King Manasseh

Manasseh is both the name of a tribe and the name of a king. Both are prophetic for the USA. This blog adds details of that king to our understanding of the USA. Also, this blog covers important changes to the TT and related apps.

Bible Tribes

My blog writing time this week has gone into adding a new article on Bible Tribes. I have been thinking about the USA in prophecy as a general topic and wanted to address King Manasseh in some way on that website.

While I was there I used some of the new tooling to fix a long standing problem with a tab on that website labeled 'Joseph.' Joseph is named in the Revelation 7 seal date list, but Joseph is a combination of 2 tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh, the UK and the USA.

So the first adjustment this week was to split the Ephraim articles into a directory of their own. Then the tab of Joseph explains the split nature of Joseph into Ephraim and Manasseh. So there is a little rejiggering there, with a new article about Joseph. No fundamentally new content in that work.

King Manasseh

Then I turned my attention to the piece I really wanted to write up, which is the various prophetic linkages between King Manasseh and the Tribe of Manasseh.

The link here is to that new article. As these articles go, it is short, under 1000 words. But, it includes the quotes that inform that study. Quotes are not easy to use in the blog because of email. So I am linking to that article in this blog instead of writing it here.

3 Points are addressed in that article.

1) The US Civil war was indicated by a timeline study so it asserts by time that King Manasseh is prophetic for the modern USA. In particular to note, it points at the Civil War, so other aspects of King Manasseh are of a similar nature. So both the tribal name Manasseh and the king name Manasseh are shown through timeline studies to be prophetic for the USA.

2) The actions of King Manasseh, especially his killing of babies by fire, reflects in the modern history of the USA. In modern times this is with the legalization of abortion.

By the way, for readers here on the blog, that legal change likely happened when leaders in DC decided to cap the world's population at 8 billion people. It was never a woman's right issue, but a genocide policy enacted through corrupt, godless, political leaders and their friends.

3) King Manasseh was hauled away after a foreign invasion. That has not ever happened in American history in any formal sense. (Though perhaps the settling of the west by post Civil War refugees from the ruins of the South is in that pattern.)

King Manasseh was eventually returned to his position, but he was greatly humbled. This 3rd point was the reason for that article. The text gives the cites and explains why we should expect this still to happen, likely in our nation's near term future.

Additional Points

In writing that article I was already at the edge of what I consider on topic for that website, at least as it stands. I am trying to just identify the tribes, not call out their future.

This week's headline was the US Supreme Court agreeing to let the O'Biden administration keep the southern border open to invasion. So the war of invasion implied by the stories of King Manasseh, has now formally begun.

Note that abortion was a US Supreme Court grant. That court also caused trouble leading to the Civil War. In that case the court ruled that Blacks could never become American citizens. Now that same court has said it is OK for O'Biden to allow the continued invasion over the southern border. That court appears to have triggered the internal collapse of the USA, yet again.

Invasion Clause (

Texas Governor Abbot was not slow in responding to the Supreme court. He almost immediately invoked the Invasion Clause of the US Constitution.

Under normal circumstances the states are not allowed to enter into foreign agreements, nor wage war on their own. This condition of union does not hold when there has been a foreign invasion into the territory of any state. At the time of an invasion, the states are free to do whatever they need to defend themselves.

The article linked above surveys the legal opinions and history of the use of this clause. Most of those references are at the time of the US Civil War.

Pay attention to ongoing US headlines looking for patterns that relate to the US Civil War. Here is why.


As a curious footnote to this, the US Civil War was on an echo of Noah's flood. The loss of life and collapse of the south was like the loss of 2 planets in Noah's day.

We are headed into another Noah replay in 2029. Properly charted, we could probably use the battle history of that war as the outline for the next few years. That chart is a theoretical work item for the future.

One of the new tables that Ryan has been working, see below, also aligns the tribal name Manasseh with Noah's flood. So utter destruction is a pattern that follows Manasseh around. This is why Noah's Flood replays are caused by American leaders.

