Plagues, Again

This blog is a correction to the 2022-09-23 blog dealing with the plagues on Egypt. This time I am using the River case letter pairs. These are now looking to be the normal letter pair set for sequential lists used throughout scripture. This series brings better insight into the plagues.


When I went through the plagues in that September blog I was just starting to look again at 3d stuff. The use of the letter pairs formed from the tops of the tool models was known, but it was not on our list of study tools for looking at lists.

So in this blog I again take each plague in order, looking at the plague in light of this letter pair and discuss how it might inform the plague. Each heading that follows below gives the plague name, the letter pair, and the address of the plague. Those headings are links to the BRB chapter of the plague. Below each link is some discussion on how the letter pair might inform the story.

Note: I am expecting this sequence of plague stories to inform the events surrounding war in Ukraine. I don't expect this series to be limited to the ground footprint of Ukraine. The Nord Stream pipeline blast is an example of how this is already spreading around. The Moses figure in this series is likely Russia's Putin. Pinpointing a western Pharaoh is less obvious.

At this point I am interested in finding interpretive keys for this series of stories so we have some framework to study candidate headlines.

All other lists of 12 in scripture probably follow this same list of letter pairs. So all other similar lists of 12 become back story to the plagues.

Here is the plague list as it currently stands.

Plague Intro, Dot|Colon, (Exodus 7:1-13)

The Dot pictures sown seed. This is matched by the description of the mission Moses is sent/sown to accomplish.

The Colon is generally harvested seed. There are 2 dots in this letter. These represent the increase that happens in the process of sowing and reaping. The colon here is the goal of Moses' mission. It is what Moses is expected to harvest, as he goes to work in Egypt. Moses will bring everyone out of Egypt.

These are fine matches, and they follow a structural pattern often seen when this list is used. In the earlier 2022-09-23 blog, this introduction was ignored.

The Revelation 7 list of tribes is also following this same letter pair list. Why? Because that list is a time sequenced list.

As per, Judah from that list became Russia. So identifying Putin as Moses from Russia is giving strong back story to the war in Ukraine. This supports my contention that Putin is Moses. It also argues that Putin will be successful in freeing people of faith from the clutches of Pharaoh either in Ukraine, specifically, or more generally across some part of the western world.

Plague of Blood, Wa|Ze, (Exodus 7:14-25)

The Wa pictures the orbital movement of all stars. As a tool it is a sundial, used for tracking the time of day. It does that by tracking the movement of our nearest star, the sun. So the start of the day is a match. Normally, though, Star marks the time of day when the stars come out, so this is not exactly a match.

On the strength of the series that is coming this letter is suggesting we think about what happened around pharaoh when the stars were out. This was not written down for us.

The Wa letter shows up at the location of the heart in the charioteer models. So the Nile river in Egypt is itself like the blood system of the heart. This is another match of the letter in this plague. The river Nile was to ancient Egypt as the heart is to a person.

The Ze letter is a belt buckle. It is most symbolic of something private. What was pharaoh doing at the river? What was he doing before he went to the river? What was he cleansing himself from? What did Moses catch him doing? These are all private matters not mentioned in detail in this plague story.

Because this is Pharaoh, none of these things can be good. The Russians have been mocking the west's loss of traditional Christian morals. Aborted babies that bloody the river are but 1 sign of that moral decay.

The Ze letter shows up in the name of Egypt, Mo-Ze-Re. Secrecy is fundamental to the way the place was run.

Note in the Revelation 7 tribe order Reuben would be the matched tribe here. Reuben was first, Wa, and he defiled his father's bed, Ze.

The Nord Stream pipeline blast in the North Sea was in the tribal territory of the lost tribe of Reuben. The I-35W bridge collapse, an earlier match to this plague, was in US territory settled by immigrants from Reuben.

Plague of Frogs, Ve|Pe, (Exodus 8:1-15)

In this plague the frogs swarm from the border. The Ve is a tent peg that marks the border of tents, and of countries. Ve is also a type of weapon. The frogs invade from the borders of Egypt, a match to the Ve. Pharaoh should expect them to be carrying weapons.

The root word for Frog, Wa-Re-Do-Oo, is also a place name, Erdi, one of sources of trouble once the sons of Jacob are living in Canaan. The author's intent of this plague may have been to call out the name of invaders of Egypt, not an aquatic creature as we read these days in English.

This was most likely a military invasion across Egypt's national borders. Most likely, those invaders were simply named.

The current leader of Turkey, Erdogan, also has this word as a root in his name. So we should be watching Turkey too.

Think about a soon full Russian invasion into Ukraine, this would easily match. We don't yet have a tight schedule for the plagues on a timeline, but we would expect a 7 month gap from the Nord Stream blast. So timing might be late April, 2023. The Russians seem to be on a quicker timeline, but we will see.

The Revelation 7 matched tribe is Gad. Gad by seal date becomes the Spanish speaking world. I would normally include the Portuguese speaking peoples and all Italian speaking peoples and colonies in Gad. The Catholic Church is the international organization for Gad. These 3 countries and their former colonies make up a language group called Romance Languages. Perhaps Romania should be included as well?

