March 1, 2022, Prophetic Headline Review

We passed a prophetic date on March 1, 2022. As was evident a week earlier, headlines involved US/NATO response to Russia's provoked invasion of Ukraine. This blog post explores several key areas that have prophetic significance.

State of the Union

Joe Biden gave a State of the Union speech that essentially hit the expected prophetic date, and time, beginning at 9:00 PM Eastern in the USA. His opening segment involved Ukraine. He had a room full of Ukrainians as his props.

Though he gave many sympathetic words to the plight of Ukraine, he finished his remarks by stating that the US was moving troops to Europe on the risk that the Russians might invade further west. If you have tracked any of the public statements from Russia as to why they invaded, this is not on their radar. It was a false gesture on Biden's part.

The looks on Ukrainian faces in the room were palpable, the US was not going to come to Ukraine's aid in any meaningful way.

The Noah aspects of this prophetic date want us to see who is going to war later. It does not want war itself. In most historical replays of Noah's Flood the war is some sort of civil war, or war over territory. Though in the case with Noah 7 years from now, we expect a war more like World War 3.

We found what we were looking for just fine in Biden's speech. No fighting between the US and Russian troops at this time. But, we can now deduce that all of the US/NATO alliance will be going to war later, as Biden said, when the Russians invade.


Many western countries announced sanctions on Russia in various ways. Mostly by cutting off Russia from SWIFT. This was promoted by legacy media and parroted in other media. This is a banker's weapon, suggesting the western response is being driven by the banking cartel.

There were hints something strange was going on with these SWIFT sanctions. At least 1 oil company executive said he was still wiring money for oil purchases from Russia as usual, so the SWIFT network was up, even if politicians said no.

Eventually we learned that only 7 of Russia's 300 banks are being sanctioned by disconnects from SWIFT.

This is like the props at The State Of The Union Speech. All bark. No bite.

Remember, we are looking to identify who will go to war 7 years from now. We don't expect a World War at this time. So lots of bluster is what we wanted to see.

Nord 2

In September, 2021, the Germans and Russians finished building a new undersea gas pipeline system that can deliver gas from Russia to Germany directly.

The goal is to deliver more gas at a cheaper price to customers throughout western Europe. This is part of Germany's general plan to replace dirty coal with clean gas.

That pipeline drops gas price in part by cutting transit fees paid to Ukraine for gas traveling via existing pipelines across that country. Ukraine earns $1.2B per year in transit fees.

A permit was supposed to be issued by the German government this past January to turn on the now finished Nord 2 pipes. Someone in the German government knew war was coming.

Political games seem to have been played to suspend the process for issuing a final permit, at least through the end of 2022.

The Russians, curiously, are not fighting against civilians. They have not turned off gas flows across Ukraine, as they might have if this was a full on war with Europe. Again, this is suggesting war in Ukraine is not particularly serious.


Germany was demilitarized after World War 1. Part of the process leading up to World War 2 was the re-arming of Germany by Hitler. Since the time after World War 2, the German military has been limited to self defense, especially not exporting offensive weapons.

The new German Chancellor, same office as Hitler, responded to the Ukraine invasion by sending Lethal Weapons and Funding to Ukraine.

Importantly he did this on his own, without consultation with his party nor others in his coalition. Does this sound like a dictator coming back to power? Or another World Economic Forum trainee? Both, of course.

A timed prophetic replay of World War 2 is coming. It will be called World War 3. We will see world history prophetically replay in the years ahead. This is an example of what is to come.


Perhaps the most interesting news this past week was news the Swiss would be taking sides over Ukraine. This breaks their historic stance on neutrality. This is very important, but you may not quickly understand why. Let me explain.

Their real national name is the 'Confederation of the Helvetii.' The Internet's high level domain name for Switzerland is .ch because 'c' and 'h' are this nation's initials.

Let me translate that word 'Helvetii' into English. The prefix 'He' means 'the' and the suffix 'ii' means plural. Drop the vowels. Vowels were originally unwritten. So the ancient, national, tribal name of Switzerland means 'The Confederation Of The The Levities.'

So, the Swiss are a not very well hidden lost tribe of Levi. You can read scripture to learn more about them. Let me recap the key points for you.

Levites were not counted in the regular census at the time of Moses because they were not to fight in war. This because they were to remain neutral in war. They did work as temple guards, which they still do as Swiss Guards at the Vatican.

This neutrality stance is thus very deeply embedded in their prophetic history. This is what saved their people and country from destruction in World War 1 and World War 2, indeed going back across many earlier European wars.

This change in neutrality stance means the Swiss government has been taken over by people like World Economic Forum trainees, who know nothing, or care nothing, about the Swiss heritage.

Remember, this prophetic date tells us who will be fighting later. Because the Swiss are no longer neutral, they appear to have signed their own national death warrant this past week. They are now signed up as combatants to World War 3.


