Diary Review

This week I have reviewed my own diary. In this blog, I retell the journey from the early Bible Time days until now. This is an example of why diary keeping is so important. Links to new Annual Planners are given at the end.

Build Environment

As you probably know, I have been rebuilding our build environment. The biggest current project that uses that environment is the diary, around 3500 pages in size.

Diary entries go back 25 years. Formats are similar, but they do not all have an all important summary paragraph at the top.

I have never wanted to take the time to fix this. But, about 10 days ago realized this needed to be fixed. Unfortunately, it would need to be done by hand.

The Great Reformat

So I wrote a script that would sequentially launch a text editor against each diary entry in chronological order.

If a diary entry already had a summary or similar at the top, it was a few keystroke edit. If not, I would need to read and review and summarize the rest of the entry. A few also had summaries, but of excessive length that needed to be summarized again.

When I launched that script, I inadvertently started the longest multiple file edit that I have ever seen, anywhere. As soon as I saved a fixed diary entry, the next diary entry magically appeared, ready for more editing.

So, I thought, I'll just do a few files every day before bed while doing other work during the day. That only worked for a few days.

Our prophetic journey on this strange call to recover the text was itself replaying before my eyes. I was having trouble thinking of anything else. So this past weekend I realized I just needed to focus on this work and solve this problem all the way to the bottom.

What a lesson.


Back in the late 1990s, I became friends with a traveling evangelist who mostly worked the Pacific Northwest. I was still working in the corporate world and in terms of a walk with Joshua I was young and dumb. I saw in that man a walk with Joshua (Jesus in those days) that I had never seen in the church world before.

He'd been a commercial real estate developer. He had been based in Hawaii and built airports on various Pacific islands. He had a prophetic encounter and followed it in a move to the Puget Sound area. A few years later he was in a church service when he was hit by what we called at the time the Holy Spirit. Within days he had quit his job and was full time as a traveling evangelist. He worked as a preacher from then until he died.

I had many, many hours with him, mostly as an assistant in his meetings. Perhaps the most important encounter happened when I watched some people I knew from church attempt to give him advice. They did not like his style. They wanted to tell him what to do, how to be, when he was on stage.

His answer was that he spent nearly all day, every day, with Jesus. If Jesus was not pleased with him, wouldn't Jesus say so?

At the time it seemed a crass and uncaring answer to his accusers. But I also saw his logic. I also trusted it to be a true answer. I also saw in him a confident prophetic walk that I'd never seen before, nor since.

Let me make clear a point here. Many well known preachers are confident in their theology. Even Ben Shapiro is confident in his theology. Finding someone confident in how well they hear genuine prophetic is very rare. Genuine prophetic sometimes contradicts theology.

In his later years he would often walk into a room of 100 or more and then give every single person in that room a direct prophetic word.

He once gave me a prophetic word that I would be doing what he was doing. He seemed to want me to start right away. His logic was simple. He had started right away, why shouldn't I? Of course I did quit my corporate job. But then stuff happened.

I had work to do first, including growing in conviction of my walk. That is what has been going on now for 25 years. Across those years I also lost the textual foundation that good preaching is built on. It was not going to be easy to step into a call like he suggested I would one day attain. Even as I write this I still can't quite step into that call.

Place Based Work

Reviewing the diary I can see that the many moves over the years seem to have been done to reach some goal. Usually each place has some discovery or other milestone. Once it has been met, then there is a move to another place. At that new place, another problem is addressed and another milestone is reached. That pattern continues. I can see there is at least 1 more of those still ahead, probably several.

Mount Hood

We started in Oregon. The goal was to watch the first set of prophetic headlines that started in the fall of 1998 and ended in 2004. Ryan had followed me to Oregon and once there also needed to graduate Bible College. Once those headlines had passed in 2004, it was time to move on.

North Idaho

From late 2004 to early 2008 we were in Idaho for the first time. Additional time bands, and prophetic folding of history, and Bible Clocks all happened there.

We took our first Hebrew alphabet classes there. Those classes were not conventional, at all. That area was probably the only place in the region where we could learn what we did. Those classes became key to all later Paleo Alphabet work.

