Dutch Sheets, Day 44

Dutch Sheets has been doing a daily prayer video. On Day 44 of this series he reads and interprets an extensive prophetic dream. As a follow on to earlier posts dealing with prophetic dreams, I was asked to look at the dream in this video and comment on it. My feedback follows below.

The Video

In order to get started, you may want to watch the video in question. Note Dutch's presentation is basically perfect. We can tell exactly what is in the dream, and what is his surrounding material. So we can tell exactly what is the prophetic voice and what is his voice. No rookie mistakes at all.

When you watch Dutch, you are watching someone with decades of practice. He is also following detailed notes that he sometimes looks down to read. He is being very careful, nothing is ad-hoc. We should not expect serious problems.

My interest here is with how the dream itself is interpreted. I don't believe the interpretation is complete. We'll pick up with that part of the story after watching the video.


Types of Dreams

As I explored in the last post, there are 2 different types of prophetic dreams. Some are symbolic, usually woven around some story from scripture. Some are literal, where exact people or places or events are seen, usually a warning about some tragic prophetic future.

This particular dream appears to be a hybrid. The group of people in the dream are mostly identifiable. Dutch intentionally changed the names of 2 characters from the dream, the soldiers. I would do exactly the same if there was good reason to hide someone's identity in a public forum.

The people in the dream are people known to the intercessor who had the dream, mostly people famous in certain church circles. Because Dutch is one of those people, and knows the others, it makes sense for him to just take them as literal, which he does in his interpretation.

As a general skill with interpreting prophetic dreams, know that people in prophetic dreams are often people known by the person dreaming who are symbolic fill-ins for the actual subject of the dream. Those subjects being unknown to the person dreaming.

In other words, the same way Dutch changed 2 names in order to be more discrete, the Holy Spirit usually does the same in symbolic dreams.

So what looks like a literal person in a prophetic dream usually is not. If the rest of the dream is more symbolic, then the entire dream should be considered symbolic, including any identifiable people. When interpreting such a prophetic dream, there will be some way to match people seen in the dream to the actual fulfillment.

In general, when interpreting such a prophetic dream it might match on the person's first name, or on their place of work, or on something from their personality, or just general appearance. As an interpreter you need to figure out how the people in the prophetic dream match people in fulfillment.

In the case of the video, Dutch himself is substituting 2 of the people in the dream already, as he reads us the report. This is like Dana Coverstone using Joseph's dreams soon after giving us a dream about Nebuchadnezzar's dreams. The Holy Spirit is operating in both cases in similar ways. In Dutch's case, subtly telling us to watch for substitutions from the dream to other unknown people.

The substitutions we are to make as interpreters in this dream are probably by using the roles of the people in the dream. They themselves would probably use the term 'office' instead of 'role' but that idea is too strong for our purposes here. Dutch uses those roles in his interpretation, so he is clearly working towards this idea in his interpretation. Those roles are likely the symbolic meaning of these people, confirming my position here, the entire dream is symbolic.

So, we should interpret the dream to mean some prophet will use his megaphone. Some apostle will help, and so on.

The Scripture Story

As I explored in a post dealing with the interpretation of Dana Coverstone's dreams, we want to find the single scripture story that the dream is built upon. This is usually an interpreter's hunt. Sometimes, in rare cases, the dream itself will call it out, as appears to be the case here.

As Dutch is reading, the written account of the dream says that Isaiah 40:4-5 was given in the dream.

When I am in person with someone who is reporting a dream, I would check if this was in the dream, or if this was something that struck while the dream was being written up. There is some difference of authority on this point.

Think about our work in prophetic interpretation if Isaiah 40 was not given. We would need to survey other scripture stories for something similar. Walking on walls being the natural thing to hunt for, but of those few cases none have the flattening as we see in this dream. Isaiah 40:4-5 is good, and as given makes it certain where the dream springs.

With the scripture identified we can use it to interpret the dream. But, before that we need to survey the other features of the dream. The biggest (pardon the pun) is the Great Wall of China. We need to review it as we did the Jefferson Memorial for Dana's dream.

Great Wall of China

The History of the Great Wall of China goes back to the 7th Century BC, when the earliest sections were constructed. Overall length was over 5000 miles, stretching from near the Pacific to a far western outpost along the Silk Road.

There is a long and diverse history with sections built, and then torn down, with various materials and methods used along the way. While the oldest sections stretch back to the 7th century BC, the Chinese were again defending themselves from northern invasion about 500 years ago. At that time they rebuilt much of the wall using relatively modern building methods. Those modern sections are seen commonly in tourist photos. Most of the wall is currently in disrepair, with many sections removed for modern purposes, including mines and urban expansion.