Ukraine is called the Breadbasket Of The World for good reason. It is mostly rich, fertile, farmland. It is a European equivalent to the corn belt in the USA. Combined, Russia and Ukraine supply external world food markets with more food than the USA.

Fighting in Ukraine spiked global prices on grain. Read the full story on Zerohedge. This because grain traders are afraid of a global shortage of food across future months. No one knows how much impact Ukraine fighting will have on crops supplied internationally from Ukraine. But, traders are collectively betting there will be international shortages. The prophetic calendar supports their concern, let me explain why.

I recently posted a new prophetic date report that lays out all the passion week hours. You can play with that report to see that in our current run-up to a rerun of World War 2, we are now in early 1929. So important headlines now have some echo from 1929.

A web search on Ukraine in 1929, quickly finds the history of what is now called The Holodomor. This was caused by Stalin when he collectivized the entire food production systems of Russia and especially Ukraine starting in 1929.

This was hated by farmers who were kicked off their land and who were then returned as serfs. They had no reason to work, and every reason to sabotage the affair. By 1932 and 1933 Ukraine was in serious people-just-dropping-dead famine.

The motives behind the current Russian leader and the Russian leader in 1929 are very different. But, the impacts could be very similar.

Note, international markets for grain effectively level the price and supply of grain across the planet. Prices and supplies world wide now vary by transit costs, exchange rates and tariffs. Problems in Ukraine farming, if any, will be felt everywhere this time around.

The worst of the Holodomor was over by the end of 1933, and would thus extend through and be clear in our prophetic replay by the end of 2023 according to the same Passion Hour report. So, not just this year, 2022, but next, 2023, will be impacted.

Note, too, the Dust Bowl in the USA began in 1934. It had 3 waves across 8 years ending in 1940, just before World War 2 began. Famine might haunt the world through the rest of the 2020s. This is a subject to watch carefully going forward.

Grain delivery failures from Ukraine are already impacting foreign food distribution channels. Here is a report by the Ice Age Farmer: S. Korea feed producers to declare Force Majeur.

From a prophetic perspective, it was famine that caused the sons of Jacob to go into Egypt. So the Exodus must, in part, involve famine that drives them out. Noah, of course, was also storing food ahead of flood caused famine. The seeds of a modern prophetic replay of that famine were just (not) planted.


On Friday, March 4, there was an announcement that Russia Is Returning To the Gold Standard. Legislation is headed to the Russian Duma for approval. This includes dropping all taxes on gold transactions, which is a requirement for a gold standard to work.

This is a match to the Exodus account where they take the gold from Egypt on their way out. We very much like to see these sorts of prophetic matches. This time, unlike with Trudeau, the metal itself is in the news.

This is a very seriously important development.

Since the Swiss were tricked to go off the gold standard, raw gold has been priced under the control of western central bankers, especially London bankers. Now it is again priced by the economy of a large nation.

Expect a battle between Russia and the fiat gold markets of the western world, which may take on its own unique characteristics over days and weeks to come.

This may mark the beginning of the end of fiat currencies planet wide. This is the source of control of the western central bankers over the rest of the planet. It funds the western war industry. We should expect China to eventually follow Russia and make their currency gold backed too.

But, as the article linked above points out, the last time someone tried to do this, his nation had to be invaded and destroyed. Russia is now a serious threat. We may have found the motive for World War 3.


Everyone expects China to also be involved in World War 3, as it was in World War 2. A US delegation to Taiwan landed in Taipei on March 1, 2022. This exactly on the prophetic date.

We will give this another week to see what might come from that meeting and to see China's response. China is much less likely to speak publicly, because they do have something to hide.

Fog Of War

Young readers of this blog have not lived long enough to remember previous wars. Media, more than normal, become untrustworthy. Do not quickly draw conclusions, especially if all you know is from controlled sources.

Even if every single person you know believes something, they may just be parroting the 400 prophets of Baal, who take the floor during times of war. Bits of truth will leak out, just wait. Here is an example, on an otherwise legacy media, The Daily Mail, titled, in part, Putin Is Not Crazy.

App Updates

Coincident with the release of this blog we are updating all of our scripture related apps. We had stopped weekly updates because of work in the BRB.

The BRB text itself is the basis for the text in the other apps. We have added new tags to the mark up in that text. Those tags are controlled in the menus of the various apps, so no matter the app you will see changes. I recommend exploring the menus to understand the changes. Especially important is a new 'unclear' voice in the BRB and new tags dealing with different types of quotes that show up across the apps.

Many of the pop-ups now have notes to explain what is going on. Those notes go into details for specific tags.

In the BRB itself, check out Acts 7 with all quote options turned on. You will then see a good example of what Ryan is now doing with the text.

We expect a few more updates to the BRB app itself in the near future. After those updates are all online I will post a blog explaining our thinking.

More Later,