In that season, Ryan was hit with the problems of Bible Book Order. We began handling computerized copies of the text of the Bible ourselves. We were printing and selling Bibles while we were there. Work on the text would continue, even to this day. It was the seed for what is now the BRB.


From early 2008 until mid 2010 we were in the Seattle area. Ryan was busy on textual issues. I was care giving for my mom. In late 2009, in a series of dreams, the fundamentals of Paleo letters began. This seems to have been the prophetic goal for living in that area.


From mid 2010 until mid 2011 we were living in Goldendale, Washington. I was recovering from the death of my mom. I had to settle a tricky estate. There was an intense year of prophetic revelation dealing with her death.

This same year began the 3d printing journey. We were given money for an early model Makerbot. The 3d shapes that had been first formed using pipe cleaner were now going to be done in plastic. It was going to be possible to 3d print all sorts of related models. The year ended with the ability to print every letter shape.

Bonners Ferry

From mid 2011 until mid 2015 we were again in northern Idaho, this time in Bonners Ferry, with a few months at the end in Bozeman, Montana. Early in this season we started respecting the calendar as a basis for observing the holidays. We used Disneyland as our surrogate temple.

At Disneyland we found what is now the Qu Map. That map was on the ground in the rides. They sprung in part from Walt's original vision for the park.

The Hebrew class we had taken introduced us to the problem of spelling changes across history. We had been taught this was a constrained problem. Now, we were also shown prophetically that the text of the Bible had been intentionally tampered. There was more going on than just spelling changes.

We were also shown that the text could be recovered to its pristine form using some sort of letter level audit system. (Ultimately using the Qu Map discovered at the same time. But that was not known until much later.) We slowly worked out an early attempt at a letter level audit system. We called it acclension/declension.

In Idaho, before there were many good 3d printers, I designed and built my own 3d printer. Ultimately I needed intense practice with 3d designing as a skill unto itself.

Our time in Idaho ended shortly after a long, 40 day, trip to the east coast of the USA. The highlight of that 40 day trip was a visit to Biltmore Mansion near Asheville, NC.

The diary entry for that day shows how we used a dream that predicted visiting Biltmore. Using normal holiday folding, we visited Biltmore on a day that mapped back to the dream about Biltmore.

Indeed, we started the day without intending to visit Asheville at all. Soon after leaving Atlanta headed north, we checked the diary. We saw the Biltmore dream hitting that day. So changed our course. The diary was impacting us in real time. This was also on Easter Sunday, and the place was throwing their normal Easter Sunday egg hunt party. We did not understand that day, but Asheville would matter more later.

Diary entries from the time show that Joshua was indicating at least another 10 years of work still ahead. At the time I could not image such a long time. I figured time references like that had to be figures of speech. Not so. More on that below.


From 2015 until 2018 we were in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The specific house was shown in a dream which I then found online. But, in this diary review, I can see that house was shown several times in earlier dreams.

In 1 earlier diary entry it was called a castle, ultimately because it had a stone exterior. Stone is almost never used in earthquake prone areas where I grew up. Though a house, it had history of being used in ministry. It was a place for an open heaven. The first owner and builder having been involved with Oral Roberts' early ministry.

In Tulsa we learned that manuscript tampering was much larger than just at the level of spelling. We found that the text itself deals with its own tampering history and recovery.

Our current list of villains was discovered there. We learned that the Bible is filled with their handiwork. What is now the Testimony app was born on that idea there in Tulsa. That new app was first online for Tabernacles in 2016.

Also, the remaining 3d models were worked out there. Once we were on The Testimony, we were now starting to be shunned in a city otherwise known as the Buckle of the Bible Belt. We mostly only interacted with friends.

Woodland Park

From late 2018 until the fall of 2019 we were in Woodland Park, Colorado. That town is up the Front Range west from Colorado Springs. Like Tulsa, Colorado Springs is the historic home to many ministries and has a strong Christian heritage. We were not far from Andrew Wamic's new college campus.

Across that year we had many interactions with various churches, both immediately in that area and in Pagosa Springs, out further west. It was now clear that the theology of the inspired text was incompatible with standard church practice. In the earlier Bible Time days, we could fit in. No more.