Support for Texas

As of this writing 25 states have come out in support of Texas in this matter. We can expect some level of showdown between Texas and the feds. Think US Civil War as the pattern.

Likely, the feds will win. They did in the Civil War, so they should win now too. This time around, though, the feds are working to end the country, so their planned outcome is very different.

Plagues and Pharaoh

Border invasion is an aspect of the Plagues of Egypt. We did not see anything this severe in the plagues run in 2008. Now we do. In the end, the story of the Plagues is how Pharaoh, an Arab invader ruling Egypt, eventually destroyed Egypt itself.

I am experimenting with the use of O'Biden as my working term for the Biden administration. This term is used in alternative media to hint that Obama is still behind what we see in DC.

In the 2008 run of the plagues, Obama was identified as the Arab who slept in Pharaoh's bed. That Arab would not leave before the country was left in ruin. Yet the USA was not in total ruin when Obama left office. This was a curiosity of the time. So Obama seems to remain behind the scenes as the man intentionally ruining the USA.

Think of this by Civil War patterns. Lincoln served in the US House of Representatives from Illinois from 1847 until 1849. Obama parallels this, he was a Senator from Illinois from 2005 until 2008. Famously, almost always just voting present. Both men have political history around the issues of race relations in the USA.

The nation as we know it will fall to this invasion. The government of the USA is already driven by some unclear foreign influence. This was the position of the South towards Washington DC ahead of the Civil War.

This loss of control is slowly dawning across much of the American public. Those who support Pharaoh live in blindness about how this will impact them. Pharaoh will cause the deaths of nearly everyone in prophetic Egypt.

By the prophetic pattern of King Manasseh, the USA will be restored in the future, but by future I mean many decades. This will not happen until beyond the lifetimes of those reading this blog. Think of the Berlin Wall for historical precedent. Think of the restoration of the former lands of the Confederacy after the invention of air conditioning.

2 Chronicles

The article linked above on King Manasseh quotes from 2 Chronicles. If you have paid attention to the TT, you know we have not had material from Chronicles in the TT app for many years.

About 3 weeks ago Ryan and I had a long conversation over what is now the new King Manasseh article. King Manasseh gets his prophetic details that point at the USA from stories in 2 Chronicles alone. His important details are not in Kings as we have been using in the TT.

In that discussion we explored how Kings appears to detail events in the history of the Northern Kingdom. Also, we explored how Chronicles appears to detail events in the Southern Kingdom.

In our conversation it dawned on us that there might be 2 inspired works in the core of those 2 books. 1 of them would be hidden inside Kings and the other would be hidden inside Chronicles.

Recovery of those inspired documents is less difficult if this is so. This would also imply less work on Ryan's part to find an inspired cut by his normal Bible study tools.

More Books

Part of that discussion dealt with the problem of including more material into the structure of the TT as we know it now. The app is built around the idea of a 400 story structure as an ultimate cap.

That 400 story limit came when we were getting ready to move from Tulsa. It is based on runs of 25 stories set on 2 sides of 8 scrolls. Those 8 scrolls mapping to the 8 days of Sabbath year Tabernacles.

We have learned a ton of stuff in the last 5 years. We may not properly understand the total number of stories. We have conviction on the total number of stories being an even multiple of 25. This from the alphabet. The rest is unclear.

Ryan went and reviewed both Kings and Chronicles to study the question of inspiration again. His skill at this is also much better than 5 years ago.

Ryan came back and affirmed our hypothesis. We are likely looking at 2 different inspired works. The first, hidden in Kings, is the story of the northern kings. The second inspired work is hidden in Chronicles. It is the story of the southern kings.

Kings has highly detailed accounts of the north, but low detailed accounts of the south. The reverse is true of Chronicles. The copy and insert pattern of the editors was reducing details as the copies were made.

Ryan also suggested to me that there appears to be regular story markers in sections of Chronicles. He could also see evidence of literary parallelism between both histories.

