Plagues, Part 6, Obama's Reign

Much of what has become the current Covid Vaccine pandemic began while Obama was president. In this post we look at how the plague series mysteriously stopped in early 2010, and how foundations for the current vaccine plague were set in motion. Read on for more

Millennia Break

I have done 2 blogs already dealing with president Obama. Those posts caused me to go back and look at what was going on during his time in office that might have started what we are seeing now. Other than Obamacare, he may not have been involved in everything. His prophetic appearances on the timeline may have been a marker to go look at headlines closer.

Obama was in office from January 20, 2009 through January 20, 2017. What is so special about this time is it spans a millenia break when counting years forward from Adam's first year.

Second Peter 3:8-9 says that with Joshua 1 day is as 1000 years. This is an important number for understanding prophetic intervals in the NT, but it is also the key ratio for understanding the timeline itself. Every time the year count on the calendar rolls over to 001 a new millennia has begun.

The first millennia started 00001-01-01, the second millennia started 01001-01-01, and so on. Noah's Flood Millennia, for reference began 6001-01-01, with the flood itself 6020-02-17.

Those dates were at the start of a Sabbath Millennia with Joshua, when he rested. What is his work? Raising up the human race. When did his second sabbath begin? Simple math, 6001-01-01 add 7000 years yeilds 13001-01-01.

Pull out the Calendar Tool and swipe back to 13001-01-01, the first day of the 14th millennia. It was on Tuesday, February 16, 2010. About 1 year into Obama's first term.

In Noah's day Joshua's trouble with the race ended 19 years into his first sabbath millennia. How? With the onset of the flood itself, and the removal of all the pre-flood government that would think to build and use the weapons that destroyed whole worlds.

When Joshua stops to rest, it takes 19 years, the time for 1 generation to come to adulthood, for unrestrained human government to destroy the world. The same is set for us now, with prophetic dates at 13020-02-17 or in February of 2029. As I have discussed before, I prophetically understand this to be the start of nuclear war.

By the way, if you continue reading the Second Peter quote link given above, you see that passage shifts to the main features of nuclear war, when elements melt in the heat. So nuclear war follows a transition to a new millennia.

Jubilee Break

All Millennia breaks are also at the end of Jubilees, and there is structure and prophetic counting pointing at this same 2010 time break measured by Jubilees.

That 2010 Jubilee itself was the end of 70 full Jubilees since the Exodus, 3500 years before. That 70 Jubilee interval is referenced in various places, especially Matthew 18:21-22 where Peter asks Joshua how often should I forgive, up to 7 times? And Joshua responds, no, up to 70 times seven.

That passage is in a very long parable that skips across history, from Adam to many centuries still future to us now. At the time of Peter's question that parable sequence is at the Exodus, the starting point for various prophetic intervals.

Because a Jubilee is itself 7 sabbaths, a 'seven' in this passage is a Jubilee. Joshua is indicating a 3500 year interval from the Exodus until he stops forgiving all kings and lets run another version of the Exodus plagues.

Joshua himself is the rightful king, read First Samuel 8:7-9, all other kings reign for a fixed time in history. The last reign of kings is measured from Nebuchadnezzar and timed via that '7 times' interval that Peter had first asked. Both the '7 times' and '70 times 7' timelines converge now.

The Dream

As a result of a distinct prophetic dream a few years before that millenia break, I used those various dates in 2010 to run prophetic anniversaries for the various earlier plagues, indicating when they should fall again in our era. Instead of days, as written, I used months. The 30 to 1 expansion ratio marks Joshua's hand in the matter.

This math worked nicely, and nearly every date hit interesting fulfillment headlines starting in 2006 when there was a war across the Israel/Lebanon border.

You know these prophetic headlines generally as the 2008 financial collapse. They were serious, and the general banking systems that keep product moving around the globe nearly collapsed. Those plague headlines continued UNTIL crossing into 13001 and UNTIL the stories of Exodus 11 and 12, and UNTIL we crossed into the new millennia.

At this point the simple Exodus narration of the plagues series stops, and there are reasons to expect some sort of prophetic delay. What that delay should be was never very clear, but there was evidence in the the text to suspect a significant delay. At the time, 10 or more years could be expected as the delay to see Exodus 11 and 12 fulfill, enough to basically stop watching.

The problem, of course, is the final plague was started at the time. But, it wasn't generating the types of headlines we were used to following, yet it was filling in the gap from the millennia break out to Noah.

The Planning Meeting

As the weeks of kill shots and their deaths go by, many in the real media are scouring official sources for more information about what is going on. These sources are picking up important, dated, but at the time invisible, headlines.

The first fulfillment headline we will look at here is an article that describes a meeting from May 5, 2009, when a group of billionaires got together and held a meeting in New York City on their supposed problem of Shrinking the World's Population.

They did not want anyone to know what they were planning and attempted to hold the meeting in secret. Obviously news of the meeting was leaked to the press.