In the summer of 2019, I set about writing the code to apply that early acclension/declension letter audit system to the whole text of the Bible. I was given a 52 day challenge and wrote the first big set of code for this problem. The diary is full of entries dealing with trouble with that code.

That audit system was known to spot and remove added vowels according to the rules taught to us in Hebrew class in Idaho years earlier. I know now that it worked similarly to the real audit pattern. Both limit how letters can adjoin each other. Acclension/Declension was relative to adjoining letters. The real system achieves a similar end, but from patterns on the canvas.

There is a diary entry a few weeks into that 52 day challenge where Ryan and I sat down and hashed out lessons learned. That diary entry references the Septuagint and suggests there must have been respelling done of many words as we know them now in the Hebrew text.

Our conclusion that day was that any sort of recovery from the Hebrew was going to be very much harder than just removing added letters and words. I stopped that recovery challenge at that point. I was unsure what to do next.

Also, while we were in Woodland Park, we essentially archived many of the earlier projects. We were told to do this. I can see the diary entries. Now I see why. This preserved Bible projects for future use. These days we can understand the value of leaving them alone and keeping them as built. I can also see the diary entries where we were told to bring them back. We have restored most already, the rest are coming back online soon.

New York

While living in Woodland Park, we had traveled to visit Hudson Falls, New York. This is where the Hudson river reaches tide waters north of NYC. This town was identified in a paper diary entry from my great grandfather who had traveled from there by train to Tacoma in the early 1900s. I wanted to see it. I also wanted to see a place called Miller's Farm which is the location of Ascension Rock.

Miller is important in early American church history. In his day, he was as well known as Billy Graham was in our era. Miller used a prophetic timeline strategy that I learned from one of Miller's spiritual heirs. I know that strategy to be valid from early Bible Time work.

But, Miller famously used that strategy incorrectly. He used it to date the end of the world. Even if your math is OK, your theology can cause you to expect the wrong fulfillment. Take that lesson to heart.

This obviously got Miller in trouble once the dates passed. But the thugs running the rest of the Christian church in his day used him to paint the strategy itself as invalid. They replaced it with theologies that you probably know from church that are worse. I just had to see Miller's former farm where much of this happened. There is an interpretive center (that was closed) and a chapel on the property.

So in 2019 we did Tabernacles farther north, in upstate New York. Our problem was now the extreme difficulty of ever recovering inspired text from extant Hebrew.

The diary shows we did a double week Tabernacles and then returned for several additional weeks while we were waiting for the house to sell in Colorado. We needed Joshua to show us the way forward. For awhile in those days, recovery did not look possible.

We also thought we might be moving to upstate NY after Colorado. The diary shows we looked carefully at a house for sale there. What we learned in that extended time in a campground pointed the way. We had long known the NT was inspired in Aramaic. The name for that idea is Aramaic Primacy. We did not invent the term. What we learned, that was new, was that Aramaic Primacy applies to the OT too. (Accepting, of course, edits everywhere.)

The rewriting into Hebrew, that we deduced weeks before, was now coming from an extant source. We would not need to guess at it. Recovery was not to be as hard as we thought. We downloaded Aramaic texts about our last day there using WIFI in a public library.

On our last trip west from New York we headed south to join I-40 in Tennessee before heading west. The diary has the summary of lot sets at nearly every stop along that drive. We were told why we should not move to any of the places along that drive. That series ends with a lot set from the Sun Tower in Knoxville. That set was obscure. It was hinting at our future in eastern Tennessee. We were dispatched from Knoxville to the west.


Diary entries for the fall of 2019 are both dealing with moving from Colorado, but they are also filled with a different pattern of strange references that we could not understand at the time. Joshua seemed to be ranting over evil men. Was it us? Were we fired?

In part this could be explained as his ranting over the writers of Hebrew that were now exposed to us. But reviewing it now, I believe Joshua was also calling out the men behind Covid. They are the modern heirs of the same ancient community.

Covid was launched in a banker's planning meeting in Wyoming in August of 2019. Catherine Austin Fitz has covered this extensively. Joshua called it out to us repeatedly before it was world news in 2020.

In late 2019 we moved our stuff from Colorado to our friend's place in Goldendale. They graciously lent us use of a storage shed so we could store our stuff. They have a guest room that we could also use. We house-sat for them while they were in Arizona that Christmas. We expected to find a place of our own in the spring of 2020.

