A 3D Faith Walk

This blog covers current status with the 3d work that has been going on since September. It has been a faith walk. The most recent piece to come out of the work is a giant map of Eden, a flower. Read on for more.

Abram Departed (BRB)

Hebrews 11 has a bunch of commendations over various walk-off kings. They are the people who sit in the thrones of the throne room. They are commended in various ways over their faith. Verse 8 describes how Abram left Ur, not knowing where he was going, looking for a city who's builder and maker was god.

Abram's life is the reference example of a faith walk. We should all have the faith to live similar walks. Faith walks are strange things. We must follow Joshua even when we don't know the details of the final destination.

I can imagine Abram packing his camel, headed for what we know to be ancient Canaan. But, he did not know where he was going. So we use hind sight to know how it worked out.

In real life, walks of faith involve the unknown, the unpredictable. We must depart, not knowing where we are going, and trust Joshua to help us finish the journey.

I run into people all the time who want a plan, who want a schedule, who want to know the end from the beginning. These questions are usually posed by people who have been hurt, who want to control. They demand this of other people. They demand it in prayer of Joshua himself. Sometimes we call them Jezebels. This is the absolute opposite of following Joshua by faith.

On the other hand, like the rest of Abram's family, who also left Ur, there is a risk of stopping along the way. These faith walk journeys can be long, and take longer than we might hope. Abram is commended for having his eye fixed on the ultimate prize, not just a place to live in Canaan, but a city in the sky.

3D Modeling

In August, 2022, I was looking at both Genome and 3d modeling issues. The 3d work contains many clues as to how Paleo language might be encoded in DNA. So I wanted to make sure I was to the bottom of my understanding of the 3d system in order to be well equipped for the DNA question.

The 3d shapes of the letters was already well understood. That journey had begun in 2009 following a prophetic dream. But it had been a long journey because I did not know I was not finished. Like the rest of Abram's family I was stopping along the way in this 3d modeling walk of faith.

This time I recognized the risk of missing the goal as I started into the task. So this time I do not want to pause along the way. I am doing my best to be wrestling for this blessing, to borrow a story from Jacob.

I knew the first new 3d model was to look like that of a mountain. I needed to use 3d elevation to show off the design connections between all the 3d models in the set. Just by inspecting the parts and their relations anyone should be able to check the designs and understand how they work. I've previously blogged on this, so I will not belabor it here.

After that first panel came a dream and glimpse at a 2nd panel. I have revised that design several times and have another major round still to be done. After that 2nd panel came 4 more panels. I now know there are 6 different panel types, but they are configured differently, with 26 final displayed forms.

Road Map

I have mentioned in a previous blog that the road system of Eden appears to be the design basis for the 'wheel within a wheel' vision of Ezekiel. The first step in that riddle is to identify and map all the roads. With the panels far enough along, that road map became a specific goal. Getting it done required building an actual map.

Early in this process I had a very rough map, what I called an 'orange peel' map, of the 26 panels. In that map I basically unpeeled the panels like you might an orange, leaving 1 continuous strip from top to bottom like an orange. That orange peel map was very rough and not very good especially for looking at roads.

So I set out to build a new map that would be centered at the 'north sea.' This would make all the road connection points symmetric about a single point and might make understanding the roads easier to see. The panels would unfold outward from that starting point.

Instead of using a mock up, I used copies of all the panels finished so far. This alone required performance optimization so all the models would render on my laptop. So there were days of work down through the system to weed out performance problems.

Finally, the map came together. I could look down from above and see the roads as they circled around. I could then assign road numbers and understand their complete paths.

But, something else happened. The overall map of the inside of Eden had became a giant flower. Let me explain the significance.

The Flower Map

When the 3d work began in 2009, a friend had a prophetic dream. In the dream he saw me pulling 3d objects out of something like a tool box. It was like a scene from the 1964 movie Mary Poppins. More objects were coming out of box than could actually fit. I was reaching in, below the bottom of the box. Something extra dimensional was going on.

The only object he recognized was a 'dream catcher,' what we know now as the Oo Letter. The rest of the 3d objects he did not recognize. When asked, he agreed it was like the scene when Mary Poppins arrives at the Banks' house and unpacks. She pulls various things from her bottomless bag, like out of another dimension.

We recently rewatched 2 movies, Saving Mr. Banks and the original Mary Poppins. The first of these gives the back story to the movie Mary Poppins. Then we watched Mary Poppins again to review.