For example, the surrounding of the walls of Samaria and the surrounding of the walls of Jerusalem, while not parallel in time, may be parallel across stories. The fall of both the north and south kingdoms to the Assyrians is a literary parallel to the fall of Jerusalem to Babel.

Editor Motives

We think the editor was Ezra. His purpose for mixing material across these 2 works was to hide the existence of the northern kingdom from casual readers. He was probably creating the unified name Israel, with 5 different distinct definitions, at the same time.

This Ezra era edit still blinds most in the Church world. Modern college level textbooks break those 2 kingdom histories back apart so students can better understand that there were 2 independent warring kingdoms after Solomon's death.

I have previously given links to videos of walking tours of Samaria in order for long time readers here to learn some of this history. What I am saying here should not be any trouble for regular readers.

Ezra was recycling what is really the foundational history of the Roman world. He was repurposing that history for his own immediate needs. Just like modern Disney repurposes Walt era material for their new Woke purposes. Ezra wanted that history to appear to be the history of the otherwise mostly new religion he was building in Jerusalem.

Once we had enough evidence for splitting these stories back into their original forms, we both saw that Ryan needed room somewhere to work on and graph out the stories involved in this problem.

500 Stories (

So the first part of this problem was to make room. Ryan needed a place where it was possible to lay out potentially many more runs of stories, even though the entire table of stories might not be fully filled in.

So the app, which for now retains its domain name, is being expanded so it can hold 500 stories. 100 empty cells were added between OT and NT material.

This is what drove the tooling rework I mentioned here in the blog last week.

All the apps that follow the TT text are also updated to manage 500 stories. So the Sabbath Reads app now has 10 stories per seek instead of 8. Of course there are empty stories spread throughout all the related apps.

Note that adding room for 100 stories might seem an excessive jump. But we are also expecting to see the return of some material from Proverbs and perhaps from Psalms.

Proverbs might have an inspired core with the purpose of teaching Paleo. The strange verse structure there might be the equivalent of an inspired dictionary. It may be important to our future work on letter perfect manuscript recovery. So adding room to these tables gives room to explore areas we have not considered in a long time.

Bear with us as we continue to solve this family of very hard problems.


Ryan also took a few days and changed the set of tables on the app. I stopped work on scripture apps so I could be on call to help him with this major change. In particular he has greatly expanded the variety of tables.

This allows study of all the possible alignments that are a major feature of inspired story patterns. At present this is a tool best used by Ryan, but as this work settles down it will become interesting to the rest of us.

Ryan added 'Line Break' and 'Folding' forms to many of the basic tables. This allows study of the cells in reading order, so breaking back, to the next row. It also allows study in the folded forms, so following alphabet letter folding.

We added new HTML and Javascript so most of the new tables can be flipped around in terms of reading direction. Watch for blue circular arrows that trigger and undo those flips.

Ryan also added option-controlled spacing between table cells. This to subtly visually indicate textual distance between cells. Text formatting controls from the TT are also coming to the 400.

Ryan also added table headers that have not been used there before. So tables of 25 have the 25 king names. Tables of 12 have the 12 tribe names. Tables of 6 have the 6 villain names. Tables of 3 have the 3 different types of virtues (Faith, Hope and Love). I can see already these titles will make those tables much more interesting to explore.

There are still a few points that need attention in the way that app works. The 400 app is still on the old build environment with the old run time library. I did not want to tackle this at the same time as all of these other changes. This week's changes had enough trouble of its own. The new build environment and changes for a tabbed layout are still future for that app.

Watch For Chronicles Content

So the scripture apps this week all now include content from Chronicles. Some of those new 100 blank spots for stories are already being filled in.

Watch for content from Chronicles to show up in Lots and Sabbath Reads this weekend. This is the last Sabbath Read weekend of the year. Because this has been a Sabbath Year, there are 2 empty Sabbath Read days before getting into the holidays at the start of next year.

More Later,