Diary entries from that time show how we prayed at individual properties but were told to look farther. Prophetic at the time was hard to understand, but looking at them now we were being pointed back far to the east.

We were visiting in Tulsa when Covid hit more seriously that spring. The world suddenly got very strange. We drove back to Goldendale in a single non-stop drive. Like a 24 hour car race, trading drivers as we went.

So we settled in and camped out at our friends house. We used space in their own offices for our desks. We even did some live streams from that same location. Some readers here may remember those. We were trying out the online world that Covid seemed to be forcing.

But, Joshua soon called us on the road again. We still use our friend's address for our mail. Mostly car license and related stuff. But we have been essentially homeless and roaming ever since.


Thinking back on the last 4 years, they are mostly a blur. But, in reviewing the diary I can see this journey, step by step.

For years there had been a series of strange prophetic dreams pointing at the region around Asheville, North Carolina. Indeed, Ryan and I first met at a Christian conference in Yakima, Washington, that was put on by a ministry based near Asheville.

For Tabernacles in 2020 we traveled to a KOA campground near Asheville in order to learn that area better. Traveling during Covid was strange. There are various diary entries to that point.

We only ever wore masks 1 time. It was at the big Loves truck stop headed east out of Oregon on I-84. My own, new, mask broke as I was going in to use a restroom. At that point I had no choice, no mask or pee my pants. The staff heckled me, but that was all. By the time we were into rural Utah and Wyoming the staff in similar places were not masked up at all.

Across most of the middle of the country, especially rural areas, most truck stop and some motel staff were ignoring Covid restrictions.

In North Carolina we found most grocery stores were free to enter without masks once the sun had set. Even back in Oregon we were once complimented by a Safeway clerk who very much liked us not wearing masks while shopping there one night.

Eve Document

At that 2020 Tabernacles near Asheville, there was a waking vision that involved another completely different way to look at the manuscript recovery problem. This strategy hinted at a 2nd document woven in some way inside the first document.

That second document we would refer to as the 'Eve Document.' The condition could be thought of this way. The running text in an inspired document has another document woven within. About like a crossword puzzle, with the black squares being punctuation. With the added constraint that all across words were running normal readable prose text, all down words were also running normal readable prose text.

I would later spend much time working on the code needed to explore that idea. It would seem like a simple problem to solve by use of a lexicon. Just try all combinations across any given run of letters. Keep removing letters until both sides had a run of words from the lexicon. Given restraints on canvas size and shape and weaving patterns, it should be possible to brute force the answer.

This too, would ultimately fail, but it introduced the vocabulary and promise of more writing buried within the main text. That idea is written about within the text of the Bible, so it must be there somehow.

We returned to the Asheville area several times. There are places in the USA where it is possible to find what are called 'open heavens.' In these rare places the prophetic flows are much better than most other places. A century of prayer based ministries in that area seems to have created one of those in the Asheville region. (Or the reverse, they congregated at an open heaven already there.)

Driven by dreams recorded in the diary we explored other nearby areas. A chapel on a mountain along the South Carolina border was 1 example. We went up Mount Mitchell eventually for a prophetic encounter like Moses up his mountain.

That area is a type of Christian refuge, being known as such since the late 1800s. There are many other ministries there. But it was not to be the location for our move. We had to explore more distant from the town of Asheville itself. Diary entries show Boone was one place we visited, a college town. Pigeon Forge another. New Port and Johnson City were others.

NE Tennessee

Eventually we settled down in more rural northeast Tennessee. The big town there is called Mountain City. We spent considerable time in a cheap motel there over the past few years. Though not a fancy exterior, (nor interior) we made friends and encountered Joshua there in new and more intense ways. We could continue to work on manuscript and related problems.

Considerable time was spent there working on code that dealt with the Aramaic texts. We had downloaded several in 2019. It is unclear which might be the best to use. I worked on a Critical Edition of the Aramaic as a start. (I currently do not expect to be using that for the next round. More on that in a future blog.)


Late 2021 and early 2022 is just a blur. From memory I cannot recall our specific journeys. The diary itself shows us traveling far and wide. We often criss-crossed through Tulsa, visiting friends there, on our journeys east and west and south into Texas. Space X and Tesla become important destinations. Key locations for those companies are in Texas, but we also made a side trip to Southern California.

