after injection. The death rate then peaks around 48 weeks after injection.

So this is roughly 1 year. If the tail drops in a similar fashion this is a death wave around 2 years. 2 years, of course, is Natan's prophetic number, so we are getting multiple witnesses to this.

Dr. Tenpenny's testimony is another route to the general belief there will be a massive death wave across the winter of 2021 and into 2022. Her general argument does not depend on repurposed seasonal flu triggering something in the vaxx as Dr. Merritt suggested above.

Dr. Tenpenny's argument suggests kill shot related deaths will continue, but at lower daily rates, across all of 2022. Those who took the shot in order to meet employer mandates in late 2021, should expect a peak death wave in their coworkers in late 2022, with deaths stretching across 2023.

In this interview Dr. Tenpenny, 'counts 8 ways the shot can kill you.'

Dropping Like Flies

In this video, James, a Certified Nursing Assistant, gives his testimony for what he saw late in 2020. After all of 2020 with no Covid related deaths, the place where he worked started giving Covid vaccines. Then things changed.

I have explained repeatedly that across 2020 there was no Covid 19 loose in the wild except through mass murders at select nursing homes to frighten the public. O'Looney gave us this view of the world too.

Here we have another witness, from someone working inside a big nursing home. Nothing happened in 2020 until they started administering covid vaccines.

This video has WAY more material than just vaccine deaths. But he knew he had to speak out when the people he cared for started 'Dropping Like Flies.'

I Will Not Give This Poison to People

Pharmacy Manager Nichole Belland became an accidental hero when she quit her job at a grocery store pharmacy.

After giving maybe as many as 50 shots of Covid Vaccine she realized people were injured and dying from the shots. How did she know? The Covid vaxxed were returning needing prescriptions filled for medications used to treat heart attack and stroke.

At first she took a personal leave. Time to think.

After 4 months gone, she decided to quit. She returned to her store and gathered her personal effects. As a last minute, unplanned act, she picked up the store's PA system microphone and told everyone why she was leaving.

Unknown to her at the time, someone video recorded what she had done. That video eventually went viral. The link above has both the viral video and an in-depth interview explaining her reasoning for why, 'I Will Not Give This Poison to People.'

20 Times Increase in Cancer

Dr. Ryan Cole runs an independent medical testing lab. In this position it is much easier to become a hero because there is no corrupt boss who can fire you. (Of course pharaoh can still pull your license.)

What was Dr. Cole's testing lab finding? Consistent with other reports that assert the covid vaccine creates an Immune Deficiency, since the Covid vaccine rollout in early 2021, measured year over year, the Covid vaxx is causing a '20 times increase in (certain types of) Cancer.'

Instead of Wearing White Robes, They Wear Lab Coats

Dr. Kary Mullis was the inventor of the PCR, now widely used to supposedly diagnose Covid 19. Mullis was given the Nobel Prize for his trivial invention. He invented the PCR to amplify short strands of DNA, especially DNA that someone might want to sequence. Multiplying copies of DNA makes sequencing much easier to do.

BUT, as Dr. Mullis explains on video, everything gets multiplied, so ANYTHING can be found after using the PCR, so it is never valid as a diagnostic tool.

So all those Covid 19 cases we've heard about? Fake.

But, it gets worse. Dr. Mullis knew full well that fake testing, and fake medication, had been used in earlier fake pandemics, and he knew the exact man beind it.

Dr. Mullis is widely thought to have been killed a few months before Covid started appearing publicly in order to keep him quiet. He would have sat next to Fauci in front of Rand Paul in Congress, canceling nearly everything Fauci ever said.

Here is a short summary of his suspicious death, including his aha moment when he realized AIDS was fake too.

Dr. Mullis spoke at Google in 2010 on his overall life, including rockets, the PCR, other research mostly funded by the military (afraid of bioweapon attacks) and briefly on his understanding of AIDS. There is also a website with a written biography.

Dr. Mullis realized early that high government medical officials are priests, not doctors. The prophetic read of the text wants us to look for high Egyptian priests like the priest of On. Now we have a witness who died to point out such a priest. Dr. Mullis summarized his belief using the expression, 'Instead of Wearing White Robes, They Wear Labcoats.'


There is a prophetic date at the start of Lent in March of 2022, that suggests a shift in the political narrative surrounding Covid vaccines.

If you are under any pressure to take a vaccine personally, or if your business is under pressure related to vaccines, then you should do your best to 'run the clock' out past that date when the game changes.

We will look at that Lent date in a future post.

More Later,