Ezekiel's Bones

This blog introduces a new website to our growing family. The name is Ezekiel's Bones. The purpose is explained below. Also in this blog is an important Nixon era prophetic headline.

The Journey

We registered the domain for Ezekiel's Bones maybe 10 years ago. It was always planned as the place to hold the story of the 3d models used behind the alphabet.

I have been looking at the Tabernacles Items that are coming and realized they will all need documentation to explain. That documentation needs a place to live online.

So I went and outlined all the articles that I could think of that could go on a finished Ezekiel's Bones website. I was happy enough that I also wrote the first 3 articles in that outline. Here is the link so you can explore and think about what is coming.

Ezekiel's Bones (ezekielsbones.org)

The main page has the outline of planned articles. Currently somewhere over 50 articles are planned, but this is of course subject to change. I also plan to shift the model files from bom.paleo.in to ezekiel's bones at some point in the future. There are technical reasons to delay that move for a few more weeks. There is also an RSS feed for that site if you want to watch for new articles as they are posted.

For future reference, you can find Ezekiel's Bones from the front page of paleo.in.

Nixon Headlines

One of the fundamental problems of researching prophetic dates from the timeline is that the news system only picks up dramatic immediate news. So headlines like 911 are obvious, but others do not reveal themselves until much later.

The original timeline, the timeline I quit my job over, started with the resignation of Richard Nixon in August of 1974. That resignation is the obvious public replay of the first year of Adam. That series runs at 1 day per historical year. It became particularly interesting at the time of the First Persian Gulf war in 1991.

So far, the best publicly known headline from Nixon's era is when Nixon sent his then secretary of state, Henry Kissinger, to Bejing China.

The stated purpose of this trip was to open up China to international trade.

As a prophetic match, the headlines are pretty good. The ancient capital of China is known as the Forbidden City, now in central Bejing. This would be the prophetic fulfillment of forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden stories early in Genesis.

This would suggest Kissinger is some sort of prophetic Eve. Nixon ate the proverbial fruit. His resignation was thus some sort of prophetic death.

All of this is still mostly fine, but there was a recent substack article by Dr. Robert Malone, of Covid mRNA fame, that throws considerable light on what else Kissinger was up to. Here is the link.

Population Control and Official USG Policy (rwmalonemd.substack.com)

This article is long, so let me summarize the important points as far as the prophetic story of Nixon is concerned.

First point, is that during the time of Nixon's reign, at the express direction of Henry Kissinger, the US government decided to limit the Earth's total population to 8 billion people.

This was not completely formalized as US Government Policy until the time of Ford's presidency. The delay was simply because of Nixon's resignation.

The US Government established a large list of ways that they would limit population growth around the world. At the time, their focus was especially on 3rd world countries, but it would extend to western countries too.

This included all manner of birth control. This included propagandizing populations around the Earth. It included such things as sterilization through vaccines distributed for other purposes. It included promotion of homosexuality, which reduces reproduction. It included fostering the spread of venereal disease to make people fear having sex.

There was quite a bit of discussion at the time about hiding motives so this would not look racist. It was also motivated by a desire to maintain western and especially American hegemony. They knew they would have trouble convincing the Soviets, as they were known to want to fill empty Siberia.

It was kept secret because of the public's natural revulsion of the leaders of the US Government deciding to play god.

My Comments

Let me comment here that there does not appear to be any practical limit on the carrying capacity of Earth in terms of total human population. The real fundamental problem was Kissinger and his ilk's fear of managing that many people, especially if they developed a modern lifestyle.

The fundamental issue is the cost of energy needed to sustain life on Earth. Northern Canada, Alaska and Siberia are wide open to development if the cost of energy was very low. For the same reason most of the deserts of Africa, Arabia, western China and the Australian outback are also wide open to development if the cost of energy drops low enough. We're not even discussing civilizations floating on the oceans.

There is enough energy, of course, coming from the sun alone to do all of this. We do not even need to consider alternative zero point systems.

As a reminder, Telsa has published position papers on this. Around $10T needs to be invested to make the shift to solar energy for powering all human activity on Earth.

This appears to be Musk's long term business plan for Tesla's Energy division, published as a position paper to avoid legal problems for his publicly traded company.

Fiat money is in some theoretical ways also tied to human labor. Labor is itself tied to the cost of energy. Your labor, for example, is greatly accelerated if you have access to electric power. Imagine making dinner without any electricity.

The human/money arbitrage is a better explanation as to why Kissinger and his friends would likely care about such matters. I have no doubt they also had religious reasons for playing god.

Malone's Recent Application

Malone suggests, and I think rightly so, that the US Government was monitoring total world population since that policy change in 1975. At the start of Covid, in early 2020, the total world population was 7.84 Billion people. Total planetary head count was nearing their upper limit on world population. It was now time to act in some dramatic way to reduce planet Earth's total population.

This is probably why they released the Covid Vaccine when they did. Preparation for this eventuality had been going on for decades. Malone gives some of the documentation trail to support this point.

This is why Bill Gates spoke at his 2010 TED talk and said he planned to reduce the total planetary population by 1 billion people using vaccines. His foundation had already been working to this end under that USG policy from 1975.

The US Government and its various private extensions, including the Gates Foundation, were not very successful in stopping the population increase. They had already tried widespread vaccine based sterilization. It was apparently not working fast enough and so they decided to release Covid Vaccines which were intended to be deadly.

Back To The Prophetic

So, go back to the Bible stories of the garden of Eden. The day you eat of this tree, you will surely die. Only by the sweat of your brow will the Earth yield its increase to you.

Soon thereafter we read undated stories about Cain killing Abel, with yet more trouble.

We see some of these aspects show up economically. The average American worker could no longer support a family on his own wages. By the late 1970s, continuing to this day, the wife would need to work too. Yet another way to decrease the number children.

But now we may have yet another fulfillment. Events in Nixon's time meant that there would be widespread death. This was official policy set in stone in Nixon's day. As the population approached 8 billion people, they would start directly killing people to stay below their ultimate ceiling.

No administration since that time touched that policy. Kissinger may have setup the deep state to protect this very secret.

If Malone's evidence is remotely true, we live under very sick rulers.

Kissinger might not be prophetic Eve, but the prophetic Hivite/Serpent. Spiro Agnew or Gerald Ford would be Nixon's prophetic Eve in this scenario.

More Later,