We traveled to Las Vegas and on to Hawthorne, CA. Another destination was the Brownsville area of south Texas. The Space X facilities there are important. There is much inspired text on the issues of Mars. That company is currently the leading contender to make restoration of Mars start to happen.

Much of this was in the context of exploring the boundaries of an eventual Chinese Army invasion of North America. The Chinese are being invited in by the same evil men behind Covid. Those same men are opening the southern border.

The public has no influence over government any longer because the public no longer has Joshua's ear. This problem will never be solved politically, nor by arms. It is a problem of religion and the broken nature of the Bible.

The diary is full of details of that Chinese invasion. The eastern edge is mostly along the Missouri river. Parts of Texas appear set to not be invaded. Texas may be cut off from the rest of the USA by invaders who will occupy parts of Louisiana.

Bible In Genome

There are very many diary entries dealing with my attempt to recover the text from the Human Genome. I blogged about that process here. Joshua both recovered the text by hand and from a vault. History repeats. So Human DNA might be a reasonable modern vault. (Though even if in DNA, this would be backwards in time to Joshua's own recovery process. DNA is not really off the table yet.)

There were technical issues with this. The Human Genome is massive. It took time to work out how to handle such large files. There are many diary entries dealing with the technical challenges I was facing. I even needed to understand the DNA molecule and how it is mapped into modern file formats.

Looking back across the diary, I can see precisely how that work forced a further, deeper, understanding of the 3d systems behind the alphabet. In fact, understanding the 3d system better was the biggest important discovery from the whole DNA exercise.

My concern at the time was to find something like the ASCII table. In modern computers, that table explains how letters are represented in code. Originally this was designed for sending letters over teletype wires. That table, for Paleo, in DNA, is a fundamental feature of the Genome riddle. There are many other challenges, but that table is the heart of the problem.

I eventually turned to the 3d models themselves for that table. They might explain how to encode Paleo in DNA. By mid 2022 that Genome problem spawned a massive season of further discovery. It continued when we returned to Seattle in the middle of that year. It was continuing when we were back in Tulsa in early 2023. This was the first time a major discovery season was crossing geographic locations, though each place had specific aspects.


In Tulsa in early 2023 we finally worked out the audit pattern. We finally found the letter perfect string for the 10 commandments. The letters of that text are 1 shepherd staff in length. The audit is based on the Qu Map, the same pattern discovered at the same time as we learned the need to recover the text letter-by-letter. It uses a technique any child could follow.

This season also taught a lesson about the use of computers for this work. Only a child's set of tools can ever be trusted. Computers cannot be trusted, as AI this past year is proving. All the previous attempts at recovery were based on throwing compute power at the problem. Even if they worked, they could never have been trusted by others.

Use of computers is fundamentally limited to book keeping and speeding the process along. What is not allowed is hand waving over a computer and then out pops a new Bible. The WEF is now preparing to do that themselves, maybe they read this blog?

In any case, we had hand drawn, computer based, art that showed the string of the commandments passing against the audit pattern itself. We also knew we were looking for the complete set of Tabernacles items, whatever those might be.

Before heading back west to Seattle from Tulsa, we where told prophetically to go back to eastern Tennessee for a single last weekend.

Tennessee Vision

Our normal pattern when driving on these trips is to discuss our current technical issues and to do travel lots. We use the lots tools in the TT on our phones. These sessions can trigger many miles of conversation and discovery.

On that trip we were looking for Tabernacles Items. We had learned the tricks used to hide them. We knew the writers used them extensively as back stories for the main inspired narrative.

For example, when Joshua feeds the 5000, he is building his illustration on the lamp. Nathanael is under the Fig Tree, another item. Baskets and jars are others.

When we were a few miles from our last exit on the freeway, before heading up into the hills, we did a lot that triggered a open vision.

Fortunately, Ryan was driving. I was essentially blinded. In that vision, some of those items were arranged together to explain how to multiply the base inspired document. Both to produce the Eve document, but also more.