Both the Wall Street Journal and the Sunday Times reported some details. I would not have picked this up at the time because it was not a major headline, and it was in limited access media, basically a gossip column in the financial press.

The article says the attendees who were planning on reducing the world's population included Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller, Eli Broad, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah, Michael Bloomberg, and apparently many others.

Plague of Darkness

The structure of the plague of darkness is strange, it spanned 6 months and it had a mid-point at June 4, 2009. There were possible fulfillment dates every 30 days each side of that June 4, 2009, prophetic date. So the May 5, 2009, date is falling on an expected prophetic date but on an otherwise unfilled time slot for that plague.

The only obvious plague of darkness headline at the time was a massive powerhouse explosion in Russia. Knocking out power, ie turning out the lights, is an interesting but weak fulfillment. It was also not sync'd carefully to the prophetic clock. It was also in Russia, which as a prophetic tribe is not in Egypt.

So a secret meeting that cannot be seen at the time, is a much better fulfillment. Ancient Egypt was apparently plagued at this point by unseen secret schemes by pharaoh's friends.

I would not have picked up this headline in 2009, it was only reported in rare media and it was subtle. It would not have meant anything, either, until we get to Covid vaccines and see how it unfolds.

A quick scan of the text for where themes of darkness are used... and these are nearly always tied to a 'shadow of death' or death to come or waiting for death. It is also very close to the end of the series, so this could well have been the time when pharaoh's friends plotted the eventual plague of blood, no matter the time gap.

That 2009 meeting was a high level death planning meeting, after all. The final plague was going to take some time to prepare, more than might otherwise be expected.

The link I give above speculates that this meeting in May, 2009, is what lead to the now famous Ted Talk given on Friday, February 12, 2010 where Bill Gates stands in front of a huge crowd and explains how to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the world's population via the tool of vaccines.

For people in the normal world, vaccines are supposed to increase health and so should increase life lengths and so should increase total world population and so increase CO2. In the normal world, Gate's stated logic for how vaccines impact CO2 is utterly backwards.

Maybe Bill knows a fundamental truth about all vaccines ever, that they NEVER increase life lengths? Vaccines as a type of therapy ignore how to boost the immune system itself. Some diseases are best simply lived through as children.

In any case, in his talk, he wanted something like a 15 percent decline in world population, or over 1 billion people to die. His death wish is higher than all deaths by all known despots across all of the 20th century.

Joshua's Rule

If you look at the date for this Ted Talk you see it 4 days BEFORE the all so important millennia break going into 13001. This is the theoretical year break when Joshua's time of forgiveness is now done.

That one of the world's most wealthy men would stand up before a live audience of 3000+ influential people, and explain a nefarious plan for planetary depopulation 4 days earlier is very curious. That talk should go down as the millennia break fulfillment headline.


Because Obamacare is turning into such an important part of Covid, I looked up the Obamacare dates, as this started in the same era. Obamacare was first introduced as 'Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act' on September 17, 2009.

There have been various stories along the timeline when the headline itself calls out the Bible story behind the headline. Nixon and Kissinger, prophetic Adam and Eve, ate from the 'forbidden fruit' when they opened the 'forbidden city,' the capital of China.

'Wise men from the east' came to NYC in September of 1998 on the 2000th anniversary of Joshua's birth, following the story of the Magi.

So Obamacare legislation, calling out owning houses, is a reference to when pharaoh killed the babies in the Nile. That legislation calls out a promise to those who rejected pharaoh's evil order eventually receiving houses.

Anyone, midwives say, who refuse pharaoh's orders through Obamacare will presumably be rewarded with houses. How might that happen? Perhaps because Obamacare's real purpose is a severe depopulation, leaving empty houses, we watch for that later.

September 17, 2009, is in the middle of a prophetic day immediately after the plague of darkness which ended at the start of September. Might someone else from the same planning meeting in early May of 2009 have gone to congress and start the legislation to control all US medical care from Washington DC? That would be needed for the same evil plan to work.

Of course they did. The prophetic story is screaming this.

Obamacare became effective March 23, 2010. This about 10 days shy of 19 full years to the 2029 Noah flood/nuclear war date, a very strange match.

There were several rounds of Obamacare litigation before the US Supreme Court. The last of these was decided June 25, 2015 about 3 months ahead of Natan's NDE, seemingly related to a set of 7 year cycles again ahead of Noah, as I covered last blog.

The introduction of the tax act that became Obamacare looks to be aligned with the last visit of Moses to pharaoh at the top of Exodus 11. This is the exact point where the prophetic story goes dark. So watching Obamacare turn into a killing machine looks to be the end of the prophetic series dealing with Pharaoh.

Karen Kingston

I stumbled across an interview by Greg Hunter of Karen Kingston. She has been making the rounds on alternative media for a few months. She is not a licensed doctor, but worked in the industry and understands the legal, business, and biological terminology surrounding vaccines, especially patents for vaccines, their ingredients and impacts.