From the back story to that Mary Poppins scene, we can learn that the real life bag contained a small, potted plant. In the movie Mary unpacks both a tall potted plant AND a floor lamp.

That original prophetic dream about this 3d work was pointing at the pinnacle objects, the final objects in the 3d work, potted plants and lamps.

The panels of the map of Eden are like the petals of the flower. This is simple enough to understand. But the star in the middle of Eden sits atop a very delicate tall structure. I've now seen parts of that structure in a dream, and have worked to model it. In each successive revision I've been told to make the details finer.

In an actual flower that central part is called a pistil. The very top is called the stigma. They are usually both very fine structures. Once I saw the flower map I understood why the details are as fine as I can model using normal design limits.

Taken alone, the pistil and stigma are like a lamp pole with a lamp globe on top. There is an artificial star in the center of Eden. That star has a surrounding structure. That structure also circulates water, providing steam heat. In the unfolded map those parts of structure around the star cause the entire map to look just like a huge flower.

This is of course a strange reflection on the garden of Eden. That the basic map would be a flower should not really be a surprise. Although finding that shape in the overall map was a shock.


The garden of Eden is the inside of an artificial planet. The water cycle, the seas and rivers and how they flow, is very important to understand. The flows lead out of the interior through a pipe. This is the window to the interior that shows up in Near Death Experiences. Water returns from the sides through the more solid mass of the planet. That water flow emerges in the interior at important springs.

The water cycle of the planet is used as the structure for the water system around the star. So both the inside and outside of the planet can be understood by study of the mostly empty star model itself.

Though my attention is mostly on the interior world of Eden, there is also an exterior map. It is a simpler, but massively larger, reflection of the inside. I've done the basic math and the inside of Eden is 1/9th of the surface area of the outside. So the interior is 1/10th of the TOTAL surface area of the planet.

I also know the solid mass of the planet between these surfaces is more like the interior structure of a sponge. There is also an anti-gravity surface about 1/2 way between the exterior and interior surfaces. These details may or may not get modeled. My attention now is on the maps.

Parts Counts

I started out trying to both design and 3d print parts as I was doing this design. But, 3d printed parts are more detailed than I needed for this massive prototype. Every detail slows down the computer while rendering for the overall design. Every detail risks blowing out computer memory.

So I stopped with the 3d printing side of this a few weeks ago. I have been focused on getting every square in the map filled with the correct, but simple, prototype designs. I was forced into this simplification while building the flower map as I described above.

My concern is understanding every cell in the (interior) map. For this blog I went and did a rough count of the various panels that make up the flower map. Currently there are around 22,000 cells in the entire map. About 3500 are called out on individual lines of code. Code then duplicates and configures them for the overall design.

Each cell is either land, water or road. Land often has plants in various stages of growth. Water has various bottom configurations and waves. Roads encircle the place and in some areas have 3d objects on display.

I currently expect fewer that 50 cell designs at the core of this work, though nearly everything is parameterized and detailed for specific placements. Usually the parameterization is using something from the 3d letter models.

Final Panel

The first panel I worked on is called the mountain panel. I stopped work there to build out other panels. Eventually the overall cell count and geometry was worked out. The panels scale from the same system used to draw letters.

In that later design work the size allocated for the first mountain panel grew larger. I realized I would need to find a use for the extra space. I have been concerned for weeks that I might need to seriously change that original work.

I finally returned to the mountain panel a few days ago. It is now the last panel that needs serious attention.

Most of the content you would know from stories in Zechariah. It displays the connections between 3d objects and provides the interior springs, the source for interior water. The original design, importantly, was without the planetary roads.

It turns out the additional space makes room for the road system and not much more. To my shock, and delight, most of the original design simply drops in and spreads out where it crosses the main roads. The road system also forced a well on the map near the tops of each mountain. Near each spring, it turns out, the return path for the water cycle.

Work on the mountain is causing rework to some of the other panels. I am hoping to be through with this work in another week.

Once these panel updates are finished I can turn my attention to problems of the wheel within a wheel. That famous object is likely patterned after the road systems of Eden, though I will know more once I have time to focus there.

Like Abram's faith walk, this is a faith walk too. I had no idea where this would lead when I began in September, or for that matter, back in 2009 with those first dreams. I am trying very hard not to stop along the way. I am working nearly all waking hours to get to the bottom of this. I will post more when I know more.

More Later,