We had traveled for that weekend so we would be back in that region for another open heaven encounter. Now we were ready to return west to Seattle for the rest of the year and this winter. Of course, Seattle is under a cloud in more ways than 1. We are using our time here as best we can.

Prophetic Time

A few years ago I started noticing how lot sets often included time references. I wanted to know if they are used as figures of speech or if they are actual time references. The only way to figure this out was to measure them against the diary itself.

So each time this happened, especially in Sabbath Lots, I would also put in a future diary entry to mark the end of the time interval.

A reference, say, to 30 days, would get the main diary entry then another diary entry 30 days later when that time expired. Given history with Bible Time watch dates, I also call those diary entries watch dates.

There are now many of those in the diary that I have been reviewing. Once I saw them in this review, I saw that I should check how they worked out. This made the review with touch up editing into an even slower process.

I also saw entries that these days should have generated a watch date entry in the diary in the future. Of course, I could still add those even for old diary entries, so I started adding watch date entries as I went along.

It Works

Several of those stand out in important ways. There was a 70 week reference that pointed at the day we left Tulsa after we solved the commandments using the audit pattern. (The base story? From Daniel. 70 weeks are decreed for your people.) It was a massively important manuscript goal. We'd been looking for it since 2010.

Another similar diary entry directly hit the day a few weeks later when the great 3d reprint was done here in Seattle in the shop. The basic 3d models were reprinted using the correct shape for the drawing pen used for all the items themselves.

In the past, all 3d models used a small sphere as the pen. So that pen shape change was an important day because it completed the design work that had been going on for 14 years.

Nuclear War

In this review, I found 2 explicit watch date entries dealing with nuclear war. One was a dream 10 years ahead of Noah to the day that called out Noah's flood in 2029 as a nuclear event. I have covered that here previously.

A second entry was a dream dealing with a city wide event in the Seattle area that points mid December, 2028. This is several weeks ahead of that other Noah date.

By getting the Jesus+2000 Years report on Bible Time I was able to look at this better. Depending on what topic your dreams might cover, you may want to check against that table.

This Seattle event hits about 2 weeks after the 2000th anniversary of Joshua's ascension. So, when Joshua arises... His enemies appear to be scattered. It looks like that era might be a season of war, or else those weapons are being commonly used. Unclear from this distance in time to know for sure.

There was another, non-nuclear, entry that pointed at October 6, 2023. This was the day ahead of the start of war between Israel and Hamas. The text for the timing to that prophetic entry was from the account of Noah. October 7, a day later, was being indicated as part of Noah's wars coming later this decade. Noah's wars have now begun.

These are 2 good examples from the diary. There are a bunch of others. The general diary tooling I am using now probably needs a better way to track these dates. The diary is now loaded with watch dates over the next 3 years so I can understand how these work. There are still a bunch of questions to answer about the technique.

Time In Seattle

This diary review has pointed out interesting patterns in places. We are currently in Seattle. We have been working 3d models and 3d printers and are currently working on software retooling.

The same shop we are in now has been in the diary since I first designed a 3d printer myself. I did not have a full shop in Idaho. We visited here for help with building that first printer. We also used this shop as shipping address for the early Prusas. We also received and built the new Voron printer here.

Different places have different giftings. Joshua uses them for different purposes, but consistently across time.

Joshua Is Chatty

Joshua loves talking to his people when we are willing to listen. We need the correct tools and record keeping before he can talk about anything day accurately.

The first step for tracking anything like this is to keep a diary.

Let me encourage everyone reading this to keep written records of your life. Especially if you are young, you will eventually forget your past. Hopefully Joshua eventually speaks to you enough that you have trouble keeping up in real time.

Once you have the written records you can come along and review them later, at your leisure. (Or in a hurry, as the case may be.)

Annual Planners

The link here is to the download page on Paleo.In for our annual planners. 13015, so next year, is up now. You have a little under a month before it starts.

Use the calendar app, cal.paleo.in, to calculate day accurate day offsets using the day numbering of days as provided in that app. I am doing exactly that myself.

If anyone wants to run several years ahead, let me know. I could add planner downloads for future years there too, so long distance prophetic time could be stretched out several years using those planners.

This has been a very insightful study. I hope I have given you a taste for why accurate, regular, diary keeping is so very important.

More Later,