I visited the wall when I visited China, and one point made by my local guide was that so many people died building the wall, and their bodies used as fill, that it should be considered a continuous tomb. I was also told that the wall was never very effective because it was easy enough to bribe guards at the numerous gates and outposts. Those northern hordes that the wall was built to repel eventually did invade, and their heirs rule China now.

Collected Articles

The dream involves something like a collective scavenger hunt. Various items are picked up along the way. The Liberty Bell, a laptop, a church pew with bible and cross, and finally a megaphone. Each of these items has its own set of interpretive issues.

The 1st item is the Liberty Bell, with piles of money. This bell has shown up in other prophetic dreams and at least points at the city of Philadelphia and the foundational start of the USA. That city is also one of the most corrupt metro areas in the USA, as symbolized by the piles of cash in the dream. Liberty is corrupted by cash, itself created on computers privately in NYC. Philadelphia was also central to the theft of the election against Donald Trump.

Beware when referencing historical events in prophetic contexts. Always remember, that victors write the historical account of what happened. The Holy Spirit may or may not agree with what we think we know from school textbooks. We must save the revolutionary period of American history for another time.

The 2nd item is a laptop with stock market data on the screen. Here we see a mixture of big tech and New York City finance. If you saw the recent clips of Tucker Carlson showing the Chinese professor boasting of Chinese influence in the USA, then you know the Chinese influence in the USA is, proudly to the Chinese, via Wall Street bankers. Unz carried a more in depth article about that Chinese professor's full speech, which could not be shown on American TV. That corrupt Wall Street community controls much of the country including the big tech companies as represented by the laptop. This too, we cannot go into very deeply.

The 3rd item is a church pew with 2 piles of money, a bible and a cross. As with the earlier items, piles of money represent corruption through bribes. But there are issues with the symbols themselves. Sitting in a church pew instead of living a life of faith is a fundamental problem with the organization of church. The Bible is a problem, created by Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon, and the cross is a problem in how it is understood. We can go deeper, say to an empty tomb, but not here.

The 4th item is a megaphone. It maps to a trumpet in scripture. It is used to call for battle. The problem here is that battles themselves usually mean someone no longer has Joshua as king. Crowds fall into the need for a leader with a megaphone when they have themselves abandoned Joshua.

Once someone starts using a megaphone, then a fight ensues over who holds it. The megaphones of our day are mostly on controlled media, with most independent outlets having been taken over across the past 30 years. Very few real prophetic people can ever hold an audience on those controlled platforms. You'll be deplatformed if you try.

You can see this in the dream where the prophet has trouble getting a platform before he can use it to any effect. He must also build his platform on a collection of items that all have trouble. There is no clean prophetic platform.

Chinese Army

After the prophet climbs atop a pile of troubled things that were collected, the Chinese Army appears off in the distance.

There was a time, more than 20 years ago, when we were living outside of Portland, OR. In those days, and place, Chinese Army invasion dreams were quite common. I remember someone collected them and tried to piece them together. I cannot give a cite these days, but the collected wisdom of that time was the Chinese would invade south of the Columbia River and reach all the way to the Salt Lake City region after crossing southern Idaho. The apparent goal was to reach various important military related facilities along that route, stopping America's ability to produce ICBMs.

Once we moved away from Oregon, those sorts of dreams stopped happening. Invasion may only be a problem for that region. Prophetic dreams of that invasion in Texas may be quite different, so be careful of the place where a dream takes place.

In those days I was also a Calvanist who took prophetic as unconditional future. What a mistake. Don't make that mistake yourself. Praying off a Chinese Army invasion is still a key intercessory goal for the next several years, no matter where you live.

7 Times

The next key scene in the dream is the prophet grabbing the megaphone and pronouncing 7 times that 'America Shall Be Saved!.'

This is an example of a feature of prophetic dreams that is very important to know. There is a fixed and clear rule of interpretation. It comes from the days of the patriarch Joseph when he gave interpretations to the cupbearer's and baker's dreams.

In those dreams, each man had seen a count of 3 things in his dream. Joseph interprets this to be 3 days. The important principle is that counts of things in dreams are units of time when the dream is interpreted. The text surrounding Joseph is giving us the general rule for interpreting all prophetic counts, including, but not limited to, dreams.

So in this dream, when the megaphone is used 7 times. Just like Joseph, we as interpreters are getting a 7 unit count of time. The starting point being 7 regular days.

As I write this the election of Trump is still in dispute. Biden, with his numerous Chinese connections, especially through his son, represents a distant Chinese invasion. Wall Street bankers, with money printed out of thin air, and spread all over everywhere, represent the channel of the Chinese invasion.