The cross border invasion problems at the US/Mexico border are already a plague of frogs from a modern Gad territory. This may get much worse going into April. If Russia does not wait to April, but invades Ukraine ahead of this date, a NATO counter invasion of Ukraine might land 7 months out from Nord Stream.

The Pe is an ear, either by sound, or by crops, like ears of corn. Think of the cup formed by a blooming rose.

The text of the plague itself mentions how this plague reaches into private places and ponds across Egypt. The plague is reaching into all the places that collect like cups, Pe.

The Pe is the key letter in the word for Shofar, Sha-Pe-Re, a ram's horn style trumpet, sounded at times of military invasion. It catches the ear to attention. The high pitched sound of a shofar is also the sound of many modern weapons systems.

These are reasonable matches from the plague to the letter pair.

Plague of Gnats, Ku|Qu, (Exodus 8:16-18)

In this plague the ground is struck then lice emerge. Gnats or lice is another very rare word in the text. Qu-Lu-Mo is the spelling. It is the same root as the name Clement in Philippians 4:3. That word becomes clemency in English.

The lice or gnats are said to be on the young people and young animals. Ku is a sprout symbolizing the young. This is a strong match.

Moses asks Aaron to follow his actions in striking the ground. The Qu, a brain, has a strong concept of following. This following is by mentally tracking someone's reasoning, or by physically following someone by walking behind them. The text is directly matching this letter pair in this plague.

Lice, though, are one of the weak words in the plagues narrative. It is not used in the normal flow of the text. So how this might replay is very unclear. As with frogs, this could simply be calling out another invasion, but from within Pharaoh's world instead of without.

Plague of Great Arab, Jo|Oo, (Exodus 8:20-24)

In traditional English translations this is a plague of swarms or flies. The root word is spelled Oo-Re-Ba. In other passages in the text it is simply the name Arab. In the BRB we restore this more correct use in the plague story.

In this plague a great Arab is sent and rules over Egypt. The text indicates that in some places, Goshen, this man is not the ruler. Note the word Arab begins with an Oo, so naturally matches the Oo letter in the letter pair.

Making distinctions is the purpose of the Scale(Jo) and fine distinctions with the Eye (Oo.)

From the 2008 era run of these plague stories, we know the great Arab of our time to be US President Obama. He is thought by many to still be influencing western politics and apostasy. Since he is still active in politics he might fulfill again by reprising his earlier role.

Plague of Stock, Lu|Sa, (Exodus 9:1-7)

This next plague moves to the livestock of Egypt. Across various types of animals, all die.

The Lu is a shepherd's staff, the main tool for keeping livestock. This is directly matching the expected letter pair. The Sa is a post, or more generally symbolizing a source of supply in the same way as a fort or outpost is a source of supply.

Large herds (Lu) are food supply (Sa) for large cities. Centralized animal husbandry causes disease to spread quickly. We have plenty of political pressure to substitute fake meat, and especially insects, for the meat of animals. So there is already pressure in this space in the western world. We would watch for a timed event as the plagues unfold across the next few years.

Note there are all sorts of possible modern applications. The term stock extends to shares in businesses and herds of automobiles, at least.

Plague of Boils, Ge|Fe, (Exodus 9:10-12)

In this plague, Ashes from a furnace are scattered to the skies. They become blistering boils that break out on men and animals.

The Ge is a scythe. It is swung through the air, as a harvester reaches out using this tool. The swing implicit in this letter is still seen in the drawn form of the capital letter G. Imagine a bag of soot cut open and being swung around and dumped out, a match to Ge.

After fields are harvested they are often burned to remove stubble and weeds. So the soot into the skies may be like the smoke of a burned field. The US City for the Ge letter is Research Triangle Park in North Carolina. Duke, of Duke University fame, was founder of a very successful tobacco company, an obscure but perhaps important match between this letter and this plague.

The Fe is a plow or rake. It cuts into the ground to prepare for planting. The English word, 'scratch' matches what a plow does to the ground and what people do who have sores on their skin. Another direct letter pair match.

We will see how this unfolds in modern headlines, but as written it does match the letter pair just fine.

Plague of Hail, Mo|Re, (Exodus 9:13-35)

The next plague is of hail, mingled with flaming fire, that strikes all that is in the field throughout the land of Egypt.

Mo is water. Hail is frozen water, a direct match. The Re is a head, as in cattle, or as in heads of standing grain. So this plague of hail is landing on different types of heads, the heads/Re of animals, the heads/Re of people, and the heads/Re of grain.

The letter pair is being directly called out in the structure of this plague.

Because Mo has a grammatical meaning of 'from' the narrative allows anything from the skies to fulfill. So nearly any sort of event in or from the skies would match.

Plague of Locusts, Ha|Sha, (Exodus 10:3-20)

This plague starts with a prelude about how these stories will be related to future generations. A Ha is a corral, but for humans this is called a playpen. A place to keep toddlers safe while mom is busy. This prelude about future generations speaks to the Ha. This teaching happens at special places and times, more Ha.

