New Talk and Website Updates

TT Structure and Content talk is online. The website was updated to index talks better.

TT Structure and Content, Part 1

Ryan takes his audience through the high level structure and first half of The Testimony. He explains where each TT book comes from in a regular Bible. He covers some of the riddles that had to be solved along the way. The goal is to ease the transition from a Bible to the TT.

Website Updates

I've changed the URL structure to combine video and audio into a single high-level concept of a talk. Each talk has a page, with both video and audio. This allows any additional text that might go with the talk to follow and not be copied to two pages.

The home page of the site was updated to handle this new structure.

There is an index to all the talks, divided by subject matter. As the list of talks gets longer this index will become more important.

There are next/previous links on all talk pages that allow visitors to page through talks one at a time.

Combining audio and video onto the same page sets us up for comments eventually.

No other work this week, we were out of town.

More Later,