We can hope that invasion is stopped across some 7 day period before inauguration. The dream itself is suggesting the difficulty of getting the platform needed to make such a pronouncement. Trump has had difficulty everywhere he turns to declare the steal.

But, '7 times' has a more potent scripture interpretation. The term itself is explained extensively in Leviticus 26. The math there is simple. 7 days for a prophet are 7 years for a nation. This math is used in Pharaoh's dreams. It is also used in Nebuchadnezzar's dream that we looked at via interpreting Dana Coverstone's dream. From Dana's dream, once we pair it to Nebuchadnezzar, we are looking at 7 years ahead.

7 years from now, about 30 years from those dreams in Portland, OR, the USA will face a real Chinese Army invasion. The goal is to pray that invasion not happen. This is what was seen in the dream. The army invades after 7 years from now. This is not an election issue, but the full Chinese Army invading.

The Tail of the Dream

In the dream the Chinese Army is blocked, but at the same time there is a wave coming from another direction. A shout, hold on. The wave was rolling. Another shout, hold on. Then everyone braced as there was a violent shaking that passed through. The Chinese Army was thrown off, and the wall was straightened out and level, and Isaiah 40:4-5 is used to explain what is going on.

The double shout, another count of 2, suggests another 2 years. Or 2 years for the wave to roll through. We will be on Noah's flood anniversary dates too, and other prophetic dealing with big waves points there.

Finally the group who had been walking on the wall sees Washington DC, walks there, and then lets down all the items that had been collected. Letting go of much trouble.

Isaiah 40:4-5

In Dutch's interpretation in the video above he does not particularly use the Isaiah 40:4-5 reference. This suggests there is more interpretation that can come from the dream than Dutch is covering in his video. Let me explore that passage and what we know about it, so we can draw out more from the dream.

If you pull up Isaiah 40 in the BRB, with all the various annotations turned on, you'll see that the paragraph in question is quoted in all 4 of the Gospels because John the Baptist was using it in his public preaching.

John was preaching about several different things. The first was that god himself was coming in the flesh. John was also saying the text was going to be recovered. He was also saying that if leadership did not listen to what he was saying, that eventually Jerusalem would be lost. You brood of vipers, who told you to flee the coming wrath? His warning came to pass 40 years later when the Romans burned down the city.

The first layer of interpretation is to realize that John was warning about a big invasion. The Romans in his day, the Chinese in ours. He was also warning that it was the faith response of religious leaders that would determine much of the outcome. They were supposed to brace themselves and ride out the change. Changing back to the inspired text. Instead they killed god.

Much of the New Testament is the story of getting the believing remnant out of the area and moved to Antioch before that Roman invasion. Antioch being one of the largest cities in the Roman empire.

There is a second layer that we can draw out of Isaiah 40:4-5. That story speaks of a great leveling, the making straight of a highway that can later be walked upon.

Interpreting the Wall

The foundation upon which the church world is built is the text of the Bible. The Great Wall of China is a remarkable parable for the Bible. Note the matches. 1) Lots of sacrifice and death used to build it. 2) Not very effective for intended purpose. 3) About 2600 years old. 4) With a new version, no longer on Latin, now about 500 years old. 5) Those who man the structure can be easily bribed. 6) A long uphill walk in order to traverse it.

The Isaiah 40 passage is itself a parable for the repair and recovery of the inspired text. The text itself must have its high places removed, its low places filled it. (High places are gross additions, low places are misspelled or missing words.) It becomes a road, a highway, 25 stones wide.

The dream is explaining that the foundations upon which church people walk is about to be radically changed. That change is about 7 years future. It may take 2 years to pass through.

When the ground is made level, ie: the text is repaired, then things will change. Once that event has passed, then all the strange artifacts that have been collected can be let down. The problem of Washington DC can finally be addressed.

Closing Thoughts

The interpretation I've given here may seem a little self serving. I am interpreting our work into this dream. I am afraid I see this sort of thing nearly everywhere I look. The foundations upon which our collective faith is built are about to be shaken and reestablished on solid, level, ground. No more walking on Chinese walls.

Around 7 years from now we hit the 2000th anniversaries of the main events in the New Testament. Also the 7000th anniversaries of Noah. Across the broader community of faith people are seeing this in dreams. There have been warnings since Duduman was sent to the USA in the late 1980s. He was 40 years ahead.

Prophetic warnings for this fast approaching era are still going on, nearly everywhere you look. There are few good platforms to discuss them.

Some of these prophetic words suggests public presentation of textual recovery is still 7 years away. Depressing for someone working on the problem. But, there is much work ahead, and it may take that long to get it all finished.

I am seeing repeatedly that prophetic dreams requiring timelines to interpret are happening all the time. I am looking at getting some timeline material back online, which will help everyone looking at this problem in the future.

More Later,