Alphabet Video

Our first video on the Paleo Alphabet is now online. Also, TT and BRB updates and a BOM delay.

Alphabet Video

The modern English/Latin Alphabet is a devolved version of Phoenician. In this video I use the Latin Alphabet to introduce the shapes and sounds of the Paleo Alphabet, a precise version of Phoenician.

Don't be afraid, you probably already know most of the letters. By learning them now you'll be able to track future videos better.

BRB and TT Updates

Chrome browser version 73 started rolling out about a week ago. This update hit both on phones and desktops.

There was a change in their code which caused the BRB and TT to exhibit bugs in the options pages. In particular the red checks disappeared. This is the first time in memory where a Chrome browser change introduced a bug in our apps.

We were out of town last weekend when we first noticed the problem. Once we were home we could debug and fix it. Because this was a severe bug, we deployed an off-cycle update with the bug fix on Wednesday. No other update this week.

A BOM Delay

As most readers well know, I've been working on various Paleo Alphabet related 3D models for student and teacher use in classrooms. The remaining content issue is the assembly artwork and notes to makers for the trickier parts. All of this is headed for a Bill of Materials website, BOM, for short.

In working on this I was cleaning up file names and found a problem with severe rendering times. Across the past few months I've been rendering parts one at a time. Not all at once.

One of the cases, alone, and not the biggest, was taking several hours to render. Slow rendering is directly related to a fit and finish bug seen in many of the case lids and bottoms.

I showed the models to friends here recently and they picked out the irregular surface finish problem in the lids nearly instantly. I had thought this wasn't even noticeable. I guess I've been looking at these parts for too long and have become too familiar with them.

I can fix this with a different design that fixes the finish problem and uses far fewer facets. Seriously fewer facets will speed up rendering.

None of the models I've previously printed do a fair job of testing the final details in this updated design. I don't want to release designs that I have not printed myself already, so I am faced with a complete reprint.

In praying about this I was told to stop work on this and work on it later. This was a relief because I need a break from this, but, the BOM website is on hold.

Manuscript Recovery

At the same time as being told to stop work on the BOM, I was a given a hard prophetic date to shoot for in recovering the manuscript. So, I am turning my mostly full time attention to the manuscript problem. It is finally time to get this done.

The anointing is on for this. I'm waking this week nearly every morning with solutions to long standing tough problems dealing with the recovery algorithm. Days of coding await.

More Later,