Because she does not risk loosing a medical license, like most practicing doctors do, she speaks freely on the biological issues of the vaccines. To protect herself, she also only speaks on facts for which she has a citation. Usually citing government websites, patents, medical regulations and so on.

Greg Hunter with Karen Kingston, September 18, 2021

Dial A Death

Karen Kingston became instantly interesting to me in that Greg Hunter interview when she cited evidence that in various tested batches of Covid vaccine roughly 1/2 of all vials contained placebos. Read that again, 1/2 of all vials in vaccine batches contained placebos.

This was enough data to instantly deduce how someone could dial the death rate of the vaccines. Let me explain.

In the Ted Talk above Gates wants to reduce world population by 15 percent. 1+ billion people dead, using vaccines.

As he wants to reduce CO2, he would want those deaths in high CO2/capita places, the US, Australia, Canada, and Europe especially. So the goal gets reached faster by deaths in developed nations.

These are also the same places with both high CO2/capita and tyrannical Covid policies, not like Ivermectin using, low CO2/capita central Africa.

So Gates explains in 2010 a particular feature of the Covid world we see now, a match between CO2/capita and Covid crazy government, suggesting he knew the real plan. The other people known to have attended that planning meeting, like George Soros, are well known to be funding radical government all the way down to local levels across the USA.

In order to get many people to take the vaccine everyone would need to be compelled to take the jab. Media propaganda to scare people, government orders for mandatory vaccinations, vaccine passports, no fly lists, lockdowns, can't buy or sell without the mark orders, etc.

But the stated goal is NOT to wipe everyone out, just a planned percentage. If every jab were lethal everyone would die. If not lethal enough, nobody would die. But, the media and government levers available do not work that way. Everyone must be compelled, all corporate media must carry the lies.

The prophetic story in Exodus 12 that we are looking to see fulfilled, says someone in every house dies, not everyone in every house dies. This is a big difference, and a feature of the story that is hard to explain.

Finding placebos spread randomly into individual vaccine vial trays matters because it is the composing of those diverse vial batches that someone can use to dial in the exact number of deaths, and spread them out as evenly as they want, and at desired death rates, without killing everyone at the same time.


Take the stated ratio given in the interview above, every batch of vaccine vials has 50 percent placebos, and 50 percent real vaccine. 50 percent of everyone taking 1 kill shot of the vaccine has NO risk of loss of life nor vaccine injury. They will go about life thinking they are protected from a virus that exists only by media fiat.

The other people taking the shots do get sick, thinking they have Delta Variant Covid, and not blaming the vaccine, just as O'Looney testified, because in part not everyone is getting sick, and not at the same time.

After 2 jabs, there is a random chance of only 1 out of 4 that someone received 2 jabs of placebo. By random chance 2 out of 4 receive a single dose and 1 out of 4 receive a double dose.


Remember, Karen cites sources that say the doses themselves then have 12 different random formulas altogether causing diverse death patterns, so this too hides the vaccine as the source of the plague.

This is particularly powerful. Future litigation can use various defenses, one of which is only some people died of the vaxx, so it must not be the vaxx that killed the others. The diversity of death modes possible in 12 different formulations also provides a web of plausible deniability.

Magnets for example, which may attach to graphene oxide, only sticks to some people, not others, and so on. Every fact claimed by anyone can be refuted by someone else, because they all think every vial contained the same poison.


The machinery that fills the vials is run by software, setting the mixing ratios. Nobody running the machines would know what was going on. So if they wanted Native Americans or Latinos dead in higher numbers, as has been reported, then the batches headed that way could contain different proportions, 10 percent placebos, say, or different formulas, known to impact different races differently.

The people behind this can also keep increasing the number of booster shots, as has been reported in Israel. So the death numbers can be dialed precisely across time, with exact numbers probably varying by country.

This reminded me of an article where Gates was said to be using the same statistical methods involving votes.

Fraudulently dialing vote percentages looks to work the same way, with the same gross features: A planned percentage outcome. A way to dial to that percentage across time. Ways built into the plan to make it look normal to everyone watching along the way. Also, where nearly all workers involved running the actual machines know nothing about what the software is really doing.

More Links

Here are a few more links related to Karen Kingston, she is very interesting because of her skill as a researcher. She knows where to look, and how the manufacturers think.

In this following interview she reads from some of the laws that absolve doctors, and school boards, from any liability they may otherwise incur when they knowingly kill patients and students using vaccine mandates. The excuse of following government orders was used at Nuremberg, and anyone using such an excuse should shudder.

Greg Hunter with Karen Kingston, September 29, 2021

Here is a list of links to other interviews she has done. I have not watched them all, and obviously her material repeats.

Many more interviews

Hell Awaits

Remember the video in the last post where Natan described rooms on the outskirts of Gen Eden where souls screamed? Every soul involved in planning this holocaust will meet their destiny in those rooms. They foolishly think there is no god.

In a future post I turn to the longer term future. Once pharaoh and his friends are gone, drowned in the sea, then what? There is a hopeful future when we look longer term.

More Later,