Then the plague itself commences. Locusts swarm the land and eat the residue of all that is left from the earlier plagues. The Sha is a tooth. The main function is to eat or drink or to simply crush and destroy.

This is another plague clearly built upon the letter pair.

Plague of Darkness, The|Ne, (Exodus 10:21-23)

The plague of darkness lasts for 3 days. During this time nobody could see each other nor rise from their place. The The letter is a Wheel. It represents travel by wheeled vehicle. It also represents rotations of time, like days or years. The letter also represents milling, another type of wheel, especially of grain. Thus any other rotating machinery is also caught in this letter.

So being unable to travel, as described in this plague, is built upon the meaning of the The letter. This is implicit in the written story, and a fine match.

Unlike most of the other plagues, this plague lasts for 3 days. 3 units of time. 3 rotations of the wheel.

A suspension of energy supplies, these days usually created with rotating machinery, would leave people in the dark and prevent cars and especially European style electric trains from moving.

This has already been seen in the bombing of energy infrastructure in Ukraine. Pray this not become widespread as the war moves to the rest of Ukraine's backers.

Then Pharaoh starts to ease up, and says that Moses and his people may go, but the flocks and herds and little ones must remain. The Ne is a seed, and normally would apply in the plant world, but here is being used in the animal world. This is another letter match.

By this point it should be obvious that the plagues are built around the definitional meanings of words. This is the same system anyone who knows how to read should also know.

Plague of First Born, Ba|Oo, (Exodus 12:1-30)

This plague takes place at midnight when everyone is home in their tents. (Ba) Every house (Ba) has someone dead.

There is great wailing throughout Egypt. Tears, water from eyes. (Oo.)

We are already working our way towards a replay of this via Covid vaccines. A recent article suggested in the USA alone we should expect around 50 million deaths. Every house will have or know someone dead.

Those families with the faith to avoid the vaccine have been protected from the destroyer.

This plague fits the letter pairs just fine.

Plague of Spoil, Du|Ta, (Exodus 12:31-39)

In this plague sons of Jacob asked for vessels of gold and silver and clothing. They did this just as they were departing.

Gold and silver go into purses (Du) and the clothing is Ta directly.

The 2008 runs of these stories became the financial crisis. Interest rates were lowered to zero to keep the economy running. Now, interest rates have been raised to protect the USD from competition from the Russian Rubble.

This plague may end up being the plundering of the banking system itself. We will see.

In any case, this plague also matches the letter pair very nicely.

Leaving Egypt (Exodus 13+)

We are seeing in these series that the Quad does not simply sequence in these lists. Usually the list is simply of 12. We are checking for the quad to understand if it follows as a 13th element anywhere in these lists.

I suspect that the quad should be thought of as over the flowers, not part of the flowers. The Quad is more like the star that powers Eden, not the flowers of Eden.

In any case the narrative now generally shifts to Joshua leading the people as they head for the promised land. This might be the Quad, but it may also be some new series.


The link here is to the 2022-09-23 blog on the Plagues. You can pull that explanation up against this blog and compare. The letter matches are stronger here under this series than they were under the simple folding used there.

The list I have given here, in particular, picks up the introduction much better. The stories in this set better call out the individual letters than was used in that blog.

We are seeing similar improvement everywhere we apply this list.


The plagues are curious because they rely on vocabulary words that are not used in meaningful ways outside of the plagues narrative itself. This means that determining what exactly happened in Egypt is not possible given extant texts.

Finding and using parallel structure, as we are attempting to do here, provides a key to a series of other lists that might inform the plagues as they happen again in our time.

We did not see huge armies raised during the 2008 financial crisis when we first watched the plague series in headline news. We will get a better sense of the scope as we see what unfolds in and around Ukraine.

The hope in this series of headlines is people of faith, or people whose children are possible people of faith, will be delivered from insane western governments over the next few years.

Nearly every time Putin opens his mouth he speaks against the west as Moses spoke against Pharaoh. Putin usually speaks on a religious and moral basis that was once shared across the Christian world. The west has now lost that religious basis while Russia is slowly recovering that basis.

Indeed, leadership in the western world has no functioning moral compass at all. Former German chancellor Merkel has said the Minsk agreements were a DELIBERATE LIE to buy time for a western war against Russia. We also have numerous reports that Ukraine simply executes surrendering Russian soldiers. War protocols were developed when Europe was Christian. Those protocols are no longer active in western military.

If we were to look closely at western leadership morality, all the commandments and all the other moral directions in the Bible are now mostly abrogated. Western leaders have no basis for seeking favor from Joshua.

Prophetic Moses has much to call out, and much from which to deliver the people.

3d Work

I have been fiddling with tool chain and model display issues for the past 3 or so weeks. I have also been running test prints of 3d models. The is now tool-chain complete and most calibration values appear OK for others to print successfully.

The important addition on is the use of 3d interactive models in the web pages. This is an important new capability for future work displaying models on the internet. This is currently used decoratively. More serious use of this should come later.

The basic alphabet and a few other model sets are available there for download.

More later,